Fifty-six-year-old wife gets laid


This is another true account of the fun an older couple can have. We’re in our fifties and see no reason to stop having some sexy fun. For this particular adventure, we were travelling along a motorway with lorries passing by when Jaq decided to lift her top, remove her bra and flash her titties at the drivers.Jaq’s tits are an ample 36C and still firm. The drivers were all looking on in amazement at a sexy 56-years-old blonde flashing cinsel bilgiler at them as we drove along. She did this for around ten miles before we decided to take a break at the service area.I pulled in and parked as close to the lorry park as possible. Jaq was obviously feeling very horny and spread her thighs to gain access to her damp pussy. Her dark blue panties were showing a big cinsellik bilgileri damp patch. She lifted her bum off the seat, slid her panties down, took them right off and then put them to my nose to sniff.I watched as she put a hand on her hairy mound and began rubbing her swollen pussy lips. She raised one leg, putting her foot onto the dashboard, and began fingering her sopping cinsellik hakkında bilgiler wet hole. All this time, I was not only watching but sniffing and sucking on her wet panties while rubbing my cock through my jeans.I looked up and, to my astonishment, two lorry drivers were watching her through the passenger window. They were two of the drivers that she’d titty flashed earlier. She soon noticed they were watching, and spread her legs wider to give them a better view.This was a very sexy scene for me and I asked if she wanted to take it further. “If you don’t mind,” came the reply. Immediately, Jaq wound down the window and asked the guys if they liked what they saw. In reply, the taller guy asked if we would go over to one of their lorries: they had a bed in the back.

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