Ringing the Bell


Ringing the bell, my heart fluttered with nervousness. Why shouldn’t it though? I had known Edward all my life but not the others. I had never met his friends. I looked down at myself. A sleek red dress with spaghetti straps was clinging to my body. It flared out at my thighs and was tight around my chest. Red high heels were on my feet with straps that wrapped around my ankles and a deep tan spread over my naked skin. My brown hair curled against my neck and my brown eyes shown brightly.

The door opened in one swift motion and Edward was at the door with two beers. “Hey Rose! Glad you could make it!” Edward hugged me tightly and handed me a beer. The other beer was his, and almost empty. He was in black slacks and a dark blue button up shirt. He grabbed my hand and pulled me anxiously into his living room to show me off to his friends. “John, come meet Rose.” I saw John look up from the couch and smile. Then he stood.

“Nice to meet you.” John kissed my hand and his eyes wandered down along my curves. He was wearing tan khakis and a green sweater. “‘Edward, I need another drink. Could you get me one? I’ll take Rose here to meet Rob.” Edward smiled and nodded while heading towards his kitchen. John wrapped his arm around my waist and led me to another room. “So how old are you Rose?” John’s deep voice lulled in my ear.

“I’m 21. A little younger than Edward.” I looked around to see, whom I recognized as Rob, Michael and Dom. Rob was in a loosely buttoned black shirt and tight jeans. Michael was wearing a white dress shirt with black slacks and Dom was wearing a grey tank top and jeans.

“Just of the legal age.” Michael smiled. “Nice to meet you, you must be Rose. Edward didn’t mention how hot you were.” Michael kissed my cheek. Rob winked at me and leaned forward to shake my hand. Dom stood to his feet and came over to me wrapping his arms around me in a tight hug. Then he kissed me on the cheek.

“Hey, don’t get too comfortable with her you guys!” Edward returned from the kitchen with six more beers for all of us. He distributed them and we all sat. I put both of my beers on the table and relaxed in between John and Dom. John’s hand was against my nearly naked thigh and gently ran along my skin, back and forth. I smiled with embarrassment and then saw Michael staring at John’s hand. I took a deep breath and turned to face Dom and Edward who was on Dom’s right side.

“How’ve you been Edward?” I asked and out of the corner of my eye watched Dom’s eyes travel down my neck and to my cleavage.

“Not bad. I’m glad you are here though. The guys have been aching to meet you.” Edward finished his beer in three quick gulps.

“Aching is the perfect word for it.” Rob winked again speaking in his sexy accent, his hand traveling down in between his legs, where he grabbed himself briefly.

I felt like a piece of meat around these horny men. They were all staring at me and watching me, ready to pounce. My body trembled at the thought of being ravished by five hot men. “So this is quite an intimate little party you’ve got here Edward.” I moved my thigh closer to John’s hand and calmly placed my right hand upon Dom’s knee. My legs were spread very gently and both Rob and Michael’s eyes were diverted there, looking for any skin to slip or show.

“I wanted it to be small and intimate. ardahan escort I wanted you to be able to handle it.” Edward laughed.

“Oh trust me…I can handle it.” I ran my tongue over my lips and allowed my hand to travel up Dom’s leg. Suddenly I realized that John’s fingers had slipped up my skirt and were touching my skin. He had hiked my skirt up and Michael and Rob were now wide eyed, probably with a view of my silk blue underwear. John’s lips were drawn to my neck and I moaned when he kissed it. Dom’s hand grabbed a hold of my jaw and turned my face towards his. His lips met mine, roughly. Rob moved from the sofa and knelt down on the floor in front of me. His hands slid up my thighs pulling my dress to my waist.

Dom’s right hand held my jaw firmly while his left hand stroked himself outside his jeans. John’s fingers continued to probe at my thighs, coming nearer to my underwear. Rob’s fingers found the rim of my underwear and began gently removing them. Looking past Dom, I saw Edward smile and stand up. He disappeared into his room. I heard subtle moans escaping from Michael’s lips and from the corner of my eye, watched him stroking his cock, which had been freed from his pants.

