Getting Trained for auction (part one)


Name: number 6
Age: 21
Sex: Bitch
Obedience: Need
Submissive: Need
Pain: Need to be tested
Mouth: Need
Speech: Need
Position: Need massive improvement
Bondage: Need

Current status: Owned by Father being sold on auction in two weeks
Notes: needs to be prepared for any type of bondage position for the auction

he slams my packet down on the desk before me as he leans down over my chair. “You need a lot of work” he says gruffly.
“No I don’t” I start to say, but he grabs my face sticking two fingers to the back of my throat.
“Your father sent you to be trained, so when he sells you, you can fetch a good price.” He removes his fingers from my mouth and walks around the desk as he say, “Understand?”
I nod. He sits and leans forward. “We will test your pain levels today, but first there are a few things for you to know. First off everything that happens here is off the record, understand? No of course you don’t because you’re a stupid little girl. What I mean is, when you go into that room, whatever happens in there stays in there, and in our paperwork, but you will be a virgin when you come out. Now do you understand?” He waits for me to nod and finally I do. “Second, you belong to us until your father comes to get you. No one will save you. Third, you will have your own room on the other side of the campus. No one is allowed in your room but staff. Fourth, you have a 6 am call every morning until you are awarded differently. Be there or be punished. And Fifth, obey the staff and you’ll make it through.” He leans back in his chair and watches me for a moment and then presses a button on his desk.
A lady enters the room, “What can i do for you, sir?”
“Give her bag number ten and then put her in room 13 to get the pain test.” he hands her a file and I follow her out.
She grabs a bag as we exit the waiting area outside his office and takes me down a hallway. She gestures me into room 13. “Have a seat and your new owner will be with you in a moment.” She smiles and closes the door. I run to the door and jiggle it, its locked.
There’s a door at the far end of the room and i try it too with no luck. I pace back and forth across the room and on the fourth turn he enters the room, holding my folder and the bag. He looks me up and down and finally says, “Remove your clothes.” He watch me as I do this, taking my time to fold my clothes one by one. He sets the bag down on the table and pulls something out of it. “Come here,” he say nicely. I move to him and he smile at me. “Lift your hair.” I do as he bid, and quickly he clasps something cold around my neck. I gasp and feel around it. “Its a collar,” He says and then smiles, “a shock collar to be exact.” He press a button and I let out a yelp. “Now when you don’t obey or whenever I want, I can shock you with this.” He shocks me again and I yelp. He pull me to the middle of the room and cuff a wrist before I know whats happening. When I realize it I begin to fight him, trying to keep my other wrist free. he wrestle me and finally gets that wrist into a restraint. I’m trying to attack him now and he step out of my reach, he holds a button down on the wall. Gears move and my hands are dragged upward until I’m barely flat footed. He release the button and move back to me. I try kicking him and he grabs my ankle and shakles it to the floor and the other one, forcing my legs spread apart and just barely on my tiptoes. I struggle wildly. “You can fight all you want but it will just make it harder on yourself. Personally I like it better when they fight,” he steps forward running his hand down my cheek the rest of his body pressed up against mine, “it makes it more fun to break them.” he slaps me softly,but hard enough to make a sound.
“We are testing your pain levels today.” He picks up a bamboo stick and begin tapping me all over the body. I twitch with each one. He hits harder leaving little red lines. He grows bored of this and move up to a paddle, with the word SLUT imprinted on it. He hits my butt with it, making a joke at getting enough spankings for all my birthdays. He begins hitting hard enough for the word to remain. Again he grow bored and move up to whips. Then to the prod. I scream as he touches me with it over and over again.
“Lets test your word skills. I want you to talk dirty to me.”
I just stare at him. he slaps me, this time hard enough to turn Sex hikayeleri my head. “I’m waiting,” he says. After my silence, he slaps my breast making them bounce and then slaps my pussy, making me twitch. “Talk dirty, you whore.” He touches the prod to my nipple and I scream so he do it again and again moving between my nipples. “Beg me to stop.”
“Please,” I scream.
“Please what?” he says touching my nipple again.
“Please stop prodding me.”
He does it again. “Please stop prodding me what?”
“Master,” I scream, “Please stop prodding me, Master!”
“Very good. Now talk dirty to me. Tell me… that you want to suck on me or feel me in that virgin pussy of yours.”
“I want to suck on you.”
“Make me believe you, and beg.” he slap my breast again.
“Please, Master, I want to suck on you.”
He pushes the prod against my thigh and i scream even louder. “Try again, whore.”
“Please, Master, Please put your cock in my mouth. I want to suck on you.”
