Honeysuckle Lingerie Ch. 07


7. Home Fires

“So, now we come to that ‘first kiss’ scene that you’ve both been so looking forward to, eh?” Arnold said. He was one of the more thoughtful and kind directors that Rachel had worked with, and she knew that he was making a joke in an attempt to break to tension. She and her co-star Lucy laughed obligingly.

He knew, of course, that Rachel had been dreading this scene and she’d said as much when they were chatting over a cup of tea earlier. Of course, she’d known what she’d signed up for when she’d accepted the role in ‘Home Fires’, a play based on a true story about two young women working at the ministry of defence who find themselves drawn into an increasingly close relationship whilst their husbands were both away fighting during the second world war. But that didn’t change the fact that, as a straight woman, she felt anxious about the physical side of the play, and now the moment had come she felt her mouth go dry, her palms feeling cold and clammy as her fingers clutched tightly at her copy of the script.

All of the other actors had gone home early today, to spare their blushes and allowing Rachel to concentrate on this key scene with her fellow actor, Lucy, just the two of them with Arnold, their director. He was a tall, gaunt man with wiry grey hair, serious and decisive when he needed to be, but also quick to laugh and as camp as a row of tents. Today he was wearing a colourful scarf over a baggy black t-shirt, which hung loosely over his slim frame.

All that was left of their fellow actors was a number of chairs scattered untidily around the rehearsal space. They’d been rehearsing here for just over a month now and Rachel had been dreading this moment for just as long, knowing that they couldn’t put it off forever. Of course, it was just acting she kept telling herself. And acting was all about playing different characters, she couldn’t always expect to play someone like herself: a twenty-three year old graduate from a local drama school and from a nice, middle-class background, struggling to make her way as an actor in the big city.

“Okay, so let’s have a quick, no pressure run-through, and you young ladies take it slow, and just go with what feels comfortable. Let’s go from the line ‘everything all right?’ shall we?” Arthur prompted, nodding briefly and taking a step back.

“Everything all right? You look worried,” Rachel said, briefly glancing down at her script, which quivered a little in her hand.

“It’s this report from the front line near Arnhem: ‘considerable allied losses, mainly from the first airborne division’. I can’t help worrying that Tom has got caught up in this,” Lucy replied, her voice smoothly transformed into the clipped, precise English of the nineteen-forties.

“I know. Every time I see a report like that, I can’t help but worry too. It’s only natural, but we’ve got to soldier on and keep a stiff upper lip. Worrying doesn’t do any good.”

“You’re right, we’ve been here before and I know we can’t think the worst every time, but I don’t know, it’s just so upsetting sometimes. I just wish it would all be over,” Lucy said, pretending to dab at a tear.

“I know, I know, come here,” Rachel said, clutching her hand and drawing her into a hug, sliding her arms around her slim waist.

“Oh Veronica, I wish I could be strong like you,” Lucy said, leaning back and tilting her head upwards expectantly, her lips slightly parted.

She was a pretty girl, short and petite, with a halo of frizzy red hair surrounding her pale face and large, pale blue eyes.

It’s not like we’re having sex, it’s just pressing my lips against hers, Rachel told herself as she slowly, hesitantly, moved her head closer, the young woman tilting her head to one side, their noses briefly bumping together as they kissed clumsily. Lucy’s lips felt soft and plump compared to her ex-boyfriends, but she struggled to enjoy the experience, her mind screaming “I’m kissing another woman!” over and over, and after a couple of seconds she pulled away and they both glanced over at Arnold.

“Okay, well that’s good for a first attempt,” he said reassuringly. “But we need more passion. You’ve both been getting more emotionally involved over the last few months, sharing your worries about your husbands, needing the emotional support of each other. But at the same time, struggling to contain your innermost feelings, and deny your physical attraction and remain faithful to your husbands. But that constant effort of keeping all those feelings contained is just too much, and I need to see the dam bursting, if you like, I need to feel the passion spilling out. Alright? Let’s go again.”

They ran through their lines again, climaxing in another kiss, which Rachel tried harder to sustain. Lucy didn’t seem to have the same problem, sighing convincingly, pressing her warm body against Rachel’s, her arms tightening around her shoulders, drawing her closer. Rachel felt herself panicking, her eyes opening as she felt the girl’s tongue flicking Porno across her lips, then pressing against them, trying to slip inside her mouth.

“Sorry, sorry,” Rachel said, pulling her head away and stepping back.

