Dancing In The Dark Ch. 02


As the second day of the cruise began, it became obvious Rose’s husband was not going to make the cruise as he was going to remain in Italy until the end of the month. It also was very obvious Rose did not give a damn about it because she and Naomi were totally inseparable.

Naomi surrendered her small cabin luckily to an elderly woman who lost her cabin due to a missed first board. She moved in with Rose and shared the roomy executive suite luxury cabin and the deluxe accommodations.

Naomi thought at best during the course of the cruise she might meet a nice middle-aged guy to spend time with or at worst she would have the comfort of her 10 inch dildo she packed, but never in her wildest and lusty dreams would she have thought she would meet this uninhibited mature gal and have the most exciting sex of her life.

The third morning of their cruise, the cabin door was left unlatched by accident from the night before. Naomi and Rose got each other so hot and aroused from dancing on the deck and kneading their warm soft flesh through their silky evening gowns, both forgot about the door. They could not get to the cabin soon enough to have their fucking sessions before drifting off to sleep in each other’s arms.

The bright morning sun gleemed through the scenic porthole and warmed their naked mature bodies through the pale sky blue sheets as they were awakening in the bedroom. They shared their soft wet morning kisses that led them into their wake-up loving making.

While they were in their usual 69 and eating each other out, and unbeknown to them a young 22 year bayan esmer escort bursa old Asian maid entered their unlocked cabin door to service and clean it. She was short and shapely, and had just had her first baby a couple of months ago. She had planned to take her morning break and express her milk after cleaning the cabin, but the sight of Naomi and Rose mutually sucking cunts made her milk flow right through her nursing bra onto her uniform. Her young pussy was moistened beyond belief, and all she could do for a while was stand there in erotic shock as she watch Naomi and Rose creamy white flesh and mature torsos entwined having their pussy delights simultaneously.

Rose was facing the bedroom door and briefly lifted her head from sucking Naomi’s delectable vulva and suddenly gasped, “OH SHIT!!” of which startled Naomi a bit, thinking she had hurt Rose. Naomi looked around Rose’s full ass that remained in her face and saw the young Asian maid who for the moment was much too shocked and highly aroused to move.

While both Naomi and Rose stared at the young Asian gal whose name badge read ‘Luan’, she broke from her erotic trance and quickly unbuttoned her maid uniform and freed her lactating tits of which both swollen nipples continuously dripped her warm sweet milk. She did not know much English, but she repeated, ‘fucky fucky!’ as she allowed her uniform and milk drenched bra to land on the floor, leaving her standing in only her lacy aqua briefs of which the crotch was totally soaked with her pussy nectar. Her soft small hands massaged bursa ucuz eskort her dark brown dripping nipples and tits, and her golden yellow skin flushed all over. Rose lifted her full ass from Naomi’s face to take Luan by her hand and walk their luscious lactating chink dish to their warm and waiting bed.

Naomi could not believe what was happening. She would now have the pleasure of not only a young Asian ass, but one with lactating tits ready to be sucked and enjoyed.

“Oh heavens!” Naomi uttered as Rose laid Luan on their bed. Milk continued to drip from her warm swollen and highly aroused boobs although she was in a reclined position.

“Honey, you nurse first, I have a surprise for both of you!” Rose said in an extremely devious tone of voice. She walked into the walk-in closet and was out of sight for a few moments.

Naomi sucked and fondled Luan’s full tits as Luan continued to chant ‘fucky-fucky-fucky!’ She noticed the sweet taste of Luan’s milk, and sucked and nursed her erect nipples. Naomi’s fervent sucking made Luan have an explosive orgasm and her pussy cum squirted through her lacy briefs onto their sheets.

Naomi had a little fun with her and said, ‘Ooo—makey messy Luan—cleany uppy!’ and she pulled down Luan’s soaked briefs and gave Luan’s tight ass a few firm whacks.

Luan wiggled her ass and said, “Do more! Do more!” Apparently the whacks on her ass were very stimulating. Naomi increased the strength of her hand smacks to Luan’s ass, and she squirted more cum all over the sheets again.

“Hey, bursa anal yapan escort save some of that hot cum juice for me!” Rose announced as she came back to the bed with a huge 10-inch strap on belted to her waist. She was going to surprise Naomi with the cock after dinner that evening, but she could not wait until then especially with their unexpected but very welcomed chink ass guest.

“Oh god Rose,” Naomi whispered, “Please fuck me first—my pussy is so wet my juices have leaked down my thighs!”

“Patience, my lustful lover,” Rose answered. “I want to fuck Luan first and have her eat your pussy while I fuck the shit outta her little tight chop suey ass and pussy. You can cum in her sweet little mouth and she can cum all over my huge dick!”

Rose grabbed Luan by her long beautiful hair and put her face down into Naomi’s mature cunt so her ass and pussy would be suspended and in full view and fully accessible by her huge hanging cock. Luan instinctively licked the juices from Naomi’s soft thighs before tasting her sticky wet cunt. She said, ‘yummy-yummy’ as her mouth opened wide and tried to suck and swallow Naomi’s pussy whole. Naomi’s cum filled Luan’s soft little mouth and droplet of her pee followed. Luan liked the taste of Naomi’s cum and pee together.

Rose pumped her dick into the well lubricated golden pussy of Luan. Within minutes Luan had another female ejaculation splashed all over Rose’s dick. She took the cum-glistened dick and shoved it into Luan’s tight puckered ass hole and pumped her ass until she splashed more cum.

“Damn!” Rose said, “She’s got more pussy juice than the Nile River!”

“And more milk that ten cows!” Naomi said as she resumed sucking Luan still dripping hard nipples.

Naomi, Rose and Luan were lost in their morning fucking, sucking and cumming, and the cabin door opened again. It was Captain Tate and Rose’s husband who had come to surprise her….