HOT SHOTS: M.I.L.F Spring Break Ch. 06

Double Penetration

Perpetual slacker Shawn had been promised sex by his rich girlfriend Daisy if he could pass his final exam… Well, he failed and went over her house in an attempt to coerce her into sex anyway and ended up sleeping with her mother Mrs. Diane Hartford, a SMOKING HOT M.I.L.F!! Mrs. Hartford took his virginity and the couple was nearly caught by his girlfriend and her father!! Shawn found himself in a situation where he has been coerced/ seduced by three teachers!! Shawn discovered that his girlfriend was also cheating on him as well and has disappeared!!

Daisy Hartford has discovered that her mother and the teachers are old friends and sorority sisters who made a game out of messing up dim bulb Shawn’s life.

What will happen next?!!

The morning sun rolled over the ocean and the beach was sparsely populated with a few surfers and a couple jogging with their dog. A nude little toddler was busy packing some sand into a small pail and when the toy bucket was full he picked up waddling down the beach. He was a cute little blonde haired scamp shakily walking five feet to dump the contents out onto a man lying asleep on his back in the sand.

“HEY, WHAT THE FU-?!!” Shawn was jolted from his sleep catching himself when he saw the smiling little kid. He couldn’t be angry with the playful little boy who followed up this action swinging his toy pail into Shawn’s temple.

“Give me that bucket little man.” He gingerly took the pail from the small kid as he sat up looking ten feet over relieved to find his bike was still in the sand where he’d left it. Shawn noticed his Ducati was partially buried wondering if the kid had something to do with it. The little tike had his arms outstretched silently indicating that he wanted his bucket back.

“Next time you should get some water and pour it onto my face little dude.” He handed the pail back and watched as the toddler ran towards the surf dipping his bucket in the water. The emerging sun’s effect on the rippling water was amazing. He noticed something emerging from the ocean obscured by the sun’s rays, little more than a silhouette.

It was a woman.

She slowly waded in towards the beach revealing more and more of herself as she reached the shore. Her skin shown like honey gold as she walked from the surf with a pronounced regal gait. She was without shadow of a doubt the most beautiful woman Shawn had ever seen. This vision of beauty was a goddess born of sunlight and sea foam, clear blue eyes and long flowing blond hair braided in Ghanaian styled braids replete with multicolored beads at the tips. This revelation was possessed of a perfect symmetrical face with crystal blue eyes over a thin nose and perfect lips. She was tall and possessed of womanly curves with pneumatic ample teardrop-shaped breasts, a beautiful flat tummy. Her arching hips created a sort of semi-circle on either side of her body and her sex was devoid of any hair.

She was nude.

“I’m sorry; is my son bothering you?” His mouth was agape at the sight of this goddess, innocently grinning revealing a perfect set of pearly whites. The toddler ran up flinging his gathered toy bucket of water in Shawn’s face drenching him, also striking him with the toy pail.

“Uhm, no…”

“I’m sorry about that; Eros is an only child and I’ve been having some trouble socializing him with people as of late.”

“It’s okay, really.” My face smarted from the plastic pail, but I wasn’t going to complain. I didn’t even know whether I was hallucinating or not. I couldn’t keep my eyes off of her nude body finding it perfect in every way as her son kicked some clumps of dirt onto my calves.

“I am Nova, and you are?”

“Shawn uhm, that’s my name Ms. Nova.” I was wholly intimidated by this woman feeling like a little kid before her. She fondled one of her braids reaching over wiping some sand from my shoulder with a disarming smile.

“It’s just Nova.” She held her son Eros by his tiny hand not acknowledging that he was kicking at my leg while we spoke.

“Yes ma’am Ms. Nova; uhm sorry, Nova.” She was giving me the once over staring up and down my body which made me feel lacking in some manner, I looked away at the surf as some birds probably seagulls, flew overhead landing on the water.

“So, that your bike over there?”

“Yeah, it’s trashed; well, I wiped out last night.” I felt a pang of sorrow for my trusty bike wondering if it was okay to drive.

“Are you, okay?” She asked still oblivious of her own nudity.

“Not really Miss; uhm, Nova.” Daisy’s face suddenly popped up in my mind’s eye making me crestfallen. Nova reached out softly caressing my chin.

“Do you want to talk about it with me, Shawn?” I just stared at her face for a while unable to get over Nova’s natural symmetry nature and beauty.

