Daisy’s Disgrace Pt. 24


Dylan froze. His cock was buried deep in his sister’s throat, and she jerked her head back, coughing and gagging. His dick thrust straight out, grazing her cheek, leaving a smear of saliva and precum across her pretty face. He was staring at Tom. “Dude, I can’t fuck my own sister.”

“What do you think you’re doing now?” Tom pulled his fingertip out of Shawna’s ass and got up off the bed. He pushed his way past Dylan and thrust his half-erect cock into the naked girl’s mouth. She sucked it automatically. Tom indicated her vacant backside with a dramatic sweep of his hand. “She’s all yours.”

Wordlessly, Dylan backed away from his sister’s face. He watched for a moment, dumbfounded, as she cleaned the older man’s dick. When he pulled it out of her mouth, it was slick with saliva. Shawna didn’t say anything. She only looked up at him, and Dylan saw the same mixture of lust and confusion on her face.

That seemed to decide it. He got behind her on the bed, the video camera still in his hand. He stared for awhile at her backside, taking in the shaven pussy with its tidy outer labia and, above it, the red pucker of her asshole, wet with cum. Dylan’s cock had never been so hard. When he placed it against his sister’s anus, he groaned. “Oh fuck, I can’t believe I’m doing this.”

When she turned her head to look at him and let out a soft moan, he nearly exploded across her asscheeks. He had always wanted to fuck her, although he hadn’t understood that until recently. He had always thought it was her friend Daisy that he wanted, the one with the killer tits and tight little body. And he did want her, had fucked her, had cum in her mouth. But he loved his sister, and he loved the way she acted when Daisy was around. She became more relaxed, more flirtatious, more fun. She wore more revealing clothing, skimpier swimsuits and, when their parents weren’t home, sometimes walked around the house in a pair of panties and a t-shirt.

It was on one of these occasions that he had burst into the bathroom to find Daisy there on the toilet, emptying her bladder of the wine she had drunk that evening with his sister. He had only wanted to find a private place to jerk off, but when he saw the pretty blonde sitting there, he had coaxed her into giving him a blowjob. She had clearly never given one before, but she was eager, and it hadn’t been terrible. She had played with his balls a little, which was nice. Unskilled or not, it didn’t matter. Dylan wasn’t thinking about her anyway. He was imagining his sister, sliding her boyshort panties down the perfect globes of her ass, reaching back to spread them so he could see her pussy and asshole. When he came in Daisy’s mouth, he nearly moaned his sister’s name. Mentally he was cumming deep in her perfect ass.

And now he was pushing his cock into a tight little asshole more perfect that he could have dreamed. She opened for him, albeit reluctantly, until his head slipped past her sphincter. She spasmed involuntarily around his dick, and the feel and sight of it drove him crazy. “Oh fuck, Shawna,” he moaned. “I’m going to bury my cock in your perfect little ass.”

With one hand gripping a round globe, he began to work himself inside her. He went slowly but steadily deeper and deeper, the sounds of his sister’s ragged breathing and occasional grunts and groans only urging him on. Even when she began to protest, squealing that his cock was too big and she couldn’t take any more, Dylan continued. He knew he would cum if he thought about what he was doing, so he focused on getting the right camera angle, making sure he spread her cheeks wide enough to reveal her anus wrapped around his cock.

When he was as deep inside her as he could get, Dylan paused and let her catch her breath. As much as he wanted to destroy this ass, he loved Shawna, and didn’t want them to fall out afterwards. Somewhere inside him, he wondered at his ability to plan and reason, even with his cock balls-deep inside his sister’s ass.

And then it hit him. He was inside his sister’s ass. He looked up and saw her looking back at him once again, and the expression of lust on her face was so fucking sexy he had to hold himself back from cumming. He thought he might have even squirted a little cum inside her, but he clamped down with an iron will. He was going to enjoy this. He began to fuck her.

