Family Fun Ch. 02

Big Tits

Author’s Note: COVID ravages the land. Stay-at-home orders, closures of the usual public gathering places, the creeping social isolation from the outside world tend to create changes. Tensions rise, something has to break. Bonds and taboos change, relationships morph into something new.

But for some those changes came long before COVID struck. Karen and Bill Sr’s early marriage and their daughter Kathy a case in particular.

Story immediately follows Chapter 1 and sets up Chapter 3.

All characters are adult!

Karen woke from her catnap, her older son Bobbie spooned along her back. She grinned realizing she was doing the same, her slightly younger son Billy wrapped in her arms, his back pressed against the front of her body. She felt wonderful.

So wonderful that she was about to fall back asleep. But an errant thought brought her fully awake. “Kathy.”

She frowned. Her daughter would be home – when? Probably not until early evening. Okay. There were a lot of questions Karen had for her daughter. Mostly about the little matter of Kathy appearing to be smack dab in the center of all the incestuous behavior her family had fallen into. But first and foremost? Kathy’s role in her Billy having an alter ego named Lola.

Her twin boys were sound asleep. And even though she was sandwiched between their delectable bods Karen figured she’d be able to get up without rousing them. A few moments of quiet slow movement and she was unentangled from them; after rearranging the blankets over her boys she grabbed a robe and headed into the en suite bathroom.

Closing the door behind her Karen started the shower. She was gloriously sticky and stank of wonderful taboo sex. Which was not at all the condition Karen intended to be in when she confronted her daughter! “That little scheming bitch” Karen thought nastily as she stepped into the stall and began soaping the last traces of the delightful morning with her sons away.

Her shower finished, Karen decided on her plan of action as she dried herself. Looking into the mirror as she toweled her hair, she knew there wasn’t any going back to what she’d a few hours prior thought of as a ‘normal family’ life – she grinned at her image and winked at it. No, those horses were out of the barn and there wasn’t any getting them back.

To be honest though, she reflected, she’d thoroughly enjoyed the morning of highly charged and very illicit sex with her two sons. And considering that the rest of her family had been happily rutting each other long before she’d become aware of all the goings on – why should she be the one to cry out “No more!” to any of it?

And so, as Karen grinned even more broadly to herself, to the business at hand. The top of the day’s agenda would be her daughter Kathy getting knocked off the ivory plinth she’d built for herself. Next item, said daughter getting disciplined for keeping her mother in the dark! Karen felt her nipples crinkle with that thought. There were things her fucking idiot of a husband hadn’t videoed and it was very likely Kathy was absolutely clueless about.

Wrapping her desirably yummy mummy’s body with the robe Karen stepped out of the bathroom and re-entered her bedroom. She gently woke her two boys, and as they laid blinking and wiping sleep from their eyes she asked “Bobbie, can you go visit some of your buddies for the afternoon and evening?”

Her older by minutes boy sat up in bed, stretched, yawned and replied “I guess Mom. Why?”

Seating herself at her dressing table, Karen replied “I need to have a talk with Kathy when she gets home dear.” She smiled ruefully, continued. “She and I need to have a heart-to-heart and I think it’d be a good idea if you’re out of the house for that one.” She turned to face her boys. “She and I need to talk about what’s been going on with Billy, and your Dad.” Bobbie nodded, and Karen added “But I want your brother to stay. Will you by okay with that?”

Bobbie shrugged. “Sure, I guess. I’ll check with some of the guys.”

Karen smiled at him. “Thanks honey. After I settle things with Kathy, we’ll talk tomorrow about… where we…” She was stymied about how to continue.

Billy piped up. “Oh, like who will be sleeping where from now on. Like that mommy?”

She grinned. “Exactly. And Bobbie?” Thank god for Billy she thought. “I hope you come home tonight wanting… more.” His returning grin told her all she needed to know.

She hadn’t tied the belt to her robe so as she moved it slid open, exposing quite a lot of cleavage and her thighs. Her eyes took Bobbie in as he got out of bed, his naked body so fucking beautiful Karen thought to herself.

Bobbies’ earlier feelings of doubt and self-consciousness about being naked around his mom had disappeared. He grinned back, feeling rather self-assured. “You bet mom. It’s not every guy who gets to come home to a hot MILF!”

