Holy Orders Ch. 03





As Dawn was going to the convent to interview prospective employees, she dressed casual but smart. The business suit was not too long and not too short. With a white blouse underneath she looked the part, and it was thick enough to hide the sexy underwear she had on underneath, though at times the half cup bra did feel a little strange. She did pack a few naughtier items in case the bishop called but most of her clothes were more than presentable to a bunch of nuns.

It took two hours to drive to the convent and for almost half an hour of that, she thought she was lost. There was nothing but trees and fields as far as the eye could see. Then she saw it, perched on top of a promontory it had a commanding view of the whole area. She parked her car in the remainder of the two parking bays and knocked on the huge solid oak door. She laughed to herself when a small square in the door opened and a face appeared. She had thought that these viewing windows were only in the imagination of filmmakers.

Putting on her best vicars wife voice she said, “Hello I am Mrs Evesham I believe I am expected”

The window closed again without a word so Dawn waited for a few minutes expecting the door to open. When it did, a much older nun addressed her. “Good evening Mrs Evesham. I am Sister Anna. Welcome to our humble abode.” She said this with a smile, “Do come in and I will show you to your quarters. Mother Superior has asked to see you once you are settled in.”

I followed the sister through numerous halls and down many corridors, in complete silence. Not knowing if they were a silent order or not I just kept my mouth shut, over awed by the building as much as anything else. God only knows how I would ever find my way around.

We went up a flight of stone spiral steps into what turned out to be a tower room with a large log fire burning and huge old oak bed with an armchair and an ottoman and table. While the furnishing was sparse, the room looked perfect and not at all, what I was expecting. I looked at the sister and she smiled, “Only the nuns live in cells my dear. These are our visitor’s quarters; we have the fire in the evening as the windows let in all the cold air. It will be tended for you so you do not need to worry. I will get your bags brought up and will collect you in an hour to meet with Mother Superior.”

I looked around the room and found what passed for a bathroom and a cupboard with drawers in for my clothes. My bags arrived ten minutes later and I stored them as best I could, hiding the naughty bits as best I could as well. Funny how now that I was here they were ‘naughty’ and not ‘sexy’.

I sat in my room for what seemed an age before Sister Anna knocked on the door and entered without waiting for a reply. A little unnerving to say the least.

“Mother Superior will see you now.”

She turned round and walked off; I followed as she led me through more corridors and halls until we came to what was obviously a wing of the building as I could see outside on both sides of the long narrows hallway. The mother Superior’s room was at the end. Sister Anna knocked and walked straight in holding the door for me to enter.

As I entered, I saw several more sisters stood around the room. Sister Anna ushered me in front of a woman in her early fifties I guessed, sitting in an armchair; she was the only one that was seated. I stood with my hands behind my back, shaking slightly at the sight of this woman who seemed to exude strength. There was no mistaking who was in control here.

“Good evening my dear. I hope you had a good trip.”

“Yes Mother Superior it was pleasant thank you.”

“Good, good. Now please strip. You will have to wear a novice gown while you are here, I’m sure you understand.”

“Well yes, but….well, cant I change in my room.”

“No my dear you cannot.” She threw something on the floor in front of me and instantly recognised it as my underwear. I had been vigilant about hiding the clothes but was complacent about my underwear. “You are a whore.”

She knew. She must know about the bishop, or did she. My legs started shaking, I did not know what to do or say.

“Only a whore would wear such items. Now strip.”

“No I can’t. I….I….”

With a huge grin on her face she said, “Sisters if you please.”

Before I knew it, the sisters had hold of me one on each arm and one on each leg. They pulled my arms wide and held my legs to the floor, slightly apart. I went to scream but a ball was put in my mouth, it had a strap attached that fastened behind my head. I was stripped to my underwear. They made sure that at no time did I have the opportunity to get free, I got the feeling they had done this before.

“Slut whore.” Mother superior said in a low grumbling voice that made me quiver with fear. “All of it sisters, all of it.”

As she glared into my eyes I felt shame, real shame for Gaziantep Fetiş Escort the first time for what seemed ages. I did not struggle as they removed my remaining clothes. I did not struggle at all until I saw the strap.