Shawna immediately groaned. “Oh fuck, Dyl, oh fuuuck, Dyl, oh fuuuuuuuck…”

He saw her rake the pillow casino siteleri beneath her with her long nails, painted that pretty ocean blue he liked so much. He could feel her bowels clenching all along the length of his cock, as if she were trying to suck the cum out of him. She squirmed, writhing on the bed in front of him. He could smell her pussy now, her beautiful pussy, his own sister’s cunt. Dylan released her asscheek and reached down to touch her. She was velvety soft and slippery wet. He hadn’t even put his fingers inside her and he could feel her wetness. He was turning his sister on. She was enjoying this.

His fingers found her clit and began to tease it as best he knew how. He wanted to make his sister cum. Even so, he knew if he continued to fuck her, he was going to explode inside her ass in a matter of minutes. Fuck, at this point, he was lucky if he lasted a few more seconds.

His luck ran out when Shawna looked back over her shoulder and moaned, “Fuck my ass, Dylan. Oh god, fuck it hard like you would my pussy.”

Dylan managed three hard thrusts and then he was cumming inside her. He moaned her name again and again as he filled her ass with his cum, gritting his teeth with the force of it. She moaned along with him, urging him on, saying how sexy he was and how much she loved his cock in her ass and other things he barely heard.

No one bothered to dress much for dinner. They sat around the breakfast bar on tall stools, Dylan in boxers, Tom in briefs, and Shawna in her stockings and heels. One of her thigh-highs had slipped free of its garter strap and clung to her lower thigh. The narrow satin strap hung between her carelessly spread thighs. A pool of semen was collecting on the stool beneath her ass.

The three of them ate pizza and chatted. Tom hadn’t expected everyone to be so friendly after their encounter, but it seemed the siblings had grown closer since their encounter. Or perhaps they were just too hungry and exhausted to argue. He watched Dylan’s eyes drop frequently to Shawna’s tits, and sometimes he seemed to position himself so he could sneak a peek between her thighs. If Shawna was aware of it, she didn’t show it. Tom fancied she rather liked the attention.

“Get me another beer, would you, brother?” Dylan had slammed his first. Shawna and Tom were still working on theirs. Tom tossed Dylan another can of Coors Light and got another for himself.

Not to be outdone, Shawna finished hers in one go. “I’ll have another, Tommy,” she said sweetly.

Tom smiled at her. “Oh sure, finish one and right on to the next.”

She smiled back. “Oh, I can handle two at once, boys.”

Dylan raised an eyebrow at his sister. “Is that right?”

Shawna blushed. “I’m going to be a famous porn star, Dylan. DPs are, like, pretty standard.”

“Let’s see it then,” he shot back, taking another swig.

Shawna took two gulps and set her beer down. “Well, I’d need a few willing participants first.”

Dylan made his way around the breakfast bar. Tom watched as he put his hand on his sister’s lower back. “I’m in,” he said, sliding his hand down the magnificent curve of her ass. Tom couldn’t see what he was doing, but Shawna moaned and leaned into her brother’s chest. Dylan looked up at him. “You in, friend?”

Tom nodded. “Seems like you’ve already called dibs on the back door.”

The three of them laughed, but Shawna’s turned into another moan. “He’s technically claiming both holes.”

Tom joined Dylan on Shawna’s other side. From this angle, he could see that Dylan had his thumb deep in Shawna’s asshole, and two fingers in her pussy. Shawna leaned forward to give Tom a better view, or perhaps she was just providing her brother with better access. He obliged her by fingering her roughly, making her squeal. Her holes sounded wet and sloppy, but he knew her teenaged body would still be tight around his cock.

“I’ll take that sweet cunt,” Tom said, putting two of his own fingers into Shawna’s open mouth. She moaned around his fingers and began to squirm. She said something, but Tom couldn’t make it out. He ignored her and began to grope her tits with his free hand.

“I haven’t fucked her pussy yet,” Dylan said. “Just let me wash my dick off and you can have her ass.” He pumped his fingers in and out of her squelching holes a few more times and then pulled them free. They were all slick with juice. When Shawna made amerikan ruleti a little noise of protest, Dylan swatted her right ass cheek. “Patience, little girl. You’ll get all the dick you could hope for in a minute.”

