From Son to Father


Chapter 1

I was a freshman in college when this happened, living at home, we lived in a large eastern city. There was Mom and Dad and my sister, Eileen, who was out of college and teaching biology and forensic science at a local high school.

I’d been in college about six months, and maybe it was partly because I lived off-campus, at home, that I didn’t seem to get many dates.

At least dates with guys I wanted dates with. There were some jocks and super-nerds and some real jerks so hung up on themselves that they should really be dating a mirror if you know what I mean.

So, my sister said to me one afternoon, “Becky, there’s a senior that I taught last year that I could fix you up with, he’s drop-dead good-looking.”

“Come on, I’m in college now, and you want to fix me up with a high school guy?”

She got up and left the kitchen where we had been talking and came back with last year’s high school yearbook and flopped it open and pointed.

“Oh, wow, he is good-looking, that’s for sure. Does he have any brains?” I asked skeptically.

“He’s a b-student mostly so, yeah, he can hold a conversation and, well, he’s got quite a reputation as a lady’s-man.”

“A lady’s-man, god, you talk like Mom.”

“Well, how about ‘cocksman,’ that better?”

“Really, mmm, he is hot-looking. But, a blind date? Oh, that’s so ‘high-school,’ Sis.”

“Take another look at his picture. Oh, there’s another one of him, um, uh, here, on the swim team. The one with the bulge, see?”

Oh, I could see all right. Wow, he was muscly and taut with a sizable package in his Speedo.

“I see, yes, I see. Hmm, you say you could fix me up with…Kirk, Kirk Halstead? I can’t believe I’m asking you to do this. Maybe I’m just that horny,” and we both laughed.

“Believe me, girl, I’d fuck him myself but that would be the end of my career. But for you? Well, he’s hot, you can see that.”

So, Eileen took him a picture of me and he agreed to her idea so she set up a blind date for me with this hot-looking high school senior with the reputation and the big bulge in his Speedo.

“Friday, at seven, he’ll come by and pick you up, Becky, now I’m not expecting you two to suddenly announce your engagement but maybe he”ll give you a nice roll in bed. I’ve heard so much. Good luck.”

So, the date rolled around and, well, he was very good-looking, not too big an ass and had me out of my top and bra before the night was over, not that I resisted too much. I was horny, you know.

There’s one word which sums up how Kirk looked: beautiful. I mean he could model in Ralph Lauren ads, that handsome. And naked…oh, he was so beautiful and was just hard all the time.

That makes it sound like we were soon fucking. True, were did that on our second date. And our third, fourth, fifth, well, you get the picture. I soon saw why Eileen was so turned-on by him, he was gorgeous and exuded sex.

Was he that good in bed? Well, remember that I didn’t have a whole lot to judge by. Like every guy, he got off every time we had sex. I did about a third of the time. That seemed okay until I told Eileen who wanted a full description of one of our sessions and I began to see that Kirk was mostly involved in his own orgasm and didn’t spend any really good time getting me hot and ready.

He was also kind of shallow and selfish. His sex tended to be routine and mechanical, again, focused on his orgasm, not mine. If he did give me oral before we had intercourse, it was usually brief and distracted, like he was just doing it because he was supposed to, and then, onto fucking until he shot his cum.

Well, he was beautiful, the sex, only okay.

He mostly used my vagina as something mostly to cum into, after all he didn’t seem especially happy with sex. Mostly compelled to have it.

While the sex was okay, I knew that he would never be anything more to me than someone to rid my horniness temporarily.

It became summer, I would be in my sophomore year in college and Kirk would be going to a two-year school, he really didn’t have much ambition, and that was really best for him.

I was often sleeping over at his house, dozing off in his gorgeous arms after some average sex. His bedroom was the whole finished basement which had a small den and television where we often watched porn if it wasn’t on his computer, a bedroom with a nice, queen-sized bed that had entertained quite a few girls and women in the past, up Ankara travesti to twenty, as he recalled. It also had it’s own bathroom with a nice, big shower where he seemed to be the most sexually-imaginative, for some reason.