“Yeah.” She smiled reaching out rubbing my forearm in a nurturing manner.

“Pull your bike over to the parking lot; I’ll bring my ride around and pick you up.”

“Sure, okay.” Nova caressed my cheek again Ankara travesti staring deep into my eyes which made me feel anxious and internally giddy. She picked up her child walking off as I stared. My eyes dipped low following her spine to what I considered a perfect ass outside of Diane Hartford, my ex-girlfriend’s mother. Part of me wished Nova had been my first, instead of her. I struggled a bit dislodging my bike from the sand waking it over to the parking lot curb as a large yellow Hummer pulled aggressively up, almost too close for comfort. Nova was sitting behind the wheel smiling down at me putting my fears to rest.

“Need some help with your bike?”

“Huh?” I was just dumbfounded by her beauty.

“Help; putting up into my truck bed, Shawn?” Nova seemed amused by me, reaching over turning down her music.

“I’m good.” This turned out to be a bold faced lie on my part as I nearly blew my back out struggling to get my Ducati into her truck bed before some bystanders assisted me, probably trying to get a closer look at the sun baked vision behind the wheel. Her son Eros was strapped into his baby seat, asleep. Through it all Nova never said a word or complained that I was taking too long before I managed to crawl into the passenger seat beside her. Nova had draped an Indian print styled poncho over her flawless figure. We were out on the freeway well on our way before she spoke again.

“I’ve got a friend who can fix your bike.”

“Uhm, thanks Nova.” I answered meekly as she glanced over at me with a reassuring smile. There was a beauty mark adjacent to her eye that caught my attention more than once.

“You seem nervous, repressed in some way, Shawn; is it me?” She addressed the elephant in the car making me face palm.

“I’m really sorry ma’am, uhm Nova; didn’t mean to stare so much, but you’re beautiful.”

“Thank you Shawn.”

“I didn’t mean to stare so much.”

“How old are you?”

“Eighteen, uhm I graduate this year, or I was.”

“That doesn’t sound very good, Shawn.”

“I tried really hard, studied and everything; but in the end it didn’t mean anything. I just flopped when it came down to it; none of this would’ve happened if I hadn’t been shooting my mouth off, but Ms. Oderkirk had it in for me anyway.” I opened up feeling I had nothing to lose with Nova.

“How so?”

“She got mad cause I was talking about boning, uh making love to my girlfriend Daisy Hartford. At least that was what I was gonna do if I hadn’t failed that test. I ended up having to go to school over spring break because of it; that shit ruined my life.”

“Baby on board.” She reminded me that her child was asleep in his car seat.


“How did it ruin your life?”

“Uhm well, I was supposed to take some classes and stuff with a makeup test at the end of the week. Mrs. Oderkirk didn’t wanna teach me nothing; she had other stuff on her mind.” I shuddered remembering how I’d been molested, ending up sleeping with my teacher.


“Well uhm, yeah; she’s real pretty and stuff, but it was kind of wrong. She’s kind of blackmailing me about us doing it and all.”

“How’s that?”

“I slipped up and told her I slept with Diane.”


“Diane Hartford, my girlfriend’s mom.” The hummer suddenly skidded to a stop just as we were pulling off the freeway. I had to catch myself from crashing into the dashboard, making sure to buckle the seat belt once the car came to a full stop. Nova checked the rear view mirror finding her son still fast asleep before regarding me.

“Sorry, I don’t drive all that often; this is my turn off to my home. Hope I didn’t startle you, Shawn.”

“Oh, I uhm, thought I surprised you.”

“No, sometimes I miss the exit when I drive back from the beach; so, what’s it like being with a girl and her mother, Shawn?”

“I was never actually with Daisy, in that way. Doesn’t really matter anyway because she cheated on me with some college guy.”

“You never slept with your girlfriend?”

“We fooled around and stuff, but we were supposed to really, do it, after I passed my test. Diane-uhm, she was kind of there when I went over one day, and we ended up doing it. One moment we were talking about Daisy, the next we were “doing it” on her glass coffee table.”

“Sounds hot.”

“Oh yeah it was; we did it like two times and then I ended up with Mrs. Oderkirk and Mrs. Bryant.”

“Mrs. Bryant?”

“Gym teacher; she’s kind of mean but I think she’s better than Mrs. Oderkirk and Diane.”

“Why’s that, Shawn?” We were driving down a side road as I noticed a gated trailer park community adjacent to my passenger side window.