There was a sauna in their parents’ luxury bathroom en-suite. Tom felt a little odd traipsing through the master bedroom and into the private bath, but the party had relocated and he was just along for the ride. Once the tub was full, Dylan turned the jets on, stripped off his boxers, and got in. Shawna sat beside the tub, undoing the straps on her stilettos.

“Get in here, slut,” Dylan demanded, laughing, and lifted his sister into the bath before she could pull off her stockings. She giggled as the water went sloshing over the sides of the tub. “Jesus, Dylan, let go of me,” she protested. But Dylan didn’t let go. He pulled her into his lap instead. When he kissed her, Shawna stopped giggling. She put her hands on her brother’s chest as he pulled her closer, sneaking his own hand between their slippery-wet bodies to squeeze her breast. Shawna moaned into his open mouth and her hands slid down his chest and into the water, more than likely to fondle Dylan’s cock.

Tom watched them for a few moments. His own dick was hard, harder than he would have expected, being only a spectator. He imagined he would probably see a little more action before the evening was through, but he was enjoying this regardless. He brought a hand to his cock, still inside his briefs, and began to squeeze it as he watched brother and sister together.

But Dylan opened his eyes briefly and saw him. He stopped immediately and gently but firmly pushed his sister away. “Suck your friend’s cock,” he instructed her. Shawna was a bit dazed, but she made her way to the edge of the tub and obediently leaned forward. “Let me suck your cock, Tom,” she said, giggling.

Tom skinned down his briefs and his cock sprang forward, hitting Shawna in the cheek. This made her giggle more, but she managed to capture his dick between her lips and work him into her warm, wet mouth. She knelt on one of the benches along the edge of the tub, exposing her backside above the churning water. Tom watched, half-dazed himself, as Dylan leaned forward and pushed his face against his sister’s dripping cunt. He felt the vibrations along his shaft as the girl moaned with pleasure, and Tom let out a soft moan himself. Watching Dylan eat Shawna’s pussy turned him on even more, somehow. He had to fight to keep from cumming down her throat.

After awhile, Dylan pulled his head back, his lips now slick with juices. He winked at Tom and turned back to his sister’s cunt, but he didn’t eat it. He just looked at it. He used his fingers to spread her puffy outer labia to reveal the pink flesh between them. He found her clit and teased it with his slick fingertip until his sister was squealing on Tom’s dick. He even eased a finger inside her, but rather than fuck her, he just looked at it, taking in the sight of his sister’s pussy wrapped around his finger.

“Fuck it,” Dylan said suddenly. He stood up and grabbed a bar of soap beside the tub. He washed his cock thoroughly, rinsed it under the running tap, then got out of the tub. “Shawna, come here,” he instructed. Something in his voice stopped her immediately and made her pull Tom’s cock out of her mouth. She climbed out of the tub after her brother and followed him out of the master bath.

Following Shawna, Tom found Dylan on his back on their parents’ bed. He had his cock in his hand, and he was stroking it slowly. “Come here, baby,” he said softly to his sister, and she climbed onto the bed. She was a good-looking girl all over, but Tom had the best view as she crawled up over her brother’s body, her ass in the air. Dylan’s cock found her pussy, and Tom watched as he buried himself in her hot, wet cunt. Shawna moaned, leaning back to let her brother see where his cock disappeared inside her body. She bounced up and down on him a few times before Dylan gripped her ass firmly and held her in place as he pounded her pussy hard and fast. She moaned, long and low, and Tom could see a flood of juices leaking out around Dylan’s shaft.

“Better get in that ass, Tom,” Dylan managed through gritted teeth. “I’m not going to last long.”

