First Tuesday

It was ‘First Tuesday’, the night each month that all the art galleries were open for their new exhibits. I dressed up a little nicer than my normal daily fare. Sure, I clean up well. There was just a hint of cleavage, maybe more than a hint, maybe a lot more. I liked to think my breasts were one of my better parts. I enjoyed them even though there wasn’t anyone currently in my life to share them with. Judy had enjoyed them for sure, oh how I loved her lips around my nipples, or my clit, oh yes my clit. She could make me roar for sure. I left my long legs bare, tanned like all of my body, and my skirt short just to add a little drama to my appearance. The high-heals shaped my calves nicely. Maybe someone in their late forties doesn’t usually dress as wildly, but I liked to show myself off, I liked other women to look.

One of my favorite galleries was the ‘Images’, a high art gallery that specialized in expensive photographs. Tonight a show by Kate Johnson was opening. I had seen a few pieces of her work displayed there and really enjoyed them. All were sensitive black and white images of female nudes, mostly just parts of the body, a breast, a thigh, a foot, a throat, or a mouth. Sometimes the whole body was shown. I also owned a book of her work; all the page edges were now well worn. She would be there and I was looking forward to telling how much I liked her work. I had seen a few pictures of her and I was in love with the way she looked.

I pulled up to the valet in my black Mazda Miata with tan interior, a handsome younger man dressed in a tux appeared, maybe in his late 20’s, and opened the door for me. There was no way I could get out without giving him a real show so I decided not to do it halfway. With one long leg out and no panties covering me, I just paused for a moment as he looked with his mouth agape. The second leg followed not so quickly, but before the poor man embarrassed himself with a huge woody in front of everyone.

As I took the claim check between my long slender fingers, I cooed, “Have a nice evening.”

He looked straight in my eyes as he said, “I did.”

The gallery was crowded with people, mostly women, mostly great looking women, in their finest clothes, all looking like they could drop more than a few grand for a photograph like they had only bought a stick of gum. I picked up a glass of champagne and began to walk around the edge of the room looking at the various images. The third one captured my attention and I stood looking intently at it as I rolled a small amount of the golden bubbly around over my tongue.

“That is one of my favorites too.”

I swallowed as I turned around and found myself a few inches from Kate’s face. The pictures of her would almost make me orgasm, but seeing her in person was a thousand times more exciting for me. I could feel the moisture starting to touch the top of my thigh and I knew the hem of my skirt wasn’t very far below the forming drip.

“I love all of your work. It’s a little embarrassed to say that I’ve taken one of your books to bed more than a few times. I’m Abby.” I reached out my hand. I was so entranced by being in front of her that I completely underestimated the distance between us and pressed my hand against the lower half of her breasts. I didn’t even think to pull my hand back; instead I left it resting against her.

“Such a nice greeting; most people just shake my hand.” She smiled in a very real way, not just a fake smile that she might give to most strangers. I melted in her smile. Her hand covered mine and pressed it a little higher, a little harder against her, as she looked down the opening of my blouse at the tan skin of my breasts. “You are quite lovely Abby.”

“Sorry. I was just taken with your beauty and got…”

“Don’t apologize. Walk with me.”

Our arms dangled alongside our bodies as Kate held my fingers with hers. She led me past each of her photographs explaining the details and background of each one. A few were quite erotic and she would squeeze my fingers a little tighter as we stood in front of those. One in particular showed the uncovered space between a woman’s legs, a finger pressed against it, almost inside, and a few inches of thigh.

“That was so exciting to take, printing it was even more so. I bet you’d look much better.”

“Might be fun if you’d like me to model for you. I’ve never done that.” I felt so bold. I didn’t know where that had come from, but I was glad I’d said it.

“Are you doing anything tomorrow?”

“Actually, no. I’m free. I was lucky and had a few good investments over the years, so now I’m ‘retired’.” I shrugged my shoulders and lifted my arms a little, almost apologizing for not working. “Guess I don’t need to bring clothes?” I laughed.

“We’re about the same size, I have a few things that will fit you if we need anything special.”

