Geran and Nicole Ch. 08


Hello fans of Nicole and Geran. Sorry for the delay in writing and posting. My best friend Howard Williams died of a heart attack last month. We were friends since the sixth grade – 35 years. He and I created these characters and the overall plot and he had badgered me into starting to write and post their stories. I miss my friend and dedicate the entire series to him. I hope he is in a much better place.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: This will be the last installment posted in the Incest category. The rest of the chapters will be posted in the Sci Fi / Fantasy section as I think it is more relevant to the theme now. If you enjoy the series please look for Chapter Nine there within a couple of weeks.


Geran and Nicole – Chapter Eight

Undisclosed Location:

The second entity was enjoying itself. It has the third one strapped to a table and the first chained to a wall with its eyelids removed so it was forced to watch the events in front of it. The second in a rare departure of character was not very vocal. The third was more than making up for its lack of speaking with its shrieks of agony.

It has been made corporeal into a vaguely humanoid form. The second entity had a small paring knife and was carefully slicing under the skin enough to lift a section of skin. It would then grab the skin and slowly peel it away from the body strapped to the table until it finally broke. The longest section it had removed thus far was two feet long and had gone from the neck to the hip.

It hadn’t decided if it was going to kill one or both of them yet. It was sending a message to them at the moment and it was raging they had taken matters into their own hands. The twins were now at a new location owned by the third. They were captive and being tortured even though it knew, unlike the other two, there was no chance of this encounter eliminating either one of them. Still, it mused ripping another section free, it was always possible to get lucky.

Geran’s Story:

I woke up to pain. Opening my eyes I tried to make sense of everything. We had been attacked. Again. And captured. The pain was centered in my left arm. I was in a very thick plexiglass box about five feet to a side. Me left arm was sticking through a hole in one side of the box and my body was semi-suspended from it. It was too low to allow me to stand and too high to let me kneel. There was an iron collar around my arm on the outside of the box that wouldn’t allow me to pull my arm back in. Judging from the nasty design of it there were screws going through the collar into my arm and finally boring into my bone preventing me from pulling loose.

I was naked. I guess they wanted to make certain I didn’t have anything I could use. My wrist band was still on though. Looking around the room there were arcane symbols painted on every wall, the ceiling, and floor. I figured they were dampening my powers.

I spotted Nicole in a similar box on the other side of the room. I called out to her. There was a large plexiglass wall between us as well. She couldn’t hear me.

Mentally I reached out, *Nicole?*

She jumped to her feet and banged her head on the top of her box. I saw her cuss. *Geran! You’re awake finally!* She was also nude.

*Yeah, I feel like shit. Any idea how long we’ve been here?*

She pointed to a clock on the wall that showed the date and time. *Five days if that is accurate. You should be getting a dose soon. They couldn’t get the wristband off of you. And they tried pretty hard. Maybe we’ll get some answers now that you’re awake.*

*I hope so. Not to sound like a baby, but Mom hasn’t found us yet? You think she’s looking for us?*

“Geran! Don’t be a dick! Of course she’s looking for us!*

*Yeah, you’re…*

At that moment the door opened and four big bruisers came in on Nicole’s side of the room. They began undressing while leering at Nicole.

A voice came over a few speakers placed in the room. “Get ready, girl. These four men are going to gang rape you until you are unable to even stand.”

Nicole began laughing. The men were now naked and sporting massive erections. She was laughing harder while looking at their dicks. Three of them began losing their erections from her actions. The last one went into her cell and dragged her out. He threw her roughly on her back on the floor and began to spread her legs. She casually reached down and grabbed his cock. He grunted and climaxed in her hand.

She laughed even harder. They threw her back into the cube and left the room. *That could have been really fun under different circumstances. They all had nice dicks. The one I made cum will never get another hard on in his life. Even Viagra won’t help him. Shame.*

*Nicole, you’re incredible.*

*I know. Here comes round two.*

A creature wheeled a cart into my side of the room. He looked like a tall goblin. Maybe he was a hobgoblin. He attached the cart to my hand and locked it down. I couldn’t move my arm at all. He pulled görükle escort a hand saw out of the cart and placed it above my wristband. This was going to be unpleasant.