Karen smiled and made shooing motions with her hands. “You better get a shower my studly boy toy – otherwise your gaziantep escort reklamları buddies might take notice and want some of the good stuff for themselves.” She grinned mischievously, added “You know. Actually, that does sound pretty good…”

The image of being on her hands and knees, servicing a group of young cocksmen flitted into her mind. Karen smiled lasciviously at the thought. Something she might bring up with her sons..

Bobbie laughed and walked out of her bedroom leaving his younger by moments non-identical twin behind. Karen faced the mirror and reached for her hair brush, stopped, turned back to look at him. The image of young studs pounding her every hole vanishing.

Billy. Her sweet pretty boy. An innocent looking slutty scamp – so many contradictions but really a good description. “Billy, come by mama so we can talk.”

She watched him get out of bed. Billy was slighter than her other boy; he was androgynously pretty with smooth muscles, they would never be as well defined as Bobbies were. He wasn’t fat, rather fine boned, gracefully thin – waif like – edging on gangly. She smiled, realizing her boy would always have petite, champagne glass breasts, never a manly chest. It was his cock that proclaimed his sex; large with proud balls. The rest of him… Pretty. She smiled.

“Billy” she began, not sure how exactly to ask the rest. “Are you comfortable… being Lola?”

Her lovely boy smiled, took the brush from her hand and motioned her to turn back towards the mirror above her dressing table. As he began brushing Billy explained he liked being Lola. He was happy being Billy too. He just loved the feelings he got as he transformed into Lola; and the more feminine, girly, and alluring Lola became the more he loved it.

He just felt – Billy stopped, and thought a bit. He got a lot of pleasure from wearing girls’ things. From as far back as he could remember he’d always had a desire to touch soft, silky, feminine garments. That yearning grew as he got older – to wanting to wear them, feel them on his body.

One of the reasons he’d moved his bedroom down to the lower level was to get his own space. He’d had some castoffs from his sister but rarely had the privacy he’d wanted to be able to freely wear them. Moving into his own room he could experiment, wear feminine attire when he wanted.

He’d added to his small wardrobe, buying panties and other intimate clothing. He’d gotten rid of most of his male underwear, keeping the best for those ‘just in case’ situations. He wore panties all of the time since the pandemic started, and had even kept his toenails painted. Billy had thought no one would figure out what he was up to – what with being stuck at home, and especially since he’d been doing his own laundry.

“Oh! I hadn’t realized” Karen interjected. She’d been so busy with her own life that she’d taken Billy’s decision to wash his own clothes as a god send – one less thing for her to worry about. “So, let me guess. Kathy found out because of the wash?”

Billy nodded, kept brushing. His older sister had begun teasing him the second she’d found out, but they’d soon struck a deal. Kathy would help him, and not with just clothes but also with everything else. Shoes, lingerie, makeup, how to act and walk like a girl – and of course with sex.

Karen quickly looked up into the mirror, meeting her son’s eyes. “You and Kathy, uhm? Sex, I mean?” She’d realized how quickly her perspectives had changed; instead of feeling a parental concern, or really any sort of disapproval – in its place Karen was experiencing arousal. And besides… Fuck. The kids were all adults.

“Well, sort of.” Billy was enjoying brushing his mom’s hair. His was getting longer and he’d become adept at styling it to suit his mood. He began to wish he was dressed as Lola though. In his mind flashed an image of him wearing a bra, panties – maybe a pretty clingy robe while he, no, she. Brushed and worked on her mom’s hair. A ladies only day with mom.

Billy sighed. “I’d been shaving my legs, it felt so much more… like it was just right. When I began wearing panties I mean.” He’d found a knot in Karen’s hair, gently teased it out. “I liked the feelings inside of me, of being soft, sexy and, well. Feminine. With Kathy’s help, I could explore it more.” He wondered if maybe his mommy might take Lola under her wing, enjoy having a more fem girl around than his sister Kathy.

Kathy was like Bobbie, into sports. Competition. Her hair and clothes were, ugh. Utilitarian, easy to take care of and change. Billy began to wonder what it would be like to shop for clothes with his mom, not as him but as Lola. He smiled wistfully at that thought.

“When I’m Lola, I like how guys look at me. See the glam girl I become.” And how he liked it!

That first time he pulled a pair of black sheer stockings over his silky-smooth legs, then admired himself in the full-length mirror on the back of the closet gaziantep escort bayan reklamları door. Kathy was with him, and snickered. Called him Lola, and the name just seemed so perfect. He’d ignored her, transfixed at how just one item of effeminate attire make him look, and feel. Most especially the feel.

