Carol’s Joy is Boys Ch. 02


You should start off by reading Carol’s Joy is Boys Chapter 1 first.


Carol awakened before daylight, her belly tingling with the familiar need to which she had become accustomed during her months with Harry. She could remember but few mornings when the hunger had not been they’re, tingling her labia and reaching far back inside the tight channel with little fluttering of desire. Harry had insisted that she was oversexed. Women, he proclaimed, were not supposed to enjoy sex. They were, in his twisted opinion, designed to serve as little more than receptacles for the male ejaculation. He had even objected to the answering thrust of her hips on those few occasions when he had slid his diminutive organ into her avid cunt.

Sleepily, she rolled onto her side, her hand falling lightly across the slab like belly of the blond youth who lay beside her. The warmth of his muscular body reminding her that she was no longer a housewife, and that the rearing organ that arched just below her slender wrist was hers for the taking. The boy had proved that by the repeated volleys of thick cream he had poured into her pussy during the long night.

She stretched her lush body, her fingers sliding about the hot hardness of the young cock. Feeling it respond to her touch with a throbbing jerk of readiness. The boy’s head rolled on the pillow, his blue eyes opening lazily to drift down over her naked body.

“I thought I was dreaming.” He whispered, moving his hips to slide his prick through her clenched fingers. “It doesn’t seem possible that you’re here in bed with me.”

She pulled his hand over to press it between her thighs, sighing as his middle finger invaded the slippery trough and went into her vaginal lips. Moving inside the soft folds in a gentle exploration. She slid her face closer and licked the tip of his nose.

“I think I’ll adopt you,” she murmured, working her hips to increase the pleasure of his probing digit. Her own hand beginning a slow stroking of his pulsating prick. Her teeth flashed in a teasing smile. “Wonder how many times we could screw before you’d get tired of my pussy?”

“I’d never get tired of it,” he assured her. “Jesus! How could I? It’s so hot and slick, and you make it wiggle and squeeze when my cock’s in there.”

“Any pussy can do that,” she reminded him. “You’d find some fifteen-year-old girl and lose all interest in me.”

He was moving to mount her, and she angled her long legs to welcome his lithe hips. Steering his ridged cock into the juicy grip of her eager slit. Holding her breath as the hardness slid between the sensitive tissues and expands her vagina with its pulsating bulk. God! It was good to wake up to a hard prick!

After a leisurely-consumed breakfast, Carol left the youth in the room while she drove into the nearby shopping plaza and purchased several items of clothing. Insisting, upon her return, that he try them on for her inspection. He was still a little bashful, but it was obvious that he enjoyed the admiring eyes that swept up and down his naked body with each disrobing.

Settling for a pair of tan slacks and an open-collared shirt, he helped her gather up the scattered items. Closing the lid on the suitcase and turning to take her in his arms for a long kiss that brought his cock throbbingly erect against her grinding belly.

“I wonder how many times you could come,” she smiled. “I screwed me all night.”

His sensual mouth curved in an embarrassed smile. “I thought you liked it.”

“That’s not the word, lover,” she breathed. “My God! You could make a fortune with that big cock!”

He looked confused. “You mean women pay for things like that?”

“Women and men,” she replied. “Hell, Randy. There are male prostitutes, just like there are female whores.”

“Yeah,” he frowned. “But you said men.”

“Don’t tell me you never had a man make a pass at you?”

He blushed. “I guess so. I just pretended I didn’t know what they meant.”

“Your education,” she said gently, forcing her body away from his “has been sadly neglected. We’ll have to remedy that.”

The highway narrowed and began winding climb into the foothills of the tall mountains that shaped the natural border of Tennessee and the Carolinas. Carol switched off the air conditioner and rolled down the windows, letting the cool breeze sweep through the car. Shoving her short skirt high up on her luscious thighs.

Randy squirmed in the seat beside her, his crotch bulging with the swift hardening of his young cock. She deliberately angled her legs and gave him a wet-lipped smile.

“I didn’t wear any panties, Randy,” she said in a sultry tone. “I thought you might want to play a little.”

The boy glanced at the road, then back at the inviting juncture of her thighs. “Are you sure it’s okay?”

“Hell!” she chuckled. “I’ve fingered myself off at eighty miles an hour. Go on! You’ve got my clit hard as a rock!”

