All in the Family


Bobby Edward’s was a nerd and a geek.

At 19, he had never been on a date with a girl nor had he ever kissed a girl. He spent all his time studying history.

He was not ugly, in fact he was a nice-looking guy, but he was very shy. He had been rejected by a cute little girl named Wanda Sanders in the 7th grade. He had an awful crush on her. When she rejected him and called him names, he never got over the sting of that rejection. He never regained enough confidence to dare try to approach another girl.

Instead of going on dates in high school, he had been content to satisfy himself looking at porn online and masturbating, sometimes three times a day.

One morning after college ended for the summer, Bobby Edward’s father asked him to come downstairs. George Edwards, his father, was a retired ex-marine and now rough neck supervisor in the oil fields. George was the exact opposite of his son, an outgoing self-assured type.

“Son, I have a great favor to ask of you.” he said.

“Really, Dad. You name it.” proclaimed the dutiful son.

“Don’t be too quick to jump in, Son. This is not an ordinary favor.”

“I see.” Bobby said.

“Your stepmother and I have been married for 3 years now. During this time, we have been trying to have a child. Unfortunately, with no luck.” he said.

Bobby knew of their plan to produce a little brother or sister for him. His stepmother, Julia, wanted to have a baby because her previous marriage had not been fruitful.

Bobby’s dad had married Julia two years after Bobby’s mother had died in a plane crash. Julia had been married once before but her husband had been killed in Afghanistan. Ironically, her husband was not killed in a combat situation, but by a saw scaled viper that had crawled inside his bed covers. He never knew what killed him.

Julia was much younger than George, but they got along very well. George’s friends liked her, and Bobby liked her a lot too.

Julia was a very attractive woman. She stood 5 foot 6 inches tall, weighed in at a svelte 110 lbs., with long blonde hair that she kept in a French curled twist. She wore glasses, which gave her an almost librarian look, but her body said otherwise. She had an hourglass figure, with breasts that were prominent, needing little support. It was common for men to turn their heads for second look as she walked by.

“We’ve seen a doctor, and he says there is no reason Julia cannot have a child. She is very capable.” George said.

“So, what’s the problem, Dad?”

“The problem is me, Son. It seems I may be past my prime. My swimmers don’t swim like they used to.” George told his son.

“You mean you can’t get Julia pregnant?” Bobby asked.

“Well, maybe, but most likely not.” George said. “Julia is afraid she might never have a baby.”

“I’m sure it will work out ok, Dad.”

“I’m going to need some help on this one. I love your stepmother very much and I’m willing to do anything to insure her happiness.” George said. “I’ve decided to call in a pinch hitter. Someone who can get the job done and get it done quickly.”

“I’m not sure I follow you, Dad.” Bobby said.

“What I need is a sperm donor, someone who is young and full of vigor.” his Dad said.

“So, you’ll be going to one of those clinics for the in vitro type deal?” Bobby asked.

“Hell no, I don’t want my wife knocked up by some asshole who jerked off in a cup. If Julia is going to be pregnant, I want it to be an Edwards that does it.”

“OK, so what? How?” Bobby asked.

“I’ve talked it over with Julia, and I’ve made my decision. The closest I can come to my own DNA is to use you as a donor, Bobby.” his father told him.

Bobby’s heart skipped a beat and his mouth became dry.

“Are you asking me to go to the clinic and make a deposit?” Bobby asked.

“Oh, shit no, Bobby. That would cost a fucking fortune. No need for that. All you need to do is mate with Julia, the old fashion way. One or two times should do the trick.”

“Dad, I can’t believe you want me to have sex with your wife.”

“Nobody said anything about sex. We’re talking about mating, like a stallion with a mare, like a cock and a hen. A simple act of reproducing the species.”

“I don’t know about all this. For crying out loud, she’s my stepmom!”

“That’s right, she’s your stepmom, not your mom, not you’re sister, not your cousin. When you breed her, you will have a son or a daughter, I will have a grandson or a granddaughter. It will all be Edwards stock.”

Bobby’s mind was about to explode. He had always been attracted to Julia, who wouldn’t be. She was gorgeous. Now his Dad was asking him to father a child with her? Unbelievable.

“Now I’ve got to go to work. While I’m gone, you and Julia can get better acquainted, if you know what I mean. I think you’ll find your time with her will be most rewarding.” he said.

“But Dad, I’ve never had sex with anyone before.” he confessed.

