John , Sue Ch. 3


My husband John has been very quiet around me lately. I have torn his heart apart and dumped burning coals of distrust into his soul. I never thought that I would ever do anything like I have done over the last year. I love my husband with all of my heart. That I had the capacity to do what I have done has driven us apart. Even though I was blackmailed, drugged and forced into this lifestyle of whoring around.

He has told you what he knows of the last year so far. What he doesn’t know is the dirty little details of my life since that photo session. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him verbally what I have done over the last year, so I decided to write it down for him to read. When I get done with my story I will let him read it, alone. This is what I have written so far.

John, this is what has happened in my life over the last year. I want you to know that I love you very much, and I want to stay your wife. After you read this, think about what I am telling you. If you leave me, I’ll understand. If you stay with me, I will be the happiest woman in the whole world, and I will from that day on be only yours, period. Forever. I need to get this all off of my chest. It has been burning in my heart and soul for some time now, and I feel the need to let it all out. I am asking you to forgive me, and if you can’t forget, at least remember our love for each other, and that I still and always have, loved you with all of my heart.

Christmas was coming up and I wanted to get you something very special. I had thought and thought but couldn’t come up with anything good. I read in one of those ladies magazines about different ideas, and one caught my eye. That idea was one where a pretty woman had gotten some ‘boudoir’ pictures taken of her for her husband. She had posed in sexy dresses and then lingerie. She told how wild her husband had gotten over her poses and sexy shots. He had practically raped her where she stood that Christmas morning. She had loved what it had done for their sex life. It caught my eye because I wanted to keep your interest in me alive and hot.

We went to your company Christmas party, where I met a bunch of new and interesting people. Your boss was a very nice black gentleman and I thought that we hit it off rather well. I noticed that he stole looks at me constantly. He admired my ‘sexy little black dress’ as he put it. I was almost self-conscious in it after his remark. My intent had been to look sexy, not to be bait for the boss.

It had a very low neckline, showing a quite a bit of cleavage. It was also very short, being short enough that I really should have worn pantyhose instead of the garter belt and stockings that I had worn. It was very obvious that I had on stocking and garter belt because they showed often as I moved around the room. The hem of the dress was about even with the tops of my stockings, covering them only by an inch or so. If I had had to bend over, I am sure most of the people there would have seen my sheer black thong underwear. They could have seen the lips of my vagina at one point because I was so wet and horny for John. As they got wet the panties became transparent.

I loved the effect that dress had on you, and deep down inside, on the other men at the party as well. I liked to feel desired and sexy by other men, even though I was not interested in ‘doing anything’ about it with anyone other than you, my husband.

At the party I met a pretty young lady and we started talking. She mentioned the magazine that I had read and even mentioned that article about the pictures. I asked her if she knew of any photographers who did boudoir shots. She didn’t but said that she would ask around and find out if anyone knew of one before the end of the party. Later she told me that your boss, Mark, might know of one and he would let her know if it could be arranged on such a short notice. Christmas was only a short time away, and most photographers wanted and needed time to do the shoot and then to develop the photos.

A couple of days later she called and gave me the number of the photographer. I called him and he sounded very nice and professional. His name was Greg, and he talked me into coming down to the studio to look around. He even made an appointment, so that he was sure to be there when I got there. The next day I dressed up a little sexily. I think I wanted him to see me as an attractive lady. I looked around his studio and was impressed.

He really had a great set-up. It was on the edge of the ‘bad’ part of town, but he said “The rent is cheap, so I can pass the savings on to my customers.”

That made sense to me, even though I was uncomfortable in that part of town. His attitude was sort of rough around the edges, but I could see some of his work in the front office, and it looked to be pretty good. We made a date for having my ‘portfolio shot’ as he put it. It was for the next day.

You had left for a business trip and it was a longer one. I hated these trips you had to take. Soon you thought görükle escort that you would be high enough up in the company to not have to take so many trips. I often went on trips with you, but since I was trying to get the pictures taken, I couldn’t go on this one. That was too bad too, because you went to Las Vegas that time.