He only ignored for her a moment however. Kathy had him face the mirror, his hands on either side of it, his legs spread, those smooth sexy stockings on his legs. She lubed his bottom, used the dildo she had him keep in his dresser on him.

She stood behind him, pumping it slowly into him, pinching his nipples, talking to him. Calling him Lola, her sissy boy, lot’s of things. Kathy told him to stroke himself and he did eagerly. She kept her mouth next to his ear and stared into his eyes through the mirror as she told him exactly how she wanted him to jerk off.

She took her time, she was mean and derisive. Called him her pretty sissy cock sucker. He liked that. She had him bring himself several times to orgasm and then she’d order him to stop – she’d pinch his nipple extra hard or slap his ass. It helped.

She never stopped fucking his ass though and he loved every second of it. Finally she ordered him to sperm the mirror. And he did – then licked it clean after he’d collapsed to the floor and she told him to. Told him that pretty sissy cock suckers never waste cum.

Billy blinked his eyes rapidly, realizing he was lost in his thoughts. That scene wasn’t something he could share with his mommy. At least not yet.

Karen had also been lost in her thoughts regarding what Bobby had said for some moments. Then met his eyes in the mirror. “I think I’d like to spend some girl time with Lola” she said quietly. She felt her pulse quicken as she saw her Billy’s eyes go wide, the coy smile on his lips. “Take your time and get all pretty, and when you’re ready we really need to look at your things… Lola.”

Bobby actually squealed, clapped his hands and giggled. “You are the best mommy!”

Karen made shooing motions with her hands, saying “We’ll do your hair and makeup when you’re ready. I expect you to be silky smooth, in your loveliest bra and panties. Now get!”

Billy bussed his mom on her cheek then ran out – naked, not a care in the world. Karen watched him go with a half frown, half bemused smile on her face. “Now what the fuck do I do” she mused. Turned to look at her image in the mirror. “Well, he’s happy. I’m not going to yell at him, punish him, fuck do anything really about his wanting to wear women’s clothing” she’d thought looking at herself.

Then cocked her head and smiled. “Fact is, Kathy was never into frills and pretty things, and it would be fun to have an actual girl around here for once…” ran through her head. “Speaking of Kathy” she murmured and went back to her hair.

Finished Karen went into her closet and set out what she’d be wearing for what in her mind had become “The Interview”. It was a roleplay Bill Sr. enjoyed and she smirked. Kathy would be in for quite a treat. Matching shoes and lingerie set out next.

Karen considered taking out the… things… she enjoyed using so much on her ex-husband during their D/s roleplay sessions. Her smile was almost feral as she remembered all the fun they – well, certainly she – had. “No”, she thought. “They’ll keep for now. Later will be time enough. With Lola.”

Speaking of. “Lola will have a lot of fun helping me dress” Karen continued thinking to herself. She replaced her robe with a thin and clingy kimono. “I think it’s time to inspect her closet.”

Grinning as she slipped a pair of mules over her feet Karen went to her bedroom door and opened it. At about the same time Bobbie was walking down the hallway, clearly having just left his room. Karen stopped in the doorframe smiling at her son as he ambled by, not making any attempt to hide his admiring looks.

“Don’t come home too late… stud” she said, winking then reached out and patted her son’s athletic ass.

Chuckling he swaggered on, replying “Hell no!” Bobbie stopped, turning his head continued “Me ‘n the guys are going to hang out and watch some stuff on TV.” He grinned wider. “Somehow it always ends up with a lot of porn getting shown, so yeah mom, you better be ready for some hard fucking!”

“Promises promises…” was all Karen said as her boy continued his cock of the walk strut down the stairs, on his way out of the house.

Feeling better than she had in years Karen headed down into the lower level of the tri-level. “Fuck” she breathed as she stepped into the family room. The dildo that her baby Billy while dressed as Lola had been fucking while enthusiastically blowing her other son Bobbie laid lewdly on the floor. Smiling a bit imperiously Karen decided that it would remain, a bullet point to the conversation she was planning with her daughter.

She stepped to then knocked on the bathroom door that served escort gaziantep reklamları originally as a guest bath, then cracked it open. She saw Billy in the shower, called out “Hi, just checking on your progress hon!”

“Almost done mom!” Billy replied. He was shaving his legs, already having done his junk and armpits. He didn’t have much body hair to begin with, so keeping smooth and groomed wasn’t all that much of an ordeal. He’d removed the toenail polish before his shower, as he’d hoped that his – he grinned. No, that Lola’s mom would want them both to match.