“I guessed as much. I don’t think you have ever been out on a date in your whole life. Well, Julia will show you what bursa eve gelen eskort bayan to do. You go in there to her room and see her. She’ll break you in easy.’ George told him. ‘You do what she tells you and it will work out, I promise you.”

“Yes Dad, if you say so.”

George Edwards grabbed his paper lunch sack and a thermos full of coffee and headed off to work.

On a parting note, George looked back at his son and said, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do.” George smiled.

Bobby knocked on the bedroom door. From inside, Julia said, “Come in.”

Bobby opened the door and entered. Julia was standing in front of the dresser wearing a white terrycloth robe.

Although she didn’t show it, she was a little nervous. It had been Julia’s idea to seek a sperm donor. It was George’s idea for it to be Bobby. She was apprehensive about the prospect of having sex with her stepson.

“Dad said you needed to see me,” Bobby said.

“Yes, Bobby. I’m so glad you decided to help us.” she said.

“I would do anything for Dad and you.” he said.

“Of course, you would, Sweetie. I’m going to instruct you so there is no need to worry.” Julia told him.

“You’ve never done anything like this before, have you.” she stated

“So, tell me, how much do you know?” she asked.

“I’ve seen it done on the internet. I do watch porn.” he told her.

“And you masturbate when you watch porn?” she asked.

“Well, yeah, sometimes.”

“Well today is going to be a little different.” his stepmom told him.

“First thing we have to do is get you cleaned up. Go in the bathroom and remove your clothes. I’ll be in in a moment to help you.”

Bobby did as he was told. He went into the bath and began to undress. When he had removed all his clothes except his briefs he hesitated. His boner had created a tent in the front, and he was embarrassed by it.

When Julia entered the bathroom, Bobby had his back turned to her. She started the water for the tub, testing until she got the temperature the way she wanted it. She poured some bath oil into the water that created a lot of bubbles.

“Ok, Bobby. It’s time for your bath.” she declared.

Bobby asked her, “Could you turn around till I get in, please?”

“Oh, my word, Bobby. I’ve seen naked men before. I’m sure you don’t have anything I’ve not seen before. You’re going to have to get over your shyness if this is ever going to work.” Her words did not project the thoughts in her mind. She was hesitant to see her stepson naked, and for him to see her naked.

Bobby remained still, with his back turned to her. His erection stood painfully proud aimed straight at the wall, tenting his boxers.

“Ok, if it will get you in the tub, I will leave the bathroom for a few minutes. But you better be in that tub when I get back.”

When Julia left Bobby whisked off the boxers and hopped in the tub. Thankfully the bubbles hid his lower extremities and disguised his raging hard on. In just a few minutes, Julia returned to the bath.

“OK sweetie, time to get you all cleaned up.

Julia knelt beside the tub with a cloth and began to wash him. She poured a pitcher of water over his head and then lathered his head with shampoo. Gently she massaged his head until he was almost lulled into a state of bliss. It had been many years since anyone had washed his hair. In fact, the last person had been his Mom.

Content that his hair was clean, Julia poured more water over his head to wash away the shampoo. Then she took a rag and began washing his body. She washed his back his arms and his chest. Soon it was time to address the areas that were submerged beneath the bubbles.

Julia washed his legs, making sure to wash his feet thoroughly.

“Oh, my goodness, you need a pedicure badly.” she said.

Finally, Julia reached out to wash his privates, but her hand recoiled when she encountered Bobby’s hard member.

“My goodness, you are certainly well endowed, Bobby.” she stated. Her hand returned to bathe his member tenderly, mindful that too much contact might set Bobby off prematurely.

Julia was quite impressed by the rigid member she held in her hand. Surely it was no less than eight inches in length, and its girth was sizable. She wondered what such a large penis would feel like.

Bobby closed his eyes as Julia stroked his hard penis under the water. The sensation was one of utter delight.

Julia hefted his balls in her hand, finding them to be large and full.

“OK, rise up from the tub and get on your hands and knees. We have to clean your bottom.”

Bobby did as he was instructed. Julia washed his butt crack with the cloth. She then stuck a soapy finger into his rectum.

“Oh shit,” Bobby thought. “Is this necessary?”

When Julia was satisfied that Bobby was squeaky clean, she washed her hands in the bath water and stood up. Taking a towel from the rack, she held it open and said, “OK, get out now so I can dry you off.”

Bobby stepped out of the tub, bursa eskort bayanlar still as erect as before. Julia patted him dry with the towel, being careful not to over stimulate Bobby’s stiff erection. Out of the bubble bath and in plain view, Julia was impressed by Bobby’s member. She hoped it would not be too difficult to accommodate.

