Handsome Ch. 19

“There ain’t no pussy alive that will not twitch when they is properly stoked.” ~ Diamondmouth

Doubling With Duane

I swung by Duane’s and picked him up first. My plan was to have a word or two with him, pick up Leah and let her size up the situation and then head for L. O.’s, saving the best for last.

Duane was nervous, but anxious too. I advised him to go easy, complement L. O. and try to make her laugh. I assured him that at some point in the evening Leah and I would start making out, and give him the opportunity to get a kiss or two in with his date.

To my surprise, Leah told him essentially the same thing; stressing that he was not to grope her.

“No grabbing her boobs, you boob!” was the way she phrased it, making us all laugh.

L. O. Sailor was waiting at the foot of her driveway. I took her in for the first time. She had honey-blond hair that hung to the middle of her back, and light blue eyes. Her face was a beautiful heart shape, with a small pert nose and large lush lips. She had a very thin waist that flared out giving her a highly desirable figure. She wasn’t all that tall and wore what I guessed were 3″ heels to match up with Duane. She had a short torso, and this gave her a very long leg line. And the 3″ heels caused her firm and well-rounded rear end and majestic chest to jut out.

Leah had already confided that she had plenty of girls at school green with envy.

On closer inspection, I saw that she had a slight acne problem. She thought this was what was keeping the boys at bay. She was wrong about that. The “boys” were mostly timid, or already taken by more assertive girls.

I found myself taking in her breasts, probably a 34B, and apparently quite firm, with large dark areola already visible beneath her sweater.

A couple minutes later while cruising the neighborhood, I glanced in the rear-view mirror and saw that her nipples were aroused and threatening to tear their way through the sweater’s flimsy material.

Following Leah’s advice, I suggested a movie and met with unanimous approval. I parked the car, and we entered the movie, bought popcorn and extra large cokes and settled in to watch the main feature. When I put my arm around Leah, Duane did the same with L. O. I must have fooled him because I left it right there and made no further moves on Leah, who started to giggle every few minutes.

When I finally whispered “What’s so funny?” to her, she said, “I’m not wearing any panties.”

“I’ll have to check … but later, okay?”

“Why wait? It’s nice and dark.”

“I’m thinking about them, Leah,” meaning L. O. and Duane.

“She told me she likes him,” she whispered. “If he doesn’t screw up, he might get some nookie tonight.” Then she giggled again, and then I knew the real reason for the giggling. Still, I didn’t want to be the one to mess up Duane’s chances and so I forced myself to watch the movie and didn’t kiss or grope Leah.

Leah responded by rubbing my dick and giving it a hearty squeeze every few minutes. The result was I had a precum spot on my slacks when we left the theater that was hard to disguise.

I steered everyone into an arcade just to get off the street, and Duane went right to his favorite game and started playing. Both girls were slightly pissed at this and I got an unmistakable sign from Leah to do something about it.

Deciding I could kill two birds with one stone, I pulled Leah over to me and pressed my dick into her rear. Giggling happily, she rubbed her butt against me.

“That’s better,” she giggled, “but what about L. O.?”

I had already thought that part out. “Duane,” I said, to get his attention.

“Huh? Hey, you see how easy I manhandle this game? I am the Lord and master of this little universe!” he said gloatingly.

“Yeah, I know how good you are. So why don’t you show L. O. how to beat it?”

L. O. picked up on what I was doing right off. Duane never did.

“Yeah, Duane, I never could figure out how to play these games,” she told him.

And with a gallantry I never suspected he had in him, he moved back and scooted L. O. into his former place; moved behind her, and put his arms around her and on her hands.

“Oh … like this?” she cooed, pushing her ass back at him.

“Yeah, like that,” he replied, still absorbed in telling her how to best approach the game, and not aware that she was just millimeters away from his cock.

Moments later, Duane suddenly realized how he might take advantage of the situation, and squashed himself against her ass. L. O. in turn, wriggled her butt and Duane’s dick flared up.

Knowing Duane as I did, I knew that he would happily continue teaching L. O. the rudiments of the game for as long as we let him.

But I should mention that while L. O. and Duane were getting acquainted, Leah was still rotating her ass over my dick, which bore down against her as it slid inside my pants along the crack of her ass. She gave me a look over her shoulder with her eyes wide, her pupils dilated and dark with lust.

She reached behind Cami Halısı her, fumbled my zipper down, and wormed her smooth hand inside my jeans. When she reached my dick, she grasped it and straightened it.

