Give Me That!


It was morning and the day had already gotten off to a bad start. I was late, having a bad hair day, couldn’t find the outfit I planned on wearing, and to top it off, my roomate was pestering the hell out of me.

“Come on Stacy, you’re going to make us late for class!” Stacy said, beating on the bathroom door.

“Alright already,” I said. “I’m almost finished.” I gave my hair a few more sprays, tapped it a few times. Yeah, it was welded together. My own personal hair helmet. I had finally beat the frilly mess into submission, now I only had to pray no one tried to touch it.

I opened up the door and there Stacy was, arms crossed, tapping her foot, wearing an ungrateful look on her face and the clothes I planned to wear on her back.

“You little bitch! Those are my clothes!” I said.

“No they’re not. You said I could have them.”

“The hell I did you little thief.” The answer to my outfit problem had been answered “Go on. Take them off. We’re going to swap right now.”

I had given her some old clothes, but certainly not those. We were swapping clothes and that was that. I wanted to make a good impression on this hunk in my Sociology class. I stepped out of my shoes, took off my sweatshirt, and pulled down my jeans.

“I’m not taking them off,” Stacy said. “You gave them to me.”

I advanced, grabbed my blouse, the blouse she was wearing. She pushed me. I heard the sound of rending fabric. I was still holding on the part of my blouse, the rest flapped open on her chest.

“You bitch!” she accused. “You fucking ripped my shirt.”

“It was my shirt anyway.”

“Oh it’s on now!” Stacy said advancing on me.

I tried to fend her off, but when she pushed me, I still had me feet tangled up in my jeans. I tripped and fell to the floor. She pounced on my back and pushed my arm up painfully behind my back. Where did she learn this stuff?

“Say uncle,” she said.

“Fuck you! Yeowch!” It xhamster porno was useless. She had me. She was smaller, but she had thoroughly trounced me.

“Say uncle.”


“Now hold real still.”

“What are you doing?” I could feel her undoing my bra.

“Anything I want. Put your other arm behind your back now, and I’m going to let this one go.”

I did and she did. She switched arms and I was just as helpless as before. I was also without a bra. I felt her foot wiggle between the cheeks of my bottom and she pushed down stripping me totally naked.

She whispered in my ear. “Guess what, I’m going to have to get a new shirt to wear, but you’re going to need a whole new outfit.”

I was helpless to stop her as she tossed each article of my outfit into the toilet.

“And now for the piece de resistance!” Stacy said. She pulled out my sweatshirt from the toilet and wrung it out over my head. “I bet your classmates would be surprised to find out where you washed your hair.”

I bet Billy Morgan would be even more surprised to find out how wet I was.

“If you tell Mom or try to get me back, I’m going to tell everyone about your toilet head,” she warned.

“Okay, okay, you got me. Now let me up you little bitch, my arm is hurting.”

She got up; looked back behind her as she was leaving, grinned and said, “Don’t make me have to do it again.”

Bitch! I had never done anything like that to her and I had the opportunity to many times. I got up, and stretching my sore shoulders. The little bitch was going to have to pay, or I would never hear the end of it.

I tip-toed to her room and waited until her back was turned. It was even better than that, she had her arms over her head, as she put on a sweatshirt. I pounced into action.

I pushed her down and employed her trick with the arm. I was a fast learner.

“Say Uncle!” I said, tightening yaşlı porno my grip.

“Uncle!” she grunted.

“What was it you did to me? Oh yes, you stripped me didn’t you. Let’s see how you like being stripped.”

I proceeded to strip her of all her clothes, but I wasn’t finished, not by a long shot.

“Put your other hand behind your back.”

She did, expecting me to switch grips like she did. Instead, I tied both of her wrists together with some pantyhose she left on the floor.

“Oh!” she exclaimed. “What are you doing?”

I rolled her over and sat on her belly. “How does it feel to be helpless, huh?” I looked in her eyes for her submission. Waiting for her to acknowledge my superiority.

Instead she looked down at my crotch.

“Ewww, disgusting! You are like wet or something.” Her lips curled in disgust. “Wait until everyone finds out.”

My heart sank. I was in like heaps of trouble. Huge fucking trouble. The kind of trouble that when you get in it, the consequences are so bad you’ve got no choice but to see it though to the end.

“You’re not gonna tell anyone,” I said with grim determination.

“Yes I am. Jenny’s a lezbo. Jenny’s a lezbo. Jenny’s a oh God!”

I had grabbed her pussy. “Jenny’s a God. I kind of like that, Stacy, but I think I prefer the term Goddess.” I pressed a finger into her folds and drew it up and down. Rubbing her off.

She struggled beneath me, but it was useless. I looked down at her and grinned. I could feel her wetness and she knew it to. She refused to meet my eyes.

“Stop it Jenny. This is ah-serious. Okay-okya- I-I won’t tell anyone. I promise.”

“You don’t speak to a Goddess that way.” I grabbed a few strands of her pubic hair and pulled. “Now beg the forgiveness of your Goddess.”

She lifted her hips in the air to keep up with the tugging, but I just pulled higher, until her hips were thrust high in aldatma porno the air.

“Ow-ow-ow, please forgive me Jenny-I mean Goddess Jenny.”

I let go of her pubic hair and proceeded to finger her once again. “Goddess Jenny accepts your apology,” I said.

“Please stop, Ouch!” she cried, as I gave a sharp tug to her pubes again. “I-I mean please stop Goddess. I’m begging you.”

I stuck a finger in her tight wet tunnel and pushed my digit in and out. “Why?” I asked.

“B-Because. . .” she stuttered, almost panting. Her voice was thick, her breasts flushed, and her legs were now parted despite her protests.

“Because why?”

She was silent for a while, but my fingers pushed her to admit the truth. “Uhhhha” she whined. “Because you’re gonna make me cum.”

She struggled again briefly, but in then end, she was just squirming not to get off my fingers, but to get herself off.

“And what’s wrong with that? Hmmmmm? A good Goddess rewards her worshipers.”

“Don’t- oh God, oh God,” she cried, her legs flailing this way and that.

“Goddess,” I corrected, tugging at her pubic hair as a brutal reminder.

Faster and faster I frigged her. “Say it again.”

“Goddess…” she moaned her long lean legs spreading. Her hips pumping in time with my finger. “Oh Goddess…”

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you,” I stopped frigging her and lightly teased her clit.


“No what?”

I pressed my index finger against her tight asshole, teasing her.

“No Goddess,”

I went back to work on her sex, fingers dancing, digits plunging. Stopping briefly to tease her tight hard nipples.

“Oh Goddess – oh Goddess!” she cried. “Fuck-fuck- oh fuck I’m coming!”

I held tight while her body bucked underneath me. After she calmed, I moved astride her shoulders.

“I love it when you pray to me,” I said. “But you know what I’d like better?”

Uncertainty clouded her eyes. She shook her head, yet her eyes fixated on my sex.

“I think you do – don’t you?” I said playfully.

She nodded slightly. A blush rose to her cheeks.

“Say it.” I commanded.

“Worship you.” She stuck out a tentative tongue.

And I purred.

The End

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