Feline and the Mongrels Ch. 02


Last we knew, Fe and D had kissed 5 times and we think we have all the details of each of those kisses carefully documented in chapter 1. There was also a pre-kiss encounter Fe felt was very important to recall because it set the stage. We concluded with preparing to take a trip down to the southern part of the state of California. Also included in this trip would be a detour to Las Vegas. One other thing we were anticipating, the summer day shift for Fe and D, witch might or might not cause conflict. Want to see what came next?

While we were in California Fe, didn’t want to have sex. We did once but it was half hearted and unsatisfying. While in Vegas for two day’s in the middle of our California trip she said she didn’t know why but she thought about D a few times. We didn’t have sex here either even though I made extensive plans to get her away for one night. Remember the movie script? That was a lost cause.

The rest of the trip was no sex also. Then when we returned home life was different. She was a dayshift person now. A week in Southern California and Vegas, and we had sex only the once, her mind was somewhere else, I could tell.

Upon our return I started my looking into give massages again. I watched and read so much. I learned how to need muscles and flex joints. I learned about using oils. I watched the Asian massage again and again. This was most fun as the masseuse would talk each little shy girl into removing all their cloths. All this was in Japanese but you could tell what he was saying as she’d allow him to help her out of bra then panties. He’d rub her titties and bottom finally moving into her groin. She’d squirm and cover her naked breasts as he’d poke and prod all the while talking like a technician explaining how the plumbing works and needs servicing now and then to work properly. Then he’d lube a finger and wet her vaginal lips being sure to caress her from ass hole to clitoris and back again. She’d thrash a bit but he’d hold her still with more explanation, “That’s just the way this is supposed to feel,” I’m sure is what he said.

Then he’d add more lube and you could see the red in her face and chest grow crimson as he slid his fingers, first one then two into her vagina. Her grip around her breasts grew tighter and her chin dug into her chest. Then he’d start to stroke the spongy area just inside her vagina under her pubic bone vigorously. His pace would very and then he’d wiggle his hand lefty and right. You could see him spreading his fingers opening the shy thing up before returning to the rapped deep strokes that were obviously working on her g-spot. By this time the girl had let go her tits and was holding onto the pillow behind her head. Her breasts were heaving with her deep breaths and her nipples looked as if they were electrified. The look on her face was a look of euphoria, lost in that moment of ecstasy as she held that pillow for dear life. Her eyes would roll back and flutter as her head rocked from side to side. Now and then she’d start to recover, sucking in great volumes of air then squeaking like a mouse. She’d move her hands to stop him. He’d intercept them with his forearm and she’d find herself holding on to it actually pulling his fingers even deeper into her hungry pussy. She’d expel all that air in a low guttural grown as he picked up the pace again. He’d bring each girl to a screaming crying thrashing torrential orgasm three times before ending their session.

I would remember these moments when I’d suggest Fe ask D to rub her shoulders at work. She would shake her head and say no.

The weeks thru most of summer were sedate. She worked 10 hours a day, was off Fridays to Mondays. I took care of the kids all morning and slept in the afternoons. She’d do house work in the afternoons and slept while Betturkey I worked. She made her point again a couple of times that we use to do it only once a month. Usually this followed, “We just did it less than a week ago.”

One night I offered her a massage. It had been a month since our last massage. You remember the one that ended with her starting her May period. This time turned into sex again, not all on my doing but with no objections either.

She again accused me of wanting it too much, making me promise to give her a month and after that only when she asked me too. I reluctantly agreed. She started her June period the very next day. That makes two months in a row we had sex and her period started immediately after. Of course this was my fault.

At this point I decided to record all this with as much accurate detail as I could remember and get her to recall. I wrote down what I knew and what I believed I knew. Then I invited her to another massage this time just a shoulder rub.

As I worked her neck muscles I asked her to recall the first day they kissed. She tried to blur all the kisses into a single story but I made her back up and look at just that very first day. I intended to take it one event at a time getting as much as possible on each before moving on to the next.