She left it throbbing along the cleft of her ass, and I felt her lifting the hem of her dress. I glanced over at Duane and L. O., she was laughing and rotating her ass in similar fashion as Leah was doing to me. Briefly I wondered if Duane had it in him to fuck her in front of all the people passing by them in the arcade.

Those thoughts dissipated the moment Leah reached for my cock again, and standing on tip-toes, brought my dick to her smooth pussy-lips. I recalled her telling me she’d not worn underwear a split second before my dick entered her slippery slit.

I groaned quietly at the exquisite feel of her pussy’s heat and velvet softness embracing my wildly pulsing cock. She sighed, and lifted her hand to her mouth. I looked over her shoulder an saw that she had sunk her teeth hard into the crooked finger that she pressed against her mouth to stifle any moan of pleasure that might escape her.

I glanced over at L. O. and Duane. She had her eyes closed and he had a hand on her left breast, giving it a light squeeze. They were paying no attention to us, and no one else in the arcade seemed to be looking our way. I was wrong about that, but wouldn’t know about it until later.

Leah pushed back and made a soft “OOOFISH” sound as I further impaled myself in her. The feeling of her pussy on my dick was fantastic, and remains vivid to this day.

I wondered how she could keep a normal expression on her face, then wondered what my own face looked like to passersby, and made a conscious effort to try keeping my feelings from showing.

I rotated my hips and sank halfway into her. Not bad if you consider that we were standing and she wasn’t bend over to any degree.

I heard her express a long grunt, and thought she was coming. Then I realized there was a stool beside me and holding her hips, I whispered for her to be still for a second, and I sat down and pulled her onto my lap. It seemed a miracle I remained inside her the whole time. Seconds later, I hit bottom as she wriggled her ass seemingly screwing me deeper and deeper into her pussy.

I groaned from the feel of it. The friction and pressure was incredible. There had been some pain, as I forced my way those last few millimeters, but the intensity of the pleasure eradicated that.

I reached around Leah, putting my hand in her lap. Then surreptitiously slipped my hand under the dress and found her little clit and began rubbing it. After a few seconds of that, she started hopping up and down in short quick moves. I wondered if she was nearing a climax or it was just feeling good. Soon she was raising herself up almost halfway off of me then letting her body fall back down, re-impaling me in her.

Oh, God that felt good. It had been great up to then, but this surpassed anything we’d done previously.

I caught myself saying, “Oh God” out loud. Saw L. O. give us a strange look, and shut up. Then I heard Leah grunting and knew that L. O. must know what we were up to.

Meeting L. O.’s eyes, I saw her Mona Lisa like smile and knew she was enjoying herself almost as much as Leah and I.

A second later, L. O. did a double take. She stared in unbelief, like she couldn’t believe what we were doing. She had looked concerned for a second, but as she realized that I wasn’t forcing myself on Leah, she reached up, and covered Duane’s hand on her breast, silently telling me that she was having fun too.

Leah began making a sound that went, “Huh, huh, huh” and her hand pressed down on my hand as it rubbed her clit. She turned her head and gave me a weak smile and I realized I was about to cum and tried unsuccessfully to pump into her as fast as possible. But her weight on my lap prevented me from doing it.

A soft moan from Leah announced her orgasm just a second before her pussy clamped down on my stiff shaft. A couple of body-shaking ripples threw her deeper into the orgasm and I had to hold her by the hips to steady her. Then I was there, unable to hold back any longer. I groaned as the first of the sperm rocketed out of me. Then I managed to control my groans as spurt after spurt jetted into her.

I felt Leah’s spasm as a silent orgasm swept over her. As soon as her orgasm had subsided she turned, and my cock slapped out off her and she hopped off my lap and stood shielding me as I fumbled my dick back into my jeans.

Leah asked L. O. to go to the ladies room with her, leaving me with a happy, smirking Duane.

“Think you’re a good instructor, huh?” I said.

“Did’ja see us?”

“I saw you. You were dry-humping the shit out of her.”

“Yeah,” he said, and gave me a silly-assed grin. “Let me feel her tits, too.”

“Did she?”

“Oh, yeah, even held my hand there.”

“Maybe you’ll get to kiss her on the way home.”

“You think?” he said coming more animated that I’d ever seen him.

“Want Cami Halıları some advice?”

“Sure, everything you’ve told me so far has been right on the money.”

