Awakening of Fannie Ch. 14


Orgasm denial is used to drive a slave over the edge! Fannie begins her slut/slave test.

Day 6

“Rise and shine sleepy head!”

Oh, leave me alone. Can’t I get just one more hour of sleep? Master X kept me up very late last night trying to get in more training. My pussy is still a little sore from the workout that he gave it. You see he was trying to expand my vaginal opening to see just how much I will be able to take. He started out by using average sized dildos on me and gradually worked his way up to a point that I could take his entire fist! It took some time but I think that it will work out for me in the end. You never know what your Master might decide to stick inside of you!

“C’mon! This is your big day. Master is going to take you into the city for your test today. We only have an hour or so before he returns and you have to be ready!”

Shit! That was Heidi’s voice. I have my slave test today! I will have to prove to Master X that I can be a good and proper slave in the real world. I don’t know what he will do to me if I fail. Possibly call my husband “S” and have him come and get me a day early. Oh that would be so embarrassing! It cost $10,000.00 for my week of training and if I am not a well-trained slut and slave for him when I return home than maybe he will just look for another and pass me on to someone else!

I jumped up out of bed as soon as I realized what was going on.

“There now that’s a good girl! I’ll help you get ready so that you can leave when Master gets back. He said that he was going to take you to Manhattan to do some shopping and see some acquaintances. He didn’t give me any details but he did say that you will be tested. I’m sure that you will do fine but I must tell you that not every slave candidate makes it through.” Heidi said as she took my hand and walked me naked to the bathroom.

“Now get yourself ready. Master said that you can remove your butt plug for the day. Just clean it so that it will be ready when you return. He also told me what you will be wearing and I’ll have your clothes laid out on your bed when you are done with your shower.” Heidi left me in the bathroom and went back to her chores.

Even though my ass is getting used to the plug it is still HUGE and takes some effort to remove. I pulled and twisted it until it fell out with a “Plop”. It left an empty void inside of my rectum and I could feel cool air rushing in which told me that my sphincter did not close completely right away.

I sat on the toilet and forced out a good shit before jumping into the shower where I paid special attention to cleaning my pussy and ass. Afterwards I shaved my legs and pubic stubble until I was silky smooth all over.

I wrapped a towel around myself as I left the bathroom to head back to my bedroom. I don’t know why I covered myself. Modesty is not an issue here in the mansion and there isn’t anyone that would be inside that hasn’t already seen me naked several times. I guess that it is just a natural instinct.

I found that Heidi had laid my clothes out on the bed as she said that she would and I was a little surprised that they were a bit more conservative than I would have expected, seeing that this was supposed to be a test for someone training to be a slut. There was a nice dress with a flower pattern. The hemline appeared that it would fall to just below the knee and the neckline was modest to show little to no cleavage. There was a pair of full cut cotton panties. They were powder blue in color and appeared inexpensive as they were of a thin material without a liner in the front. Next was a matching bra followed by white cotton socks and a pair of black pumps for my feet.

I put on my clothes and heard sounds coming from the kitchen. Walking in I found Heidi setting our breakfast on the table.

“Don’t you look sweet! If I didn’t know you better I would have thought that you were a school teacher or something.” She giggled. “How does it feel to wear clothes again?”

“Actually it feels kind of strange. I have things touching parts of my body that haven’t in a week! Not what I would expect to wear on Fifth Avenue.”

“I have a feeling that there is a little more to it if diyarbakır escort I know Master X!” She said.

We both laughed as we ate our breakfast. As I was finishing my last bite I started thinking about the test and it worried me a bit.

“Heidi, how do I know that I will pass the test or even make it as a slave?”

“Oh don’t you worry. You will be fine!” She answered as she cleared the table.

“But what If I can’t do what he tells me to do? What if I make a mistake?”

“Just remember that if you truly want to be a good slave all you have to do is just what you are told. If you always obey your Master without question and without regard for what the task may be than you can’t go wrong! Do what you are told. That’s all.”

“Thank you. I feel much better now,”

“As I told you before, slavery is freedom! You will never have to worry about the problems of everyday life. Your Master will make all of your decisions for you so that you will have no more headaches. Just do as he says and keep him happy and he will take good care of you. Besides, the sex is great!” She said as she took my hand and pulled me back to the bathroom.

She helped me with my hair and makeup just in time for Master X to return home. As he entered the hallway Heidi and I dropped to our knees and lowered our heads to greet him in the slave’s “present” position.

