Ginger Snap, Crackle, Pop Goes the

Big Tits

She was 14 when Bradford, my son, brought her to the house for the first time. Brad, as I call him most of the time was very proud of himself. She was his first real sweetheart so to speak. She was the typical 14 year old with no real shape, just long legs, long arms, a mouth full of wire and a bit on the shy side. As time wore on she lost some of the shyness around us but nothing else as she remained very thin and almost gangly looking. Ginger was a sweet girl to be sure, but not a real looker. Still he was proud of her and I must admit I felt somewhat proud of the fact that he had not chased after some of the other girls that were always calling and coming by the house. He was after all, my son and a fairly good looking youngster.

Vacations would come each year and we would invite Ginger to go along with us and I always assured her parents I would look out for them and especially her. She got so friendly around me that at times she would do things that a daughter would do, not a son’s girl friend. Things like sit on my lap while we were watching TV or reach over and give me a quick kiss on the cheek as a thank you or something along those lines. Nothing I ever gave much thought to until a few months ago. The events that happened this past summer are the reason for this writing. But I get ahead of myself.

Brad is about 5 months older than Ginger and developed rather well. His voice deepened and the shape of his arms and shoulders showed he was on the way to becoming an athlete. His desire to be on ‘the team’ drove him like you would not believe. Up early and to bed early so he could work out at the school every day of the week and even some weekends. Through all this Ginger remained by his side, when he was around, and over at our house a good bit even when he was not. So when it was her 17th birthday, it was no surprise the party was held at my house. Her mother came over and so did a good number of her friends and a good time was had by all. The party lasted longer than you would think with adults there and it did give me a chance to be with Ginger’s mom, Susan. I have always heard you can tell a lot about a young woman by the way her mother looks. Should this be the case Ginger had a lot of growing to do. Susan was to say the least, stunning. Golden brown hair, a beautiful smile, standing around 5’8”, weighing around 125 and with a shape that was shall we say, mouth watering. Her eyes were a brilliant blue and her completion was a wonderful olive hue. Her best feature was however her breasts. Obviously from the movement they were real and they had to be at least a 38DD. She had them contained in a weak bra and covered by a relatively sheer top. Ginger’s father was a gold pro at the local country club and since the party was held on a Saturday, he could not make it. So the only adults were Susan and me. We found ourselves in the kitchen a good bit and on more than one occasion Susan bumped up against me. I just put it to accidental the first couple of times but after 5 or 6 bumps and rubs, well you have to admit to yourself the accident phase was not at play. So guess I should not have been surprised when she commented.

“Ginger tells me you lost your wife several years back. Is that true?”

“Yes, Laura was killed in an auto accident nearly 5 years ago.”

“I hope you do not mind me asking, but why have you not re-married or something? After all, don’t you think Bradford could use a female influence I his life?”

“I guess. But I never really had any desire to look around. Between work and raising Brad it just never came up.”

“Well, I guess you’re right. And you did do a wonderful job with Bradford. It just seems a shame to have such a handsome man out there with no one to watch out for him.”

The last comment was punctuated with her eyes traveling over my entire body and stopping right about my crotch area. Her bumping me earlier and the blatant rubbing had the desired effect. I was beginning to sport a mild erection that could be seen easily from where she was standing. Thankfully it was at that time that Brad entered the room and asked where the cake was. He did not notice anything at all and I turned to grab the cake.

“Right here – ready for the birthday girl.”

I carried the cake out and everyone joined in singing Happy Birthday to her. She was so proud while still being a bit embarrassed. Still she smiled and when the singing was over she moved over to me to give me a peck on the cheek. After all, I had made the cake and arranged the party. As she moved closer she ran into my mild erection and while she did not look down immediately she did linger a moment longer and as she moved away she glanced down. That was the first time she noticed anything out of me that resembled a manly reaction. She moved back to the party but she looked back several times during the evening.

