Family Tradition


“Sis are you awake?” I whispered hoping my little sister Katie was finally awake as today was her 18th birthday and she was holding a party at the weekend as was tradition. I knew Daddy would give her the special present and could hardly wait as he had agreed that I would get to watch and maybe even help.

My mind flashed back to when I had just turned 18 and the night of my party after the guests had gone and daddy gave me my special present.


“Daddy are you still awake?” I said softly as I sat on the side of the bed in the guest annexe watching his hairy chest rise and fall. I wasn’t sure if he was asleep as his breathing sounded shallow enough but you could never tell so I just sat quietly and admired the outline of his bottom half under the thin sheet. At 45 my Daddy Ryan was still an outstanding figure of a man, keeping himself in shape by working out. The few streaks of grey in his hair made him look distinguished and more than one of my girlfriends had commented how he was ‘dishy’, like George Clooney, with comments of, “I would.”

I had never seen him in that way before as to me he was just my daddy until I saw the video. Tonight, I saw him as the sexy man he was and I could feel the lust building inside me as I sat there.

I had turned 18 on the previous Tuesday and on Saturday my parents had agreed to let me host a party with a few drinks on the condition I didn’t go mad and it all ended at midnight. To make sure Katie and Sandy, my older sister, and my mom had gone to stay with our grandparents. Dad stayed in the room over the garage so that way he could be close enough to make sure there wasn’t any trouble but far enough away to not cramp my style.

The party had gone off without incident and had been fun but despite some of the boys wanting to kiss and grope I wasn’t interested as the only thing in my head was my daddy’s naked body.

As I watched him sleeping the images of the video Sandy had shown me were flashing through my brain. She had simply walked into my room on my actual birthday and pressed a few buttons on my laptop to locate a hidden online file. Then as she clicked play, she kissed me on the forehead and whispered “Happy Birthday Sis,” as she left.

The scene that appeared was Sandy naked and I could see from the cards in the background that it was her 18th birthday. She was touching herself as she looked at the camera, dipping her fingers into her pussy and covering them with cream that she licked off like a cat enjoying a treat. I couldn’t help letting out a gasp when the man that appeared was our daddy, his cock jutting out and gleaming with juices. It seemed huge in the picture as he held it in his hand pointing it at her as he said softly,

“So baby girl, your cherry has gone, ready to make the video to show your sister when she comes of age?”

I heard my sister murmur in agreement as she took daddy into her mouth and started to suck on his cock like it escort karkamış was a lollipop. I couldn’t resist touching myself as he caressed her long blonde hair that was drawn into a ponytail. Grabbing her head firmly he began to thrust into her mouth, each time forcing his cock deeper making her cough and gag. When he had decided that she had made his cock wet enough he pulled her around and positioned her on all fours. The camera on the stand was in a perfect position to see his fat mushroom head enter her and her groan echoed from the speakers. I had never been with a man but what I was seeing looked so perfect I knew I wanted my Daddy to be the one to make me a full woman. I could see his cock sliding in and out of her, coated with her gleaming juices. The sound of the palm of his hand slapping onto her ass cheek was music to my ears and my moan mixed with my sisters as I rubbed myself in a frenzy.

I could see quite clearly as he pulled out of her open pussy and then ran the head over her tiny anal rosebud. I had read about anal sex and seen a video or two but this was surreal as I was about to witness my daddy fucking my sister’s ass. The groan that filled the room was amazing as he pushed himself into her ass filling her deeper and deeper. I could see his fingers in her flesh as she gripped the sheets and he started to drive in and out forcing sounds from her body as he slammed into her. I could see her hand under her body mashed against the bed as she pushed back up to him.

As my sister climaxed on daddy’s cock, I came with her thrusting two fingers into my soaking pussy as I arched off the bed. After the video had ended my breathing slowly returned to normal and I knew that I would never see daddy in the same light again.


As I remembered the size of my daddy’s cock driving into Sandy, I could feel myself getting wet and could see the outline of his cock under the sheet. I reached out and traced it with my finger and at the same time, he opened his eyes and looked at me. For a moment he remained silent before he said softly, “You have watched the video, haven’t you?”

I just nodded as I continued to trace his cock which was starting to stiffen and make the sheet rise.

“Do you want daddy to take your cherry,” he said rolling onto his back, his cock pointing up to the ceiling.

I had thought of nothing else since the video and as he gripped it by the root, I straddled him and positioned it so that the tip was poised at my pussy lips and I held my hands on his chest supporting my weight. Then with a contented sigh, I lowered myself until he was half inside me, filling me with his wonderful cock. Looking down at him I sighed softly,

“I love you, daddy,” and relaxed letting a little more of his fat cock open me.

“And I love you, baby girl,” he said as his powerful hands gripped my tiny hips and pulled me down until he was fully inside karkamış escort bayan me.

I had used my fingers before but this was amazing, as I sat on his cock feeling it so big inside me his hands moved from my hips to my breasts and ran his fingers over my nipples, gently rolling them between his finger and thumb.