He prods me in the thigh again. “Not today, you’ll get plenty of chance to do that later.” he walks to the bag, “I think I’m done with you for the day.” he walks back to me with the bag stopping behind me. “I’m going to give you some parting gifts though.” He pulls something from the bag but I cant see him. He mess with something for a few minutes as I get more nervous. Slowly he spreads my cheeks and works something into my butthole. Once its in he flick the flat top it has. I jump. He pulls something else from the bag and come around in front of me with it. Its a dildo. He runs it down my body and up to my face. He bids me open my mouth but I refuse. he shocks the collar and as I gasp you shove it in. He fucks my mouth slowly with it, enjoying the wet sound. He pulls it from my mouth and works it into my vagina. I gasp and he plays with my clit as he fucks me twice with it and then push it in as far as it will go. He pulls something else from the bag. A metal band with another metal band connected to it. He slips it around my waist and I gasp at how cold it is. He pulls the other band between my legs making a diaper. He pulls it tight and then tighter. I whimper as it gets tighter pressing the pugs in tighter. He slips a huge weighted lock on the front. He grab for the bag again and pull out a gag. This gag as a small dildo which he shoves into my mouth. The bands wrap around my head and he shows me the lock hes putting on it.
He walks away from me to the wall where he press a different button releasing my hand from the cuffs but not my feet. I fall to the floor mostly catching myself with my arms. He laughs leaning against the wall. He reaches into the bag again, bringing whatever it is to me. He cuffs my hands together in front of me with iron bands, in the figure eight. There’s a hook on the front of the chastity belt that he clips it to and then lock it securely. “You maybe wondering about all the security we’re putting on you, But it’s unsafe out there. There’s crazy men out there just looking for venerable women to rape. So really this is all for your protection.” As he says this he grabs a metal ball and chain from the wall and hook the ten pound weight to the belt, it floating barely above the ground.
I try to mumble through the gag. He grabs me by the hair and tilts my head back, “What was that whore?” He leave me on my knees and walk back to the wall where he press another button and my ankles release. He pull me to my feet by my hair and drags me to the table. The ball swings pulling on the belt pushing on the plugs. He pulls out a map and lays it out flat. “See this,” he says pointing to a building, “this is where we are. And this is where you’re room is.” He points to another building on the other side of the map. “You’re room number is 504, You’ll find that there are no elevators. Door will be unlocked. But you may lock it once you’re inside. You’ll also find either one, two, or three keys. Which ever they fit, you’re allowed to take off.” He places the map in my cuffed hands. He grabs my hair and walks me to the other door, where he opens it and shoves me through to outside.
I stand blinking in the blinding light, the weight rocking back and forth. I gain my baring and look down at the map. I follow the route marked in blue.
People passing on the street stare at me as I shuffle past naked, plugged, and gagged. I hear people snickering and people point. A group of boys surround me as I try to pass them. One Sikiş hikayeleri grabs my hair hauling me as his buddies each grab different parts of my body. The one holding my hair pulls me back against him and then shoves my head down forcing me to bend over. He rams the growing thing in his pants against my ass, humping me several times, as his friends groap my boobs and spread the lips of my vagina around the chastity belt. “She’s no good,” one of them say. “The belt is too tight and the mouth piece is locked.”
They laugh. The one holding my hair moves from behind me, keeping me bent over. He slaps my ass leaving a hand print. His friends all join hitting my ass. Finally he shoves me to the ground and I fall forward on my knees and face. My ass sticking up into the air. “Good, Whore. That’s where you belong. On the ground.” He puts a foot to a check and kicks me over. They laugh again and leave.
I try to get back up having trouble not being able to use my hands. I fall over a few times and with a struggle get up. I continue forward, just wanting to get out of the open. The belt is now cutting into my lips due to the boys moving them.
As I pass through the square I see that there are naked people chained spread eagle on big rocks, some collared to pillars, some in stockades and two in bird cages. Each person had a sign, describing a crime and the punishment. The one chained spread eagle on the rock sign read, “Crime: told owner no, Punishment: chained spread eagle to be taken by whoever. Until lesson is learned.” A old man was shoving his cock down her throat. A crowd surrounded one of the bird cages and there was “boos” and “cheers” and the sound of slapping.
I pushed faster wanting to be out of that area. The ball pulled the faster I moved but eventually I make it to the building highlighted on the map. The stairs are on the outside of the building. I begin the slow climb up the stairs with the ball and chain pulling harder.
I make it into my room, my body shaking from exhaustion. He said there might be keys I remembered suddenly energized. I search around the room staying on my knees as much as I can to keep the ball from pulling anything tighter. I find keys to the chastity belt and let it fall to the floor. My body is in such relief I almost forget the plugs until I move towards the bed. The one in my vagina is easy to pull out despite my still cuffed hands. With my hands between my legs and my upper body resting on my bed I finally manage to remove the anal plug.
I finally make it on to my bed before i look around the room. Pulleys and tracks ran across the ceiling. Different kinds of chains hung from each wall. Some had what looked to be wrist cuffs and some that were bigger as if to fit a neck. There was a pile of rough looking rope in one corner. On the floor in the center of the room was a set of chains attached to the floor. There was also a large eyelet hook on the floor and another one on the ceiling. Along one wall was a wall mount that held several different types of torture devices, from rods, prods, whips, sticks, dildos, hooks, and an assortment of things I had no idea what they were, but i was sure I’d lean about all of them before this was over. Along the other wall was a short but long chest with a lock on it.