“I don’t know really; just seems like’s she’s more honest than the other two.”

“Shawn, can I ask you a question?”


“Are you sure this didn’t all occur, inside your head?” I looked over at her finding the same realized demeanor as we turned into the gated entrance of Konya travesti a trailer park at the end of the long stretch of road we were traversing.

“Yeah.” Nova looked over for a minute as we drove into the trailer park. It was it’s own little world with all of the different units approximating this cozy kind of neighborhood, each displaying its own identity. Most of the occupants that I saw as we drove down the main road were elderly people, probably retirees, while more than once I noticed bikers all wearing the same colors. These guys looked ragged and hard with a lot of the guys sporting long flowing beards and unkempt hair. I figured they were all part of the same club congregating together in this community. Nova slowed down as one really tall guy walked up to the drivers side window as she rolled it down regarding him casually. His eyes were hidden behind mirror shades while his pockmarked skin made him look dangerous to me. The guy peered inside looking directly at me for a few seconds before she spoke.

“Can I help you with something, Monk?”

“Nothing at all, I guess; it’s been quiet all afternoon.” He scratched his head with a wry smile on his face, still looking at my face. Nova reached over covering my hand with her own which made me nervous considering I didn’t know their relationship.

“Good day, then.” She didn’t respond rolling the window up as she continued onward. Nova looked over noticing my visible anxiety but didn’t say anything. I noticed we were approaching the end of the makeshift block apparent from a large beige colored brick wall. Several bikers were sitting there congregating while some loud sounding rock music wafted through the air. Nova turned down her own radio staring at the group with a mild frown before turning to me.

“Go tell them to turn down their music; Eros is still sleeping, and I’d like to keep it that way.”

“I-really don’t think that would be a good idea, Nova.”

“They’re going to wake my baby.”

“I don’t know.”

“Please Shawn, he’s already stirring; I’ll never get him back to sleep until the middle of the night if he gets up right now.” I reluctantly nodded hoping the men sitting on their bikes were reasonable. Nova opened the door for me from her driver side window, waiting. I slowly climbed out of the hummer regretting it as soon as my feet touched the ground. Nova sat relaxed in her seat checking a phone she kept on her dashboard. I shrugged my shoulders to no one in particular trudging cautiously off towards the bikers in front of the hummer. The moment I cleared the vehicle all of the assembled men were watching my approach with one guy dismounting from his Harley wrapping a chain around his fist. I backed off as another morbidly obese guy dismounted tapping his friend who waved me off dismissively.

“Uhm, oh-OOOHHHHH SHIT!!” Out the peripheral side of my right eye, another biker was already swinging a metal rod that just barely missed my head. I stumbled backward nearly falling over.

“FUCK YOU WANT LONG HAIR?!!” The guy was still measuring the metal rod in his hand likely considering another swing at my head.

“Uhm, I was asked to-politely ask you gentlemen to-turn your music down.” I half mumbled finally stumbling on the blackened concrete afraid I was about to be destroyed.


“Uhm, very politely and kindly uh, your neighbor there in the hummer, Nova.” The tough glanced over at the hummer for a few seconds before making a cutthroat sign across his neck as the music ceased instantly. He walked away with the makeshift club across his shoulder meeting up with the rest of the group who were laughing and drinking. I felt like the biggest pussy in the entire world as I stood up walking back over to the hummer, hands stuffed in my pockets. Nova was already out walking around the side with a small purse slung across her shoulder.

“Are you okay; did you get hurt?”

“Only my pride.” She laughed reaching out rubbing my back attempting to sooth my bruised ego. I still felt like a loser as thoughts of Daisy’s tryst with one Chad Bostwick came to mine. I wished I could get one of these bikers to pay him a visit feeling shamed even at the thought.

“Well, I have something inside that will fix that.” Nova walked over a pole topped with her mailbox peering inside before glancing around with a noticeable frown.

“What is it; are you okay?”

“I was expecting some money from Eros’ father.”


“He’s coming over to pick up Eros later; we’ll hash it out. So Shawn, you look like a man in need of a meal. I’ll get started; can you bring my son inside? His room is the first door on the right.”

