Happy Halloween Caitlin 04

The crimson haired beauty was facing the wall wearing a blindfold made of impenetrable shadow. Kneeling on her bed her arms outstretched and lashed to the crossbar of her large brass bed. She waiting once again for the lash of a whip crafted from the spine of a man. Feeling that whip strike her tender offered ass and go straight through her body and scream its way through the pleasure playground her head had become. Each lash was its own climax within her. She arched her back and lifted her ass to the Dullichan waiting to savor the kiss of that whip.


Caitlin woke up that morning groggy from a rough night’s sleep and feeling a bit of stiffness in her shoulders and arms. Rubbing the soreness and rising up in the bed, she noticed that the bed was a couple of feet away from the wall. She made an effort to ignore that thought and stuffed it away. Now is a good time for a nice cup of coffee she thought to herself as she slipped into her robe. She decided last night to forgo the light sleep shirt in favor of the heavier nightgown which hung off her like drapes. Opting for something warm on the colder nights. Now, it was on with the slippers, and off to join Mr coffee downstairs.

As she sat in her breakfast nook looking out at the light layer of fresh fallen snow there was not much reading as there was recollection as Cait sat and reflected on her encounter with Aimee yesterday. Her dreams these past couple of days were probably to blame for her behavior. She must be sleep deprived and exhausted. These past couple of months had she had been consumed by the Ipswich project which was getting her involved in so many more facets of this project. She thought that the senior partners in the firm were using this project to groom her for her next step up within the firm.

She worked at a large firm, and Aimee was anything but firm, so nice and soft and wet and welcoming… She could do with a little work to take her mind off of… That wonderful woman’s tongue teasing her… ‘No, let’s get some work done today,’ she thought to herself trying to keep her mind focused as she headed off to the shower.

The shower was a problem as far as getting her mind off Aimee. Her breasts were as sensitive as ever and the warm water cascading over them only heightened her arousal and her recollection of yesterday’s pleasure. Focusing now only on getting washed getting out and getting dressed. She quickly lathered up, and let a smile spread across her lips.

Reluctantly separating herself from the shower, she got dressed for the work at home day. Again the loose fitting swearer, this one light blue, and long black skirt. She had a couple of follow up calls to make before Tina came by to deliver a parcel that arrived at the office yesterday, and the architect’s courier would be dropping off drafts to her here. What Caitlin wouldn’t know about for a while is that the real estate inquiries that Alexis was making were being noticed elsewhere.

The tax roll office of Lawrence MA was a small cramped office with bureaucratic gray metal desks and impersonal furnishings. This particular office however, had a state of the art computer and high speed internet connection with a server that managed the agencies data requests. Although there had been sporadic inquires as to the ownership of properties around the Ipswich area, the past two days had shown Thomas a troubling trend. Tom, who functioned bursa escort bayan as a record processing clerk knew he needed to place a call.

“Miss Clinton, please, tell her it’s Tom at the tax office in Lawrence.” he said waiting for his party to pick up the line. “Hello Abby, Tom here, I think it’s been discovered…”

The courier from Chicago landed at LaGuardia airport, and took a cab to Caitlin’s office to rendezvous with Tina. She intercepted him in the lobby.

“Good morning,” Tina greeted her hand extended, “Mr. McGinnis,”

“Ms. Pizzoli, a pleasure,” he responded, a smooth baritone voice resonated with her. “Call me Terrance.”

Tina looked appraisingly at the courier, a Brooks Brothers fitted charcoal suit pressed white shirt and red tie his look was stylish and classic. A firm set jaw a warm smile and clear blue eyes, his black hair grating at the temples pegged him for mid-forties, and Tina liked what she saw.

After introductions it was on the grand Central station for the trip up to Tarrytown. They found seats in the middle of the sparsely populated car facing each other and passed the time in conversation. At least it started out that way, but soon Tina found herself quite captivated by this stranger and was openly flirting. He reached forward putting his hand on her leg and whispered a comment about the conductor going by.

Tina really didn’t hear the comment. Her attention was fixed on the wonderful sensation pulsing through her at the courier’s touch. She was not one of these girls to fall for any guy that walks along, and Tina was a city girl wise to being picked up, but still she found herself being swept, and by a gentleman no less. Here she was the brazen hussy adjusting her skirt to show still get a lot more leg and toying with a gold chain round her neck.

The trip progressed nicely to their destination. Tina had called earlier that morning and arraigned to have a cab at the Tarrytown station. Arriving, the courier led Tina smoothly to the cab, opening the door and ushered her inside.

The doorbell rang and Cait headed downstairs to answer it. Her appointment was right on time. At the door, Tina presented the courier, and they entered.

“Mr. McGinnis, I’m so glad you were able to rearrange your schedule and meet here.” Cait welcomed them with her arm directing her guests towards the dining room.

“Yes, your able bodied assistant had made all the arraignments.” Terrance said with a nod to Tina. “She really is a nice find.”

“I couldn’t agree more,” Cait said with appreciation.

The meeting progressed with blueprints, drawings, specifications, and reports covering the dining room table.

“We are all set to proceed with the dormitories. However, changes to the basement of the main building, and its expansion, are required by the principals involved higher up.” Caitlin instructed, “They are referenced in draft specification three. Tina, do you have a copy of that?”

“Yes it’s here,” she replied retrieving the file from her case.

They went over the necessary expansion to the structure subbasement. At one o’clock Caitlin suggested a lunch break. She was planning on picking up an order from an Italian place in town. She phoned in to order and then headed out.

Waiting in the dining room Terrance and Tina resumed their earlier conversation görükle escort from the train. Tina was soon once again mesmerized by the courier and feeling herself letting her defenses down. He softly ran the back of his hand along her cheek. Her gaze staring into his pale blue, spinning eyes. As his hand held the back of her head she felt herself drawn into him.

