How Was Your Day?


She walked in the door, glad to be home. It hadn’t been a miserable day at work, just a long one. Still, she decided she was in a pretty good mood as she hung her coat and walked a little further into the house. “Hey, babe?” She called questioningly.

He jumped out from behind the closet door, pinning her chest against the wall, hands on the wall just a bit above her head. It was a bit rough, but not too much – maybe a slight sting, not pain. The man smirked a bit, kissing her neck gently at first. “How was your day, hon?”

“Alright,” she muttered as his kisses sped up, heated up. “Glad to see me?”

“Yeah, of course,” he said before biting her shoulder gently through the blouse. His hands released her to slowly trail down her sides, her curves, and eventually meet just below her waist. He began working on the button and zipper, slowly pulling her pants down as he kissed the nape of her neck. Already she was wet, almost soaking. “Still in there?”

“Naturally,” she answered. “I didn’t touch all day, I promise.”

“Mmm,” he murmured as he finally got her pants off and she stepped out of them. “Good girl.” He kissed the back of her head as his hands slid back up her legs, feeling them until he reached her underwear and started pulling that down too. “Going to behave tonight?” He asked, his voice taking a tinge of dominance.

“Of course… master,” she said after a pause. As her panties passed her knees, she started reaching back towards his pants, wanting to feel him. He stopped pulling down her panties, stopping quickly to pin her arms – firmly, not harshly – against the wall. “Steve…” she groaned.

“Mmm, not yet, my pet. You said you’d behave.” He finished getting her panties out of the way, leaving her naked from the waist down and with her ass fully revealed to him. He slipped his hands between her thighs, running a finger up and down her slit and feeling the end of the dildo sticking out a bit. “So how did it feel?”

“Oh, god,” she answered. “I felt full all day. All I had to do was walk a certain way and it’d shift a bit…”

He grinned as he took the end in his hand and started pulling, slowly. She gasped as it began to exit her, as he kept going slowly, too slowly for her taste. His mouth returned to her neck, breathing over it and kissing it hotly, while his other hand rested on her side. “Master, please, don’t go so slow… please…”

The man smirked, biting her ear gently and tugging on it before nodding. “Alright, my pet…” and he pulled a bit faster. Still, he made sure she felt each inch özbek escort come out of her as she was slowly emptied. His free hand moved to her blouse, deftly undoing the buttons – he had had lots of practice, after all. She groaned as the last bit was taken out and tossed aside, just as he got the last button of her blouse undone. “Thank you, master,” she whispered. The empty feeling was nice after a whole day with it up there… though she was sure it wouldn’t last for long. Not that she was complaining. “You…?”

“Not yet,” he answered her with a grin, tossing her blouse aside and quickly getting rid of her bra as well. She had been home for less than twenty minutes, she was ass-naked – literally – and he was still fully clothed. It was torture, and they both knew it. But it was the good kind. “Put your hands on the wall and spread your legs a bit.” He ordered her as he took a step back to give her room. She complied, missing his touch or not. The man took a vibrator from his pocket – four inches, just to begin – and turned it on low. She closed her eyes at the sound, knowing what was next. He rubbed up and down her slit, once, twice, three times, just to get the moisture, then lubed it up with some from his pocket. “A little further,” he muttered, and she spread herself a couple more inches, revealing whichever hole he wanted. He grinned as he slowly pushed it into her ass, partially to make her feel it, partially not to hurt her. She moaned as the last inch made its way in, although she had been expecting more. “Is that all?” She asked, almost disappointed.

Quickly he grabbed her sides and pushed himself into her back, not painfully, but to make her feel the bulge in his pants. “What was that, pet?” He asked with dominance. “Are you behaving?”

“Yes master, I’m sorry master,” she answered quickly. “I’ll behave. Please, more?”

“Good girl,” he muttered, backing off again and turning the vibrator up a setting, eliciting another moan from her. His left hand traced up her side again, gently running over her breast as he finally turned it to the highest setting before removing it slowly. She held back her whimper as he pulled out another vibrator, eight inches this time, and lubed it up. “Just one more, my pet. Just one more.”

“Thank you mas- ooh fuck,” she moaned, cut off, as he shoved the eight incher in, getting the first four in one thrust. The last half went in on the second thrust, leaving her gasping for air.