Dom’s tongue probed my mouth while he held me tightly. His mouth was sweet and gentle yet his kisses were demanding. John’s mouth traveled over my neck until I could bare no more. With my left hand, I unzipped John’s pants and removed his hard cock. Slowly my fingers examined every inch of it and began stroking him softly at first. Rob’s fingers found the lips of my vagina and rubbed my clit. I moaned loudly and with my free hand, clutched Rob’s dark curls as I pushed his head towards my awaiting pussy, dripping wet with want.

Edward returned from the bedroom with a camera in which he began filming us. Michael was staring at me, watching my body writhe in pleasure as he stroked his cock. Dom’s touches had now gone farther as his hand was inside his pants, tugging away at his cock. John’s thighs were rocking against my hand, begging for more. Rob’s fingers slipped inside me as his mouth found my clit. He gently lapped at it, tasting my sweet juices. With one hand he held my waist tightly, and with the other, he made swift motions in and out of my wet pussy. Dom’s kisses had turned rough and his knuckles were white from his grip on my jaw. He removed his hand and grabbed a handful of my hair, pushing my head down on him. He slammed his cock inside my mouth.

John adjusted himself against me and began running his mouth along my upper back that was exposed to the air. My hand continued stroking his cock, tightening my grip at his head. Rob never moved his mouth from my cunt, lapping away at my juices. Edward gently massaged himself while filming, and I wondered if he had this all planned. Rob sucked on my clit and pounded me with his fingers. I bucked against his mouth feeling my orgasm near. Dom fucked my mouth hard, slamming his dick in and out without regard for me. John’s hands had moved from my side and were now reaching around to grab my breasts. I heard Michael’s moans cease until I was sure he was cumming. My thighs tightened around Rob’s head as my body shuddered more and more as Rob continued to suck and lap at my soft pink flesh. John’s moans became more erratic artvin escort and I stroked him faster and harder until I felt my hand would cramp up. He came hard all over my fingers and he squeezed my breasts tightly beneath his large hands. As I felt my own orgasm, I moaned and my sounds vibrated on Dom’s cock, which sent him into his own orgasm, shooting his warm sticky cum down my throat. Rob continued lapping at me while I bucked against him harder, releasing my second orgasm.

“Hey Rob wanna share a little there?” Michael stood up and came over. I removed my mouth from Dom’s cock and reclaimed my hand from John’s cock. Michael picked me up as if I weighed nothing at all, and wrapped my legs around thighs. His cock was pressing against my lips. I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips, my tongue meeting his. He carried me off into Edward’s bedroom and before we hit the door, he slammed himself deep inside me. I cried out loudly, and Edward yelled out.

“Be gentle with her. All of you.” He warned. “She’s only had sex a few times with me. She’s still innocent.” Edward handed John the camera and followed Michael and me. Now Michael had me on the bed and was pounding me roughly. His hands were roaming over my body. “Didn’t I tell you to be gentle with her?” Edward removed his shirt and pants and came over on the bed. His mouth melted against mine and I felt more relaxed with his body near mine. John followed us in with the camera and setting it up on the tripod, came over behind Edward. He removed his cock from his pants and slid himself into Edward’s ass. While Edward was standing on his knees, I took him out of his boxers and began giving him a hand job as well.

Rob was at my other side in seconds, naked as well, running his fingers over my body. He slid the straps of my dress off of my shoulders and kissed my shoulders gently, first one then the other. Without warning, Michael groaned loudly and his cock pierced my flesh deeply. Dom had removed his clothes and had inserted himself into Michael’s backside. Michael was rocking against me, while Dom fucked him. Edward’s cock hardened beneath my touch as it had many times before. His thighs rocked against my hand. My pussy stretched to fill Michael’s large cock. Rob’s hands were covering my breasts squeezing the nipples beneath his fingers until they were hard. I heard Dom’s grunts and groans, feeling Michael’s tight ass around his cock.

I grabbed onto Rob’s thick cock and stroked the hardness, feeling it beneath my fingers. Michael continued pounding me until he came violently, his entire body shaking against Dom and I. Dom held him against me while he came inside Michael, exploding all of his tensions. “Let me taste her now.” Dom demanded removing himself from Michael. Michael then pulled out from me. Dom lay on the bed and lifted me up. He held me still while Rob stripped my dress from over my head. I then squatted over Dom’s mouth. He began lapping at my orgasmic juices immediately. Once John had orgasmed, Edward came over to me and inserted himself into my ass, slowly at first, then faster. Michael came over to my face and lifted my head up. He slid his cock into my mouth and together him and I stroked Dom’s shaft. John laid back and jerked off while Rob grabbed the camera, looking for close aydın escort up shots. Both Dom and Edward’s hands were on my waist controlling my movements, while Michael’s free hand was on my head controlling my head movements. I watched Rob’s strong naked muscular body walk slowly around me, filming my naked body.