We talked on the phone the night before I went to get my portfolio done and it was a long conversation because you were not going to be able to call for the next four days. This was unusual, since he could always call each night. He had forgotten his cell phone and he was going out into the desert on a tour of several places and would be roughing it.

I knew that was going to drive you nuts, since you always called me every night on these trips. You really missed me while away and had to talk to me each night. Our phone bills were usually pretty large compared to other people in the company.

The day of the shoot, I got dressed after a nice long hot bath. Greg had mentioned that I might not want to wear any underwear until I got to the studio. His comment had been offhand and short.

“You shouldn’t wear any underwear Sue, it creases the skin and takes quite a while to let those marks smooth out. Pictures are better if they don’t have to be retouched too much. I have some lingerie here that you can model in so we can keep the lines to a minimum. It will help with time constraints.”

I was embarrassed not wearing any panties or bra, but I wanted to have real good shots of me for John, so I just tucked a bra and panties in my purse for afterwards. I got to the studio a little early, and Greg set me up in a small dressing room. It was quite nice. The lighting on the makeup desk was bright but not harsh. I stripped off my clothes and put on a robe that was over the back of a chair.

While I waited to go start to pose I drank the hot tea that he had given me. “This will relax you a little bit and calm your jitters. It is a tea with herbs and stuff in it. It won’t hurt you, and like I said, it will help you until you are relaxed with this whole photo-shoot. I give it to all of my models when they are new to this.” He was charming and seemed to be a sweet man underneath the roughness. I noticed that while your boss Mark was a light-colored Blackman, Greg was very dark-skinned. I hadn’t really noticed any other differences until now.

When Greg finally got me to go pose I had chosen some dresses, a few nighties, and a really sexy skin-suit. I hoped that my choices would look good on me as I posed. I walked out into the main studio, and noticed the big king-sized bed in the circle of lights. I then saw another circle of lights around a couch. Both sets looked just like someone’s home setting. I saw that Greg had a real professional touch to everything he did. It gave me some confidence in what was to come. I hadn’t thought that I would be so nervous doing this, but I was pretty shaky when I started. I posed in two of the dresses I had chosen, and then Greg moved me smoothly into the nighties. At this point I felt warm and had a tingle running inside of me. The posing and the comments Greg made about me as he shot each picture were turning me on.

I stopped him at one point and asked for a drink of water or something. He said it was time to take a break anyway. He got me some more of that tea. I was really feeling good and sexy now. I had a strong urge to masturbate to take the ‘edge’ off. I couldn’t do that in front of Greg so I went into the bathroom. I finished peeing, and as I wiped myself I started to get real turned on. Soon I was slipping my fingers up and down the lips of my vagina. I was masturbating and almost ready to get off when Greg suddenly called for me to go on with the shoot. I was beside myself to finish what I had started, but quit and went out to the main shooting area.

Greg moved me on to the bed for the nightie scenes. I changed out behind a large screen, so as I changed costumes I wouldn’t be ‘exposed’. It made me feel safe. I went through the nighties in short order. By the time I changed into the last nightie, I had dropped all shyness, and actually changed in front of Greg. It seemed that my shyness in front of him had gone down in a dramatic fashion. My horniness was in high gear. I really wanted to go home and use my vibrator to finish off.

Now Greg had me get into some things he had picked out. I hesitated because they showed more than I had intended, for photographs. His smooth talking and compliments persuaded me to go ahead and try them on. He had quite a few outfits, if that is what you would have called the small little revealing things he laid out for me. Greg kept talking to me in a steady complimentary patter.

“Oh Sue, you are so beautiful. O.K. now lay on your side. Great! Beautiful! You are magnificent! Roll over a little, towards the dresser. Yeah! Great! God, you are perfect! Sue, I need you to lift your arm up in the air, with a little hair now. bursa escort bayan Slowly lower it. Great! Shit girl, your going to have your old man drooling for months now! Raise your left knee up; pull your foot in towards your bottom. Good! WOW! You are looking so wonderful, your husband will be stunned with your beauty for sure!”