“When you kiss her … and you will. Make sure it’s a soft, gentle kiss.”

“Soft, gentle,” he repeated, committing the words to his memory.

“And make it last. Count to 100 if you must, but make it long and soft.”

“Why is that?”

“I’m not sure, but I know that girls … women, tend to measure a guy by his kisses. Especially the first couple kisses. Do not … I repeat, do not slip her the tongue.”

“No tongue?” he protested.

“No tongue until she tells you it’s all right.”

“She’s gonna tell me she wants the tongue?”

“In her own way. Don’t worry, you’ll know.” I left it there, knowing that most girls when properly kissed will send their tongue out on an exploratory mission, i.e., telling the guy she wants his in her mouth.

The girls came back and we left, getting in my car and headed over to a fairly large park with a decent lover’s lane.

After parking, I put an arm around Leah and drew her in for a smooch. From the back seat I heard L. O. moan, “Oh, yeah!” and knew Duane had listened to my advice.

As we necked, Leah told me that L. O. had seen us fucking. She laughed when I told her I knew, and that L. O. and I had had eye contact while we were screwing.

“She told me she likes him,” Leah whispered in my ear.

“Will she fuck him?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I think she wants me to show her how to suck cock.”

“Will you?” I asked, not bothering with the fact that L. O. hadn’t specifically asked to be taught how to give head.

“Why not?”

“True, everyone should have an idea of how it’s done.”

“Maybe I’ll call on you … you know, as the resident expert.”

We both laughed at that, but I definitely liked the idea.


At any rate, Duane and I had a ball game to play the next afternoon. And I was selected to start, although Coach told me I wasn’t going all the way.

“Just give me five solid innings, Morgenthall, and take it easy. Don’t try to strike out everyone you face.”

Admittedly, I was nervous as I toed the rubber in the bottom of the first inning. We were up one nothing; Billy Jennings led off with a double. Artie Spears bunted, and Jennings slid headfirst into third, beating the throw from their pitcher. When Champ Bannion grounded into a double play, Jennings crossed the plate with the game’s first run.

Taking the mound, I quickly fell behind in the count 3-0, but focused on Lou Clemmons glove behind the plate and got two quick strikes on the hitter. A change up got him to pop up to Champ Bannion at first. I fell behind in the count 3-1 on the second hitter, and didn’t fool him with my fastball on the fifth pitch, and he slashed a triple down the right-field line. But luck was with me and I got the next two batters on relatively easy ground outs.

Over the next two innings, each team was limited to a single, but the other team tied the score in the fourth. Two singles, a wild pitch, and a ground-out by their pitcher tied it up at 1 — 1.

There was a strange play that inning.

After I loaded the bases, the hitter ripped a line drive back at me. I dropped the ball, picked it up, and zinged it home to Lou Clemmons, who stepped on home and threw to first for a double play. Only it wasn’t.

Apparently there is a fine line in this situation. I learned it’s a judgment call on the part of the umpire. In this case, he determined that I had purposefully or accidentally dropped the ball. How he arrived at that decision is still beyond me, but he did. The point being that no infield fly rule can be called on a line drive.

And so, after a long discussion by both team’s coaches and all the umpires, the batter was declared out, and the home plate umpire ordered the runners back to their original bases. The following batter lined to short, and when will Patagonis held on to it, I was out of the inning.

We wasted a golden opportunity in the eighth. With one away Dennis Woods singled and stole second. When Allen Temple grounded to short, Woods became caught in a rundown between second and third, ending any serious trouble.

I was relieved as a pitcher, and sent to right field, replacing Woods. Duane came in to face the opposition in the bottom of the eighth. He retired the first two hitters, before their clean-up hitter drilled a 2-0 pitch over the center-field wall, giving them the lead for the first time.

But in the top of the ninth, I got a single to left, Duane struck out, and both Temple and Patagonis walked loading the bases. Ed Saniki, a weak hitting junior was the ninth man in the order, and surprised everyone by doubling to left-center, clearing the bases. Now we led, 4-2.

Coach replaced Duane with Casmir Olsewski, a Russian exchange student. Somehow Cazzie, as we’d nick-named him, had mastered the curve ball, and using it judicially, he struck out the first two men he faced, and got the final out on a long fly to me in right.

We celebrated the victory and after I had showered, Duane approached me to ask if we’d be double dating that night. To his sorrow, I told him that Leah and I had plans for the night, but were open to something on Saturday.

