He went, He came, He left


“Who wants to deflower my virgin mouth?” read the heading on Craigslist m4m. It had taken me a long time to reach the point of actually putting up a listing. I am a married man with grown children. My wife because of the medicines she must take has completely lost her libido. Consequently we have not had sex in over ten years. For some time I have had thoughts of a bi relationship, and now I have begun to act on it.

The listing read:
“Older married man will be in town the 28-29th of this month. Knock on the hotel door, come in and step up to the glory hole. No strings, no conversation necessary, no reciprocation. Step up and insert to get a bj to completion. What I lack in experience I will more than make up for in enthusiasm.
Tell me why you should be my first and include pics. I will respond to the winning candidate with hotel name, room number, and date/time.

So it started. My journey into a life style that I never would have dreamed I would participate in. Not that I am a prude, but more of a conformist in deeds. It was not the homosexual behavior, but the solicitation of strangers over the internet. Not what I would call risk free behavior.

In no time I had five responses. Two of the respondents sounded like date rape would be a distinct possibility. Now that is funny. Here I am in the process of inviting a total stranger to my room so I can suck his cock and I am afraid of date rape. Since this is to be my first time I do not really want to explore any further than oral. Another two were acceptable except that they were to well endowed. Sex hikayeleri Again being my first time I do not want to bite off more than I can chew; so to speak. The fifth person seemed not to be an axe murderer and his equipment would not choke a whore down on fifth Ave.

I responded to Fred (name he gave) by e-mail the date that I would be in town and at what hotel I would be staying at. I also told him I would give him the time and room number after I checked in.

The stage was set, now I only had to get prepared. What’s to prepare? The guy comes in, drops his pants and I do a lip lock on his penis. Not so fast, I am a cautious guy; read that paranoid, so I did want to take certain precautions. Firstly I wanted some kind of barrier between him and me. I decided to take a plywood sheet and cut it down to the size of a bathroom doorway. Then I cut a hole it of the appropriate size and height for a glory hole. This not only gave me a sense of separation, but also fit the theme of anonymous sex. Now carrying a 7 by 3 foot plywood sheet through the hotel lobby might cause some questions so I cut into thirds and attached piano hinges to the thirds so I could fold it up as I carried it through the lobby. I next purchased two video cameras that would link to my lap top. One was so I could view him when he came in and the other was to video me doing him for future watching. One last precaution; I bought a hand gun.

Saturday the 29th arrived. I was nervous, disgusted with myself, wanting to back out, but most of all I was horny. Damn, was I horny. If I Sikiş hikayeleri had been on Viagra I would have had to see a doctor for an erection lasting more than four hours. I checked into the downtown hotel around one. I immediately e-mailed Fred. The room number was 849 and the time was 8:00 pm. I told him that the door would be unlocked at 7:55 and locked at 8:05 if he hadn’t showed. I spent the afternoon wandering around downtown and late in the afternoon had a light dinner. Wanted to save room for desert.

At 7:55 I unlocked the door, set the plywood in the doorway of the bathroom, got some soap, washcloth and the ice bucket full warm water ready. I did not have long to wait. At a little after eight I heard the door open. I watched him on camera, verified that it was Fred who had sent me the pictures. He looked around then stepped up to the bath room entrance and began undoing his pants. I was excited and nervous at the same time. I still did not know deep down if I would go through with it.

The moment of truth had arrived when he stuck his semi hard cock through the hole. All nervousness left when I saw his dick come through that hole. I grabbed the soap and gently lathered him up. He was becoming completely hard as I washed him. By the time I had rinsed him off with the washcloth he was ready and so was I. I began by gently stroking him with one hand and cradling his balls with the other. I then leaned forward and kissed the head of his dick. Gentleness quickly evaporated when he thrust his hips forward forcing his cock past my lips and Erotik hikaye teeth and into my mouth. I was about to gag when he pulled back. I grabbed him and began to run my tongue up and down the underside of him. I washed the tip with my tongue. I gently licked and sucked on his balls, taking one then the other into my mouth, all the while bathing them with my tongue. He reached down and took hold of himself. He rubbed his cock across my face then slapped me with it. I was intoxicated with lust. Forcing himself back into my mouth he began a rhythmic fucking of my mouth and I sucked as hard as I could. A side note: Why do they call it a blowjob when it really should be called a suck job? As he drew nearer to orgasm his thrusts became faster and more forceful. It was all I could do to keep him in my mouth. Then the moment came. He erupted unannounced deep to the back of my mouth. I did my very best to keep it all in my mouth but due to the surprise eruption and my inexperience I let some leak out around his cock as he continued with little spasms.

Finally it was over. He withdrew, put his pants on, left the room and the whole time not a word was spoken between us. After I calmed down a bit I left the bathroom and locked the room door. Taking my lap top I laid on the bed jacking off watching the video and thinking about what had just happened. With in a couple of minutes I came with the vigor and volume of a twenty year old.

Just before I drifted off to sleep I thought about the taste. I have read that the taste of semen can depend on the diet of the man. Fred’s taste was mostly salty, but if anyone knows where I can sign up to get a job surveying men let me know.

The above is mostly fantasy, but the thought of making it reality is very tempting

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