Rob’s right hand controlled the camera and with his free hand he would touch my body in various places, often my nipples. Feeling Edward’s release against my backside, I came again, my juices emptying into Dom’s awaiting mouth. Michael fucked my mouth harder until he too came, long after Edward had exited and Dom’s licks had slowed to a gentle taste here and there.

“Give her to me.” John called once Michael had exited from my mouth. He was lying on the bed and Rob assisted me on top of John’s body. With Rob’s hands on my waist, he held me firmly while John slid his cock up into my flesh. John threw his head back in pleasure and moaned. The guys looked on stupefied by our sweaty bodies before deciding what to do. Rob remained grasping onto my waist as he slid his cock into my ass. The double penetration sent me over the edge. I screamed aloud in pleasure, feeling my flesh widen to fit Rob’s thick cock. I felt his balls slap against me as he began fucking me hard. I rode John roughly, my thighs crushed between him and Rob.

Standing up over John, Edward forced his cock into my mouth. I deep throated him, and with my hands I guided Michael and Dom over to me, stroking both of their cocks. Dom covered my hand with his, showing me how he liked it. Michael asked me not to move my hand and instead of me stroking him, he fucked my hand. Rob moaned and whimpered at my tightness and rode my backside hard, which in turn caused my rocking motions to increase on top of John until without warning both Rob and John shot their loads inside me. I cried out loud, moans and pleas through Edward’s cock in my mouth as my orgasm hit full force. Edward came in my mouth and once he finished he removed his cock. Rob exited from me and I climbed off of John.

“I haven’t gotten her yet.” Dom said. He grabbed me by the waist and pulled me against him. He held my legs in the air and inserted his cock into my pussy, fucking me hard.

“And she hasn’t sucked me off yet.” Rob climbed over me and holding my mouth open, his cock was jammed inside it. His cock was far inside my mouth, and I could feel his head nuzzling at the back of my throat. Dom’s thrusts caused Rob’s cock to go deeper. John had climbed off the bed and was redressing. Edward had returned to cameraman, zooming in on my breasts. Michael stood at the end of the bed, jerking off in amazement, watching me being fucked. Rob cried out one cry and then shot his load in my mouth. I had swallowed it all, from everyone almost. I had also cum with all five guys. Dom’s thrusts were rough and his grip on me tightened even harder. I gripped onto Rob for support as I felt my last orgasm welling up inside me. Rob whispered in his sexy accent into my ear how good I was and how hot I was. Dom’s moans and Rob’s accent sent me to my brink. My entire body shuddered against Rob and Dom until there was nothing left between us all. We had all cum. We had all been spent. Dom exited me and Rob lifted me up, while Edward came to help dress me.

“You were amazing sweetheart.” Michael complimented me. The guys agreed. “Good idea Edward.” So it had been Edward’s idea. I snarled at him.

“Come on honey don’t be mad at me. You said you wanted to meet them and you wouldn’t mind fucking us all.” Edward kissed my cheek. I nodded, and then smirked, I had said that.

My Little Penis and Me Ch. 03


(((Note: All Characters in the following story are based on real people in my life, however it is not a true story. All the character’s names are changed. All of the following characters are over 18. This story is about humiliation and a person with a Napoleon Complex, so to speak. If sph isn’t your thing, move on.)))


It’s been a few months since I lost my virginity to my Aunt Debby. I’m still living in the same house with my Aunty and my asshole cousin Jon. Jon picks on me so much, I wish I could tell him I was having sex with his mom, by my aunt said it would be over and I would have to move out if I told anyone about us.

Today, after my photography class at my community college I came home. Only Jon’s car was out in the front, I assumed my aunty must be out getting groceries or something. I went into the kitchen to make myself some cereal, when I noticed a purse that I had never seen before on the counter. I made and ate a bowl of cereal, not thinking too much about the purse, and headed upstairs to my room.