The party moved into the night and as the last of the CDs was playing a slow song came on and Susan was right there asking for a dance. I could not refuse and Bycasino she glided into my arms. We had barely begun when a tap on the shoulder caused me to back up and in stepped Ginger.

“Hey, it’s my birthday. Don’t I get the slow dance?”

She showed remarkable grace and I could feel her move against me. Heaven help me, but even at 17 she was turning me on. I danced the rest of the number and when we broke the entire group was watching us. I felt myself turn a shade of red and then I thanked her for the dance. I looked over at Susan anyone could tell she was not happy. Then to save the day the doorbell rang and Ginger’s father walked in. He was about 5’10” and 175 and appeared to be in good shape. His skin was weathered from all the time in the sun and you could tell he thought he looked good. Oh well, no concern of mine. Within 10 minutes the kids had left and so had Ginger’s parents. I was left to clean up, but what the heck. The game was still on the tube and I could enjoy that. So I cleaned, watched and then went to bed. It was not too long before my hand wrapped around my cock and I stroked slowly up and down. Then as the passion rose within me the image in my mind shifted and Ginger’s smiling face came into focus. I opened my eyes and the room was still dark, but the force I grabbed myself with caused an eruption of epic proportions. Gob after gob of thick sperm spurted up and out of my shaft. Most landing on my chest but some still made it to my hand as well pooling up in my pubic hair.

My mind flashed with guilty thoughts of having committed some sort of sin with a minor. But it was only within my mind. Still I was ashamed and embarrassed with myself. Anyway, it was just a day dream and no one knew anything except me. I cleaned myself up a little and drifted off to sleep with I am sure a smile still on my face.

Nothing happened for the longest time after that. Ginger would come over and she and Brad would do things such as watch TV, play video games and even horse around a little bit. It was during these next several months I notice the changes in Ginger. She seemed to grow taller over night jumping to near 5’8” while her weight increased and went to all the right places. Her hips flared and her breasts seemed to have a mind of their own as her nipples were in a constant state of hardness and showing through a good many of the clothes she wore over to the house. She continued with the affection she had always shown me with the lap sitting and the quick peeks on the cheek. I must admit the frequency of the erections I had that were caused by her increased as did the number of eruptions I had at my own hand while she danced through my mind. During this whole time I found myself wondering just how good she would be during sex, but it was not something I could ask Brad about. After all, how would he take a question like that? “Hey Brad, how is Ginger in the sack?” just did not seem like a good item for dinner conversation.

There was one thing however that was becoming very evident. On the select nights when Ginger would come over to watch TV or something she always seemed to wear something that showed more and more skin. Brad did not seem to notice, but I sure did. Her little halter tops highlighted her chest and showed she had indeed developed. There were numerous times when her movements and her bending sent me a delicious picture of her swollen mounds. Also her shorts grew shorter and shorter and then one night the shorts were replaced by a skirt that was, well how to say this, almost sluttish looking. She could barely move in it without flashes of panty showing. I had to remain a good distance from her just so as not to embarrass myself.

The night finally ended and Brad went to get a movie from his room that was hers. As soon as he was out of the room Ginger rose and did not smooth down her skirt. The bottom was elevated enough to show the puffy wetness that had gathered on her panty. She walked over to me and without a word dropped down into my lap. The ritual had been repeated so many times I could not count them, but tonight was a little different as the erection I had been hiding all night was wedged up against her bottom. She felt it immediately and a devilish grin came to her face. Caring not what might happen she shifted one way and then another and then spread her legs as far as the tiny skirt would allow. The pressure was released on me and my eyes went down to see what had happened below.