He drew her close and brought his lips down upon hers and she held him tentatively at first, but as his kiss deepened within her she held him more firmly. With his other hand deftly undoing her blouse she felt a warmth pass through her. She had abandoned her better judgment and let herself melt into him.

Her breath quickening as the courier’s lips proceeded to her breasts, now unbound by some unseen sleight of hand. Tina tilted her head and let herself submit as she removed his tie, unbuttoned his shirt and let her hands explore the warm chest and strong shoulders. She felt her will draining as she caressed the warm flesh in front of her.

She felt herself lifted up, her skirt removed and placed bare assed on a cleared corner of the table. She gasped as he entered her his strokes slow at first worked their way faster till they were in rhythm with her racing heart. She felt herself transformed, her passion heating her, threatening to burn through her, she held firm to this stranger. As she moaned her need into his ear. As she wrapped her legs around him, she felt him moving through her. She felt him snaking his way up and filling her. Tina could not resist the feeling a warmth radiating from her aching sex as it sent jolts of pleasure up her spine and into the pleasure center in her head.

Caitlin had come back in through the back door placing the lunch order in the kitchen on her way to the dining room. As she approached she could hear the sounds of Tina’s ravishment at the hands of the courier. Coming around the corner she could see the display before her. The nude and muscular body of the courier stood over the equally naked Tina who was sprawled on the cleared table. Her lean legs wrapped around Terrance’s torso. As he thrust deeper into her, Tina cried out feeling her climax busting in her.

Caitlin’s arousal was immediate. Her nipples hardened and her pussy moistened as she inhaled the musky scent of sex in the air. Her head swooned and she felt herself drawn into the coupling. Seeing Tina swaying on the table in an obvious state of bliss, Caitlin shed her sweater and wrapped her arms around the courier kissing his neck. Her bare breasts drawing heat from the courier’s powerful back.

The courier continued thrusting into Tina at an increasing rate. As he felt Tina constricting around him he felt his own orgasm cresting. In a guttural groan he let go of his own climax. It satisfied Tina’s need if only temporarily. She did not feel the tattoo etching its way across the base of the back of her neck, a circle with a triquetra inscribed. Its symbolism would be revealed to her soon.

Turning towards Caitlin, the courier’s eyes drank her in. Cait looked back at him with a dreamy lust in her eyes. She didn’t notice that the courier’s blue eyes had an other-worldly glow about them as he brought his lips on hers and kissed her with a hunger Cait had not known before. Breaking the kiss the courier turned Cait round. As she faced Tina, Tina sat up. The two women embraced locking bursa escort bayan their lips in an eager kiss tasting each other and letting their hands slowly explore each other’s bodies.

The courier came up behind Cait and removed her skirt. Sitting her down in the large leather chair he directed Tina to the floor kneeling before Cait. As he directed the young intern’s head between Cait’s thighs the assistant came to an awareness and slowly started working on her boss’s dripping pussy. Perched on her knees the courier came behind Tina placing his erection against the intern’s well wetted lips and began thrusting into her again. Caitlin let herself go tossing her legs over the arms of the chair and using her hands to keep Tina on her task. Cait’s added sensitivity soon had ripples of pleasure surging through her.

Tina, feeling the courier filling her again matched his thrusting with her own grinding. Feeling him penetrating her deeper. She felt herself melting away as her tongue twirled around Caitlin’s pussy she found herself sinking deeper into her own pool of bliss swallowing her lust filed head. As her fourth orgasm surged through her, she joined Caitlin in a collapse of exhaustion from the afternoon’s excesses.

As the ladies rested, recharging their reserves, the courier collected the meeting notes and project revisions. Packing his case he made arraignments to get back to his offices and start on the changes. This project was coming closer to completion and the schedules would need to be maintained. He was placing a call to the cab company when Caitlin appeared, wrapped in her long terry robe.

“I wanted to thank you again for coming here at such short notice Mr. McGinnis,” she said with a warmth in her voice.

“Thank you Ms. Corey, I remain as always, at your service.” Terrence responded with a slight bow. Taking her hand he gave it a kiss. “Please thank your assistant, her company was a pleasure.”

As he collected his case, Caitlin noticed the gold logo against the black leather. It bore a striking resemblance to Aimee’s tattoo. “I’ll make sure we get the revised drafts out to you within the next two weeks.” He said as he left for the waiting taxi.

Later that evening, Caitlin had Tina stay over in the guest room. She was still a little unsteady, and she felt that her young intern should just spend the night. As Cait finished tucking her in for the night, she headed down stairs.

Cait made sure to set a new tea light candle in the Dullichan, and light the wick. She stood back and watched the glow in the window with a sense of satisfaction. Halloween would be here tomorrow. But for now, it’s time to sleep.

Sometime later she was again awakened by a cold draft. Then it began again, the shadows gathered taking form, the Dullichan was looming over her again. Her eyes stared up into that sinister smile. She welcomed him now. There was no more fear in his presence. She knew he was here to serve her. To take her. To pleasure her. She looked up at the powerful arms and strong shoulders and that sinister smile. She closed her eyes, spread her legs, and welcomed her visitation to her bed.

The shadows covered her, blanketing her in a warmth which penetrated her body. It sent stimulation through her as she ached for more. Then she started feeling lips traveling around her body, teasing her breasts, and peaking her arousal. As she let herself drift along with the pleasure of the shadows, she felt the Dullichan between her legs. Firm and forceful, she felt herself penetrated deeply. Surrendering to the sensations overwhelming her, she ached her back and let her orgasm carry her back into a void of bliss, as the Dullichan’s eyes burned brighter.

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