Shawna’s brother stopped thrusting and lifted her up until his cock was just barely inside her. As Tom climbed onto the bed, avrupa ruleti straddling Dylan’s legs, he found his dick perfectly aligned with Shawna’s exposed asshole. There was a faint smear of cum across the puckered flesh and down the inside of her right thigh. Tom reached up and gripped her ass cheeks. When he squeezed, her anus gaped just enough to allow another dribble of cum to leak out.

Inside, her ass was slick with it. Tom’s cock slid in smoothly, although he could feel her muscles tensing around his shaft. Shawna grunted and groaned, sounding alternately reluctant and eager. As he worked his dick deeper into her bowels, Tom watched Dylan grope his sister’s tits. His large hands made her tits look smaller, but they were well-formed and generous enough for her small frame. He plucked at her nipples, coaxing and teasing them until they were rock-hard. Then he leaned up and sucked on them, first one and then the other, tugging on them with his lips and teeth. Shawna moaned.

When Tom was deep inside her ass, he put his hands on her hips and began to push her down onto her brother’s cock. The sensation was extraordinary. He could feel the pressure of the younger man’s cock against his own as it buried itself inside her small body. The sensation made her feel even tighter than before. Tom couldn’t even imagine what it felt like for the girl between them, taking two cocks at once inside her at once, especially one as thick as Dylan’s.

When they began to fuck her, Shawna lost control. After only two thrusts, she began to wail, and a moment later Tom felt something splattering on his thighs. He looked down to see clear liquid squirting out around Dylan’s cock. Inside, he could feel her muscles tightening, gripping his cock almost painfully. She continued to wail, long wordless cries that ended only when they paused to let her rest. Then she collapsed onto her brother’s chest and lay there, panting. “Just fuck me,” she moaned. “I can’t take much more. Fuck me and fill me up.”

They needed no further prompting. Tom and Dylan began to fuck Shawna’s tight, wet holes. Where before they had both thrust in at the same time, now their rhythm was off. They pistoned in and out of her wildly, her small body like a ragdoll between them. Shawna started to wail again. As Tom began to cum inside her ass, he again felt the wet spatter of liquid on his balls and thighs. He grunted as he ground his cock deep into her, stretching her out and filling her up. He heard Dylan groan, and he knew he was also cumming inside her.

When he had finished, Tom pulled out of Shawna’s asshole and rolled away onto the enormous bed. He glanced over and saw her still on top of Dylan’s cock. She had sat up and was beginning to gyrate on the huge cock inside her. Her eyes were unfocused, and her movements didn’t mimic those of a typical porn star, as Tom had seen so often, especially with younger women. She wasn’t doing it for Dylan’s satisfaction, Tom realized. She was trying to get off again.

And after a few minutes, she began to groan, and Tom watched once more as clear liquid squirted out from a gap between their flesh. The rest escaped when she rolled off her brother, releasing a flood of pussy juice that gushed onto the sheets beneath her. She exhaled, and suddenly, to their surprise, she began to giggle.

“What the fuck, sis?” Dylan propped himself up on one elbow to stare at the naked girl lying beside him. She rolled her head to the side lazily and looked up at him, still giggling.

“Kiss me,” she said, and Dylan leaned down and kissed his sister the way no brother should. They were still kissing and touching each other as Tom got up and went back into the bathroom. He washed himself off before collecting his clothes and making his way downstairs. Once dressed and fairly presentable, he let himself out.

He wondered if he would continue to see Shawna, or if she belonged to her brother now. The thought was a disappointing one, but not for the reasons Tom would have expected.

He had been looking forward to managing this young woman’s burgeoning porn career, he realized, but he had no emotional or even particularly physical attachments. What he found himself missing instead was his daughter. He wondered for the umpteenth time how she was doing at Nate’s place.

Tom checked his phone as he slid into the driver’s seat of his car. There was a message waiting for him from Daisy. Opening it, he felt his cock begin to stiffen once more as he watched his nasty little girl fucking herself. It was dark enough outside to shield him from the view of prying neighbors as he jerked himself off to the erotic video, ejaculating into the spare pair of briefs he kept in the gym bag on his back seat.