I was greeted with a scene that could only be described as both obscene and erotic. My cock was straining up through my pants but could be seen standing tall between her spread legs and her panties were being pushed up into her wetness. Ginger wiggled her rear against me and then moved her legs closer together. The pressure between my erection and her legs was nearly unbearable. Ginger then reached over and gave me her customary quick peck on the cheek, but it was closer to my mouth than she had ever been. She then wiggled to stand and ended up dragging Bycasino giriş her wetness right over the top of my throbbing cock. She gained her full height and smoothed down her skirt just as Brad returned to the room. As she walked toward him she turned her head back and looked right at my straining erection and the obvious wetness on my slacks. She then said her goodbye and blew me a kiss. Brad said see you later and they were off. I listened to his car as it started and then went down the street before I rose. My cock was sticking nearly straight out and the wetness was incredible. If I had not known better I would say I had cum in them but knew that had not happened. Instead she had become so wet she totally soaked my crotch area.

I went to my room and pulled my slacks off. I was about to discard them when the urge overtook me. I brought to material to my nose and breathed deeply. Her aroma was intoxicating. I kept the material against my face and nose and released my erection. It pulsed in my hand as I stroked it. Faster and faster my hand moved until I felt my release. I came and came and came. Stream after stream of cum pulsed from me and went all over my bed. I can not remember the last time I had that much of the pearly substance leave my body.

Finally my senses returned to near normal and I placed my slacks on the clothes hamper. My mind was not fully clear evidently as I did not just put them in the hamper. Instead I laid them out with the wet side up. I went into the shower and took a long hot shower and then turned the water to near ice cold to finish myself off. I dried and went to bed where additional dreams flooded my subconscious with Ginger doing all sorts of things to me and for me.

The next day was Saturday and Ginger and Brad of course came over to the house. The pool in the back yard was a favorite hangout of theirs. I must admit the number of times they and their friends had used the pool supplied with me with many a view of the tender female flesh my mind needed to fuel my libido. Today was just the two of them so as they reclined and did nothing I went about my business of taking care of the yard and other things. I looked up once and noticed Ginger was missing.

“Where’s Ginger?”

“She went inside to use the bathroom I think.”

“OK”, I replied.

I returned to my duties until I was finished and as I was going back inside Ginger passed by me. A grin came to her face as she made a comment while passing.

“I left you a little note. I hope you like it.”

She then went on out and the wiggle she displayed was greater than I had noticed before. I entered the house and looked for the note. No where to be seen. I began to panic not knowing what it might contain and what might happen if Bradford found it before I did. I searched the kitchen and then the den and found nothing. Then my mind flashed and I went directly to my room. Nothing could be seen. Finally I was about to think she was just pulling my chain when I went to the shower to get in and wash off. There lying on top of my slacks was a folded piece of paper. I went to the note and just stared. My hands did not want to touch it for fear of what it might say. My hand trembled as I reached for the piece of paper. Holding it did nothing for my nerves as my fingers slowly opened so the writing could be seen. My eyes scanned and my heart seemed to stop. There in bold letters was the following:

Sorry about the stains on your slacks…. But I could not help myself….

PS…… there is a lot more where that ‘cum’ from…..

She ended the note with a smiling face and what appeared to be a tongue sticking out. I was ashamed and embarrassed. But more than anything else, I was turned on. Once more my cock was begging for attention. I stepped into the shower and let the water run over me. Then as the soap began to feel better and better I began a slow stroking of my erection. Oh God did it feel good. I used the pressure I had learned through years of self manipulation and as my pulse increased and the need to release grew I thought I heard something. I looked over toward the door and thought I saw a movement. Now I was getting really paranoid as there was nothing there. I resumed my ministrations as I grew harder and harder and then with a final push and pulled my knees grew weak as I shot numerous spurts all over the shower wall and door.

I finished my shower and dried off, grabbed a swim suit and went back downstairs. Ginger was sitting down and Bradford was in the water doing laps. I drug up a chair and sat next to Ginger as Bradford did his thing.

“Did you like my note?”

“Ginger, we need to talk. I”

But she shut me up with a finger to her lips as Bradford reached us and drew himself out of the water. He sat down all dripping and had a couple of drags off his soft drink while he caught his breath.

“Gin, we gotta get ready if we are going to the movie with Carl and Sue.”

“OK, guess you are right.”