I rolled over wanting nothing to do with the room.Sleep fast took me into its embrace.
Some hours later my door slammed open and I was roughly pulled from my bed. The man with meaty hands flips down covers over my eyes. I can feel my handcuffs hook onto something and then are dragged roughly up till I’m on my toes. I hear a lock drop to the floor and then booted steps come closer to me. A whip hits my skin across the breast and I dance away from it. His hand touches my breast squeezing until my nipple stands on end which he roughly takes into his mouth. The whip hits my ass over and over again and i beg him through the gag to stop but he cant understand me. Suddenly electricity shoots through my clit and I choke. The pain comes again this time between my holes. Then again on the entrance to my vagina. Then I feel something smooth enter me, suddenly elecricity runs along the inside of me. Every time it stop it starts right back up. My breath is coming in small drags between shocks, the gag making it even harder to gain any air. He pulls the metal from me and my body sags as I drawl in air.
He laughs at me remarking at how weak I am, but then Erotik hikaye tells me he’ll come to me every night until i can handle a lot more. I hear him walk away from me, metal clip into place and then a lock be snapped shut. Suddenly my hands are given slack and my body touches the floor. I stand there, unsure of what to do. He comes to me, unhooks my hands and pushes me to the floor. The eye pieces are removed and I blink into the light. He moves away from me over to the wooden box and pulls off the lock. He opens the top and I realize that there’s bars on it. He reaches inside and pulls out what appears to be a dog cone. I feel myself begin to panic.
He turns back to me carrying the cone. I move away from him as much as I can on my knees until I’m cornered. He slips it onto be after batting my hands away. He laughs suddenly saying “I like you cornered it’ll make this next part easier.” He reaches forward flips a lever and pulls out the gag. For a second I’m so excited to get that thing out of my mouth that i don’t notice him undo his pants. “Suck it!” he orders. I pull back my whole body pressed back against the corner. he grabs the cone and forces it down so his penis is the only thing my eyes can see. He forces my mouth open but before he sticks himself inside he said, “now dont even think about biting or I will tie you up get that wand back out stick it as far up your anus as it will go and turn it on high and leave you there until someone finds you, understand?” Without an answer he sticks himself inside and slowly humps the cone. He speeds up and faster and suddenly pulls out blowing load after load across my face mostly landing on the leather mouth pieces that was originally holding the gag. He smiles down at me seemingly satisfied with his work.
he grabs the gag and puts it back in my mouth before I can protest and locks it back into place. He grabs my hands and pulls me up after him.
He drags me to the center of the room where he forces me to squat so he can snap my hand onto chains. He then hooks the two chains on the floor to my ankles. He grabs my hair yanking me up so I’m on my feet but bent over because my hands are cuffed to the floor. He locks a devices that connected to the ceiling that entangles my hair pulling my head upright and then tightens it down until my back is arched in an uncomfortable position. He moves around me in a small circle deciding what he wants to do next. He pushes something on the wall and I feel my feet being pulled apart slowly. Once they were a little more than shoulder width apart he pressed a button stopping them. He continued working around me. I felt him do something behind me and suddenly a whip pounded on my ass. I grunted as much as I could. But then a hand came down instead. It came again and again each one stinging more and more.
It stopped and I felt a rope being tied around my waist. My cheeks were spread wide as the two plugs were reinserted roughly. My breath comes in short pants through my nose. I feel the rough rope slide across my vagina and then up my butt crack. For a moment the rope is lose but then he ties it to something and lets it drop. The weight tightens pulling my ass up and my feel to my toes to relieve as much pressure as I can. The dildos are pressed tighter in and my whole body is in agony. The rope burning my parts, the cuffs pulling at my wrist, my neck being pulled back at a ridiculous angle, my toes, and my arched back.
He slowly strolled around me obviously pleased with his work. Only able to see him from the corner of my eyes with my head bent back and through the white plastic of the dog cone, I couldn’t see what he was doing.
Electrical pain shot through my nipple and then the other one. My body jerked from one side to the other. Pulling at all the contraptions. The rope tightened and I screamed through the gag.
“Oh did you like that?” He asked doing it again.
I tried not to screaming not wanting him to misunderstand again. He slowly locked everything back up, taking his time watching me as he did so. Right before he left he stopped in-front of me, “don’t forget about your 6 am call. You need to meet your instructors out at the pit.” Laughing he turned and left.
I hung there for what felt like hours. Subconsciously my toes would start to relax and with a painful reminder to my vagina, I would go scrambling back to my toes but the damage was already done and the rope was already tighter. The ball swings back and forth after each momentary forget and tighten just the slight bit more. My back muscles cramped, arched as it was. I felt the sun come before someone arrived at my room.

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