“Up, my slaves. Let me look at you.” He said as he came closer.

Heidi and I both stood. Heidi was wearing her slave dress as usual but it was clear that he wanted to check out my dress. I felt a bit uncomfortable as I didn’t really feel sexy enough for him in this dress even though he picked it out for me.

“Very nice. Just the effect that I was looking for. Are we ready to go?” he asked me.

“Yes Master.”

“OK let’s go. The car is still running outside.”

I followed him out the door and turned to give Heidi a quick wave as I left. She was smiling back at me and blew me a kiss as the door closed behind me. Master opened the passenger door and let me in like a gentleman. I was a little surprised by that and it made me feel a bit more at ease. There was a towel for me to sit on which puzzled me a bit but I was certain that it would serve some purpose later. He jumped in the driver’s seat and we drove through the heavy gates and they closed behind us. This is the first time that I have been off of the property in almost a week and it felt good to be back out in the world again.

We drove in silence for a time as my mind started to wander. I began to think of my situation and about some of the things that I have gone through since arriving at the estate. Master has been increasingly training me to be a slut with sex almost around the clock. Once he thought that my slave training was coming along he focused more on making me able to accept my Master in any hole and at any time that he desired.

As of last night I was required to orgasm within one hour of the last one. I would be ordered to use various techniques for the sake of variety. They ranged from a straight fuck by Will, our handyman, to masturbating at the table before dinner. I have a hard time lasting any longer than that before my vagina begins to twitch and I have to give it some attention. I haven’t had an orgasm since last night and my mind is focused entirely on this as my pussy begins to tingle.

I haven’t mentioned my dilemma to Master as I don’t know how he will react but I am finding it hard to concentrate on anything else as I am feeling a strange ache within my loins. As we wind down the country road and turn onto the onramp of the highway I found myself wedging my hands down between my legs pushing the material of my skirt down with them. My hands are pressed firmly against my crotch as my legs close tightly to add pressure in hopes of relieving my distress.

Do you see me Master? I need your attention! Please allow me to speak. Please look at me! Don’t you see my legs shaking in and out?

“Is something the matter, slave?”

Oh, thank God!

“Yes Master. You were gone so long this morning. I waited for you. I didn’t cheat!”

My words sounded escort diyarbakır a little crazy so If Master didn’t understand it would only make sense. He looked at me puzzled and then a sly smile came upon his face. The bastard knew what he was doing all along. He was teasing me until I couldn’t take it any longer!

“Master, I haven’t cum since last night and I thought that you might have forgotten about me. I’ve been good. I didn’t cheat.”

“Oh so you have to cum do you?” He laughed. “I can tell by the look on your face that you have been good so I will allow it. First I want you to pull your skirt up so that your panties are on the towel.”

I raised my ass up off of the seat and flipped the skirt back from under my ass.

“Now raise it up around your waist. I want the new panties that I bought for you to be in plain view.”

I bunched the skirt up around my waist exposing my new powder blue panties. Looking down at them I could see a small wet spot at the base of my cunt giving away the fact that it was already aroused. It made a distinct dark blue spot on an otherwise light fabric. I hope that Master isn’t upset that I have stained his new gift!

“We are still a long way from New York City and will be driving a good couple of hours so what do you say that we play a game?”

“Yes Master.” I couldn’t care less about any “game” just as long as I can cum.

“Here is how this will work. First you must put your seat back just a bit. Good. Now open your legs a bit. Wider, I want to see you work. Much better! Now this is what you must do. You will close your eyes and when we pass an exit ramp I will allow you to masturbate. If we come to another before you orgasm then you must stop immediately and put your hands behind your head locking your fingers together. When we get to the next you will start again. If you cheat or I think that you have not stopped quickly enough than you will not be allowed to cum for the rest of the day. Understood?”

“Yes Master.”

“Your new panties will remain on and you will not be able to make contact with your cunt. I will be watching and if you violate these rules you will lose the game and also any chance that you will have to orgasm.”

I sat and looked at my surroundings. I am sitting in the passenger seat of a moving car with my legs spread as wide as possible and my bright blue panties are in plain view of anyone passing by in a vehicle high enough to look down. The traffic was quite heavy and I didn’t have any doubt that someone would eventually see me in action. This did nothing to stop my pussy from becoming even more aroused!


I put my head back against the headrest and closed my eyes. My hand slowly moved down to my pussy as my middle finger found the valley between my outer labia and rested there. I could immediately feel the small wet spot with my finger tip as I slowly slid my finger north and south within. Oh it felt so good!