Gingerly, he extended his hand and caressed the sleek skin of her thigh, working upward to the hem of her Escort Bayan Gaziantep short skirt. Pushing it aside to tease the bushy clump of dark curls, one finger parting the silk curtain and sliding up and down the moist crease of her labia.

“Ummmm!” she sighed, lifting her hips. “That feels good! Stick your finger in there, Randy! Don’t be afraid of it!”

The stiffened digit parted her vaginal lips and wiggled into the tight embrace, massaging the slippery walls. Working its way in and out until Carol was panting with pleasure.

She spied a dirt road angling from the highway, braked the Lincoln and guided it between the heavily leaved bushes until they were out of sight from the highway. Just ahead they could hear the musical sound of a mountain stream, its liquid melody blending with the trill and chirp of the colorful birds that flitted through the tall trees.

Cutting the engine, Carol gently removed his fingers from between her legs, raising it to her lips and sliding the moistened digit into her mouth, lapping it with her warm tongue.

The boys eyes widened in surprise. “Jesus!” he whispered, “I never heard of that!”

Releasing his wrist, she asked, “Don’t you like it?”

“God yes!” he murmured, using his free hand to clutch his swollen genitals. “It’s just…new!”

“Come on,” Carol said, unbuttoning her blouse and unzipping her skirt. “Get out of those clothes and lets have some fun.”

Randy’s prick was fully erect as he followed her swaying buttocks along the narrow road to the grassy bank of the shallow stream. Its waters curving and leaping over the polished rocks that sprinkled its sandy bank.

“Lie down, lover,” Carol invited, depositing her bare hips on the soft grass. “I’m gonna give you a lesson.”

“Lesson?” he echoed, stretching his handsome body on the green turf.

She wrapped her warm fingers about his distended prick. “I’m gonna give you a blowjob, honey,” she announced casually. “Do you mind?”

“You mean…suck it?” he asked weakly. “With your mouth?”

She moved he hand up and down the hard shaft making his hips tremble. “Do you mind?” she repeated gently.

His head rolled from side to side, his eyes watching the capping and uncapping of his swollen glans. The tiny slit already oozing the transparent lubricant that singled his desire.

“I’ve heard of it,” he breathed, his voice trembling. “But I thought girls didn’t like to do it.”

Carol made a chuckling sound, bending over his belly to trail her black hair over the ridged muscles. She planted a wet kiss on his deep-set navel, spearing the indentation with a quick twist of her tongue.

“Here’s one who does,” she murmured. Licking downward into the thick hair at the base of his towering cock, her hand still moving up and down the thick shaft. Forcing more of the clear liquid from the straining eyelet. “All you have to do is relax, lover. I’ll do all the work.”

“But,” he protested weakly, “I’ll shoot off right in your mouth.”

She turned her face to flash a wicked grin toward his staring eyes. “Right on, baby! And I’ll drink all of it!”

With a graceful motion, she arched her neck and shaped her lips in a pursed circle. Sliding them over the moist head of his prick until her gently gripping teeth trapped the rim.

“Oh, goddamn!” the youth groaned, his body arching in an effort to drive the huge organ further into her warm, wet mouth.

Carol’s tongue blocked the heart-shaped head, curving and twisting to polish the sensitive glans as her fingers continued their slow pumping of the thick shaft. Her cheeks hollowed in a long vacuuming tug that wrenched another groan from the boy.

She didn’t want him to come! Not yet! She wanted time to savor the salty sweetness of his throbbing prick. To taste the tart jism that oozed from the slick tip that pushed eagerly against her busy tongue. It had been too long since she had enjoyed the simple, but delightful pleasure of sucking a man’s cock. The feeling of his hot semen spurting far back in her throat as she swallowed with slow, luxurious gulps. Now, with the lad’s enormous prong at her disposal, she wanted time to give it the full treatment.

But Randy was too excited by her flattering tongue and pounding fingers. Already, his hips were bucking and wriggling. Grinding the head of his cock against her tongue and pressing it further back inside her mouth.

“I’m…gonna…come!” he gasped, his hands digging into the grass at either side of his arched body. “I…can’t wait!”

Carol made a nasal sound of agreement, sliding her fingers down to the base of his prick and squeezing the hard meat. Following it with her soft lips as she took his cock full length in her hot throat. Beginning a little humming sound that vibrated her tongue about the pulsating knob of his prong. She sucked him with savage tugs, her head bobbing up and down to fuck the thick shaft.