It was and then some. He sawed slowly and licked up a lot of my blood. He got through the first bone and was starting on the second in my forearm when the room exploded in white light.

Then we were clothed, healed, and in our apartment off campus. There was a three foot long pure white feather on the table and a voice; the only way to describe it was pure, said, “Transfer to Miskatonic.” I have no idea if the voice was male or female.

“Think that was Dad?” Nicole asked.

“Very probably. That was strangely anti-climatictic.” I was breathing easier now that I could inhale her pheromones.

“You want to go back and have a showdown?”

“No. Wasn’t that feather a lot bigger?” It had shrunk to about six inches in length.

“Yeah.” She picked it up. “Teleport us home.”

I did. Mom was waiting for us. Before she started I interrupted her. “If we transferred to Arkham to go to Miskatonic University would there be any benefit?”

She had a confused look on her face. “Why would you ask that? Hold still for a minute.”

She began an odd series of gestures and mumbles.

While she was doing that I became very aware of Nicole standing next to me. It was like having a glass of ice cold water next to a thirsty person. We were both still nude and I could feel the heat of her body next to mine. I suddenly had two very hard erections and couldn’t focus on anything Mom was telling us.

Nicole nudged me, “Pay attention! This is important.” Her touch was like a wildfire on me. I grabbed her roughly and began kissing her and letting my hands roam over her. Less than a minute later I had her on the floor on her back and was fucking her as hard as I could; trying to get further inside her than I’d ever been.

I climaxed quickly and filled her with my cum, but I just couldn’t stop. I rolled us over so she could ride me and attached my mouth to one of her erect nipples. She wasn’t riding me hard enough so I ended up thrusting up into her and pounding her from underneath. I don’t know how long we fucked like that until I came again. This time I felt her in my mind trying to calm the flames of my lust. It worked just long enough for me to prepare her for the rest of the night. Mom and Miskatonic were long forgotten.

I carried her upstairs and prepared a scented bath. I gently washed and rinsed her beautiful hair and then carefully washed every inch of her. As a final touch I shaved off her landing strip leaving her smooth and bald. I dried her with a fluffy towel; blow dried and styled her hair. Then I carried her to our bed and laid her in the center of it.

Starting at her feet I caressed and kissed every part of her. I worked my way up each tanned muscular leg. I spent an hour just licking her firm belly and upper chest and then rolled her over to do the back of her legs, her incredible ass, and her strong back.

I kissed her face everywhere and tongue fucked her ears to several orgasms. Then I began on her breasts until she was begging me to fuck her. I buried my face between her thighs and licked, nipped, fingered, sucked, kissed my way from her clit to her asshole and back over and over. I kept it up until she used a martial arts throw to slam me on my back and impaled herself on my erections. She was riding me as hard as she could. Her moans and grunts were like beautiful music. My hands were playing with her bouncing breasts and hard nipples. I don’t know how many times I came, but each time I did she instinctively used her succubus abilities to keep me hard so she could keep fucking until she was fully sated.

I finally passed out from an incredibly powerful orgasm and woke the next morning with her lying on top of me gently rolling her hips a little to keep me stimulated. She lifted her head from my chest and pulled me in for a very passionate kiss. “I love you.” She said when we finally broke free.

“I love you, too.” We held each other for a while. “Is today a school day?” I asked.

“I have no idea.” She looked over at the clock. “No, today is Saturday. You were magnificent. My pussy and ass are still twitching and giving me small orgasms. What should we do today?” She asked lifting up enough to show me her boobs.

I licked my lips hungrily. “We have work to do.” Physically I felt much better and I knew Nicole did too. Mentally I was frustrated. I looked at Nicole, “You as irritated and frustrated as I am?”

“Yep.” She replied.

“I can feel you want to do a mind transfer – and we will – but I want to say it out loud first to see if anything shakes loose.”


“First – we were taken out without any real effort.” I picked some lint off the sheets, rolled it up and flicked it at the ceiling fan. Missed.

“That we know of. For all we know this could have taken everything they had and a tremendous bursa escort bayan amount of resources.” Well, well, well. She was going to contribute to the conversation after all.