“No! Please no.” I begged

“Sisters, if you please.”

Two of the sisters pulled what looked like a raised kneeling prayer stool in front of me. This one had a few modifications though. As I was roughly pushed onto it, my knees going down on the wide spread pads, my arms were pulled along two extended pieces and I was strapped into place. My legs were strapped to the upright posts so that I was now open legged and my arms out wide. There was no middle to the structure of the seat so my head and breasts hung down. I raised my head to look at mother superior.

“Believe it or not my dear, you’re going to enjoy this.” Mother superior said, still sitting in her chair. The next moment the worst pain I had ever felt in my life seared through my body as the strap was used on my bare buttocks. With the ball still in my mouth, I could not even scream properly. Whoever was doing the hitting did not hold back in any way. However, she did subtly change her angle because after about six strokes I could feel the strap brushing my naked pussy. Now my tears of pain started to turn into tears of shame that I should in any way think of pleasure at this moment of punishment.

“I think she may be ready now.” Mother said

My eyes went wide. Ready for what? I thought. It soon became plain when one of the sisters walked in front of me with a cat of nine tails in her hand. My eyes went wide in fear and I tried to scream but could not, all that came out was a muffled grunt. Until the whip hit my already swollen pussy. The first wicked stroke hit me right between the crack, smashed into my clit, burning across my bum hole. The orgasm was instant, wracking through my body without any control.

The gag was removed from my mouth and another stroke of the whip sent my body into orgasmic spasm. My hips were thrusting in all directions, either to avoid the whip or to catch it I did not know. By the sixth stroke I was rampantly hot, begging for more with all the vicious language I could muster. I felt something hard ram into my pussy and then again into my bum hole, hard and cold, and then all of a sudden throbbing.

Vibrators, they were fucking me with vibrators. Pulling and pushing on them, still whipping me in my tender places and then suddenly I felt pain on my nipples as another whip was brought into play. Not one of them was in any way gentle. This was a violent intrusion of my body and I could neither say nor do anything about it, I was totally lost in the pleasure of the pain.

“Sisters!” That commanding voice called. “Present yourselves.”

Through the haze of the continuing orgasm, maintained by the vibes in both my holes I saw one of the sisters standing in front of me. She reached down and pinched my sore nipple and as I squirmed, she laughed. Then to my shock and horror, she dropped her habit to the floor. She was probably in her fifty’s and her body showed its age, her small tits sagged and were almost flat to her body. Her pubic area was a mass of black hair. However, the worst thing about her was, I could smell her arousal. A pungent odour rose from her pussy and assailed my nose.

She lifted my head painfully back and placed her nipple to my lips, which I kept tight shut, glaring at her as best I could. I would not do this. I was not into women in any way, and even if I was the thought of this ancient hag’s tit in my mouth made me feel sick. I glanced sideways as I stubbornly refused to open my mouth. Mother superior sat smiling at me.

“My dear you will learn not to obstruct the sisters in their work. Before this evening is over you will beg to sit between my legs and lick my cunt till I am satisfied that you have done your very best to please me. Before then it seems only fair that you practice on the sisters. You will beg to attend me, believe me. Sisters, continue.”

My stubbornness lasted about three seconds. One of the sisters grabbed my hair and lifted it, and then two vicious slaps with whips, one on my breasts and the other on my buttocks forced my mouth open in a scream of agony. The ancient nipple was in my mouth before the pain had even fully hit me.

“Suck it whore.” The sister said quietly.

Again stubbornness, or stupidity took me over, I could not get the nipple out of my mouth but I was damned if I was going to obey the crone. She laughed loudly. Suddenly the two vibes were thrust so far up my holes that I was terrified they would never come out. The whips beat down on my whole body till tears streamed down my face and even after I started sucking on the hags nipple they continued whipping me.

“You will do what you’re told, as soon as you are told or your punishment will be severe. Once you obey immediately and enthusiastically, then we may consider untying you.”