Bobby could never remember his penis being so hard in his whole life. Standing naked before his stepmother with her hands all over his body was the most exciting experience of his whole life.

When Julia was finished drying Bobby off, she wrapped the towel around his waist, tucking the end in to hold it at his hips.

She then led him into the bedroom and instructed him to sit in a chair. She produced a small stool and a set of tools for a pedicure. Placing Bobby’s left foot on the stool, Julia began to work on his feet. In half an hour, he was perfectly groomed. Bobby sat silently during this time staring at Julia’s beautiful face as she kneeled before him. The tent in the towel remained strained at full staff.

“Ok, Bobby that should do it. Now I would like you to go to your room, brush your teeth, floss, and wait till I call you, please.”

“Yes, ma’am.” Bobby said.

When Bobby got to his room he did as Julia had asked. As soon as he was done, he could not refrain from pulling on his penis a little bit. His erection had become engorged and almost painful.

As soon as Bobby left, Julia took a hot shower. She was a bit nervous about what was about to transpire, but she was also excited thinking about becoming pregnant with a child.

Julia was also nervous about having sex with someone who possessed such a large penis. She had been a virgin when she married her first husband. She had never been with anyone but her husbands. Neither her first husband nor her husband George had anything to compare to young Bobby. She had never seen anything like it.

After her shower, she dabbed a bit of perfume behind her ears and some on her breasts. Then she wrapped a white towel around her body and tucked the end in. She unpinned her blond hair and brushed it. Lastly, she painted her lips with pink lipstick.

“Ok Bobby, you can come back now.” she called out to him.

Bobby walked down the hall to the bedroom his Dad and stepmother shared. When he entered the room, he saw Julia standing there in nothing but a towel that barely covered her ass. The tops of her breasts were exposed above her nipples.

Bobby’s erection had collapsed while he was brushing his teeth and Julia noticed it. The tent he had sported earlier had vanished.

“I guess the first thing we need to do is give you some stimulation. Why don’t you sit at the edge of the bed and we will see what we can do.” she said.

“Yes ma’am.” Bobby said nervously. He sat down on the edge of the bed. Julia approached him and dropped down on the carpet before him. She pulled the towel loose from Bobby’s waist and exposed his flaccid penis. Her fingers hesitantly encircled his manhood to caress the large organ.

Bobby thrilled with delight in her touch. He felt a surge of blood course through his shaft causing it to rise a bit with a jolt. As he firmed up, Julia could feel him come alive in her hand. No longer could she completely grasp his girth with one hand.

“Wow, that’s much better, Bobby. You’re so big I don’t know if I can handle all of you.” she told him.

Bobby was hard as a rock by now and a droplet of pre-cum appeared at the tip of his shaft. Julia continued to stroke him. She was mesmerized by the sight of him, a cobra dancing in her hand. She slowly scratched his shaft with her fingernail from the head down to the base.

Bobby’s balls had already begun churning when Julia was washing his penis in the bath. Now with another erection on top of the previously unfulfilled one, Bobby was on a hair trigger. He began to raise his hips upward into the hand that was torturing him so.

“Julia, I need to tell you something.” he breathlessly moaned.

“Yes, Sweetie?” she asked.

“I think I’m about to…” It was too late. With a massive contraction of his balls, he began to ejaculate. The first blast caught Julia right on her face in a huge long rope of sticky white cum that painted her face and got in her eyes. This was quickly followed by another long rope of cum that hit her chin and lips.

Julia was taken completely by surprise. If she had let go of his penis most of it would have fell harmlessly on Bobby’s lap, but she did not let go. She could feel the semen surging through the eight-inch monster in her hand.

The third rope sprayed all over Julia’s hair and the fourth and final rope hit her chest just above her breasts. Her face was covered with a thick layer of slimy sperm. She had one eye closed shut and her lips were clenched to keep her mouth from being invaded by the sperm dripping off her face. Bobby’s penis had begun to deflate in her hand.

“Bobby, could you hand me the towel you’re sitting on, please?”

Bobby had come down görükle escort bayanlar from his erotic roller coaster. Realizing what had just occurred, his face turned bright crimson with shame. He hopped up off the towel and began to dab at Julia’s cum covered face but seemed only to smear it and make it worse.

“Hold on, Bobby. Let me do it, Sweetie.” Julia took the towel from him and began to towel away the spunk as best she could. When her eyes were clear, she stood up. She made sure her towel was securely tucked in.

