FILF (Fathers I’d Like To Fuck) Ch. 02


I received a call from my two lovely playmates on Saturday. They wanted to confirm my instructions regarding their dress or should I say undress for that evening’s activity.

I repeated my previous instructions. I wanted their pussies closely shaved; heavy makeups applied and wear nothing but their high heels and an overcoat. They tried to get more information out of me but I just told them to trust me and ask no further questions.

They arrived right on time and seemed very excited. I explained to them that I had an interesting experience planned for them but they must follow all my instructions to the letter, no questions asked.

They both agreed and thus began our evening of play. I had them sit in the back seat of my car with blindfolds on to make it more suspenseful.

I then drove them to a BDSM club I was familiar with near the airport. When we arrived I had them keep their blindfolds on and led them into the club to a small changing room.

I told them to remove their overcoats which left them wearing only their high heels. I then inserted a butt plug in each of their rectums and attached dog collars and leashes to their necks.

I then led them out into the main room of the club with their blindfolds still on and we sat at a small table.

I ordered non-alcoholic drinks for them because they were still under twenty-one and a whiskey sour for myself.

As we sat their sipping our drinks my two young ladies could still hear the verbal comments, over the loud rock music, going on around them like, “Look at those two beautiful slaves!” and “I sure would like to have them on my leash!”.

There were whistles and catcalls thrown at them and both girls were blushing bright red and totally embarrassed by being naked in a room full of strangers.

After our drinks, I decided to let them see where they were. I removed Betturkey their blindfolds and watched their amazed looks at they took in the BDSM club environment.

There were pictures on the walls of people being tied up and whipped. There was a big movie screen showing people engaging in various forms of kinky sex.

There were men and women walking around wearing leather and latex outfits that left little to the imagination. Sandy and Shelly had never experienced anything like this and were both excited and anxious.

It was now time to give them a tour of the club. I led them from room to room by their leashes explaining the function and purpose of each room.

There was an exam room with all the necessary implements complete with exam table and stirrups for playing doctor.

There was another room with school desks and blackboard for bad little school kids. Next I showed them a large dressing room with all kinds of clothes for playing drag or dress up.

Some of the rooms had various pieces of equipment for tying and torturing your slave. One room was decorated like a prison cell.

Finally I took them to a large room with a rope hanging down from the ceiling.

I told them their safe word was, “More Please”, and all they had to do was to say it and they would be released and could put their coats on and I would take them home.

This seemed to comfort them some. Next I had them put on soft handcuffs and hold their hands up above their heads and secured their cuffs to the hanging rope. I adjusted the rope so they were pulled together, facing each other and their arms were fully extended above them.

They looked so cute all naked and trussed up. Soon a crowd started to gather and a beautiful woman with a multi-thronged whip came into the room and asked, “Are these slave available for whipping?”

“Be Betturkey Giriş my guest, “I answered “but take it easy, it’s their first time. “

“First time!” she replied, “I am honored!” She then addressed the two bound girls, as she lightly brushed the whip across their naked bodies. “Listen my sweet little bitches, you both look like a couple of stuck up cunts that need a lesson in humility!”

The two girls looked at each other with frightened eyes not knowing what they were expected to reply. Finally Shelly replied. “Yes Mistress, please teach us humility!” “Yes, please!” Sandy echoed.

“Seeing they are two of you, I think I will need some assistance. Master Bill, would you mind helping me teach these young girls a lesson in respect?”

A tall black man watching the scene replied, “Why thank you, Mistress Sadie, there is nothing I enjoy more than whipping uppity white girls who think they are hot shit!” This remark evoked laughter from the crowd of people watching.

“Now listen to me you sluts,” Mistress Sadie announced. “Each time you are whipped, you will count out loud the number of lashes and thank us for the honor of being whipped Is that clear?”

“Y-y-yes Mistress Sadie, Yes Mistress Sadie!” the frightened girls replied.

Smack, “One, thank you”, smack,” two, thank you”, smack,” three, thank you” the girls yelled in unison. “Smack, “Four, thank you”, smack,” five, thank you”, smack,” six, thank you”, their voices starting to crack a little with emotional sobs.

Mistress Sadie and Master Bill stopped their administrations and Master Bill asked, “Have you two bitches learned the meaning of respect and true humility?”

“Oh yes Master Bill we have, we have!” the two girls answered back.

“We shall see”, Mistress Sadie replied, “we shall see.”

At this point, two Magic Wand Betturkey Güncel Giriş Vibrators were produced and given to the Mistress and Master who place them on a low setting and held them up to the helpless girl’s clits.

The two girls screamed and wiggled around at the sudden onset of sensation.

“Hold still you bitches and don’t you dare cum until I say you can!” warned Mistress Sadie.

The poor girls tried not to move but the vibrators were doing their job and they were both very close to cumming.

“Do you want to cum?” inquired Master Bill.

“Oh yes, yes please Master!” Sandy begged.

“Me too!” begged Shelly.

“Look at these two naked sluts, begging to cum in a room full of strangers!” Mistress Sadie said, “Shall we let them?”

“Yes!”, “Yes”, “No!” came the responses from the audience.

“You two are lucking I am feeling generous today!” Mistress Sadie stated. “Let them cum!”

With this she and Master Bill turned the vibrator settings on high and both girls came quickly, their moans and screams filling up the room.

The sound of applause and laughter followed their duel orgasms and the two girls, knees shaking, hung by their handcuffs, naked and completely humiliated, in the middle of the room.

I gave Mistress Sadie a nod and the two girls were un-cuffed and led to chairs to rest and given cold water to quench their thirst.

I joined them and asked, “Are we having fun yet?”

They both smiled at me sheepishly and Shelly said, “You’re bad, you’re really, really bad, but thank you, that was really hot!”

“Yeah, thanks, I needed that!” Sandy said.

“Which”, I inquired, “The whipping or the orgasm?”

“Both!” she replied and we all laughed.

“Well ladies”, I added, “It’s been a lovely evening but I can see my work here is done, let’s go home!”

We went back into the changing room, butt plugs were removed and overcoats were put on. They both laughed and giggled all the way home. I dropped them off at their apartment.

“What’s next?” They asked as they staggered up their stairs.

“We shall see ladies, we shall see.” I replied.