The drive to the coast is always lovely and the weather today was perfect, low 70’s with a clear sky. As I left the edge of the urban area and entered a forested stretch orhangazi escort of the two-lane road, I unbuttoned my blouse, nothing under it except me. With the car top already down, the breeze through the car gently flipped my blouse open and closed. On the passing lanes up the hills, drivers in the bigger SUV’s and pickup trucks were getting a good view if they happened to be looking my way. A few guys tooted their horns; even a woman or two smiled and waved or blew me a kiss.

Kate’s studio was right on the beach, tucked alone in a small cove, close to a small town I always enjoyed going to. This was a remarkable part of the coastline with a long light brown sandy beach and high rocky cliffs. A few huge rocks stood near the edge of the water towering 50 feet or more above the beach. During low tide, pools of shallow water left from the high tide sometimes surrounded the rocks.

I got out with my blouse still unbuttoned. Without the wind the fabric was covering my breasts well enough people wouldn’t stumble or trip while walking if they happened to see me. There weren’t any though. My short cutoff jeans highlighted my shapely butt and my long legs. My long straw blonde hair was pulled through the back of my baseball cap. I reached over, grabbed a bag, and was still bent over as Kate stopped about five feet behind me.

“Nice ass Abby.”

As I spun around, my blouse flew open on one side revealing a whole breast for long enough that she got a good view. “Hey Kate!”

“Damn! You have far too much on baby.”

I knew from all of her photographs that Kate had seen many naked women far nicer looking that I am, and a lot younger too. I was flattered that she was talking like that. I also knew she was about five years older than I was, a perfect age I thought. I was trying to not let myself build this into something more than it might be or might become.

“I’m yours you know.”

“Tease me. You’re so delicious looking. What’d you bring?”

“Nothing much, just a bikini and a little robe I thought might be sexy. Oh, and a bottle of wine.”

“Welcome to my little studio. Not much, but it’s all I really need.”

The studio was mostly one very large room with a bed by a window, a kitchen in one corner, and the rest was covered rolls of backdrop paper, lights, and camera equipment. There was furniture here and there that I recognized from her photographs.

“I’ve seen that couch in a number of your pictures.”

“And soon, you’ll have your naked body on it. Ready for this?”

“Actually, I was so excited that I couldn’t sleep well last night.”

“Good, that makes two of us. It has been a long time since I’ve wanted to have someone model for me as much as you.”


“Maybe it was just that magical touch you gave me at the gallery last night.”

She quickly and lightly touched my bare left nipple with a fingertip, and then touched it again, this time for a few seconds.

“I like the way it responds.”

“I think it likes you.”

“I hope other parts will as well.”

“Me too.” I leaned forward and gave her a little peck on the lips, nothing more.

She put her hand behind my back under my blouse and guided me to the couch. Her hand on my bare skin felt wonderful. I took the few pieces of clothing off. I sat with my legs spread wide; my hands were about a foot apart grasping the front of the cushion between my knees.

“I like how you don’t have any hair around your cunt.”

“Oh-h-h I like that word a lot. You will get me all wet if you talk dirty to me.”

“You mean if I say I want to suck your clit and drive my tongue deep inside your cunt, that you will gush for me?”

I trembled as a chill ran up and down my spine from thinking about what she was saying.


“Well then, fuck me baby!”

The tremble changed to a quiver as I felt a little orgasm start and then stop.

“Do that again and your pictures will be of a pulsating female mass in the middle of an orgasm.”

“Well let’s take a few of you prior to such an exciting thing.”

She put her head under the cloth that was attached to the back of the large camera on a tripod standing several feet from the couch. After a moment she stood next to the camera with her thumb on the shutter cable and gave me some directions for how to adjust myself just a little. She clicked the shutter.

“Are you sure you’ve never modeled? You look so natural, so perfect, so relaxed.”

“Honest. I just feel comfortable sitting here in front of you.”

“Great. One more and then I want to take a bunch with my digital camera.”

For the next hour I posed in more ways that I thought possible. She was the puppeteer and I was the puppet.

“Let’s go out on the beach by the big rock. The afternoon light is just about right, at least it will be soon.”

“Kate, how do you do this and not get turned on? I’ve already had a few tiny orgasms just knowing what I’m doing.”