Karen nodded, replied “Okay sweetie, I’m going to check your closet if that’s all right. Pick something out for you.”

“Thanks mom!”

Karen had a look in mind. She didn’t want Lola dressed like the trampy slut Karen first met as she’d walked in on her and Bobbie. Stepping into Billy’s room she paused, taking a quick inventory. “Well fuck, the kid keeps a neat bedroom” she’d thought to herself, looking around.

Closet first. Karen opened it and noticed her son had kept one side with guys clothes, and the other his small collection of feminine things. Most of which was slutty, cheap looking… Well! A straitlaced garment bag looked inviting.

Unzipping it she found on one hanger a crisp plain white blouse. There was a second hanger, and on its padded bar was a prim plaid skirt; Karen grimaced, shaking her head. Oh fuck, that forever male school girl fantasy.

Undaunted, she opened the bag further and inspected both pieces, and was pleased to see it wasn’t the tramp attire she’d expected. The skirt looked as if it would go about mid-thigh on Lola… Well well. There was a matching criss-cross tie as well. Huh.

Karen laid the bag carefully onto Billy’s bed and turned to look into his dresser. Perusing a couple of the drawers she found what she was looking for, a fairly decent supply of panties… ah. And there were bra’s as well. As she started to carefully rummage through the intimate apparel Billy walked in, toweling his hair. He was wearing a scruffy robe, and grinned as he realized what his mom was doing.

“Uhm… mom? Bottom drawer. The lingerie that goes with that outfit…”

Karen gave him an “Oh really?” look as a response, then did as Billy suggested. And found a pair of pink satin lingerie and bra bags. “Fuck” she thought. “Billy…?” she asked as she pulled them out and set them next to the garment bag.

Billy briefly explained the outfit was for a party he’d been invited to by their neighbor, Rod Delacorte. Karen had only a nodding acquaintance with the man, she knew he was older, retired, comfortably well off. She couldn’t remember if there was a wife though. Her eyebrows went up as her son explained that Delacorte’s new partner was a transgender named Tiffany.

Tiffany had planned on going to the party dressed as a sexy librarian; further had thought it would be cute if Lola went as a prim and proper school girl. Billy’s face got a little red when he added the rest of the plan would be for Lola to wear a collar and leash, with Tiff leading her around as her pet. Karen felt a rush of warmth in her lower belly as she imagined the pair.

“Uhm… and…” And fuck Karen thought as she stumbled wondering what to say, to ask! “Uh. You didn’t go, did you?”

Billy shook his head. “Nope. Kathy found out about it and went marching over to Uncle Rod’s place. That was the end of my going there to party.” He frowned, added “Kathy told me later that if anyone was going to exploit me it’d be her.” He shrugged his shoulders, said “I miss being with Tiff. She was fun.”

Karen’s nipples were stiff as she imagined what her boy meant by ‘fun’! “Might have to visit Rod and meet this Tiffany for myself” she thought.

“I’m declaring the rest of the day as girls only time dear” she said, apprising her son’s face carefully. “Hmmm… Your complexion is a lot like mine – Lola” there was just a barely perceptible pause as she used Billy’s femme name. “Bring your things and come with momma, we’re going to get ourselves beautiful for when your sister comes home.”

“Yes ma’am!” and with that Billy scooped up the bags from his bed. He followed his mom up to her bedroom, his eyes on her. Not so much to enjoy the scenery – which considering the cling of the kimono to her backside made it quite lush. No, his eye was more on the mechanics of her hips swaying, the way his mom took the stairs, all the things that made her stride so womanly.

As Karen walked through the house to her bedroom, she imagined Lola being led around a party by a leash, being the pet of a sexy librarian. Her imagination filled in lurid images, and she had to admit the scene sounded hot. She smiled dreamily. Like father, like son.

She stepped into her bedroom and not looking back went into her closet. “Dear, that ratty looking robe has to go. Now let me see…” Karen pulled a slightly older pale pink kimono off a hanger and turned to her new ‘daughter’. “Try this.”

Billy’s eyes went wide. And he felt goosebumps. One of his mommy’s robe’s? He put the packages he’d been carrying onto the foot of Karen’s bed. Then he went to her, took it almost reverently… No. Not he. She. Lola shrugged out of the frumpy guy’s robe and gratefully placed her arms into the much finer material of the borrowed dressing gown. “Thank you” she said in her furry, sexy contralto, tying a knot into the sash. “This does feel so much better!”

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