This story is totally fictional all character are adults

This is the story of Gail, a nineteen year old who is socially backward and her desire to fit in leads her down the wrong path by a group of popular mean girls. This story revolves around a group of girls who have graduated Highschool and are now in a local community college.

Gail lives in a small town, USA. She doesn’t have many friends and is not very pretty, but not ugly, just plain with no distinguishable features or attributes.

She is five foot three inches in height and weighs ninety six pounds. She has light brown hair, smooth complexion and a very small frame with 32 inch “A” cup breasts, 28 inch waist and 30 inch almost boyish hips.

Gail’s petite form is perfect for her as she loves ballet and gymnastics. Gail has no real friends and is always practicing her ballet or gymnastics to keep herself busy. Today Gail’s life is going to change.

Today, Amanda is going to befriend Gail. Not out of genuine interest in becoming Gail’s friend but rather to manipulate Gail and make a total fool out of her.

Amanda has always been one of the popular girls in school. She and her posse of three other popular girls that like her are known for their mean girl antics. They are also nineteen but unlike Gail are very worldly and down right mean.

Gail had just finished ballet class and left through the side of the school when Amanda approached her and said hi. Gail looked at Amanda curiously and cautiously, remembering the many times Amanda had played mean tricks on her.

Amanda says Gail, aren’t you gonna say hi?

Gail mutters hi.

Amanda looks at Gail and says I’d like you, you dance ballet and do so well in gymnastics. I watch you often and wish I could do those things.

Gail softens up to Amanda a little and says thank you.

Amanda says “You have the perfect shape and you can move like a cat.”

Gail says what do you mean.

Amanda replies you can flip, turn, spin and jump flawlessly. You are perfect. You should have lunch with us.

Gail said “I don’t know.” Honestly Amanda You and your friends have been so mean.

Amanda said, oh, that’s in the past. Let’s be friends.

Gail cautiously says okay, while inwardly feeling like she is going to bust out in joy.

Maybe Amanda is sincere.

Amanda smiles and thinks I’ve got her. Were gonna have a ball with this dumb bitch.

Over the next few weeks Amanda and her posse pretend to befriend Gail. They include her in hanging out and encourage her to get comfortable around them.

Amanda extracted a lot of very personal information out of Gail. She learned that both of Gail’s parents worked all the time and Gail was left alone a lot.

She also learned that Gail was a total virgin, physically flat as a board and never been nailed. A carpenter’s dream as Amanda’s brother would say.

One night after gymnastics practice while Gail was in the locker room showering, Gail came out of the shower and was drying off when the other girls snuck up behind her grabbed her, gagged, blind folded her and tied her on her knees bent over a bench with her hands bound to the two pipe legs that supported the bench seat.

Gail was freaked out, her screams muffled by the gag, tears streaking down her face. Embarrassed of her nudity in this compromising bound position.

Then she heard a man’s voice she recognized as one of a few guys that Amanda and the others hung out and flirted with.

The voice said wow Amanda you weren’t kidding. This bitch has no tits or ass. But hell she has a cunt. As he steps up behind her dropping to his knees and pulls out his swollen raging cock.

Gail heard his zipper and started failing around as best she could.

Amanda walked over, slapped Gail’s ass and said be still or I’ll let the entire campus fuck your tiny cunt.

By time they are done, you’ll walk like John Wayne for a month and that cunt will be so loose you’ll have to fuck a donkey just to get feeling out of being fucked.

The others escort videoları laughed.

Gail felt someone touch her vagina and tried to move away only to be slapped by Amanda again.

Amanda said be still bitch your gonna piss me off. Reaching down and running her fingers through Gail’s furrow of cunt hair separating Gail’s cunt lips and dipping her finger into her cunt honey.

Amanda exclaims this bitch is super wet and horny, stuff her with your cock.

Gail feels the guy’s hands on her waist and the pressure of his fat swollen cock at the entrance to her vagina and screams into the gag as he shoves his hips forward sinking his cock into her and ripping her hymen to shreds. She feels like her guts have been torn as a flash of pain rips through her once virgin cunt.

As the guy pulls back to plunge into her again Amanda says “look at the virgin blood”

Gail is mortified as the others laugh. The guy behind her plunges forward again and shel can feel his coarse pubic hair against yer ass as his cock goes further into her sore ravaged cunt. She tries in vain to get away from the assault on her open stuffed cunt.

The guy fucking her says damn this bitch is one tight cunt as he pulls out and slams in time after time building up a rhythm nearing his climax. He bellows out fuck fuck fuck I’m cumming, I’m filling this cunt full of jizz. Take my load bitch.

Gail is nearing a climax and feels the hot potent sperm painting her cervix triggering her orgasm as she cumms explosively soaking the guys cock and balls with her girl juice. She can not believe how her body betrayed her in this rape of her virginity.