I gave her a look, “Yep.” She stuck her tongue out at me. “Ok, first – we were taken out without us having a chance to counterattack or even observe who or whom was responsible. Better?” I rolled on my side to look at her while we talked.


I ignored her. “Second – they knew a lot about us. Possibly more about us than we do. Fair statement?”


“OK, where would they be able to get that information? What sources are there that could reveal that much information about us? Brainstorm time. Ancient texts, select persons, spells perhaps, legends, uhmmmm …”

“Dad.” Nicole stated flatly. “Either he or one of his rescued us.”

“Yeah, Dad. Or Mom for that matter. Does she have any other relatives?”

“No clue. We know more about the moon than we do about Mom.” She pulled some of her hair around to her mouth and chewed it.

“Maybe we should work on changing that. Maybe if we knew more about her then we would know what they were after.” I said thoughtfully.

Nicole looked more frustrated. She blew the hair out of her face. “Who the fuck would know anything about her or be ballsy enough to speak up? I can’t think of anyone brave enough to speak up about her secrets without her permission.”

“No, I can’t either. But I can think of someone brave enough to point us in the right direction. Come on. Let’s get dressed and pay him a visit.”

“Sounds good to me!” She got up and took my hand and led me across the room to our closets. “Battle garb?”

“A little. We don’t want to appear that we’re spoiling for a fight but we do need to appear serious.”


I dressed in slacks and a button down shirt that had my insignia embroidered on the chest. Black knee high boots and a my wristband were the only other items I wore. Besides my wedding ring of course.

Nicole popped out of the closet with calf high red boots, a red leather mini skirt, and a red leather top that stopped a couple of inches below her breasts. She also had a wide blood gold torc around her neck. She looked sexy as hell but fierce. “Ready?” she asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” I took her hand and teleported us to our destination.

She gave me a look. “I figured this was where we going but hoped I was wrong.”

“Do you know of anyone more connected?” We were about a mile underground in a side section of the megabase Mom brought us to, to introduce us to the main super-villain crowd. We also used it for our more intense training sessions. We harbored no illusions that Mom was part of this crowd. They just had more useful resources than the good guys. If she thought for one minute the heroes had better resources we’d be over at one of their bases.

“No. That’s why I figured he was where we were headed. Let’s do it.” She and I walked forward and I knocked on his office door.

“Come in,” I deep gravelly voice boomed.

I opened the door and held it for Nicole and followed her into an office larger than most people’s homes. We walked over to where a massive desk sat by a wall sized monitor showing a scene of downtown Manhattan and parked ourselves in a couple of oversized, super comfortable, leather chairs. We looked across the desk at the enormous figure looking at us. I broke the silence first, “Hello, Meister. Thank you very much for seeing us with no notice.”

He looked us over some more. “Well, I can’t say I don’t know why you’re here. We’ve always gotten along pretty well and you’re a couple of good kids in my book. Sorry you got kidnapped and from what the grapevine says, tortured.”

“Thanks. In hindsight it could have been much worse. So why do you think we’re here?” I reached out and poured Nicole and myself a couple of glasses of ice water from his carafe. I took a sip.

“You wanna know who aced you. You got no idea who could do that and then who knew enough to flatten your skills and powers and keep you two locked up like a couple of pet store puppies. Yeah?” He had a hard time maintaining eye contact with me when Nicole was looking like his ultimate fantasy warrior girl. I mentally nudged her and she took up the conversation.

“You’re close, Meister. We’re looking for clues. Honestly, we don’t think you know.” His eyebrows shot up at that. “We think you do know enough about Mom to know who might have the information about who attacked us to get at her. We think you know where our next step is. How’d I do?” She had a sexy smirk on her face.

“Gotta admit, your Mom didn’t raise no retards. You summed it up pretty well. I could name about two dozen parties who could’ve accomplished the hit. Myself included. But yeah, here’s what you want.” He slid a piece of paper, two small stones, and a flash drive across the desk. “This one’s on me. I know you’re not in the mood to play right now.”

I held up the bursa escort stones with a questioning look. He explained, “Weak hiding spell. As long as no one is trying to find you they’ll see your auras at your home. Rub your thumb across it three times to activate or deactivate.”