They Bycasino güncel giriş rose together and walked toward the house then just as they reached the door Ginger turned and said something to Bradford I could not make out and walked back toward me. He went on inside the house as she approached me.

“You know, you almost caught me earlier. I mean if you had wiped on the glass you would have seen me. Just wish the view would have been better. Oh well, maybe next time.”

Ginger then reached down and kissed me on the cheek as always before she walked away.

She took three of four steps and then stopped, turned, and spoke again, “You are coming to my party next Friday night, right?”

“What party is that?”

“Why, you surprise me. It’s my 18th birthday silly. Mom and Dad said to invite anyone I wanted and I want you.”

The double meaning was not lost on me as I swallowed hard and then nodded a silent yes as my lips refused to respond.

“Great. I’ll see you at my house at 8.”

She then turned and walked quickly into the house as I sat there in a state of stunned silence, not knowing what to expect next.

The following week was filled with everything from anxiety, to trepidation, to anticipation, to eagerness, to just plain nervous tension. I had no idea of what to expect nor did I want to miss or go to Ginger’s party. First off, what do I get her? A gift was optional I was sure, but it was not an avenue I was affording myself. She deserved a gift and so I decided I would get her one. A visit to the local mall netted several choices, all of which I discarded. Frederick’s was there as was Victoria’s Secret, but I could not see me getting her anything from there. Then there was the regular clothing, but the current styles were not what I would consider myself good at determining. The last was jewelry, but what do you give a young woman that could be taken anyway other than romantic. Finally I gave in and called Susan. I asked if a watch would be appropriate and was told rather coldly that yes it would be. Guess she had not gotten over my refusal to go after the dangling carrot she offered. I thanked her and told her I would be there Friday night.

I went back to a jewelry store I had used many times before Laura died, but had no reason to since. Mr. Reynolds, the elderly owner remembered me and asked what I needed. Together we selected a nice slim black and modern model from Ebel. I know it was more than I should give, but it was a special day after all. He had it gift wrapped and I was off.

Friday arrived and I was a bundle of nerves. Bradford had already departed for the party long before I was ready. So about 7:45 I was off to see the wizard, or in this case, the fairy princess. The number of cars shocked me as there were a good number. When I went in I was not too surprised to see only Susan and one other adult female there. I found out later the other lady was a good friend of the family and had come over to help watch over the kids and to celebrate Ginger’s birthday as well.

Looking around the room it was easy to spot Ginger. She was wearing a red dress that was stunning and about mid-thigh in length with a side split up to near her rear and tight through the hips and waist and then spandex tight through the chest area. Her newly developed breasts were on full display while being completely covered. She was without question the most gorgeous creature I had seen in a long time and my mind did a quick flash to just how lucky Bradford was since he was no doubt running his hands and lips over all that was displayed before me.

Susan watched me like a hawk but was only mildly friendly and her friend was even more distant. So with no one to talk to I moved over to the side of the room and watched. Some of the girls that were there were on the attractive side and the boys were doing everything from brushes of the lips on them to almost groping them while on the dance floor. While a couple of the girls found this amusing it was obvious most did not. Before long those ladies were not dancing at all but the ones enjoying the pawing were always on the floor.

My eyes followed one girl in particular. She was wearing a very short skirt and her dance partner maneuvered her over to a darker corner of the room. I studied the scene intently as the young man pushed his hand to the bottom hem of her dress, lift the material up a bit and begin to palm her young woman flesh. I watched as her legs moved apart so her could get his fingers between her legs and I grew an erection as I saw his fingers begin to saw into her dampening pussy. His other hand rose to her breast and his fingers dug into the material. Even from across the room you could see her nipple become hard as a rock and poke out through the material of her blouse. He began to kiss her as his hand worked in an attempt to get under the edge of her panties. I was mentally trying to help him and yet knew I should intervene before anything happened to disrupt the party. I had nothing to fear however as just as my feet were beginning to push me into position to stop them, Susan made the scene. They broke up quickly and he disappeared into the kitchen. I never show him after that and found out later he was told to leave.

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