Harbin Holiday

Big Dicks

As Mark slowly dipped his body into the warm pool he was reminded instantly of why he made the trek up here very few months on a long weekend.

Harbin Hot Springs was about two hours north of San Francisco. The drive up took you through wine country and the place itself was tucked back off the main roads. It was the perfect place to soak and unwind from the tensions and rhythms of everyday life. The place was known for its amazing soaking pools fed by natural hot springs. You found the temperature your body needed and just relaxed.

It was an added bonus that the place was clothing optional.

Back in the day it had a reputation as a place where “free love” was easy to find. The place still rocked a sensual vibe at all hours even though explicit contact between guests in the pool was forbidden according to the little signs strategically placed around the grounds.

In recent years it had tried to rebrand itself as an accessible hot springs spa…but it wasn’t hard to find fun when you wanted it or needed it.

Mark loved taking in the sight of all the beautiful naked female and male bodies. Not everybody had the best physiques, but he always surprised at how in shape so many of the people who came there were. And every once in a while he saw some appreciative glances, both male and female, taking in the contours of his own body. It always sent a charge through his body when he realized he was being admired.

Mark was a handsome guy.

At 48, he still kept his body hard with three trips a week to the gym and yoga and rowing. Dark brown with flecks of grey helped frame his face, as did the 5 o’clock shadow he always maintained through careful grooming. While some middle age thickness had set in on his 6 ft frame, his chest was in great shape and the thick hair that lined it only added to its definition. He saw at the gym how some of the younger guys shaved theirs down, but he couldn’t imagine the point of that. So many of his lovers, male and female told him how sexy it was as they ran their fingers through it or brushed their tongue against his nipples in the midst of the type of sweaty, passionate fucking he favored…

Mark had arrived in the late afternoon at Harbin and had gotten settled-in in time to have a plunge in one of the pools before he would head to the communal kitchen to make dinner.

He always really enjoyed the first few hours of getting accustomed to the place. Stripping down in the unisex locker room was an opportunity to take in the sights. Naked men and women of all shapes and sizes were inches from each other, and no one seemed to care. What a change from urban living, where everybody seemed so conscientious of their space and so uptight about their looks and how the people around them looked. After showering at the outside shower, Mark made his way up the short flight of stairs to the medium hot communal soaking pool. Leaving his towel on the railing he then slowly descended down some stairs into the pool itself and let the warm water envelope his body.

As most people did, he made his way to one of the walls. The water in the pool came up just above his nipples. It felt good to be held by the water.

He had been there about 30 minutes when he noticed a young couple make their way down the steps into the pool.

The woman was young and had a supple body. She had her brown hair tied up off of her shoulders, highlight a chain and locket she wore around her neck. A nose ring set off her face’s angular features. Her eyes were alert and taking in the nakedness around her. Mark noticed her firm breasts as she entered the water and her hips were ample without being out of shape. Her mound was unshaved…just the way Mark preferred. The man that accompanied her looked of Indian descent. He had a lean athletic torso. He was taller than her by almost a head but looked to be just a few inches shorter than Mark. His head was shaved but his defined torso and chest were coved in ringlets of think black hair. He had piercing dark brown eyes. His dark brown skin contrasted nicely with the black choker around his neck. Mark pegged them as being in their early 30s. They moved through the water looking for place on the wall. When someone on the wall across from Mark finally moved they made their way to the spot which put them just to the right of being in Mark’s direct sightline.

The woman seemed a little unsure, but the man acted as if he knew his way around. He was whispering things to her point at the various buildings that surrounded the pool and the paths that led off form the three man pools.

They whispered to each other side by side, until the man gently grabbed the women’s shoulder and brought her in front of him with her back to him. As he kneaded her shoulder, the tension she looked to be carrying seemed to melt away. At some point, while Mark had turned to watch the other people in the pool, the couple had turned to face each. And now were exchanging gentle kisses.

For some reason Mark found himself now transfixed watching them. He realized he was full on Gaziantep Fetiş Escort staring at them when the man’s gaze lifted over the woman’s shoulder and caught his.

He quickly looked away.

Strangely embarrassed, Mark looked away as well.

When they exited the pool a few minutes later, Mark realized he had been hard the whole time he was watching them.