“That’s okay, it is a little awkward, isn’t it?” Lucy said, generously.

“Yeah sorry, it’s not you. I guess I need a little time to get used to it.”

“Okay, well not to worry. I think we’ve covered quite a lot of ground today, so let’s finish there, and we’ll pick it up again tomorrow,” Arnold said.

Rachel felt deflated as she slipped on her jacket and waved goodbye to Lucy. She turned when she felt Arnold’s hand squeezing her arm.

“Don’t worry, it’s only the first time we’ve rehearsed this, you just need to get used to it,” he said, and she wished she felt as confident as he seemed.

Rachel shook her head, muttering angrily to herself as she cut across the park on the way to her part-time job. It was a bright October day, the morning mist and drizzle giving way to hazy midday sunshine, the birdsong mixing with the sound of a distant siren. A cool breeze carried the faint tang of wood smoke and Rachel drew her jacket tighter around her neck. Above her, the leaves on the trees fluttered, their bronze colour contrasting against the pale blue sky. Her mind kept going over what had happened as she passed joggers and dog walkers enjoying the early afternoon sunshine.

Why couldn’t she have just kissed Lucy properly? It was just acting after all and it had long been her dream to become an actor on the West End stage. Of course, her sensible parents had insisted that she pass her accountancy exams. “Of course, we think you’re talented dear and we don’t doubt your determination, it’s just that it’s good to have something to fall back on if things don’t work out,” her sensible father had always said. And she was beginning to see how wise that advice was. How could she ever become the successful actor she dreamed of being if she couldn’t even kiss a girl convincingly?

Perhaps she should just close her eyes, and pretend it was her ex-boyfriend, Jeff. But even as the thought formed she realised it wouldn’t quite work; Lucy’s lips were too soft and moist, her body too yielding, her perfume sweet and floral, which would ruin the illusion. What was she to do?

She was lucky that she didn’t have to rely on her acting to pay the rent. She earned most of her money as a part-time accountant for a number of small, local businesses. In fact, that’s where she was heading now, to a local store called ‘Honeysuckle Lingerie’.

Casey was positioned in her usual place, behind the cash desk as she entered the store, and she said ‘hello’, returning her friendly smile and accepting her offer of a cup of tea as she headed upstairs to the smaller of the two offices. Casey was such a bright, cheerful sort of girl, always offering to make her tea and asking her how the financial side of the business was going. Always taking an interest in her acting too. She even asked her out for a drink after work last week and although Rachel had been busy, it had been a nice gesture.

Rachel slipped off her suede coat and hung it on the back of the door before easing herself into the swivel chair and fishing around in her handbag for her glasses as the ageing computer booted up. She studied her reflection in the monitor screen as she slipped on her black-framed spectacles, noticing that the breeze had ruffled her toffee-coloured hair untidily. She combed her fingers through it, sweeping it back from her pale forehead so that it fell in soft waves over the shoulders of her blouse.

Today she’d be preparing the profit and loss accounts for the third quarter, and she waited patiently for her spreadsheets to open, glancing around the room. It was a small but functional office next to Stacy’s, one wall lined with filing cabinets, a small sofa in one corner. Her PC was perched on a small wooden desk. As she waited, her thoughts returned to what had happened earlier. Arnold had been nice about it, but she’d known he was disappointed, perhaps even doubting that she was right for the role. She’d just have to find a way of doing it, perhaps she should channel some of that courage and strength of character that the play dwelled on so much. A knock on the door interrupted her thoughts.

“Come in, Casey,” Rachel shouted.

“Milk, one sugar, right?” Casey said, and Rachel watched as she carefully placed the mug next to the keyboard.

“Yes, thanks,” she said.

Casey was always so well-dressed. Today she was wearing a silky, mint green shirt under a pale grey pants suit that hugged her slim figure. Rachel felt distinctly under-dressed in the A-line, knee-length, floral print skirt and white blouse she’d worn to try and get into the right mood for a play set in the forties.

“So, how’s your acting going? You open soon, right?” Casey said, spying the well-thumbed script poking out of the top of Rachel’s handbag.

“Yes, Türkçe Altyazılı Porno in a month or so. Oh, it’s going okay, thanks.”

“You don’t sound very positive,” Casey said, drifting over to the window and easing the Venetian blinds apart with her finger and peering at the street below.

“No, no, it’s going fine. I just struggled with the scene today a little bit, but I’m sure I’ll get it.”