As we went on he said other things and I wanted to please him as much as I could for some strange reason. It seemed as if all of my inhibitions had been slowly lowered with each change of clothing or something. I had a slight buzz going from all of the great things Greg was telling me and my nipples were hard as rocks, aching for touching. For lips or tongue to caress them. My pussy was getting hotter and hotter, wetter too. I should have been mortified with what Greg had me showing, especially since I was so wet down there. I had gone much farther than I had intended so far, but again, for some strange reason didn’t care.

Soon Greg had talked me out of all clothing completely. He had me lying on the bed, on my back, legs spread, masturbating. I was so hot, I wanted to have that orgasm that was just about there. I just couldn’t seem to get to where I needed. I was getting frustrated.

“Sue, do you need something to help you get off? I have a small white dildo you can use if you want. It would look sexy for your husband too.”

I didn’t care at that point. I wanted it for ME. I needed to get off soon. He tossed me a small thin white cock shaped dildo. I started to use it and soon I was stroking it in and out as fast as I could. It was just a little too small to do me any good though.

“Sue, I have a larger dildo if you want to try it. I think it will really help you. I guess that little white cock isn’t doing much for you is it?”

I just nodded at him. He brought out a huge black cock shaped dildo. It was about ten inches long and had realistic veins and everything. He just stood there with it though.

“Please Greg, let me have that. I think that will do the job.”

He stood there, not moving.

“Sue, what do you want?”

Frustrated, I almost yelled at him. “That… that dildo in your hands!”

“I don’t have a dildo Sue. This is called a big black cock. If you want it you have to ask for it by name. Now what do you want?”

I was desperate by now. I had to cum soon.

“Greg, please! I need that dil…that big black dil…cock. Please let me have that big BLACK COCK! I want the big black cock in your hands, PLEASE.”

I spit out what he wanted to hear quickly so that he would give me something to release my tension.

He laughed a bit then brought it over to me. I reached out for it but he stopped me.

“Sue, why don’t you let me start it for you first, O.K.? I won’t tell anyone, and I think it would help you even more if you had both hands free to help get it in at first. Don’t you think?”

I was agonized at this point. I couldn’t understand what had happened in the last forty-five minutes or so, but suddenly I needed Greg to assist me as much as possible.

“Yeah Greg, help me out here please? I need for you to help me out as much as possible.”

He stepped up and then got on the bed on his knees. He leaned down and placed the big black cock-shaped dildo on the lips of my now drenched pussy. As he started to shove it in slowly yet firmly, I held the lips of my pussy wide open as I could. I needed to help him get that big cock into me as fast as possible. I needed to get off soon or I thought that I would explode.

As the dildo went in I saw him motion off to the side at someone. I didn’t care at this point I just needed to get off. He soon had all ten inches of the dildo inside of me. He then started to stroke it in and out. I was so close! It just wasn’t enough though. Greg pulled the dildo out of me suddenly and got off of the bed.

“NO! Don’t leave now. Please Greg. I NEED to get off. Greg please.”

I was beside myself needing release. I had to have help.

Greg stepped back and asked me, “Sue do you need someone to help you? I have an assistant that will help you. He knows how to use a big black cock.”

I didn’t understand at first. What did he mean, someone?

“My husband isn’t here Greg. I can’t have another man using that cock inside me. I am so horny though, what can I do? Please help me Greg.” I was trying to be faithful honey, I really was.

“Sue, I have a nice black cock right here. He could help you to cum baby. Why don’t you let him help you? It will be just this once and I am sure John won’t mind.”

I was so buzzed by this point, but I still resisted. “NO! I can’t let another man fuck me. My husband… I just can’t…I’m married. No! Well… could he just use the dildo on me?”

Greg looked at the man standing there, I didn’t see who it was, it was dark out there and the lights were bright in my face.

“Baby, what did I tell you to call it?”

I was getting desperate to bursa escort the extreme at this point. I really, really needed to cum, big time. I couldn’t think straight at all.

“Please let him fuck me with the BIG BLACK COCK!”

I shouted loudly, not caring who heard or anything at this point. I just need to have that dildo in my hot wet hole, NOW.