As the evening sky slowly got darker, Mark eventually exited the pool in preparation for dinner. Grabbing a pair of shorts from his locker and a well worn T-shirt he loved to lounge in at home, he made his way up to the dining hall. —

The kitchen around meal time was often crowded, but it being past 8pm the number of people was starting to thin out.

As he looked around the room, he noticed the young couple from the pool by the sink.

The man had on a short pair of tight hiking shorts and was shirtless. Mark got a good look at his powerful, muscular, hairy legs. The woman was dressed in a wrap that covered her. It didn’t hide the outline of her breasts or her hips.

Mark felt his dick begin to twitch.

They were undeniably sexy, mostly because they seemed so confident in their bodies. Mark sat at a table and watched as they moved from the sink to the stove. The woman wrapped her arms around the man as he started to throw things into the pot on the burner. Mark saw how her fingers moved through the curls on the man’s chest.

Mark was still staring at them when the man looked and turned his gaze to him.

“Caught,” thought Mark.

The man gave him the upwards nod of his head that guys often do to acknowledge each other.

Mark nodded back, and then to hide his embarrassment, looked down and start to pull out some of the fruits and spread that he had with him. He kept a watch over the couple out of the corner of his eye.

When they finished cooking, they looked around the kitchen for an empty seat. The woman pointed at the empty chairs at Mark’s table. Moments later they were in front of him.

“Is this seat taken?” asked the man.

Mark answered as nonchalantly as he could, “Help yourself.”

As they sat down the man extended his hand.

“Hi, I’m Farid,” he said.

Mark shook it as the woman introduced herself. “Hi, I’m Emma.”

They were easy conversation. They asked about Mark’s life in San Francisco, what he did for work and if he had come up to Harbin by himself. Mark found out that they were married 8 years, and that this weekend was Emma’s 33th birthday. They lived in Oregon and were taking a drive down the west coast. Someone along the way had told them about Harbin and they decided to swing by as the headed south through California on their way to Mexico.

“So you weren’t put off by the reputation of the place?” asked Mark.

“What reputation?” asked Farid.

“Your friend who suggested the place didn’t mention its reputation as…shall we say…a place to find fun?” Mark smiled an easy smile at the couple.

Emma smiled back. “Yeah, they mentioned it. It didn’t bother us, did it honey?”

Farid reached over and drew her closer with his arm and gave her a kiss on her lips.

Farid smiled at Mark. “Doesn’t bother us. It’s part of what drew us here. The curiosity.”

And then he asked, “Is that what brought you here Mark?”

His look was so intense.

Mark felt the heat of a blush taking over his face.

“No…No…” he stammered. “I just came to relax.”

Mark felt his cock twitch again.

Farid’s face broke into a smile.

“I was just messing with you man,” he said.

Mark could feel the tension subside.

They sat there for another hour, just shooting the breeze. Sometimes other people would sit down and join the conversation. Sometimes it was just the three of them.

The entire time they spoke Emma absentmindedly ran her fingers through the hair on Farid’s arm.

As their conversation ebbed and the kitchen finally began to empty out, Emma announced her departure and with a gentile smile and a kiss on her husband’s head told them both she was headed back to the room. Farid asked if she wanted him to come with her. Mark was relieved when she said, “Not to worry. I’m going to head back and relax a little bit.”

And with that she left, leaving Mark and Farid, sitting, facing each other by themselves at the table.

The first thing Mark said was “You are lucky man. You have a beautiful wife.”

“Thank you,” chuckled Farid. “I am a lucky guy.”

And then he added, “So who keeps your bed warm at night Mark?”

Mark was a little taken aback by the boldness of the question.

When he got his bearings back, he muttered “I’m single.”

“Nothing wrong with that,” replied Farid. “You must do well with the ladies. You are in great shape.”

Mark felt the blush come again. “I guess I do alright,” he said. This was getting awkward and he squirmed as he felt the blood rush into his cock under this stranger’s intense glare.

“You were talking before about how people find a little fun up here,” Farid said. “Any luck for yourself?’

Mark thought about all the times he had been up to Harbin. And with regards to fun…not once did he leave empty handed.

But he looked now at Farid and said, “No.”

Farid gave him a look of surprise.