“Bobby, I apologize for that. Clearly, I overstimulated you. It would have been more useful had it contacted my egg.” she said. “Why don’t you go to the kitchen? There is some fresh chicken salad. Make yourself a sandwich and get a cola. You must keep up your strength.”

“I’ll just get a shower and freshen up a bit, OK?” Julia said.

“Yes, I will do that. Julia, I’m sorry. It happened so fast. Please forgive me.” Bobby said.

“Think nothing of it, Sweetie. Now run along. I’ll be with you shortly.” she said. “I certainly botched that, didn’t I.” she thought.

Julia took another shower, this time washing her hair. When she was finished, she did her hair and makeup. She put on a blue shorty satin robe and went into the kitchen to find Bobby. He had ditched the towel in favor of some gym shorts. He sat at the kitchen bar eating the last bit of his sandwich and crunching on some BBQ potato chips.

“How do you feel, Bobby?” Julia asked him. Bobby surveyed his stepmothers long tanned naked legs. He hungered for visions like this.

“I feel like a loser. Dad’s going to kill me.”

“Nonsense, your Father would be very proud of you. You were very potent in there. It was my fault entirely. I should have known that a virile young man like yourself would be slightly overloaded.”

Julia stood behind him as he sat at the bar. She placed her arms around his muscular chest in a motherly embrace.

“What do you say we give it another try? OK, Bobby?” she said.

“I need to confess something to you. I already told Dad about it, but you need to know too.” he said. “I’m still a complete 100% virgin. I never even kissed a girl. And I’m kind of jumpy about this”

‘Well, I kind of suspected that, but I wasn’t sure. You’ve never talked about any girls and you’ve never been out on dates at night. It’s OK, though. Since you’ve been so kind to volunteer to help me have a baby, I can teach you all you need to know about women.”

“Would you Julia?”

“Sure, Bobby, if you’re going to make me pregnant, you will have to know some things.” she said. “Let’s go into the bedroom and begin.”

Julia took Bobby by the hand and leg him down the hall to the bedroom.

When they arrived in the bedroom, Julia told Bobby, “I can’t believe I’ll be the first for you.”

“And you never kissed a girl? Ever? Have you never even held hands with a girl?” Julia asked.

“No not ever.” he replied.

“How sad. Why not, you’re an attractive man. You’re hung more than anyone I’ve ever known. You have a very attractive body. Surely some girls have made advances on you.” she said.

“They have, and some of them were real pretty, but I’m just too shy. I don’t know what to do or say.” he told her.

Julia let that sink in for a moment. She decided to initiate Bobby with a few lessons to increase his confidence. After all, if she were ever to get pregnant by Bobby, a certain level of proficiency needed to be obtained.

“OK, Bobby, we’ve already held hands. Why don’t you kiss me? Just hold me in your arms and put your lips to mine and we’ll see what happens.”

Bobby moved forward till he stood only inches away from Julia. He put his arms around her and placed his lips on hers. A spark of electricity flashed through his brain. He could feel the mounds of her breasts pressing against his bare chest through the robe she wore.

Their lips met, barely brushing, as they started to kiss. Just the touch of Julia’s beautiful lips on Bobby’s was enough to send his mind reeling. First gently, then hungrily his lips tasted hers. Julia slipped her tongue into his mouth, tracing the outline of his lips. Bobby responded similarly.

Julia kissed him for several minutes, and then directed his lips to her neck. Bobby explored her neck with sweet little kisses. Then, without coaxing from Julia, he began to plant soft kisses on the swell of her bosom. Julia felt a fire begin to kindle deep within her.

Reluctantly, Julia stepped back from Bobby an arm’s length.

“That was an excellent beginning in kissing 101,” she said. “Now it’s time to move on to another important part of a man’s education. Real live naked woman! No photos, no images on a screen, just the real thing, Sweetie.”

Julia untied the sash that held her robe closed, and with a shimmy of her shoulders the satin garment fell to the floor in a puddle behind her feet.

Bobby’s eyes lit up like a kid on Christmas morning. Julia stood totally naked in front of him. She had a woman’s figure with an hourglass shape. She had full hips tapering to a narrow waist. Her breasts were full and proud without a hint of sag, capped off by small areolas with erected nipples. A small patch of pubic hair emerged from between her legs. Bobby searched but could not find a single flaw. Julia stood there while he inspected her body, wanting to give him as much time as he needed. She smiled at him.