The writhing tongue caressing every portion of the jerking prick, one hand cupping his heavy scrotum and rolling the big balls to add to his mounting pleasure.

His first powerful spurt made her gag, spilling some of the precious fluid from her sliding lips and onto her encircling fingers. Then, with a hunger that made her own body twist and shiver in the grip of a delicious climax. She swallowed the thick cream that jetted from his convulsing cock, gulping it down as she continued milking him with powerful suction until his ass fell back upon the grass in temporary exhaustion.

Only when she was sure there would be no more of the tasty come did she slide her lips up the long rod, pausing to massage the head before diving down beside it to lick the spilled residue from her fingers and the hairy base of his staff.

“Like it?” she asked throatily, lifting his balls with gentle fingers.

“Christ, yes!” Randy groaned. “It felt like my nuts were coming loose!” He hesitated. “Was it good for you?”

She smiled more broadly, her eyes flashing. “Couldn’t you tell?” I loved it! I could suck on it all day.”

For the first time, he reached for her, pulling her up to where her mouth could reach his parted lips. Kissing her with a savagery he had never before shown, his tongue darting boldly and deeply, sucking her come-tainted saliva with obvious eagerness. Giving little grunts of excitement as the taste of his own semen flooded his mouth.

Without breaking oral contact, Carol swung her leg across his body. Straddling his hips and groping for the thrusting shaft of his prick, guiding it into the slippery trench of her aching pussy.

God! He was big! Her cunt filled as her ass descended, stretching her vaginal walls about his wrist sized cock. Sucking it into her belly as she had drawn it down her throat, and flexing the labial muscles as the meaty shaft dove through the juice-coated circle.

All the way! Down to where the crease of her ass hugged his big balls, and her clitoris was jammed tightly against the hardness of his public arch. The sensitive flesh teased by the wiry hair that surrounded the base of his nine-inch spear, its rounded head pressing with delicious results upon the pulsating mouth of her womb.

His hands gripped her waist, holding her motionless except for the circular wiggle of her shapely ass and the constant spasming of her well-filled cunt.

“Hold it there a minute!” he grunted, grinding his hips to work the head of his prick against her cervix. “Jesus! It feels good when it’s all the way in!”

Carol was unable to answer. Arched slightly forward, her breasts heaved with a strangled sob of ecstasy, the prominent nipples quivering as she struggled to control her mounting desire. Her cunt spasmed and churned about the thick shaft of Randy’s prick, rubbing the nerve-laced labia about its base. Squeezing the inserted column upon which she was so completely hilted.

Randy’s hands slid upward and forward, palming the firm tits and manipulating them with rhythmic pressure. The tips poking from between his splayed fingers like miniature cocks. His ass muscles tensed as he rammed forward and upward, exacting a grunt of pleasure from the passionate woman who straddled him.

Carol had thought that the previous night had left her satisfied. But, with Randy’s come still tingling in her throat, and his huge prick filling her pussy with its throbbing bulk, she was hotter than ever. It was as if some insatiable demon had been released inside her belly, demanding satisfaction at any cost.

She leaned forward, mashing her breasts against the youth’s hands and trapping them between their naked bodies, gripping his broad shoulders with sharp-nailed finger. Her face hovering inches above his contorted features.

“I’m gonna fuck your ass off!” she grated hoarsely, beginning a steady hunching that slid her pussy up and down his rearing cock. “I want that come to spurt all the way up to my throat!”

It was the lad’s turn to groan a helpless response, answering her posting hips with eager thrusts of his young ass. His prick seemed to swell and jerk in the confining sleeve of her hot, wet cunt.

Upward, until his glans were trapped by her clenching labia, and downward, until it felt as though her pussy would burst with the sheer size of his prick, she rode him with a spiraling motion of her agile hips.

Her juices sloshed and gurgled as the shaft slithered in and out, his balls, wet and swollen again, snuggled into the crack of her buttocks with an obscene squishing. A sound that somehow blended with the rippling brook and the gentle sigh of the wind in the tall trees.

Her senses whirred, her whole being caught up in the incredible ecstasy of that driving prick, stretching and massaging her cunt sheath with its hot hardness.

She came, body arching and twisting, her ass grinding as the powerful internal muscles chewed and sucked on the meaty spear that seemed to reach deeper with each thrust. Meaningless cries escaped her tightly drawn lips as her cunt exploded, fresh floods of liquid passion drenched their meshed organs and trickling down about his balls and his hunching ass.