“Oh” he said. “I guess I had you pegged wrong.”

“What do you mean?” asked Mark.

Farid answered, “I guess I mean that when you first brought up the place’s reputation for hook-ups, that you were talking about your own experiences.”

When he noticed the expression on Mark’s face hadn’t changed he added, “One of the reason’s we decided to stop by was because of the place’s reputation. We’ve almost been married eight years now. We have a great time together….We’ve been looking to expand our horizons”

All Mark could say was “Oh.”

Farid continued. “We came here yesterday and just assumed that people would be going at it out in the open. But we quickly found out it wasn’t the like. It’s still a great place, but I’m not sure how to initiate things. People seem to kind of hang out here with the people they came with.”

Mark was a little surprised at the naïveté but found himself curious about what Farid meant about expanding their horizons.

He cleared his throat and said,

“What were you looking for?”

His question just hung there for a moment.

And he waited…

“Emma wants to try two guys” whispered Farid as he leaned over the table.

Mark felt the words hit him with a weight.

He gulped and clearing his throat again, Mark said “Nothing is really ever out in the open here. The management really frowns on it. The way it works is that you meet people and you invite them back to your room.”

“Oh,” remarked Farid, as he took in what Mark said. His head turned and he gazed out the window next to their table into the distance.

Mark watched him in silence.

Farid finally spoke.

“Would you like to come back to our room?” he asked without looking back at Mark.

Farid swiveled back around to find Mark looking at him

Staring into Farid’s intense glance, all that Mark could say was a simple “Yes.”

“We are in Room 115.” Farid said. Give me 15 mins. And with that he left the kitchen.

15 mins later, Mark found himself in front of Room 115. He knocked.

Farid answered the door in just the pair of hiking shorts that he had on at dinner and a smile on his face. Up close his hairy torso was even more arousing and Mark found himself about to reach out and run his fingers through the small rings of curls on his host’s chest.

“Hi. Come on in.” Farid beckoned with a voice just louder than a whisper.

The rooms at Harbin weren’t very large and it was only seconds before it registered that Emma lay blindfolded and spread eagle on the queen size bed that dominated the dark room.

Farid moved to the other side of the bed opposite from Mark, sliding off his shorts to reveal his furry groin. His shaft was already partially erect when his shorts hit the floor. As he blithely ran his fingers across his abdomen, his nice sized uncut brown cock quickly came to full mast.

Mark took off the raggedy T-shirt he was wearing. His shorts came off next. He had been hard since Farid answered the door. His fat cock was ready to have some fun. Mark took it in his hands and gave it a quick few strokes, lubricating it with the pre-cum that had already started to release from his piss hole.

Farid and Mark stared at each other across the bed and smiled. The former got on the bed first and sat on his knees inches from Emma’s body. Mark moved atop the bed to join them. He could hear Emma’s increasingly labored breathing.

Without saying a word, Farid began to run his hands across Emma’s stomach. She let out an appreciative sigh. Mark laid his right hand on her legs. He had expected her to flinch at his touch in surprise but instead her legs moved in rhythm with each of his caresses. Sensing her comfort, Mark began to knead her legs more thoroughly. He noticed that Farid’s hands had moved up to her breasts. They continued like this for what felt like a good five minutes, Emma’s body undulating under the two eager set of hands.

Farid began to kiss his wife. And as their tongues danced, Mark felt himself getting even more turned on. He moved from Emma’s side so that now he was in front of her legs that she closed as she absorbed the hands that worked her over. As Farid and Emma continued to be lost in their sloppy tongue play, Mark gently took Emma’s legs and spread them wide open again exposing her pussy. He inched up the bed and putting his hands on the inside of her thighs he brought his face up to her furry mound. He blew on her slit.

Emma’s body squirmed almost imperceptibly under his warm breadth. Mark blew again as he massaged the inside of her thighs. Emma began to kiss Farid more urgently and he responded to her new forcefulness with more hard tongue.

Mark lowered his tongue and flicked it across her engorged clit.

Emma began to moan audibly even with her husband’s mouth upon hers.

And for the first time since he began kissing his Emma, Farid opened his eyes to take in the site of Mark tongue touching a part of his wife that no one else had touched since they had gotten married 8 year ago.