Nicole and I stood up I took the paper, stones, and drive. Nicole walked around the desk and reached into his pants and gave several large pumps up and down. Then she kissed his cheek and said, “Thanks, we owe you one.”

Outside his office we looked at the paper. It read: Miskatonic University Library. Restricted Volumes Section. Black Bible / R’lyeh Texts.

We looked at each other. “You ever heard of this book,” I asked her.

She slowly shook her head. “You’ve always been more into the arcane texts. I like the weapons. Although… it seems like I should know this book, you know? Fuck. That sounds dumb.”

“No it actually doesn’t. I have the same feeling. I feel like I have held that book before even though I know I haven’t. Here’s your rock. I’ve never teleported to Miskatonic before. Have to go home and find a picture for me to home in on. Ready?” I pulled her close.

The world faded and we were back in our bedroom. She told me, “You get busy on the computer. I’m gonna grab some tools and shit.”

When we regrouped she looked at me, “You trust these rocks?”

“Not even for a little bit, but I don’t think they’re intended to do any harm to us yet. I only think one of the tomes he wrote down will help. I think he wants the R’lyeh text for himself.”

Ten minutes later we were ready to go again. I looked at her, “I guess we both know Mom’s gonna kill us for not checking in with her first but Miskatonic has popped up twice and I think we need to go there.”

“Shit, we both know she never expected us to. Fuck it. Let’s go.” She said determinably. Her War aspect was manifesting slightly. Mom had dampers on us so we couldn’t manifest more than about five percent. Nicole was less than that and pretty intimidating already.

We arrived in the main courtyard of Miskatonic. It was a cool, foggy evening. “Ominous or what, Sweetie?” I asked poking her in the side.

She was looking around. “There’s something wrong here. Don’t ask, I would tell you if I knew. I don’t think it’s aimed at us. Let’s keep going and get this over with.” We passed through the shadows of gothic buildings that seemed way older than they should be. Some had a blackish moss on the stones. I headed towards the cornerstone of one of them. There were some very bizarre symbol on it and a date that couldn’t be real. It must be some idiot’s idea of a joke. I must’ve had a strange look on my face. “What is it?” she asked me.

“Nothing, someone’s idea of a joke. The date on the cornerstone. It’s a joke. It says 532 AD with some strange symbols on it.” It had me rattled to the core because somehow I knew it was real and legit.

Nicole looked closely at it. “Where do you see a date? All I see are some scratches.”

I squatted down and pointed. I suddenly could read the symbols. “Built by the workers from the Plateau of Leng with the stones from the True Mountains in the year 532 AD.” I shivered. I knew the True Mountains were also known as the Mountains of Madness. How did I know that?

“I still only see scratches. What did you do that I didn’t?” She looked a little scared.

I whispered, “I touched them. Look through my eyes.”

“Still just scratches. I’m NOT touching this thing. It gives me the creeps! I hope the library is made from normal rocks.” She backed away from it. I felt that building was the heart of Miskatonic.

There were very few light posts and yet most of the buildings seemed illuminated by street lamps. Although they were illuminated by a sickly yellow light as opposed to the bright sodium vapor lights common to most areas. There were feeble shadows writhing on the surfaces. All in all this place looked like something from a horror film and not an institution of higher learning. Maybe it looked like a very friendly place in the daytime.

We wandered around until we got our bearings and headed to the library. We passed several groups of students and tried to lighten the mood some. Nicole pointed out a few hot girls she thought would look good riding me. I did the same for some frat boys. She was getting a lot of stares from every guy and several girls who saw her. She winked at me, “Need more than three frat boys. Maybe the whole fraternity would be good!”

I had to adjust myself and she laughed. “Freaking cock-tease.” She laughed harder.

She ran a few steps ahead of me and called back, “Horny college school boy with no dick control!” I knew what she wanted and gave chase. I liked to hear her laugh. All too soon we were at the steps of the library. The library was an oddly modern building of steel and glass. It looked completely out of place. If I was a superstitious person I’d expect the other buildings to attack the library for being an outsider. But since they aren’t, obviously the library contains something powerful enough to keep them at bay. Something to think about. We went inside and looked over the library map. Nothing on it indicated where we needed to go. Nicole summed it up for us, “Shit! Gotta ask someone.”

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