“Ahhhhhhh” I’m sure that Master heard that but I couldn’t hold back.

I shouldn’t have any trouble bringing myself off before we get to the next exit as they have been a great distance apart up until now so I have plenty of time to do things slowly. Running my finger up and down my slit I could feel the material working between the folds of my pussy. I started to give it a bit more effort as time went on using all four fingers of my right hand and applying a bit my pressure. The lubricant in my pussy was spreading as the stain grew a little larger. I knew that I was making a mess of my new panties but it didn’t matter to me. I was going to cum soon!


Oh shit! I wasted too much time!

I quickly brought my hands behind my head and locked my fingers together. My legs were still spread wide apart and I knew that Master could see the growing wet spot on my new panties. It felt to me as though that exit came up much faster than the previous ones but I chalked it up as just a fluke. The next one will allow me enough time to finish. I wasn’t too far away from cumming this last time! Again, we drove in silence for what seemed like an eternity.


Oh God! I must pay diyarbakır escort bayan attention. I reached down and could tell right away that my panties are even more wet than when I last stopped. I started to rub much harder and faster now. I’m not going to get caught off guard this time. I will cum for sure! Mmmmmm! Here I go. Just a few more minutes.


FUCK! What the hell is going on here? I didn’t even get a chance to get worked up properly and he stopped me again. You little devil. Are you trying to drive me crazy? Well you are! I can feel my breathing getting a little heavy as I anticipate my next opportunity. I won’t let you beat me this time! I’m cumming and that’s that!


OK I must hurry! It’s so much harder when you can’t actually touch yourself. I would love to put a finger or two inside of me right now. Finger? Hell, I want to bury my whole hand! Oh yeah. That’s a good girl. It’s getting close now. Oh yeah. Oh yeah.


Nooooooooo! I was so fucking close. You are driving me nuts! You evil fucking prick! Let me cum! Let me cum! Ohhhhhhhhh! I’m almost there. I am moaning and I know that he can hear me. He is probably laughing at me inside. You sadistic bastard! I hate you! I fucking hate you!


Oh thank you Master! I won’t let you down this time. Oh my. My panties are getting much more wet. My fluid is leaking through the fabric causing the outside to become silky and slippery. Mmmmmmm. Feels good! I can feel my fingers getting wet. I want to taste them but I don’t know if that would be allowed. Better not. Just pick up the pace stupid! You’re almost there. Almost there! Almost…………


I can’t take it anymore! I can feel my pussy pulsing as I’m as hot as I’ve ever been. He has denied me my orgasm time after time and I get more aroused with each turn. My legs are spread wide open on a public highway and I don’t know how many drivers have looked inside and watched as I furiously worked my panty covered pussy! I suddenly got nervous when it dawned on me that we were eventually going to arrive in the city and I might not get another chance to cum today. That would drive me mad!

I am so hot right now that I am sure that if he pulled over and had me lean against a guard rail and masturbate my exposed pussy facing traffic then I would! In a heartbeat! I don’t care. I have to cum! I will cum the next time or else!


I put my hand on my wet panties and rubbed hard in an up and down motion. I began to use more force as I started to change to a patting motion. This was quickly increased to what can only be described as spanking. I was actually spanking my own cunt! Each time that I made contact it would make a ‘splat” type of sound from the wetness of my panties. Anyone driving by would have probably thought that I had gone crazy as I paddled my pussy with my open hand with a vengeance. I am going to cum this time and I don’t care how I do it!

“Oh God! Oh Yes! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


A loud low groan came from deep in my throat. It was a sound that I have never made before and I am sure that anyone that could hear it would have thought that I was in immense pain when just the opposite was true! I have never felt this good in my life!

I came as my pelvis bucked up off of the seat. My legs spread as wide as I could get them and my hot cunt began to spasm. Wave after wave came over me as I had lost control of my actions and my body thrashed wildly! All of the waiting. All of the denials that Master put me through paid off as I let go. I could literally feel the juice from inside of my pussy slowly flow from my body drenching my panties.

It took an eternity for me to finally come down. I was breathing heavy with my head back and eyes still closed. My hand was still rubbing my pussy when I slowly opened my eyes. I turned my head toward Master X and he was looking over at me with a broad smile on his face. I smiled back and sighed. No one has ever made me feel this way. I love this man!

We continued to drive as I sat next to my Master. I have already had the best orgasm in my life and we are just starting out. My slave test has just begun!

New York City, here we come!


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