The guy pulls out and Amanda removes gag and tells Gail to suck the guys cock clean and Gail shakes her head no.

Amanda pinches Gail’s nose shut and says do it.

Gail opens her mouth to breathe and the guy shoves his red blood streaked slimy cock into her mouth.

Amanda tells Gail if he feels teeth we’ll knock them out. Now suck his cock.

Gail starts suckling on it like a teat on a cow. Stopping when she feels another person behind her.

Amanda tells her to keep sucking that cock whore. It’s just another cock. You’ll learn to love cock.

Gail continued sucking the cock in her mouth while another guy rapes her tender cunt.

The guy with his cock in her mouth grunts at the same time as the guy in her cunt and Gail feels more sperm being deposited into her cunt at the same time as the guy empties a load of sperm in her suckling mouth.

Unknown to Gail at the moment is that Amanda and her posse are video taping her debasement and she has nine more guys to service with her cunt and mouth.

she came again, She came so many times she’s lost count. The guys and girls are amazed at how many times Gail came.

Amanda and her posse are videotaping the river of cum flowing out of Gail’s sore stretched abused cum filled cunt. Amanda unties Gail and Gail falls to the floor. The guys continue using Gail’s cunt and mouth.

All in All, eleven guys had fucked her cunt and mouth. The Guys left as Gail lay on the floor covered in male sperm leaking from her cunt and mouth.

Amanda looks down and tells Gail we arranged a train to properly break you in. Now get cleaned up, you look like a whore with all that cum running out of your fucking twat hole.

Gail, feeling totally debased, defeated and abused, stumbled to her feet and back into the shower welcoming it’s warm spray as she cleansed her body of all the sexual juices on it. She came out of the shower noticing no one around and got dressed and went home.

Next day Amanda met Gail outside of her house and Gail said to Amanda, you used me. You tricked me and you helped those boys rape me.

Amanda looks at Gail stating You enjoyed it and the girls and I video taped the whole event with sound. Catching every scream that you were cumming, catching the river of sperm leaking out of your stretched wide open cum bucket twat.

Every drop of cum leaking gaziantep escort bayan videoları past your cock sucking lips. If you breathe one word of this we will upload it to the internet and send copies to your mom and dad.

Gail looked at Amanda thinking of how truly evil she is and said “you wouldn’t”

Amanda said yes we will. You will do everything we tell you to or we will ruin you.

Amanda continued, you will follow my directions, you will only wear skirts or dresses. You will not wear panties or a bra.

Gail interrupted but…

Amanda shot back, but nothing, you don’t have enough fucking tits to put in a bra. My little sister has more tits.

Gail started crying. What if my dress or skirt is blown up by the wind?

Amanda responds that someone will see your ass or cunt. Boo hoo, now follow me.

The girls went to Amanda’s house. Once inside Amanda looked at Gail and said strip.

Gail looked at her without moving or muttering a word.

Amanda sternly yells, now slut.

Gail winced at the harsh word but started undressing, taking off her jeans blouse and undergarments.

There was a knock at the door and Gail jumped in fear.

Amanda told Gail to hand her the clothes and open the door.

Gail wined but I’m naked

Amanda yells now slut.

Gail Turns and walks to the door, opening it slowly.

Amanda’s posse pushes there way in and exclaim fucking slut can’t keep her clothes on.

The girls laugh while Gail blushes in shame.

Amanda heads to her bedroom saying follow me.

Gail and the others follow Amanda to her bedroom.

Once inside Amanda tells Gail to lie down on the bed as she goes into the bathroom and comes back with towels, wet wash rags, shaving cream and a razor.

Gail looks at Amanda and asks her what that stuff is for.

Amanda replies I’m going to shave that slut cunt completely bare of all hair.

Gail asked Amanda why, I already trimmed it for Dance and gymnastics.

Amanda replies that cunt is getting shaved because girls with so small titties don’t have cunt hair. Besides, you can clean it quickly after getting that slut twat filled with cum.

Gail says “but I don’t…”

Amanda interrupts her saying what? You’ll get fucked when we say so and you’ll fuck who we say bitch. Do you understand?

Gail softly mutters yes Amanda.

Amanda sets about preparing to shave and shaving Gail’s cunt. When Amanda is finished she steps back and says “fucking “A”, this slut looks like a little girl with no cunt hair or tits.

The other girls laugh making comments about Gail’s new prepubescent look.

Amanda looks down and says get dressed, handing Gail a very short skirt and thin blouse.

Gail puts the clothes on, complaining how the blouse is so thin one could almost see her tits and the skirt so short her vagina is almost visible.