His parents were a bit different. His mother was quite aloof, it almost seemed that she was jealous of any girl or woman he took any interest in. She was quite cool to me.

His father, Hank, was a businessman who owned two car dealerships and while car dealers are not usually thought of as nice, sweet men, his father was just that. I could see that Kirk got some of his looks from his father who, after all, was not an old man, he was thirty-nine. The car dealerships were founded by Kirk’s grandfather, Hank’s father, who died when Hank was just twenty. He took them over and continued to grow the business which were quite successful.

Hank and his mother also worked at the dealership, he helped out in the service area doing odd jobs while his mother was financing manager at one of the leaderships, the larger of the two.

I wasn’t working during the summer, so I often slept in. His father would sometimes bring down a cup of coffee for me to wake up to and we often talked about this or that as I sipped it.

What his father may not have realized was that before Kirk left in the morning he would play around with me getting me all worked up and hot so I was rubbing myself off when his father came down, often still in his pajamas.

I would usually sleep in the nude but, when Kirk got up each morning, I’d slip on the undershirt he’d been wearing in bed that night. So, I was often covered by his teeshirt but bare from there on down.

On these mornings when he’d bring me my coffee, being naked from the waist down under the covers had me turned-on so much, especially after Kirk kissing me goodbye each time as he did, on my pussy, tonguing me until he had me squirming, then a quick kiss on the mouth and he was off to work leaving my pussy dripping and super-horny.

That was how his father found me each morning as he sat on the edge of the bed while we chatted about this and that.

Chapter 2

Was I looking at him in a sexual way? How could I not? He was a handsome man, yes, near forty but these days, that’s hardly old. I only kept the sheet over my lower half, I know he was looking at my boobs each morning in the tight tee shirt which showed the imprint of my excited nipples. I rather enjoyed the attention I knew I was causing.

As I sipped my coffee, I often played a game with him, without his knowing of course, of rubbing myself to orgasm with one hand under the covers and a knee raised to disguise my self-pleasuring. Did he know? I really didn’t try to keep it completely from his knowledge, I really did tease a bit by just making it obvious enough that I was either slowly rubbing myself or fingering my pussy.

My orgasms were quiet ones, usually with a deep intake of breath, sometimes a small shudder and an ‘mmm’ once in a while. I didn’t try to keep it totally from him. Yes, I was a tease.

I could tell that my teasing was working, too. It seemed that Hank didn’t wear anything under his pajamas and I could see the ridge develop and lengthen as I would take things a bit further each time.

He knew, of course, this was a little game between us, an unspoken one, of course. I knew that the first time he took our coffee cups back upstairs, standing up with his pajamas tented straight out, making no attempt to hide it. Standing there for a minute, all poked-out, then turning and going upstairs. We both, it seemed, were just teasing each other.

I had seen Kirk’s father’s cock sticking straight out, pushing his pajamas out, a number of times and I really thought that he was better hung than his son with the hot reputation.

Then, one morning, I wanted to raise the ante a bit and got up from bed and went in the bathroom to wait until I heard him come down the stairs. I waited a few more seconds, then went out and came back to sit on the bed, ‘lndian-style,’ as I wished him a ‘good morning.’

I knew he was getting a good look, I had chosen what I’d worn very carefully, a cutoff tee that just barely covered my nipples but let the bottom curvy-half of my breasts show from under and, below that, my tiniest thong, the one that didn’t hide my slit but simply rode tucked-in between my labia. And he got a very good look, his eyes were mostly looking down.

But Konya travesti then, he excused himself and went off to shower and get ready to go to his office at the car dealership.

The next morning, Kirk was playing around with me when his mother called down that she was ready to leave, they usually went to work together, and I just curled up as he left and fell back to sleep.