“What’s the problem? You’re usually so positive.”

“Oh, it’s nothing. It’s silly, really. It’s the last scene of the first act, so just before the intermission. My character and her co-worker have been spending more and more time together, and sharing their feelings about the war, and their husbands, et cetera, et cetera. And they finally act on their feelings and they kiss for the first time, right at the end of the scene. Well, actually, my character kisses her.”

“Right, and you’re finding that a bit awkward?”

“Yes, a little. Like I said, it’s silly really.”

“Because you’ve never kissed a girl before?”

“Well yes. But you know, I’ve just got to get over it. That’s what actors do, right?”

“Don’t be so hard on yourself. It’s completely understandable, if you’ve not done it before.”

“Thanks, that’s nice of you but…”

“Hey, perhaps you could practice with someone,” Casey said, perching her neat bottom on the edge of Rachel’s desk. “With me, for example.”

“Oh no! Sorry, no, that’s kind of you, but you know, it would just be too awkward,” Rachel replied. Casey was a lesbian, wasn’t she? Rachel briefly wondered whether knowing that that make it more or less uncomfortable.

“No, seriously. We should do it, just me and you here in this office, without anyone watching.”

“No, that’s kind, but shouldn’t you be downstairs with your customers?” Rachel said, as she considered the offer. It would be good to practice, out of sight of Arnold and the others. And from what she’d heard about Casey, she was sure that she was well-practiced in kissing girls, perhaps she could pick up a few tips.

“No, don’t worry, we’re not busy, Stacy can handle everything downstairs.”

“Oh, I don’t know, don’t you think it will be awkward?”

“Look, if you can’t give me a quick kiss, right here with nobody else present, how are you ever going to manage a full-on snog in front of an audience? Come on, on your feet,” Casey said, grasping her wrist.

“Okay, but just a quick practice, okay? I really do have to finish the third quarter figures, or your sister won’t be at all happy,” Rachel said, reluctantly letting the young woman lead her around to the front of the desk, where there was more room.

“Right, now kiss me,” Casey challenged, turning to face her, an encouraging smile on her lips.

Rachel paused, collecting her thoughts then reached out, clutching Casey’s arm as she leant forward, then hesitated.

“I really don’t think we should be doing this,” she protested.

“Come on, just a quick peck, where’s your sense of adventure?” Casey replied.

She looked into Casey’s eyes, noting their deep olive green colour as she stared back impassively. Slowly, hesitantly, Rachel closed the space between them, pausing briefly before chastely pressing her lips against Casey’s. She held them there for a few uncomfortable seconds unsure of what to do, before stepping back.

“Is that it?” Casey asked.

“Sorry, it was bad wasn’t it? I told you it was a bad idea,” Rachel apologised, shaking her head. “I’m never going to get this.”

“No, no, it was nice, I mean I enjoyed it,” Casey said, squeezing her hand. “It’s just that it lacked a little passion, I mean you’re supposed to be seducing your co-worker, right?”

“Right,” Rachel agreed.

“Here, let me show you how I’d do it,” Casey said, reaching out and grasping her shoulders with the casual confidence of someone who’d done this many times before. Rachel found herself being eased backwards, till her bottom bumped against the desk. She stood, hands hanging limply at her sides as Casey stepped closer, her hands sliding up over her arms, slowly sliding off her spectacles and placing them onto the desk behind her. Then Casey was squeezing her slim waist as she moved closer, Rachel’s attention focussed on her glossy, red lips as they moved closer to hers, then swerved away at the last second, alighting on her neck.

“You don’t have to go straight for the lips,” Casey whispered, her lips brushing against the pale skin of Rachel’s neck.

“You can be playful, try kissing her shoulder or her neck or her ear,” Casey continued, demonstrating by gently sucking at Rachel’s earlobe.

“Right,” Rachel said, shivering a little as she felt Casey’s hand brushing her hair aside, the woman’s lips brushing against the exposed skin, as light as a feather.

“You can take your time, build the anticipation,” Casey said, lightly kissing Rachel’s cheek now, leaving a faint smudge of red. Rachel held Brazzers her breath, her lips parted expectantly as she inched closer, their noses rubbing together, feeling her warm breath on her skin as

Casey paused, their lips maybe an inch apart, building the anticipation, making Rachel wait for several long seconds.

