Fun for All the Family Ch. 02



I stood naked in the centre of the lounge, wanking my hard throbbing cock as I feasted my eyes on the intense scene in front of me. What a great sight it was! My daughter Jenna had, a few moments earlier, impaled her cunt on my father Jack’s old but still fully operational prick and was now busily posting up and down, her eyes closed and a look of pure wanton lust on her face. On the other side of the room, my mother Shirley and my wife Julie sat naked together on the sofa, fondling each other’s tits and pussies, as they too watched the scene with riveted unwavering eyes.

“Enjoying the show, girls?” I asked, glancing across at mom and Julie as I continued to masturbate in front of them and knowing full well the answer.

“Ask a silly question,” my wife said who, like me, was thoroughly enjoying watching our daughter getting incestuously fucked, “this has been a really great day.”

Indeed, it had, a very very great day but then so are most days when our family assemble together for another meeting of our sex club. I’d woken up early that Sunday morning and, after showering, had gone downstairs to discover that my father and Jenna had pre-empted me by getting up even earlier – and dad was up in more ways than one. I’d found them in the lounge with Jenna on her knees sucking her grandfather’s cock, dad rocking back and forth on his elderly legs and enjoying every minute of his grand-daughter’s expert blowjobs, just as he was enjoying every minute now plunging his fat rod in and out of another of Jenna’s beautiful inviting holes.

My parents visit every weekend and sometimes Julie’s brothers Mark and Paul call by as well. But they have families of their own and for some reason, their wives and Julie don’t get on so finding the time to visit is difficult for them. How much or how little their wives know of their respective husbands’ visits to their sister, I cannot say but then I’ve never enquired. Ask no questions and you’ll be told no lies is a creed I have lived by all my life; I have never been one to pry into other people’s business.

Mom and dad always arrive on Friday evenings, taking their clothes off as soon as they get here to join Julie, Jenna and I in the nude since we are a naturist family as much as an incestuous one and like to be naked together even when we are not engaged in carnal activity. My parents usually leave at tea-time on Sunday but this Sunday has been more fun-filled and sex-laden than usual and it is now past nine o’clock in the evening and they showed no sign of leaving yet, not that I wanted them to. They know they are always welcome and can stay as long as they like and, when all is said and done, have no real need to go home on a Sunday since they are both retired now.

“I do hope we’re not outstaying our welcome,” mom suddenly said, as if reading my thoughts and getting up and moving over to me.

“Nonsense, mom,” I replied, as she dropped to her knees in front of me and feasted her eyes on my aroused prick which, with one or two exceptions during türkçe porno a break in the proceedings, had been on top form all day, remaining rock solid throughout. “You and dad can stay tonight too, if you like.”

My words were almost drowned out as Jenna’s grunts and groans started to rise to a crescendo as dad increased the pace of his fucking. Jenna has been on the pill ever since she joined the rest of us in our sex club.

Dad’s breathing was becoming heavier, forming a duet with Jenna’s moaning. I peeled back my foreskin and resumed masturbating as mom watched, smiling up at me.

“That is such a beautiful prick, David,” my mother said, like she had never seen it before, least of all in its current aroused state, “they could have dug the Channel Tunnel with it.”

Everyone burst out laughing, even dad and Jenna somehow managed to find a moment or two to guffaw inbetween all the grunting and groaning.

“Yeah,” laughed Julie, coming over and kneeling down next to her mother-in-law so that I now had two gorgeous women admiring my manhood, “one thrust from the English shore and it would have come out in France straightaway.”

We laughed again, joyous laughs that echoed round the room to the sound of the incestuous fucking going on near the fireplace and which somehow seemed to encompass all that it meant to us to be such a happy loving family. My cock has always been my pride and joy and, not for the first time, I felt really proud that it was having such a profound effect on my wife and my mother, just as it did on my father and daughter.

“I think that big cock needs some attention,” my wife said, like mom as if reading my thoughts, too. “Shirley,” she went on, her voice dripping with lust, “let me see you give your son a nice hot incestuous blowjob.”

“Yeah, mom,” I responded enthusiastically, “suck that big prick.”

Mom didn’t waste a second as she opened her mouth and took me right to the back of her experienced mouth. She sucked so hard that her cheeks started caving in as the head of my prick nudged her throat and I once again savoured the thrill of a nice hot maternal blowjob, having lost count of the number of times mom has demonstrated her oral skills to me. Well, it was twenty-five long years ago when she first sucked me off, on my eighteenth birthday and I celebrated becoming a consenting adult. Mom, dad and I did many threesomes from then on and our sex lives happily continued after I got married to Julie, making us the hot horny family that we are today …


Mom was still sucking my cock like a thing possessed and Julie had got in on the act now, opening her mouth and sticking out her hot wet tongue to give my balls some attention. It felt so good having two of the most beautiful women in the world and whom I loved so much slurping their talented tongues and mouths all round my genitalia. I’d shot a big load in the last-but-not-least beautiful woman in the world earlier that day when I’d fucked my daughter sikiş izle and had cum for a second time a few hours later when I was fucking mom. Now my big balls were just about ready to serve up another lavish helping of spunk and from the expert way mom and Julie were servicing me, I didn’t think it would be very long before my incestuous sperm bubbled to the surface again.