Amanda says to Gail, “you have no tits.” Two it’s a cunt, say it.

Gail mutters it’s a cunt

Amanda continues three, seeing that slut cunt is the only indication that you are a bitch. Got it?

Gail answers yes Amanda.

Amanda says let’s go.

Gail follows Amanda and the posse out and down the street. Keeping her hands by her side in case a wind picks up the very short skirt. She feels the air against her nude hairless cunt and it’s making her horny thinking how she is walking down the street nearly naked.

As the girls walk down town, Gail is aware of the looks from the men and the glares from the women as they pass.

Amanda turns and enters a piercing and Tattoo parlor.

Gail stops at the door and the posse pushes her into the front of the store.

Amanda talks to the woman who looks at Gail with a knowing smile and says follow me.

They walk into a procedure room and the woman says lose the blouse sweetie and get on the table.

Gail hesitated and the woman said “I don’t have all day, do it or get out of my shop.”

Amanda says do it now

Gail gaziantep escort videoları gets up on the table removing her blouse and asks Amanda what is she doing to me?

Amanda says “a slut without tits ain’t no fun so we’re gonna give the guys some nipple rings to play with while you ride their cocks”

Gail sobbed and said but what if I don’t want them?

Amanda replies so what? Did I give you a choice?

The woman walks over rubbing lido cane on each nipple and tweaking them to attention then proceeds to pierce one nipple, placing a curved barbell in it then moves to the other doing the same to it.

All the girls look at Gail’ pierced nipples and smile. Amanda says they’ll hurt for a few days but you learn to love them. Lie back.

Gail laid back and the woman who pierced her raised her skirt and ran her finger over Gail’s cunt slit remarking how wet she was. The others laughed.

Amanda said “a natural slut.” Again they laughed. Gail was still feeling ashamed but was getting used to Amanda’s tormenting her.

The woman said open your legs, sweetie. Gail spread her legs, cool air rushing in around her over heated cunt. The woman proceeded to go down on Gail eating Gail’s cunt until she came explosively soaking the women’s tank top. The woman got up and said tasty pussy and a real firecracker hot slut.

Gail again turned red in shame. She couldn’t help it and it was embarrassing.

Just then a big tattooed guy walked in looking like a biker opened his fly pulling out his cock and says scoot down bitch while I fill you cunt with my fuck meat.

Gail looked frightened and Amanda said do it slut or everyone gets the videos. she looked up and realized the girls videoed the piercing and cunt lapping. She scooted down and the guy says grab my cock and put it in your slut twat hole. she grabbed his large cock placing it at the entrance to her wet cunt and the guy shoved forward filling her fuller than she has ever been.

The guy fucked in and out blowing his seed into Gail’s hot wet well fucked cunt.

Amanda says to Gail thank the man for fucking your slut cunt.

Gail mutters thanks

Amanda yells thank him the way I told you slut.

Gail says “thank you for fucking my slut cunt.”

Everybody laughed as Amanda said put your blouse on we have places to go.

Gail says please, can I clean myself?

Amanda yells fuck no slut no time for that. Let’s go

Gail follows the girls out, barely getting the blouse buttoned before emerging on the street.

As the girls are walking down the street Gail is acutely aware of her nakedness and the air drying the sperm running down her legs from her leaking cunt. Thinking to herself about the last two days and how she feels betrayed by her own body.

She is totally embarrassed and near naked with a mans sperm leaking out of her freshly fucked shaved cunt and getting turned on making her cunt even wetter. She now accepts in her mind that she must be a tramp, a slut.

Over the next few weeks, Gail accepts her new way of life, getting fucked on a regular basis and sucking cocks and cunts on demand.

Most classmates are now aware that Gail never has any underwear on and a few of the instructors also hear of the rumor.

Gail becomes known as an easy lay and when guys come up and ask her to show her cunt she coyly raises her skirt so they can see her twat. Oftentimes leaking a mixture of her cunt juices and sperm.

One night at a local night club the girls forced her to dance for the crowd. Most people saw her naked hairless twat went wild.

Afterwards she had to eat all the girls cunts while getting fucked in her cunt and ass by all the guys in the club who paid for the pleasure. Now she was officially a prostitute, a whore.

Gail now has had her cunt denuded with electrolysis and is wearing small half inch diameter gold rings in her tits. She then walked home in darkness, cunt and ass leaking sperm. Smelling like a fuck fest and not a care in the world. Because she is now two months pregnant and has no clue who fathered the child growing in her womb.

Most likely one of the eleven guys who gang fucked her that first night.

Gails life is ruined, she has fucked so many guys she can’t count them. She now realizes she is truly a knocked up slut.

The girls videoed all of her fucking and sucking sessions.

Life couldn’t get any worse. Or could it?

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