Enthusiasm was becoming automatic as the vibes were worked on and the whipping became lighter but more targeted at my clit and nipples. After a few minutes, I was sucking on that nipple as if I had been doing it for years. Now my problem was they knew the signs of my orgasm and held it off as much as they could, my nerves were stretched to breaking point with the need to orgasm fully.

A strange looking chair was put in front of me and the hag pulled her nipple from my mouth with a ‘plop’. She got into the chair and her lags were spread over the arms. She was pushed in front of me and then the chair was pumped up till her stinking pussy was in front of my face, they moved her forward till my mouth was in contact with her and, using her hands, she spread her lips wide. She was wet as hell, breathing erratic and the odour was pure lust. “Here whore, just here.” She said tapping her swollen clit. I hesitated for a second and heard the swish of the whip; before it landed, my tongue was in her hole, licking for all I was worth. The next ten minutes was spent following her instructions on how best to eat pussy. The vibes had been pulled out of my holes just as she orgasmed, the sudden movement pushed me over the edge and I mixed my orgasm with hers, never stopping my tongue work fearing even more whipping.

As she came to a stop, she patted my head, “There’s a good little whore.”

“Very good my dear.” Mother superior said. “Only six more sisters to go.”

“Please, untie me. I will do as you ask, I am too weak to resist anyway and I can’t get away.”

She looked at me and then at one of the sisters. I felt a hand brush my pussy lips and then play with my clit, the tenderness was more than I could stand. My orgasm again rushed from my stomach, only to stop at its peak as the hand fell away.

“I will let you loose. However, be warned. You will not leave this room until you have serviced me fully, and you will beg for that once the sisters have all been serviced. They will keep you on the edge of your orgasm until you beg to service me, and I mean beg. Do you understand?”

“Yes, yes anything but please release me.”

She nodded to the sisters and they undid the straps holding me. I stood up shakily and staggered. One of the sisters supported me and it was then that I noticed that they were all naked, and not all of them were old.

For what seemed hours, I serviced the remaining six nuns. I did everything they asked and after a while even thought of new things to do to enhance there enjoyment. In addition, all the time my orgasm was kept near the top of ecstasy. Once the sisters were serviced they all started on me, holding me down and spreading my legs, they took it in turns to lick my pussy to near completion. The sucked my nipples and twisted them and a million other things I could see, every one of them bent on making me beg.

Why I did not just do it, I do not know. Maybe I was enjoying this more than I cared to admit, but I convinced myself that it was the last vestiges of my stubbornness. It was not until a huge vibe was thrust into my bum hole and a mini cat was whipped used on my clit and nipples that I finally screamed in submission.

“Nooo. Please let me come. Let me do you Mother please let me please you. I need to come please let me do it please. I cannot go on anymore. Please.” I fought free of the sister who seemed to be expecting my struggle. I got on my knees I put my head to the floor in supplication. “Please mother let me pleasure you. Let this whore show you how well she has learnt her lessons. Please I beg you.”

Mother Superior got to her feet, the first time she had left her chair since it all started. Standing in front of me, she dropped her habit to the floor. I kept my head to the floor until told to do otherwise.

“Stand whore; let us see what you have learnt.” She turned and walked to an adjoining room. The sisters surrounded me and I followed other silently. The room was what I guessed was mothers bedroom. She lay on the bed and beckoned me to join her. For the first time I saw her body properly and was surprised at how firm her breasts were and how slim her hips. Without the vestiges of her calling she was really quite good looking, not as pretty as some of the others but nowhere as ugly as the hag I had first been made to eat.

For the first time that night, I made love to a woman. Doing anything and everything, I could to please her, and, looking back on it, I think I enjoyed it more than I was willing to admit. I know I made her orgasm, at least twice and I know that she never let my own orgasm reach climax or diminish. She was an accomplished lover, for a woman.

Finally exhausted I fell onto the bed and hoped that I had done enough to please her. A moment later, she got off the bed. “Stay there Dawn I will be back shortly. No self orgasm either.”

It did not even occur to me that she had used my name just that, I was desperately in need of release. My body was shaking with the need, or with the effort of the evening. Alternatively, was it the night? I could not tell. I curled up in a ball and waited for her return. It was not long.

“Well Dawn. It seems you were a better student than we expected. Certainly better than the Bishop led us to believe.”