“Abby baby, nilüfer escort you are so hot. For the first time in a long time, I really am having trouble controlling myself.”

Between poses, I was standing next to her. She pulled me tight against her and shoved her tongue down my throat for several minutes while her hand touched me in a few nice places. “Let’s get some more pictures and then we can continue this.”

“I’d really like that.”

Everything was so beyond my expectations, her touch, her voice, her… well everything. I don’t think there was anything she could have asked me to do that I would have not done without a thought. Stick your fist up my ass, yes right away, just let me bend way over. You get the idea.

The weather wasn’t very conducive to lying on the beach, cool with clouds, so we had it all to ourselves. I wore my short robe with nothing under it as we walked across the sand to a place near the huge tall rock. The tide was coming in leaving a shallow puddle of water all around it. I stepped hard making a splash and leaving ripples in otherwise calm large puddle of water.

“Don’t do that!”

I stopped in my tracks and looked around at her. She had a big frown on her face.

“The calm water can give me some great reflections that I would like to be in the pictures.”


“Common mistake, not a problem. Sometimes there is enough wind it will not be smooth anyway, but right now it is perfect. It will calm down in a moment.”

“With or without my robe?”

“With, please. You can let it dangle open.”

She stood in the kitchen looking around. “Want some wine? Some hot chick gave me a nice bottle today.” She giggled as she circled a fingertip around the top of the bottle in a very suggestive way, something not lost on me as I pictured that fingertip circling a particular part of my body for a few hours.

“Wonderful. We can toast to my first day of modeling.”

“Hopefully not the last either.”

“Like I said, I’m yours.”

“Careful, I may lock the doors so you can’t leave.” She laughed. The cork made a loud pop as it came out of the bottle. I watched as her tongue rubbed across her lips giving them a slight glint from the moisture that was left behind. I was ready for her to do that to some other lips, and not the ones on my mouth either.

I took a sip, maybe a gulp, of wine as I sat on the edge of the bed, and then put my glass on the table. Her blue eyes were captivating and held me in a deep trance. I didn’t care about things like if she had any siblings or where she had lived. You know, all the usual things that are talked about when you first meet someone. I was too deeply in lust at the moment; all I wanted to do was hold her, to be held by her, to have our mouths all over each other.

My hand reached out and rested on the top of her thigh, I just sat there for a moment as she took a sip of wine. She put her glass next to mine and leaned closer to kiss my lips, drops of wine covering her lips. I could feel her tongue, coated with the taste of the dark red wine, move between my lips as they parted for her. We lie down next to each other and let our bodies touch in many places. She felt so nice against me.

I pulled the tank top shirt, the last remaining garment on either of us, over her head exposing the luscious breasts with their dark brown nipples and surrounded by the brown skin with the little bumps on it. I propped myself on one elbow just looking at her chest, letting a fingertip circle a nipple, and enjoying the feel and texture. I heard a gasp and a little moan, just a little encouragement for me to not stop what I was doing. There was no way I would either.

Her fingers explored between my legs and I moved a foot leaving my leg bent in the shape of an ‘A’ making more way for her. She gently parted the folds of skin making it hard for me to do much more than just lay there with my fingertip frozen over her nipple. “Just like that.” I moaned as she worked the tip of her finger in a little, and then dragged it from the bottom to the top. The tip brushed against my clit that was begging to be touched. I gasped, “Yes!” She grasped it between the tip of her finger and thumb, and squeezed it a little as it grew more erect, and then began to stroke it up and down along the shaft.

Her erect nipple stood in front of me as I moved down along her body. I covered her in kisses as I moved until my mouth was directly over the nipple. Then I began pulling it between my lips as I inhaled. I opened my mouth more and more as I sucked her breast into my mouth. I could feel her hand on my head as she moaned “Oh God….” My tongue flicked across the nipple. “Oh baby…”, she gasped. I slowly let go of the suction until only the nipple was between my teeth and I bit lightly on it. “So good…” she said in a hoarse low tone as she rubbed the hair on my head, rapping stands around a finger.

She twisted her body until we were lying with our heads between the other’s legs. türbanlı escort I spread my legs wide as I ran my finger deeply between the damp folds of skin between her legs. I could feel her tongue dig though the wetness and I let out a scream of pleasure as she encircled my clit with her teeth.

