First Time With My Dog Bella part 2_(0)


The last couple days of being home alone had been so amazing, and I still had another week left. Normally, Id be having my girlfriend over all these days, but Bella had done things for me even she couldnt do. I awoke after the night of ecstacy with Bella, She had fallen asleep at the bottom of my bed. I woke her up took her outside and brought her back in. She came in right away and kneeled down in front of me. I loved it when she did this, it shows she really wants my cock and it drives me crazy. I pulled down my pants and start jerking my cock getting it hard. I spit on my finger and started rubbing Bellas mound. As soon as I was hard I started rubbing the tip of my cock on her wet pussy. I thrusted in and she gave out a tiny yelp. I grabbed the back of her neck forcing her onto my cock so I could get as deep as possible in her warm wet dog pussy. I was watching myself as I thrusted deeper and deeper. I pulled out and saw her tight asshole. I grabbed some lube from my nightstand and rubbed it on my cock and her hole. I started putting my cock into her tight ass slowly so I didnt hurt her. It was really tight for the first inch or two then I slid right in. This was even better than her pussy! I slowly pulled back out and went back in this time it was easier. I started to fuck her deeper and harder rubbing her hot mound. I was about to cum when I heard a knock Sex hikayeleri at the door, It was my girlfriend!
I didnt know what to do, I ran and grabbed a towel and started cleaning myself off. She started knocking again so I quick cleaned off Bella and opened the door. I let her in and she started saying how her mom and dad were fighting and she just didnt want to be home. We sat down on the couch and I put on a movie. We were sitting there for awhile then she started kissing me. I started to pull off her shirt while she pulled off mine. I was even more turned on because I didnt get off with Bella. I pulled off her pants and she got on top of me while we made out. Bella then came over and started licking my girlfriends pussy. She gave out a scream and pushed her away. Then she leaned back in to kiss me. Bella had come right back over and started licking her pussy again. This time my girlfriend didnt pull away and just pushed her head away from her. Bella came right back in, my girlfriend moaned a little bit. I asked her if she liked it jokingly, and she said a little bit. This surprised me, I said to keep going then. This time Bella was really licking her, I could feel my girlfriend breathing heavier and heavier. Then she thrust down onto my cock and started fucking me. I pulled out after a few thrusts and came all over my girlfriends stomach. Sikiş hikayeleri Bella saw and came and licked it up. My girlfriend got up and she was saying how good it felt when Bella licked her and was asking me if I found that really weird. Of course I was really turned on by it, but I just told her I found it to be kind of hot. She was suprised I didnt freak out about it. Then she started asking me if I would be ok her licking me. I told her I might do that, Then she started begging me to let her watch Bella lick my cock. So I grabbed Bella and put my cock in front of her, She started licking right away. My girlfriend laid back on the bed and started rubbing her pussy while she watched, I started to get hard again when my girlfriend came over and started making out with me. She pulled Bellas head to her pussy and Bella started to lick her. My girlfriend gave me a look of complete pleasure. I came over to her and she started jerking my cock. I blew my load a second time all over her leg. Bella of course licked that up right away.
Me and my girlfriend had layed back down and started watching the movie again. She was telling me how she kind of always wanted to know what it felt like to have a dog lick her. She was opening right up to me about it. Then she asked me if I had ever thought of doing anything with her and I told her I wanted to try to fuck Erotik hikaye her but never ended up doing it. She asked me why and I told her that I didnt want to be a freak. She said that there shouldnt be anything to worry about, and that it was a good thing because we could get off any time we wanted. She got back on top of me and called Bella back into the room. She said that I should try fucking her right now. She started jerking my cock and Bella got onto the bed. I went behind her and bent her over. My girlfriend pulled her head into her pussy and she started licking. I slid my cock into her slippery wet hole and started to fuck her. My girlfriend was moaning loudly and I could see her eyes going into the back of her head. She told me to fuck Bella harder so I started pounding her, you could see Bellas head moving deep into My girlfriends pussy. My girlfriend started shaking and screaming pushing Bellas head deeper into her. My dog had given her a better orgasm then I ever had! I blew my hot load deep into her pussy and started catching my breath. My girlfriend had stopped and she was laying there catching her breath too. I pulled out and layed back down next to my girlfriend.
We fell asleep right away,We woke up the next morning and got a shower together. When we got out my girlfriend told me she had to go and that she would bring her dog over later that night. I couldnt beleive it, after she had left I grabbed Bella and started fucking her. I couldnt wait for that night, two dogs and my girlfriend it was about to be the best night of my life.

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