She revealed a lot more than I ever suspected this time. We talked this time without sex and I asked one question after another. I gave her a dry shoulder and back massage to relax her and keep the mission I was on out of the bed. I guess it had been long enough since their last tango, over a month now, so she was no longer frustrated with herself and could think straight. Here is what she said.

“The first encounter was in the Teachers Administration room with the lights on. I had finished my work and was removing my stuff from the room when I locked my keys inside. D came to let me back in. We talked about his family problems. I offered him advice and a hug. He was in his usual work cloths, medical scrubs. As we hugged I had my hands up his back and his were over my arms and down my back. When the hug broke my lips grazed his cheek almost accidently as he turned his head away. We exited in a hurry. I could tell he was attracted to me from the way we looked at each other, and I was attracted to him too. Yes, the moment was thrilling. We didn’t really kiss this time but it was the start of everything.”

I asked if she felt his buto this time and she said no, but every time she did she’d shoo him away. She relaxed as I massaged and spoke smoothly and calmly. I decided to record this event because it meant so much to her to recall it with such fondness. I wanted to know about the first kiss though so I continued to question.

She went on to say, “The next week we experienced our second encounter, actually the first real kiss. He came to my work area to offer his assistance. I had just finished the ART ROOM and was exiting the building. Suddenly he was there. I asked him, ‘What are you doing here D?” I was paranoid a coworker might see us. Again we small talked and again I offered him a hug. This time he said he missed me and wanted a hug. I told him to consider it from his wife. He turned his head and I did too so we could kiss. We kissed about ten minutes. He was in his usual work cloths, medical scrubs. As we hugged I had my hands up his back and his were over my arms and down my back as before. He held me close and I could feel his buto getting hard and rubbing my pubic area. That’s when I shooed him away.”

That was enough for me. I wanted to fuck my wife again right there on her massage table. She was hot too and started rubbing my cock hard as she asked me to fuck her. With me standing at the end of the table, I pulled Betturkey Giriş her legs over my shoulders and positioned myself for the wild humpty hump.

I again asked her, “Who do you want to fuck you? Beg him to!”

She did and we both relaxed in total satisfaction after D gave her a wonderful deep long hard pounding with my white dick. She asked me to stop mentioning him after that. I said if she didn’t bring him up I wouldn’t.

A few days later she showed me a text he sent and how she like it. It only said ‘SMILE!’ she brought him up so I took the opportunity to ask about the next kiss, the second kiss.

She was open and said, “The week following the first kiss he came to me again. I had just finished in the bathroom and entered the ART ROOM when there he was waiting for me. Again I asked him, “What are you doing here D? People are going to notice. He said he wanted to compare my weight to his wife’s so he scooped me up in his arms and twirled me around in the room like a bride.”

This part I had never heard before and it really caught me off guard to hear how he twirled her around like a bride and how she acted as she recalled the event, as if it was fun and wonderful. I was in shock.

I listened intently as she continued not wanting to miss a thing, “I told him he was crazy and to put me down. I asked if he was there for a hug and a kiss. He puckered up and squenched up his face. I told him he looked like a silly kid. Then I offered him a hug knowing it would turn into a kiss and stepped to him. Again we kissed, our second kiss, for about ten minutes. His and my hands were as before. The lights were on, and I didn’t feel his buto this time.”

I was learning things she had never revealed before. We went to bed again and again she made me feel like all I ever wanted to do now was fuck. Actually I wanted to get in shape and make her want me as much as she obviously lusted for him.

That very night I began a new workout schedule I’ve performed each night I’ve worked since that day. She said nothing is going on now, that D and she were thru. Again she said we had done it less than a week before and wanted to return to the good old times. I never want to go back there. Those were the days that left this door open for that Black Dog.

It was less than a week when she complained of a back ache. I offered to use our massage table and she agreed. I told her to take a hot shower. As she did I slipped in and shaved her pussy bare.

I really only intended to relax her with the massage, but when she asked me to use cool oil because it felt good on her poki I was compelled to please once again. To this point I had worked my way around her tender breasts avoiding her tempting nipples, and steered clear of her sensitive pussy, but did spend a lot of time sliding my forearms all over her back and legs, and needing my fingers into her neck and shoulders and pretty plump round rump.