I felt the man get on the bed. I was still spread-eagled on the bed and stroking myself feverishly. He got between my legs and started to move up and into my hole with his hard, hot cock. He was black, that much I knew. I just looked down at the juncture where his cock was. I felt it start to go in and started to hunch my hips, trying to get him in all the way as fast as I could. I wanted him to ram me. I wanted to rut with him. I had to get off!

He was soon stroking in and out of me like a battering ram. I loved it. He was getting me right up next to cumming now. I was so close, so close. A few minutes went by and I was still right on the edge of cumming when I felt him shoot off in me. I felt the warm spray inside, and knew that it was heading right into my womb. I didn’t care. I needed to cum still. The man kept stroking me, not getting soft. Soon he was back at full speed. He rolled us over so that I was on top and I set up and rode him hard. I was bouncing lewdly around; my breasts were jiggling and waving all around.

I felt him getting ready to go off again. I rocked and ground down on him. His cum shot out and it was much hotter than the first time. I still hadn’t cum. What was wrong with me? Why couldn’t I cum? I would get so close, and then it would just hold, right on the edge of nirvana. I started to cry, I was so frustrated.

He rolled me off of him and grabbed the dildo from the dresser next to the bed. He plunged it into my aching pussy. He stroked it in and out of me while I played with my nipples and pinched my clit. He changed position a bit and his cock was close to my head.

I looked at it and thought that maybe, if I had that in my mouth, it would help me to get off. I leaned in to him and took it into my mouth. As he controlled the dildo in my pussy, I knew that I had to please him so he would please me. He had pulled out half of the dildo at this point, and was just giving my short light motion. I opened my mouth and tried to get as much of his cock into my mouth as I could. I had about half of it in. His strokes stayed steady at half depth.

I took more of his cock in and soon had three quarters of it in, its head was just at the entrance of my throat. I gagged a bit, but continued to suck him deeply as I could. He finally let a bit more of the ”big black cock’ in. I had seven inches of it in my pussy now and wanted it all.

I grabbed his ass cheeks and forced him into my throat. His pubic hair was roughly rubbing my lips and nose. I had all of his cock in my mouth and down my throat. I could feel the heat from it. I was possessed. He plunged the dildo into my pussy all of the way now. I needed it so bad. I felt my orgasm coming, and as it washed over me, I felt his cock throb and begin to shoot into my throat. I could only swallow. I didn’t dare let up on his cock; for fear that he would remove the dildo in me. As I swallowed the last of his cum, I started to go over the edge. Finally! I orgasmed long and hard, about the hardest I had ever orgasmed in my life.

I collapsed on the bed. I felt so satisfied. Then, I felt the tingle begin yet again. NO! I was getting that feeling all over again. I couldn’t take that again. I grabbed the dildo and started to use it on myself. I was going to get ahead of this one right now. I felt the man leave. He said something to Greg. I heard Greg tell him that he would see that I got home safe and sound. He also told him that the pictures would be ready in a week. I was confused. What pictures? Greg hadn’t taken pictures of us fucking had he?

I was concentrating on getting off. I needed to get off again. I was ramming that big black cock, in and out of my pussy so hard I was surprised that I didn’t hurt myself.

As I worked up to my next orgasm, I heard Greg taking more pictures. I didn’t care what he did at this point. My needs were demanding and I had to stay on top of it. He called out to somebody and soon I saw three big black muscular men off to the side of the bed. They were naked and built. I was looking at them and they watched me. They were saying things, nasty things about me.

“Shit! Would you look at this bitch? She is really a hot white slut isn’t she?”

“Man, this whore is going to be a blast to dick. Look how tight that cunt is.”

“Momma, are ready for some real dick now? I have just what you need slut.”

I loved what they were saying to me. They wanted to help me get off. That was all I cared about right now. I didn’t care at this point who got me off, just that somebody got me off again. All thoughts of you were gone. My mind was in this zone where it never had been before. I was just one horny lady who had to get off.

The men around the bed started to move in on me. One of them took the big black cock out of my hands. I cried out when he did. I had tears of frustration as he laid it on the dresser. It was like I was addicted to it already.