Almost before the shudders of her orgasm had subsided, she was driving toward another searing climax, her ass twisting and bouncing on Randy’s hardness. The juicy cunt churning its velvet grip about the thrusting prick, trying to draw even more than its nine inches into the avid vagina.

Twice, three times, four times, her pussy squished and spasmed in ecstatic convulsions, each one more powerful than its predecessor. The slippery channel seeming to tighten with each internal explosion.

At last, the youth could hold back no longer. His fingers clutched her pounding buttocks, and he drove his prick up into her cunt with a cry of savage pleasure. Jetting his sperm far up in her writhing belly, the jerking and swelling of his spurting prick setting off yet another convulsive orgasm in her greedy pussy. Her womb sucking the thick semen into its spasming mouth.

She collapsed atop his perspiration-drenched body, tits yielding against his heaving chest, her saliva-wet mouth claiming his in a noisy, moan-filled kiss of happiness.

“Have you ever been to Knoxville?” Carol asked, wheeling the big Lincoln past a trailer rig with a slight pressure of her foot. Her pussy was still tingling from the repeated orgasms she’d had by the mountain stream, and the taste of Randy’s sperm lingered in her throat, reminding her that she could have a second helping of his delicious come whenever she wanted it.

Randy shook his head, a smile tugging at his full lips. “It looks like I’m doing a lot of things I never did before.”

Carol reached over and gave his left knee a slight squeeze, removing her hand before the desire started building again. It would take only a sight or a feel of his magnificent cock to have her ready for another furious ride on that delightful hardness.

“Tell me,” she said softly, keeping her eyes on the road, “what you would like to do to a girl?”

“Christ!” he murmured. “We’ve done just about everything.”

“Hell!” Carol laughed, her tits jiggling. “All we’ve done is fuck, and I gave you one quick blowjob. I’m talking about the really far-out things people do, or would like to do, if they had the chance. Don’t tell me you’ve never thought about things like that.”

Randy moved restlessly. “Sure! I guess everybody does.”

Carol wanted to pursue the subject, but it was obvious that Randy was embarrassed. A reaction that she found amusing, since he had already fucked her at least five times. It would be better, she concluded, if she gave him the opportunity to work out his fantasies, rather than merely discussing them. She was certain that he would try nothing she wouldn’t enjoy. Hell! After all those months with Harry, she would welcome being gang-banged by a trio of wild apes.

At the first liquor sign inside Knoxville, Carol stopped and purchased two fifths of bourbon, enjoying the admiring stares of the two clerks as she deliberately bent and stretched to examine the rows of bottles. The desire in their eyes sent an answering shudder through her sperm-filled vagina, and swelled the thrusting nipples of her proud breasts.

Back in the car, she wove through the traffic and down Cumberland Avenue, past the University of Tennessee Campus, slowing to admire the bare legged coeds and the husky youths who strolled casually along the broad sidewalks.

Spying a blond-haired lovely with a provocative wiggle and a pair of bouncing tits, Carol gave Randy’s shoulder a nudge.

“How would you like to screw that?” she suggestively.

Randy hesitated, cupping his genitals and clearing his throat. “I’d rather do it with you,” he replied, his face coloring.

“How about both of us?” Carol persisted. “Think you’d like that?”

“Christ, yes!” the lad answered. “I’d come before I got it in either one of you.”

“Don’t worry,” Carol grinned. “We’d see that it didn’t go to waste. That blonde looks like she could really chew a cock right down to the balls!”

Picking one of many motels boarding the expressway, Carol pulled in and registered for a double, again ordering a meal sent to the room.

Randy carried in their things and went off in search of ice while Carol opened her suitcases and distributed her effects on the dresser. By the time their food arrived, they were already into the second glass of powerful bourbon.

They ate hurriedly, and Carol showered while Randy fiddled with the television set, returning with only a negligee wrapped about her lush curves.

“Take a bath lover,” she said lightly. Pouring another tall glass of the whisky. “Then, I want some more of that cock.”

Once Randy was in the shower, Carol drained the glass, swallowing repeatedly to keep the fiery liquid dawn. Jesus! She was getting tight already, feeling the heat of the liquor blend with the torrid waves of lust that swept outward from her hungry cunt.

“Don’t put on any clothes!” she called, hearing the shower stop. Her voice was lower and her tongue thick, but she seemed more sensitive than ever. Her nipples tingled and she found that her fingers were playing through the moist curls of her crotch.