Now as I applied a good amount of cool oil to her naked beaver she started playing with my balls. I used a lot of oil for the massage to make the job nice and slippery. I worked up a sweat as she talked, and answered my questions.

She told me D had been playful, teasing her at work this day, and had texted her some green jokes. Oh, that means dirty, nasty, or colorful jokes of a mild nature. She had brought him up in conversation again and I took the opportunity to run with it. This time I covered the last three kisses.

She said, “A week following the second kiss, D came again, and once again I asked him, “D what are you doing here?” She said, “I was in the Special Ed room. He had brought me a dust pan because mine was broken. I offered him a thank you hug knowing it would turn into a kiss. He took my hands, Betturkey Güncel Giriş pulled me into his arms, and we kissed. The lights were on and teachers come and go a lot. We were paranoid and thought we saw someone pass so I stopped kissing. He started to leave but I caught him and asked if he were okay. We moved into an adjoining more private room and turned off the lights. In the dark we kissed again. This time I didn’t feel his buto. It probably didn’t get hard because we only kissed a minute before we stopped the first time, and then only kissed another minute in the dark.”

She continued, “The forth time, the next week, he came to me as I was putting my stuff away in the closet. I asked him why he was there. We small talked. He said he wanted to help me. I said he was there for a kiss and he agreed. He told me he couldn’t help himself and was compelled to see and kiss me. I felt a magnetism too and told him to come, and we backed into the Maintenance closet out of the hall. The door was open and the light on. We kissed for a while. We were unaware that the supervisor was trying to reach both of us for a long time on the walky-talky. Later that week D told me he was scared when he saw me. I think it’s because we almost got caught.”

Again I asked if she felt it, his buto, and again she said no. I asked, “So he came to you once a week?”

She said, “Yes up till then.” She concluded her story with this final kiss, “It was a couple of weeks between that kiss in the closet and the last one. I had sworn him off, remember? And we, D and I talked about respect and family, right and wrong thru the two weeks. I showed him our family pictures. Then one night I was working in the Weight room listening to the radio loudly as I cleaned. D appeared and I didn’t hear him come in behind me. When I turned and saw him I screamed and threw my broom and dust pan in the air. I asked him, “D what are you doing here?” he said he wanted to help. I told him I didn’t need help, to go help someone else. He declined. I told him to sit and stay out of the way so he sat on the workout bench.

We small talked and when I had finished he took my hands and pulled me into his lap where I sat on one thigh with my legs between his. My arms went around his neck and his around my waist. This time as we kissed he did try to touch my breasts but I am ashamed of my soft breast so I slid my arm down to block his hand. He felt my kili kili and asked why I wore all these cloths. I am comfortable with a bra, a support sports bra, and a t-shirt under my work shirt. We kissed for a while with the lights on, then I shooed him away.”

I asked again, “Did you shoo him away because you felt his buto?”

Again she said no, but that was inconsistent with what she had said a while back, that when ever she felt it getting hard she’d shoo him away. To date she only admitted to feeling it once. I’d take from her statement that ‘every time she felt it’… that it must of happened more then once and more then twice. I believe out of shame she lied. I know I got hard listening to her stories and didn’t want to put her on the defensive, so I didn’t press the issue.

We enjoyed wonderful sex and I was so worn out after it I couldn’t stand. She wanted to go to bed so we slowly made our way up the stairs. I asked her a few more questions as we snuggled in our bed.

This is what she said, “He never in all our kisses tried to touch my crotch or force himself on me. I wish he would have respected me enough to ask before kissing me. Most times he just kissed me.” As I reflect on all her stories only once did she say he kissed her without her first offering him a hug. Oh well, I guess once is enough.

To my count with all activities in a night counting as a single kiss, there are five passionate kisses to date. This last kiss was a couple weeks before our week long trip to California while still on night shift. I also recall her offering him a hug on the first, second, third, and forth nights leaving only one kiss he took without invitation first.

To be continued…

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