Housewives and Cheerleaders Ch. 39

For an excruciatingly long time Kelly lay listening to her cousin’s breath, waiting until she felt confident Sally Ann was asleep. Then she slipped off her pajama bottoms for better access and began to quietly finger herself. She tried her best to be discreet, biting her lips in an attempt to be silent, but it felt so incredibly good that a few small moans escaped her lips. A light sleeper, Sally Ann soon regained consciousness and in the dim light coming through the window Kelly was clearly visible under the covers, her hips lifted up off the bed, her eyes closed and a look of intense concentration on her face.

Sally Ann watched for longer than she felt she should have, then clamped her eyes shut and pretended to be asleep until Kelly, a half-hour and several orgasms later, finally rolled over and went to sleep. Feeling guilty but dizzyingly aroused, Sally Ann couldn’t stop herself from sliding one hand down into her pajamas. She was sinfully wet down there, and allowed herself to explore her pussy as much as she ever had before regaining her senses and jamming both hands firmly under her pillow. The smell emanating from her fingers drove her slightly crazy until she was finally able to drift off some time later, unfamiliar thoughts and feelings swimming through her head.

* * *

Kelly woke up the next morning with a brilliant idea. She immediately called Kat. “Let’s go camping.”

Kat was skeptical. “Isn’t it a little late in the year for that?”

“The weather’s been pretty warm,” countered Kelly. “And we’ll have the place all to ourselves, I bet.”

Kat escort thought it over, considering the possibilities that such a scenario might offer. “OK. I’ll talk to J.J.”

Putting down her phone, Kelly went downstairs, where her parents, Sally Ann, and Sally’s parents were all at the breakfast table. Pouring herself some orange juice, Kelly calmly announced, “Sally and I were thinking about going camping with Kat and J.J. tonight, is that cool?”

Kelly’s dad, an avid outdoorsman, immediately endorsed the idea. Sally’s folks agreed; this was just the kind of wholesome socializing that they wanted their daughter to do more of. Although they were glad that Sally was an obedient and devout girl, they worried sometimes about her becoming isolated.

Samantha fixed Kelly with a look, but she was hardly going to voice her reservations — that the “camping trip” would quick devolve into a lesbian debauch — in this setting. Sally, for her part, just stared doe-eyed at her cousin. She was a little flummoxed by Kelly’s statement, since they had never discussed this idea, but she didn’t care to speak up.

By noon the four girls were on the road, with two tents, a stove, some firewood, and a more than ample supply of food in the back. As expected, they found the campground deserted, and spent some time surveying before deciding which campsite they liked best. After setting up camp they went for a hike, returning late in the afternoon hungry and cheerful.

After dinner they started a fire; by now it was getting dark and a little cold. They sat bursa eve gelen escort by the fire for awhile making s’mores and talking quietly; it was a clear and beautiful night. As time wore on and night fell, Kelly Ann and J.J. began moving closer and closer together, especially after they started taking nips from a flask full of brandy Kelly had brought.

Eventually, even unsuspecting Sally couldn’t avoid noticing that something was going on between Kelly and J.J., who omitted several girlish squeals of delight as they fondled each other. Unsure of how to act, Sally announced that she was tired and would be turning in. This idea was eagerly seconded by Kelly and J.J., who were more than ready to get into the tent they were sharing (this had been the arrangement they decided on that afternoon, with Kat and Sally sharing the other tent). After brushing and flossing, Sally went into the tent, changed into her pajamas, and slipped into her sleeping bag. Kat meanwhile attended to the fire, making sure it was out, while Kelly and J.J. adjourned to their own sleeping quarters.

They were quiet at first, but not for long. By the time Kat had stripped down to her panties and T-shirt and eased into her sleeping bag, the sounds of Kelly and J.J. making love were clearly audible. Both girls moaned loudly, making little attempt to be quiet or subtle. Picturing them going at it, Kat felt herself begin to moisten; she wondered what Sally was thinking right now. Laying on her side, Sally was facing away from Kat, though görükle escort she was close enough for Kat to smell her hair.

There was just enough moonlight for Kat to make out the shape of Sally Ann’s head and the elegant curve of her neck. She stared at that neck for a long time, mustering all her willpower as the sounds of female pleasure echoed through the empty campground, but eventually she couldn’t resist any longer. She had to risk it. Scooting forward, she wrapped one arm around Sally and kissed her neck, then gently bit it. Kat felt Sally’s body go completely stiff, then relax a little, but she didn’t move away or resist. Kat moved up Sally’s neck to her ear, which she blew in and then gently tongued. Sally’s body relaxed even more; Kat could feel her opening up.

Kat rolled Sally onto her back and kissed her on the mouth. She was sweet and delicious, with soft, plump lips. Kat spent long minutes just kissing her, warming her up, melting away any last traces of resistance. Only then did she begin to work her way down. Pulling off Sally’s top, Kat savored the baby-powder flavor of the redhead’s breasts, certain that she was the first person ever to taste them. At that moment she heard J.J. scream; probably Kelly was sucking on her clit.

Taking her time, still not quite believing that this was actually happening, Kat trailed her tongue down Sally’s belly. At this distance she could smell the strong scent of arousal rising from between Sally’s legs; this good little Christian girl was very turned on, there was no doubt about it. Working mostly by feel — there was very little light now — Kat unzipped Sally’s sleeping bag and opened it all the way, then pressed one hand against the crotch of Sally’s pajama bottoms, feeling the wetness seeping through. “Jesus Christ,” Kat whispered, then realizing what she had said, added “Sorry.”

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