The sun was setting as we paused from hours of lovemaking. We lay cuddled together, our heads resting on a pile of pillows, and watched the golden globe of the sun settle into the ocean.

“Abby, this is being a wonderful day. Can you stay?”

“You’d have to call the cops to get me away.”

“Damn you say the nicest things.”

As the morning light began to appear before the sun was just peeking above the horizon, we were still cuddled together in the cool morning air of the coast.

“Slip something on and we can take a slow walk on the beach into town for a little breakfast.”

“What a dream this is. Don’t wake me up.”

“Say … at the gallery you mentioned you had taken my book to bed. Which is better in bed, the book or me?”

“Silly … you of course.”

We walked hand in hand down the beach, the two pair of footprints almost looking as a single pair trailing behind us. A small pathway led us to a dirt parking lot, and then to the cafe. A long counter with chrome stools covered in red vinyl tops provided the only place to sit. It was still early, a few stools occupied by individuals and a few by pairs of men or women. We sat near one end still holding hands like new lovers, our eyes locked on each other.

“Hey Kate. Who’s your buddy?”

“This is Abby. She is just the most wonderful lady.”

That echoed through my mind the rest of the day as she took more pictures of me with long breaks to make love. This was becoming exactly what I had longed for and hoped might happen. I was like a teenager in love and I never wanted to be told I could not have her for my own.

In the middle of the night, Kate kissed me out of a deep sleep.

“Sweetheart, come with me out on the beach and make love to me.”

Before I was awake enough to totally understand what she was saying, she stood by my side of the bed and was pulling on my hand. I followed her out the backdoor and across the sand to the huge rock we had used as a backdrop for some pictures.

The tide was out and the sand now dry, but cool, almost cold, as we lay naked next to each other and our mouths pressed tight against each other. A cold rogue wave rolled across us as our first orgasm flowed through us. The heat of our passion warmed and protected us from the cold elements. Our cries, muffled by the sounds of the surf, escaped from our mouths as fingers and lips explored all the parts of each other that were worthy of being explored in the middle of the night, and then some.

We stood under the showerhead on the deck with warm water washing the sharp cold particles of sand away leaving just the tender warm feelings of love covering our bodies.

“I love your spontaneity Kate. I love you.”

“And I love your youth, your beauty, and that you are here with me.”

I found the thought about ‘youth’ almost ironic, but just let it go. After all, I was holding a dream, my dream, in my arms.

The water still warm, we rested our fingers between the other’s legs just flicking our clits and pleasing each other as we let our tongues rub against each other matching the beat of our fingers.

We spent a day driving to my place and back to pick up a few things and a sweater or two.

“I like the feel of the wind. I’ve never been in a convertible.”

I reached over and stroked her thigh a few times. “You can ride in mine anytime.” I like the way we were bring new things into each other’s lives, me being a model, her riding in a convertible, and so many other things.

For weeks, Kate would take pictures of me and work in her darkroom or at her computer correcting pictures while I lounged on the deck reading a book or walking on the beach. For me, it was a wonderful time, and Kate was enjoying it too.

One afternoon, we sat in the warm glow of the sun on the deck looking at the waves breaking on the beach, a glass of wine in our hands.

“I have to do a book as part of a contract I signed before I met you. Would you mind if I did it with only pictures of you?”

“Are they good enough? Who’d want to buy a book with only pictures of me?”

“I would buy it for sure. Abby, you are so lovely.” She held up a large mounted, but unframed picture of me that was leaning against the side of her chair. “Look at this one. It is so sensual, so sexy.”

“Only because you took it.”

“No, only because it is of you. Please let me do this. I have 50 super photographs of you. I have lots of really good ones, but those 50 would make a great book about such a lovely woman as you. I think everyone our age would want to buy it.”

“Do we get to go on a book tour?” I guess I was teasing, a little in shock at the thought of a whole book of pictures of me. Part of me was curious, excited even.

“Maybe, and we can have shows in some big galleries around the country. I want you to come with me to them all.”


“Oh Abby. You are so perfect for me. I want you to stay with me forever.”

“We’ve only known each other for…”

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