A bit later, Hank called down to see if I wanted my coffee and brought it down along with his as was usual. I was naked under the sheet and had it pulled up to my shoulders as I sipped my coffee and we chatted about this and that.

I moved to sit up and lean back on the headboard as the sheet fell to my lap.

“Oops,” I said as his eyes took in my naked breasts and he replied, “Oh, Becky, that’s quite all right, it’ll make this old guy’s day, you’re a very pretty girl.”

I had pulled the sheet back up but then I looked at him and said, “Well, you deserve to have a nice day so if I can help make it that, here,” and I dropped the sheet back down and took another sip. I just decided to go ahead and let him see me like this and I could immediately see the effect on his pajama pants.

“So, how are you and Kirk getting along?” he asked.

I decided to tell him the truth.

“Oh, well, I guess I can tell you the truth, I’m just about to break it off with him.”

“Perhaps I shouldn’t ask why, huh?”

“I really don’t mind telling you, I guess. He’s…well, he’s just not a mature lover. He’s in it mostly for himself, for his own pleasure and, quite frankly, there are lots of times that he leaves me unsatisfied. Like this morning, it’s a good example. I’m just tired of it and want someone who will take the time and be interested in my pleasure as well as his own.”

“Yes, well, you’re not the first one I’ve heard that from. I think it takes some years for some guys to understand that sex is for two.”

“Exactly. When he does get me excited, then, like this morning, he just leaves me all turned-on and horny.”

“Well, I must admit that seeing you like this has got his father all turned-on and horny,” he said with a smile.

“I can see that for myself,” I told him, nodding to his lap.

“Oh, well, the usual male reaction to a beautiful naked woman, I’m afraid.”

“Why be afraid, I think it’s rather nice. I’ve been wondering what was making that big bulge in your pajamas. Can I see it?”

There, I asked and I did it in my sweetest voice.

He reached down, put his fingers inside and pulled out a cock that was the largest i’d ever seen.

“Um, how big is that, Hank?”

“Well, no one’s measured it in a long time but the last measurement was eight and three-quarters.”

“I’d love to hold it,” I said and he stepped over to the bed as I reached up and put my fingers around it. It was large and hard, a darker shade of brown than his son’s whose was more pinkish. But I could feel his heart throbbing sending blood to stiffen it.

“You’re really hard, Hank, I love the feel of your cock.”

“I love the feel of your hand on my cock, Becky. You’re making an old guy feel pretty damned good.”

“You’re not old, you’re not even forty, are you?” I asked as I slowly stroked it.

“Thirty-nine but you’re making me feel eighteen again, Becky, you are such a beautiful young woman. I’m sorry my son hasn’t earned you, I would do things differently myself.”

With my other hand I pulled his hand to my breast as he began kneading it while I slowly masturbated him.

“What would you do differently, Hank, if you had the chance?”

“Oral sex for one, it’s something I love doing and, well, I’ve been told that I do it quite well. I would make sure you’ve had the best orgasm I could give you before I ever put this inside you,” he said nodding to his cock.

“What if I let you do it?”

“Becky, I’d be the happiest man alive.”

“Then, why don’t you take those pajamas off and do it. My pussy’s all yours,” I said as I pulled the sheet off me and spread open.

“Well, normally I wouldn’t do anything but since you’ve told me that you are leaving my son, it’s really tempting, you are a very sexy, hot woman.”

I slid a finger in and began running it in and out. “This could be your tongue, Hank,” I said saucily. Then, he began unbuttoning his pajamas. He got the top off and he was well-toned, perhaps not quite like his son but when he lowered his bottoms, well, İzmir travesti I saw fully that he easily outdid his son in length and girth.

“You’re a handsome, sexy man, Hank. I think maybe you underestimate your appeal. You’re sure making me wet.”