“Does it feel good baby girl?”

“Oh daddy it feels the most wonderful thing in the world,” I moaned as I started to rock gently on his cock lifting myself up and down like I would if I was on Trixie, my pony. I increased my pace as if I was urging Trixie from a walk to a trot, bouncing as I felt my insides being tugged each time I moved up and down. I watched daddy’s face as I moved from a trot to a canter, my movement quite vigorous and I could feel myself building to an orgasm.

“Daddy I am going to cum,” I moaned loudly and his reply sent me over the edge.

“Good girl, cum on daddy’s fat cock and then I will fuck you like a little slut, like I did your sister.”

I screamed with pleasure and could feel my juices flood down his shaft as I slammed myself up and down on his shaft, bucking and writhing in pleasure.

My head was spinning as he lifted me from his cock and pushed me to the bed on all fours. Turning my head to the side I noticed the video camera was already in place and daddy pulled my ankles around until he was satisfied that I was in the right position. Then after flicking a switch to start it running, he returned to my upturned ass, running the head of his cock over my cheeks before pressing it against my open pussy lips but not entering me.

“So baby girl daddy has your cherry now, but we must agree on the future,” and with those words, he drove his cock into me and then fully pulled back out leaving me tingling and gasping and at the same time he bought his hand down hard on my ass making me jump with the pain. “Mommy must never know,” as he thrust again, deep in and then back until his head was against my lips, his hand making a stinging slap on my ass. “I will fuck you whenever I want,” he said as he thrust and then slapped making my head spin.

He repeated his actions until I was begging him to fuck me harder. “Please fuck me, daddy,”

“What are you, baby girl?”

“Your daughter,” I almost sobbed not sure what he wanted me to say.

I yelped as his hand slapped down again and this time no thrust so I tried to push back to find his cock but he held himself away.

“Tell me what you really are,” he growled twisting his hips just teasing the head in me.

“Your slutty daughter who loves daddy’s cock and will do anything to get it inside me,” I cried out arching backwards.

He must have been satisfied with what he heard as he grabbed my hips and started to drive into me with long measured strokes that increased in intensity. His strokes became faster and I felt his fingers dig into my flesh karkamış escort as he exploded inside me filling me with his seed. Each thrust sent me deeper into the covers until finally, he collapsed on my back, sated for now.

Eventually, he rolled off and I cuddled into his chest, resting my head on his chest fur, my hand casually playing with his now deflated cock that was the source of so much pleasure.

“This is your special present,” he said as he handed me a neatly wrapped box. “You can take it with you wherever you go and know your daddy will always be with you.”

Opening the box excitedly I found myself looking at a large pink dildo that looked like a man’s penis including veins and everything. Glancing at daddy’s cock that was hanging down, now a little limp, it was still easy to see that this was a replica of him at full glory.

“Oh daddy it’s wonderful,” I gasped gripping the rubber cock tightly knowing that he would be close to me forever. Then looking into his eyes, I opened my knees and placed the head at my pussy that was still full of his seed, “I had better check it fits,” I said not breaking eye contact with him as I pushed it deep into myself in one thrust feeling it fill me fully.

“Mmm that looks good in you baby girl, maybe you would like two daddies in you?”

As I looked, I could see that his cock was starting to twitch as it grew hard and I knew what he wanted. I wanted the same and without removing it from my pussy I rolled over onto my hands and knees presenting my ass to him and my pussy filled with the rubber replica of him. I felt him position himself behind me and his cock head rubbing against my ass hole. There was a cold trickle of gel on my ass and then he pushed his cock until the head was inside my ass. It felt like I would explode as he continued to push and all the time, he uttered words of encouragement.

“Does that feel good in your ass baby girl?” he said as he paused with his cock halfway in.

“Yes daddy it feels so good having two daddies in me,” I gasped pushing back until I could feel his belly pressed against my ass and his balls touching my fingers where I was holding the dildo in.

“Now fuck yourself, baby girl,” he said holding his cock still.

I started to push in and out on the dildo and then finding the switch on the base set the dildo running on vibrate.

“That feels good baby girl,” daddy moaned and I felt his start to thrust into my ass. As I moved the dildo, I felt it touch something deep inside and I started to cum, trashing about as the pleasure rushed through me. I had to let go of the dildo and just brace against the bed as daddy fucked me hard and fast his cock pounding into my ass almost forcing the dildo from my pussy. I felt his fingers dig into my flesh as he pumped his seed deep into my bowels.

Collapsing onto the bed, his weight on top of me he whispered in my ear, “Happy Birthday baby girl.”


That was 18 months ago and as I saw my little sister’s eyes open, she looked at me sleepily,

“Happy Birthday sis,” I said with more excitement than her as she had just woken up, “I have something you need to watch.”

With that, I pressed play and saw myself appear on screen as my sister suddenly became awake and very interested.

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