He smirked, “it’s not even on yet.” His hands traced up his wife’s mecidiyeköy escort sides again, and he leaned in and kissed her shoulder sweetly – a brief moment of love, just because, well, he hadn’t shown her any since she had gotten home. He leaned in to her ear and kissed it softly before backing off again, taking his role back – and turning the vibrator straight to the highest. She moaned, loud, not suspecting that… not even close to suspecting that.

“Oh fuck master, that feels so good…” His smirk returned as he took the last bit sticking out of her ass and began pulling and pushing the vibe in and out of her, giving and taking about three of the eight inches. “Oh, thank you master…” she moaned again, her legs spreading a little bit more without her even meaning to, her breathing becoming ragged. “Please, master, please let me feel you?” He smiled and kissed her between her shoulder blades.

“Alright, pet. Turn around, on your knees.” She waited for a moment, expecting him to remove the vibe, but he left it in. “Pet?” He asked a bit sharply, dominantly, and she complied, looking at him quizzically. The act of kneeling shifted the vibe, and her eyes closed in pleasure as she gasped on the way down. The man smirked, quickly undoing his pants and boxers, leaving his shirt on and leaving her eye-to-eye with his mongrel. She looked up at him questioningly, and he nodded.

“Yes, master…” she murmured, leaning forward to take him into her mouth, first half, then licking her way back up his shaft until it was just the head, then engulfing the whole thing. The entire time the vibrator buzzed away happily in her ass, giving her shocks and tingles, making her moan around his dick more than once as she moved back to the head, focusing on that spot just under the tip. She loved his reaction to that, and they both knew it as he groaned, his hands resting on her shoulders, his body shivering a bit as she licked faster at that one spot, not sure if she should make him cum, but knowing she loved to swallow.

“Alright pet, that’s enough,” he murmured, gently pushing her off of himself. She sighed, but nodded, looking up and wondering what would come next. “Turn around,” he ordered, grabbing a pillow from the couch and setting it in front of her. “Bend over.”

“Yes, master,” she murmured, getting on her hands and knees in front of him, presenting her ass even more than it had been before.

“Hands behind your back,” was the next order. An odd one, but she complied, now seeing the reason for the pillow as she rested her azeri escort head on it. He grabbed the handcuffs – odd she hadn’t noticed them – and cuffed her wrists together behind her back, leaving her not only exposed but helpless. Finally he removed the vibe, leaving her moaning as each inch slowly came out before he turned it off and set it aside. “Are you ready, my pet?” He asked, finally tossing off his shirt.

“Yes, master… please master… please give it to me…” She begged, not only for his sake, but her own. She was built up from all that, built up from having the dildo in her all day, ready to cum, and for him to cum. “Please…”

He nodded, lubing himself quickly before placing his hands on her hips and pressing himself into her ass, letting her take the first two inches slowly and nicely. “Mmm, that feels goo-” she began to thank him as he pushed the last few in all in one thrust, making her groan again. “Fuck master, please, please fuck me” she begged quickly, needing him even more. He grinned and pulled out before thrusting again, making her take it all at once. “Oh god…” she groaned as he began to speed up, his own breathing quickly ragged – after all, messing with her that long had made him plenty built up himself. “Yes master, please, yes…” her words became incoherent, a mix of groans, moans and “oh fuck YES” as he sped up, eventually reaching their maximum hard and fast. He began moaning, pulling on her hips and pressing himself further into her ass. A few thrusts later and she was screaming some wordless scream as she came, her whole body shaking with the feeling. He had thought he had been going as fast as possible, but her scream gave him a last burst of energy, his hands tightening on her hips, a half dozen thrusts even faster – prolonging her orgasm as it built up his own to…

He groaned, let out a “fuck, YES” and released himself in his wife’s ass, continuing to thrust as he came… and came… and came, leaving her ass plenty full. The man groaned once more, one last thrust releasing what little was left of him, before relaxing his body. He released her hips, letting his hands rest on her gently.

“God, Steve, that was amazing,” she said, laughing.

He nodded. “Yeah, me too.” His body slouched a bit, all the tension released. He slowly pulled it out, though they both sighed as he did, his dick quickly softening. He grabbed the key and uncuffed his wife, helping her stand and gently rubbing her wrists to release the tension. He laughed and looked at the door – they hadn’t moved three feet away from it since she got home. He kissed her softly and she returned it. “Feel better?”

“Mmm, yeah.” She laughed. “Might be a bit sore back there for a day or two though.”

He smirked and responded, before kissing her again, “No problem. We’ve got two others to play with.”