My eyes shot open and sprang to a sitting position. “The Bish….then you knew. You know.”

“Of course my dear. Aren’t we the convent of St George?”

“So why all that? Why?”

“The Bishop wanted to be certain that you were as, shall we say, eager, as he hoped. Anyway, your job will involve both men and women and he wanted to know if you could manage that. You managed it superbly and now it is only fitting that you choose which one the sisters you would like to give you the release you are undoubtedly craving.”

“But why….”

She put her hand to my mouth and said, “Tomorrow. I will answer all your questions tomorrow. Suffice to say you will not be subjected to anything forcefully again, not while you are here. Now it is time for your pleasure so choose.”

She stood back and I looked at the other sisters standing, naked at the end of the bed. I surveyed them all, young and old. However, my eyes rested on one in particular. It may have been the bitch in me, it may have been revenge or it may just have been curiosity but Mother Superior smiled as I rested my gaze on her.

“Good night sister.” Mother said, “You know what to do. Sleep well and I will see you in the morning.” Her gaze never left mine.

My guess earlier was an understatement. She was more than an accomplished lover. She took me to heights that no man had ever done. While it was more passionate. More sensual than with a man, it was a very different orgasm that shuddered through my body several times that night. I still reached the clouds but this was a floating rise as opposed to a sudden rush. And probably more importantly I did not lose conscientiousness, so was able to continue to enjoy her until, totally exhausted, I fell asleep.

I woke as the huge curtains in the room were opened. I was alone in the bed but I could see Mother sitting at a table reading some papers as some of the other sisters delivered what I assumed was breakfast.

“Good morning my dear.” Mother said with a smile. “Breakfast is ready if you are.”

I sat up as one of the sisters approached with a dressing gown and I stepped into it as she held it open for me. As I turned to thank her, she curtsied to me and lowered her head. I looked at mother who smiled.

“That will be all sister Clarise. Come my dear, I should think you would be hungry after your long night.”

Still a little surprised at the sisters demeanour I sat at the table, which was laden down with all kinds of food, including a full English breakfast, which was certainly most welcome. Once I filed my plate I looked at mother and then at the door. I found it hard to understand how a sister, who last night forced a vibrator so far up my bum hole I thought I would die, could now be so subservient.

“I see I am going to get no peace till I explain all, am I?”

“Forgive me mother, but why did she do that?”

“She treated you in accordance with your station in the hierarchy. You are the Bishops envoy. So to speak. As such you hold a position at least equal to mine.”

“But last night she….well you know what she did. What you all did.”

“I hope my dear, that if I ask you an honest question you will give me an honest answer.”

“Of course mother, you know I will.”

“Hmmm. Have you ever had sex with a woman before?”


“After the initial shock my dear, can you say you hated it?”

A little embarrassed, “No!”

“Indeed I think we can say you enjoyed it.”

“Yes I suppose I did, and I know what you’re going to say next. No, I would not have gone that route on my own. But why didn’t you just say it was the Bishops orders?”

“Many reasons, not least of which is being told to enjoy something never works does it?”

“No, I suppose not. But what about the whips and the tying up. Surely that wasn’t necessary.”

“Not all of the members that you will meet are soft and gentle. Indeed a lot of the nuns live by the pain cleanses sin rule. Not that I adhere to that but a lot do. As for the priests, well they hate the fact that they can’t have a woman whenever they want to so take it out on the women when they do, seem a waste to me but we, you, are here to serve the needs of the Order.”

“Well I have to admit to enjoying it more than I thought I would. I still have the marks to prove it. Can I get a shower somewhere, or a bath I suppose?”

“Finish your breakfast my dear and I will show you to your quarters, your proper quarters not that stone tower you saw yesterday.”

An hour later, I was stood under a luxurious shower, letting the steaming water pour over me and ease the bruising my body had suffered. If only Graham could see me now, poor sap just would not believe it. I find it hard to believe myself. I was called to lunch and then taken to mother’s office. All around me, I could see the nuns who had violated me the previous night, all treating me with respect. Each time I bumped into one I found it both unnerving and, erotic.

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