She didn’t wait for me to answer opening the screen door disappearing inside. I didn’t have a problem removing the small child soundly sleeping from his seat managing to carry him into the trailer which was larger than it appeared from the outset. The furniture made the living room seem smaller than it was with a large İzmir travesti flat screen television mounted on the wall over a fish tank center placed between two stocked miniature bookcases. Some of the stuff there looked secondhand as I carried Eros into the corridor noticing two large RC toy cars left there almost stepping on one. The kid’s room was stuffed to the gills with all manner of toys, a bunk bed, several game consoles also equipped with its own wall mounted flat screen television. I had to kick some errant boxes just to get the little tike into his bed.

“Shawn, come on back here to the kitchen.” Nova called just down the corridor.

I stepped out into the corridor finding her at the end of it holding several lit incense fanning the fragrant fumes about as she flashed me an inviting smile. Her torso was covered with a multicolored halter top that made her breasts look like they were going to burst free of the material. I though she was wearing some form fitting yellow boy shorts, but the bottoms turned out to be old school gym shorts several sizes small. The almost sun baked golden hue of her skin caught the sunlight filtering into her home from a small shuttered window in the kitchen. Nova met me at the entrance of the corridor placing a hand lightly on my chest.

“You’re all caked up with sand from sleeping on the beach; loose the clothes.” She planted the incense in a crude hole in the door frame before going after the windbreaker I was wearing pulling it over my head leaving me in a tank top and board shorts. I didn’t know what to make of it as she relieved me of the tank top too.

“Uhm, Nova I don’t know…” Things were moving a little fast, but I wasn’t complaining as she unsnapped my board shorts.

“My washing machine is out back, let me have everything so that I can take care of it for you, Shawn.”

“Sure, but this seems a little…” Nova leaned against the counter waiting to hear what I had to say, but my words trailed off under her gaze.

“Oh, I’m so sorry if I offended you Shawn; nudity is no big thing around here. Maybe this will make you feel at ease.” She slid out of the yellow gym shorts giving me another look at her shaved muff before stepping back a few feet turning her butt in my direction. Nova’s hard tan lines left no doubt that she usually wore a thong when she did favor some form of clothing.

“Whoa.” Nova looked over her shoulder with a soft smile before turning with her halter partially undone. Her breasts sloped from her chest impressively topped with erect nipples.

“36E-27-44, five foot seven and a half feet of height, a natural blonde; sorry but I like to keep my weight close to the vest, Shawn.” One of her hands was playfully fondling her right breast pinching and rolling the nipple as she casually spoke.

“Uhm, why did you tell me all that?” Nova giggled rubbing my arm for a few seconds.

“I wanted you to give you something and since you’ve been checking me out since we met; I thought I’d fill in some blanks for you. Usually I prefer going about my home nude, but I didn’t want to make a bad impression.”

“That’s impossible, you’re a goddess.” I said without thinking before face palming as she laughed.

“Why thank you, Shawn; let’s loose the pants.” I was extremely hard and would’ve been tenting my pants if it wasn’t for my posture as I stood there with both hands hiding it from her view. Nova didn’t wait drawing my zipper down simultaneously kneeling talking away my pants and underwear. There was no way I could hide my throbbing erection which was partially visible behind my hands. Nova glanced at my hands before moving them apart staring at my cock. Unexpectedly she used a finger to thump it before standing with an infectious, joyful laugh.

“Ah shit.”

“It’s okay, but I’d prefer it if you didn’t do anything here in my kitchen; follow me outside into the backyard.” Nova folded my clothing over her forearm leading me out a narrow backdoor into her back yard. I’d noticed a curtain on the opposite side of her kitchen which indicated that her trailer was actually made up of two units and this was confirmed when we moved out to the enclosed yard. The area was bordered on all sides with a large wooden plank fence that had to be over eight feet in height on either side of me while a large storage shed was facing me along with a tall metal link fence that led to a back alley. Nova let me take it all in while taking a set of keys down that were hanging on a hook out side her trailer. She disappeared into the shed returning pushing one of those old vintage washing machines.

“I like to blend the old and new in all aspects of my life, Shawn; so, some things I use are a responsibility to the environment and the planet at large. It’s important to manage our carbon footprint on the earth, wouldn’t you agree?”

“Sure, I guess.” Nova didn’t say anything but stopped what she was doing for a few seconds taking in my easy answer.

“In case you hadn’t figured it out, I’m sort of an earth mother and I like harmony in all things that I do. Let’s get you cleaned up, Shawn.” In a few seconds she went back inside the she’d returning with a large metal tub that she had to roll out of the storage unit.

“You remind me of my Uncle a little bit ma’am, uhm Nova.”

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