Appreciatively he looked down at Mark and smiled while he continued to lock lips with Emma. Farid winked at Mark and kept his locked eyes on him enjoying the sight before him.

As Mark now slowly wrapped his hands under Emma’s buttocks he lay his full warm mouth on her pussy.

“Aaaaaaah.” moaned Emma appreciatively as she now mashed her mound up in to Mark’s slurping mouth.

Farid had since removed his mouth from Emma’s and was shamelessly watching the proceedings resting on his elbow. He chuckled to himself as his wife writhed like a bitch in heat. Farid got up off the bed and sat back in the chair that was slightly behind Mark to his left to get a better view of Mark’s efforts. Mark had to admit that he was totally turned on to be watched as he ate Emma out.

After a few minutes Mark heard Farid gently get up and move back towards the bed. As Farid moved past him, he felt the touch of Farid’s hand on his back. For a few seconds Mark felt his increasingly sweaty back being kneaded and rubbed first gently and then more forcefully. And then, as suddenly as it had started, the pressure of the hand was gone…

Farid circled back around to the top of the bed without making eye contact with Mark. He got back on the bed and rested on his knees beside Emma’s head. Her whole body was thrashing under Mark’s expert tongue. Mark saw Farid reach his hand over to the far side of Emma’s head and bring her mouth to line up with his hairy dick. As if on cue Emma opened her mouth and Farid slid his shaft inside. Mark thought they looked beautiful like this. Farid’s pelt was saturated in sweat. Mark thought about how much he would have loved to chew on Farid’s hairy nipples at that moment and would have eagerly taken this hot man’s prick in his mouth if it had been offered. But as he watched Emma now suck and jerk her husband’s cock, he focused on the anticipation of being serviced by Emma as well.

He made his way to the top of the bed to join them. As he now rested on his knees, inches from Farid’s sweaty body he ran his thick cock across Emma’s cheek. She reached up and grabbed his dick without missing a beat and started to suck Mark’s cock while her husband supported her head. She now began to alternate between the two. First slurping on her husband’s dick and then a sloppy sucking of Mark’s cock. Mark looked at Farid who for some reason was now avoiding his eyesight. They were inches from each others faces, with their hairy torsos occasionally brushing up against each other but Farid continued to look down at his wife. Feeling a little daring and thinking perhaps maybe that Farid’s earlier rubbing of his back had been an invitation, Mark reached over and ran his thumb across Farid’s left nipple. He waited for a reaction from Farid and was disappointed to see him continue to look down at his still blindfolded wife servicing the both of them. But he didn’t push Mark’s hand away so Mark continued to thumb Farid’s nipples, first the left and then the right. Feeling more audacious, Mark started to run his hands across Farid’s furry pecs, feeling the wet curls on this hot man’s chest slide through his fingers. As Mark’s hands began to build up momentum, Farid suddenly disengaged from the threesome. Not sure if he had done something wrong, Mark moved back a little bit.

Without so much as look in Mark’s direction Farid lowered his mouth to Emma’s ear and whispered something Mark couldn’t hear. Emma lifted herself on to her elbows and Farid wedged himself behind her and the bed post. From behind, Farid began to massage his wife’s breasts. While doing this he reached down with one hand to spread open further her right and then left leg. Her mound was open and waiting for service again.

Mark got back in position again, with his hairy, taught belly against the bed. But this time instead of lower his mouth to her pussy, he slowly inserted the middle finger of his right hand into her slit. At his first touch, Emma flinched. But as he inserted the whole finger and then quickly another, she sighed appreciatively as her husband continued to massage her front while kissing her neck.

Farid stopped after a few minutes of the three of them like this and he scooted out from behind Emma. He motioned for Mark to move and as Mark slid off the bed Farid positioned himself so that he was on his knees in front of Emma’s cunt. Mark who moved to the side of Emma watched as Farid started to work his own dick in his hand. As he rubbed the precum that was releasing from his hole, all over his shaft, he dropped a big glob of spit onto the head of his dick. Before it had time to dribble off his clock, Farid worked it into his stroking.

Mark was so turned on to see this awesome specimen of a man pleasuring himself. He licked the palm of his hand and brought it down to his own cock that had been rigid this whole time.

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