He knelt down as I spread open for him and took his fingers to ease me open so he could put the tip of his tongue inside me and wiggle and thrash it around. Then his lips spread over me as he began sucking my pussy while his tongue darted between my labia. His thumb was circling my clit as he did this and I was instantly taken up to a state that usually took ten or twenty minutes for me to achieve, yes, he was that good.

“Oh, Hank, omigod, you are so good. Mmm, oh, don’t stop, oh, please, mmm, more.”

He kept at my pussy, he was so good, he knew every nerve ending a woman had, he was a master. I was pulling his hair as he ate me, I just was out of control with ecstasy, then I simply burst with a gigantic orgasm that shook me to my toes. It was the strongest, longest one of my life, simply stunning.

I don’t even know what all happened to me it was that strong and powerful. There were starbursts in my vision, music and rushing sounds like waves and tides, ripples and surges of the most serene, then erotic feelings, cycles of warmth spreading across my body, flowing outward from my pussy, as I felt lifted up to the clouds. Nothing had ever felt so wondrous.

“Oh, Hank, omigod, I’ve never had anything that good. You are the most incredible man. I still feel it, it’s still wonderful. Can you fuck me with that?” I asked pointing at his cock. “I have never wanted to be fucked so much in all my life,” I panted as he crawled up between my legs while I opened as wide as I could for his entry.

He pushed the head of his cock up to me and rubbed it up and down, spreading my juices onto him as he pressed forward. His cock tip spread my lips and entered me, followed by the rest of his cock pushing down into me as I raised my legs up to try to fully take him inside.

“Mmm, you’re big, oh, bigger than Kirk, mmm, oh, this is going to be good, very good,” I groaned as he began moving in and out sending waves of pleasure across me with each wondrous stroke.

“You are so tight and nice, Becky, this is making me a very happy man I hope you know.”

“Mmm, me too. You fill me up so good, my pussy is just one happy girl.”

He picked up my feet and lifted them up over his head, spreading me apart as he plunged his cock over and over down into me, he was so big, so thick, at first, it felt like I might split apart but soon it was feeling so erotic, so sexy, so hot.

“Mmm, I wish we’d started this months ago, Hank, god, your cock is wonderful and you really know how to please a woman. Whatever happens with Kirk and me, I hope we can see each other, this is so good,” I moaned as I moved my hips around while he fucked me in and out.

“Yes, yes, I would like that. I’ve got a schedule that is flexible enough that I’m sure we can work something out. This is so nice, I hope we continue it, you really are a beautiful, sexy woman.”

“Mmm, and you’re just the kind of lover I’ve been looking for, one that makes me feel so good.”

“It’s so easy to make you want to feel good, Becky, you’re so sexy and beautiful,” he said as his hands held mine down on the bed up over my head as he fucked his long, thick cock in and out between my raised legs so wonderfully.

“Mmm, oh, Hank, I’m so close, this is so good, go a little faster, mmm, oh, OH, OH, UUUH, UUUH, uh, mmm, mmm,” I cried out as I felt swept up in the most wonderful, erotic feelings.

Then, he shoved hard down into me, pushing me up to where my head was pressed up against the headboard and he cummed and cummed into my depths, holding himself inside as we both were swept away by our orgasms.

“Oh, Becky, that was so good, I’ve been wanting to do this for a while now, you are just so gorgeous,” he said, still slowly moving in and out as some of his cum went dribbling down by butt crack onto the sheets. I would need to wash those sheets before Kirk got home.

I broke up with Kirk the next day, he didn’t seem to be very upset about it, I really think he’s rather emotionally-stunted even though he’s such a beautiful young man.

Now, if you’re wondering if I kept in touch with his father, well, I can tell you that his long, thick cock just deposited a hefty load of semen deep, deep inside me to keep me company until Thursday when he’ll replenish it all anew.

So, while my sister was trying to do me a great favor by setting me up with one of her hunkiest students, it was his dad that knew how to make a woman happy which he does so very well.

Mmm, I can still feel it.

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