He confessed that he was too shy to call L. O. and ask her out. Since I was going to be with L. O. and Leah that night, I didn’t offer him any advice on the matter, and a forlorn Duane shuffled into the shower while I dressed and headed over to Leah’s.


“So, what do you think?” Leah asked L. O. around seven that evening.

“About what?” L. O. asked, not understanding her meaning.

“Duane, do you like him?” Leah asked.

“Huh? Yeah. He’s really nice.” she said, a little flustered, thinking Leah was reading her mind. She had been thinking of her and Duane fucking like rabbits a moment before.

“Aubrey says he’s a virgin.”

“Aubrey’s a virgin?” L. O. gasped, thinking that was unbelievable after all the rumors she’d heard.

Leah laughed and smacked her thigh. “No, silly, Duane’s the virgin.”


“But he says Duane wants you; wants you bad.”

L. O. giggled and shuffled her feet in embarrassment.

“You’re a virgin, aren’t you?” Leah said with conviction.

L. O. began to flush. “Yeah…”

“So do you want to fuck, him? Duane, I mean, not Aubrey.”

L. O. said nothing at first, and then released a noncommittal, “Ummm…”

“Aubrey and I will fix the two of you up, you want,” Leah said softly.

L. O. looked up, met Leah’s questioning eyes, and nodded.

“You have to be sure,” Leah added.

L. O. found herself nodding and biting her lip, unable to meet Leah’s eyes in her embarrassment.

After a minute, L. O. said quietly, “I guess I should blow him first, you think?”

“It’s as good a way to start as any. Have you done it before?”


“What have you done?”

“Made out a couple times. Joey Fletcher grabbed my tits in the once. Dennis Woods took me to the movies and kissed me, and I sort of jerked him off a few weeks ago, but he never called me afterward.”

“Sort of? Can you explain?”

“Ummm, he was … kissing me … you know, using his tongue, and then his hand was under my skirt and on my…”


“Yeah, my pussy.”


“It felt really, really nice, but I was afraid of getting preggers.”

“That’s a new one on me,” Leah laughed.

“Preggers. Like a girl can get preggers if she’s not careful!”

They both laughed, and then L. O. said, “So I touched him.”


“He took it out, and I touched him again.”

“Your first cock?”



“I moved my hand the way he told me to, and he came all over my hand.”

“That was it?”

“Well, we kissed a couple more times and he rubbed my … pussy some. Then the movie ended and the lights came up. So we left. He took me home.”

“And he never called you again?”

“No … I did … call him, though. I told him not to bother me again.”

“Why on Earth would you tell him that?”

“Because I … I didn’t want to … lose my virginity to him.”

“You know,” Leah said kindly, “that’s the best reason in the world.”

“You think? Well, thanks. I wasn’t so sure I’d done the right thing, Leah.”

“You’re welcome. Now, what do you want to know about giving a blow job?”

“What’s to know? I mean, all you do is put it in your mouth, right?”

“There’s a little more to it.”

“There is?”

“Sure, for one thing, there’s the teeth thing.”

“The teeth…?”

“Yeah, you know how your pussy is tender … well kind of tender?”


“Guys are even more tender there.”


“So, you have to be careful not to bite it, or even scratch them with your teeth.”


“And … when you get to the corona, or crown…”


“I’m talking about the head of his cock. There’s the head, the shaft and the balls. And speaking of the balls be very careful.”

“Okay, but why?”

“Because they are so very, very tender, and fragile as eggs. They hold the sperm, you know.”

“Oh … yeah, I remember.”

“So, you can kiss it, lick it and suck on it. And that’s about it.”

“Leah, I’m afraid I’ll fuck it up. I want to do it right. I want Duane to think I’ve done it before, you know?”

“You’re telling me you want a practice run?”

“How could we do that?”

“Well, with like a banana?”


Leah went in search of the fruit and returned empty handed. “L. O., I don’t have any bananas.”


“I could call Aubrey. I mean he could come over and I could blow him, and you could watch, pick up some pointers?”

“You’re kidding!”

“No, I’m serious. I mean, it would have been great if I’d been able to lean that way.”

“But, what about Aubrey; like he’s a guy, and all?”

“Duh! We need a guy. I’m sure he wouldn’t mind. I know it’s asking a lot, but I can guarantee he’ll keep it to himself. He doesn’t talk about … you know, private matters.”

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