Rachel couldn’t suppress a soft moan as she as she felt Casey’s warm, moist lips gently brush against hers, one, twice, three times as light as a butterfly, leaving them tingling, hungry for more.

Casey kissed her slowly yet passionately, with a kind of smouldering intensity that she hadn’t experienced before, certainly not with her ex-boyfriend. He seemed to think kissing and foreplay in general was something to quickly get out of the way before moving onto penetrative sex, a necessary yet unsatisfying starter delaying the main course. But Casey was different, her tender kisses triggering all kinds of naughty, seductive thoughts. How would those moist, red lips feel on other, more sensitive parts of her body, she wondered, her nipples tingling at the thought.

She moaned softly as she felt Casey’s lips part, sucking at her bottom lips, playfully drawing it into her mouth and caressing it with her tongue. Rachel twisted her head to the side as she felt Casey’s tongue slip into her mouth, gently probing and exploring the inside of her lips. As they kissed, she felt Casey’s hands sliding over her blouse, exploring the contours of her back then sliding lower, squeezing her firm, perky buttocks through her thin skirt. She whimpered, her eyes opening as she felt the young woman’s hands slip beneath her skirt, stroking her bare legs.

“Wow, you really are a good kisser,” she said breathlessly, worried at how her body was responding, the kinds of forbidden thoughts forming in her head. She gently pushed at Casey’s shoulders, easing them apart a little.

“Well, I guess I’ve had a lot of practice,” Casey said, a mischievous smile playing around her lips as if she could read Rachel’s thoughts.

“Well, thanks but I really should…”

“Come on, your turn. You want to learn how to do this properly, right? Kiss me like you mean it,” Casey challenged

Rachel wavered; she really should get on with the accounts but Casey was right, she really did need the practice and when would she get a better opportunity? She started to copy Casey’s lead, nuzzling her neck, the delicate scent of her perfume filling her nostrils as she left a trail of light kisses along her skin, so silky and soft compared to her ex-boyfriends.

“Yes, that’s it, very good,” Casey sighed encouragingly as Rachel explored the smooth skin and used the tip of her tongue to trace the curve of her ear.

Rachel copied Casey’s example, easing her raven black hair away from her pale neck, kissing the sensitive skin as she felt Casey’s hands slide around her waist, drawing their warm bodies tight together. She felt herself getting hotter, the anticipation building as their young bodies began to grind together, as she kissed Casey’s plump, moist lips, sucking at them, boldly flicking at them with her tongue.

“Mmm, that’s really good, those lovely kisses are making me putty in your hands, you wicked girl. Now stroke me, caress me, seduce me as you kiss me,” Casey gasped, taking Rachel’s hands by the wrists and drawing them up and down her body as they kissed. Rachel let Casey guide her hands up over her stomach, exploring the shape of her boobs beneath the smooth silk of her thin, mint-green blouse, surprised to find herself enjoying their firm, perky roundness.

“Mmm, such a good student,” Casey groaned encouragingly, as she shrugged off her jacket, and threw it aside. “You’re making me so hot.”

Rachel was thoroughly enjoying exploring Casey’s hot young body, the third quarter accounts long forgotten. It was so different to foreplay with her ex-boyfriend, With Casey it felt like it was about enjoying the journey, instead of rushing towards the destination. She was enjoying the Casey’s longing moans and the soft, warmth of the woman’s crimson lips.

Casey was kissing her back now, and Rachel could feel herself getting hotter as the young woman rained kisses on her lips, till she felt drunk, giddy with desire. She felt herself melting beneath Casey’s relentless kisses. She’d played Helena in her drama school production of ‘A Midsummers Night Dream’, and a line from that play popped into her head now: “Oh, how ripe in show; Thy lips, those kissing cherries, tempting grow!”

“We’re still practicing, right?” Rachel asked as she felt Casey’s hand in her hair, tugging her head back a little as she plundered her mouth, her darting tongue slipping between her lips. She was so overcome, she barely noticed as Casey’s deft fingers unfastened the buttons of her blouse, quickly sliding it off her arms and tossing it aside.

“Of course. You want it to be realistic, right?” Casey said huskily, as she slid her hands around to Rachel’s back, her eager fingers quickly locating the clasp of Rachel’s white cotton bra.

“Well yes, but I don’t think we should be doing this,” she protested meekly but did little to resist as Casey impatiently tugged her bra down over her arms, exposing her modest but perky A-cup breasts that sat high on her ribcage.

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