Out of the corners of my eyes, I saw dad pull out of Jenna and she immediately got onto her hands and knees on the fluffy carpet, sticking her delectable ass in the air. I have always been turned on to female asses, even though I sometimes fuck dad’s, and just as much as my mother gets all excited over male posteriors, especially mine, and even though I am biased since Jenna is my daughter, I have to say that her buttocks are truly magnificent, two firm round orbs that are always a joy to behold.

“Spread your ass cheeks, sweetie,” I said to Jenna, knowing that she was just as adept at taking cock in her asshole as well as her cunt, “I think your grand-dad wants to fuck your bottom.”

“You don’t think at all,” laughed Julie, momentarily relinquishing her tongue from my balls to speak, “you know full well its what they both want.”

Considering myself suitably admonished, I simply smiled down at Julie, placed my hands on my wife’s head and pulled her back to my balls which she resumed licking with an even greater enthusiasm than she had before. Mom was still gagging on my stiff pole as Jenna turned her head and smiled at me, reaching round simultaneously with her hands and parting her butt cheeks to expose her beautiful pink rosebud, primed and ready for fucking.

“Fuck my ass, gramps,” she said, addressing my father in the pet name she always used for him, “don’t keep me waiting.”

I have to say this for my father, at sixty-six years old he still had lots of enthusiasm and stamina and good for him, too. All this nonsense that sex is just for the young makes me want to spit sometimes. Such text books I’ve read, not that I need any instructing in how to satisfy and be satisfied in return, always state that a man is at his sexual peak at the age of twenty-one, as if to say that its all downhill on the slippery slope to senility thereafter. Dad is living proof that that is not the case and I am certainly following in his footsteps since my love of sex remains as strong as it ever was, I am very pleased to say.

As if to prove my point, dad didn’t waste a second as he greased Jenna’s asshole with a liberal supply of KY and then slowly started to insert himself into her tight greasy canal. Dad’s buttocks started to clench as he increased the pressure to which Jenna responded with grunts and groans that were now so loud, the house seemed to rock as she pushed her ass back to meet every one of her grandfather’s expert thrusts.

The sight of dad’s hard sword slicing between Jenna’s buns and splitting her asshole almost in two was such a turn-on. I was so horny I had passed onto a seemingly higher porno 64 level of excitement as I watched my daughter taking it up the ass from my father while I was still being licked and sucked by mom and Julie and I just could not control myself any longer.

“I’m gonna cum,” I cried, pulling out of mom’s mouth while Julie continued to slurp her tongue around my bursting bollocks, “here it is!”

“Yeah, give it to me, sweetheart,” mom said, who loved being facialised, “shoot it all over me.”

“Don’t leave me out,” said Julie, drawing back to rest on her haunches.

Less than a tenth of a second later, my first spurt oozed out of my piss slit like a high speed train emerging from a tunnel. My legs buckled as the thrill of my third orgasm of the day overwhelmed me and I shot my load in time to the music of Jenna and dad fucking.

The first spurt hit mom well and truly in the centre of her face, landing on her nose before dribbling down to her mouth and as the second approached, I pointed my cock towards Julie as I took aim, successfully coating her in a rich thick helping of my glossy love juice. Still the spurts kept coming in porn star like style, and by the time I was finished mom and Julie’s faces were unrecognisable.

“Oh, this is wonderful,” mom said, smiling through the spunk and licking her lips,”I love my face being covered in your lovely hot spunk, sweetheart.”

I was still getting my breath back, holding my sated cock aloft in my hand in front of mom and Julie, as I heard dad let out a loud “aaaagh!” as he pulled out of Jenna’s butthole and, seconds after me, blew a thick wad of his own spunk over his granddaughter’s ass cheeks. It was a real case of like father, like son since dad was able to proudly produce as big a load as me and, likewise, by the time the last drops had spewed from his balls, Jenna’s ass cheeks were just as disfigured as mom and Julie’s faces …


Jenna was giving herself a string of orgasms while mom and Julie lay back on the carpet and began to work up their pussy juices with their fingers. By the time my mother and wife had cum, we could honestly say that we had truly satisfied each other that day and that it had been our best club meeting yet – apart from the fact that Julie’s brothers were not with us.

“I think you and dad had better stay the night,” I said to mom as my breathing became more regular, “no point going home now. Besides, I know dad wants to be fucked and I wouldn’t like him to go home disappointed.”

“Sounds great, David,” said dad, who had likewise got his breath back by now and was lying on the carpet with Jenna folded into his arms as they basked in the afterglow, “let’s have a drink first and then you can fuck my ass as much as you like.”

With that, I went out into the kitchen to get some cans from the fridge, treating my horny family to an unobstructed view of my naked ass cheeks jostling together as I sashayed from the room. By the time I returned, my cock was hard again and I lay down on the floor with the stiff fuck pole pointing towards to the ceiling as I beckoned dad to come and sit on it while mom, Julie and Jenna dragged themselves to the sofa to watch.

The latest meeting of our sex club was, surprise surprise, far from ended …


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