Climbing up the steps I heard something… it was a high pitched voice. It sounded like screaming. I slowly crept up the stairs and the sound was undeniable. Then it hit me: Jon must be fucking some hot little blonde in his room. I went to the top of the stairs, then I noticed the sound wasn’t coming from Jon’s room, it was coming from my room. I went up to my door, which was cracked, probably on purpose I thought.

I peaked inside and saw my big buff cousin Jon reaming on the behind of some tiny framed chick with big titties and, of course, blonde hair. She was taking it, screaming, and Jon was just the man. He was saying obvious things and calling her a cock-loving whore.

I could feel my own crotch start to swell, it was so exciting. This was better than any porn I had ever seen, just because it was right in front of me. I could literally see the sweat rolling down the girl’s forehead.

Then Jon announced, “I’m gonna cum, get on your knees, bitch,” and the girl wasted no time doing so. Jon forced his cock in her mouth, or so I guessed; I couldn’t really see from my angle, but it was clear what was happening. She swallowed all of it without him even asking, he was in control.

By this time, I realized they were done, and would start heading down in my direction, so I hurried down the stairs and made more cereal, pretending I was eating the whole time and didn’t hear or see anything. After a few minutes, the couple walked there way downstairs, as expected.

I said, “Hey what’s up?” and it was as if I didn’t say anything, because neither of them acknowledged me.

Instead, the girl asked Jon, “Will you call me?”

Jon said, “Yeah whatever,”

“I guess I’ll see you around then, stud,” she said

“Of course you will,” he said, and then she approached him and gave him a kiss. He groped her ass with both hands.

She left, I heard the door close, and Jon walked to the table and stood next to me. He said, “What’d you think about my latest?”

“Her?” I said

“Yeah dumbass, do you think she’s hot or what?” He said

“Yeah she’ pretty hot,” I answered

“She does some nasty shit bro. You think I fucked her good?” he asked

I responded, “I don’t know. Why are you asking me?”

“Because you were watching us,” He said, and my heart dropped into my stomach. Play it cool, I thought.

“What do you mean?”

“I mean you were watching us like a fucking pervert. I saw you in the mirror the whole time, don’t play dumb,” he said. Damn I felt stupid.

“Well, I mean you guys were in my room… and the door was cracked. I just took a little peak, I didn’t mean t–,”

“Do you think I fucked her good?” he kept asking.

“Uh… I guess.”

“What makes you think that?” he asked, looking at me weird.

“Well, because she was screaming and moaning, and you were fucking her really hard.” I said

“Haha, yeah I was really giving it to her. She couldn’t do a thing about it.”

“Yeah, Jon you were really giving it to her,” I said, feeling like I was brown-nosing him, repeating what he said like an idiot.

“When’s the last time you fucked a girl?”

“Uhh, I’m still a virgin,” I lied.

“Hahaha, that doesn’t surprise me, your a real pussy when it comes to girls. You want to know what it takes to get laid?” he asked and their was a pause. “You have to learn how to control pussy. You have to whip that pussy into submission. Make it do what you want. When I look at you, I see a pussy, no offense, but you have no balls. Not to mention the way you looked at her.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“I saw you looking at mariah with that lustful eye. You were jealous,” he explained

“That girl?” I said

“Yeah, you were looking at her like you were wondering what it was like to be her. Don’t worry, it’s a natural feeling. You see a girl screaming in ecstasy and pain at the same time, and it makes you curious about what it’s like in her shoes.”

“I don’t know about th–,”

He interrupted, edirne escort “She wasn’t always a cock-lover, you know. I made her that way. She fought it at first, but she learned to love it. I could see the inner whore in her, and I just helped her bring it out.”

“Jon?” I said

“I see a cock-lover when I look at you, Timmy. I see that hunger in your eye… like you want it, but you don’t know how to tell me.” I was starting to get nervous. “It’s okay, I’m gonna help you.”

“Jon, your starting to freak me out.”

Jon started to unzip his pants. “Dont’ be scared Timmy, I’m gonna help you.” He then pulled his underwear down and revealed his penis. It was just as big as Zoey had told me it was. I would guess around 6 inches, and it was still soft. His soft dick was already bigger than my fully erect 4 inches. “Come over here and suck my cock.”

“Jon put that away, your crazy,” I said

“Don’t fight it Timmy, I can already see your eyes widening. You want to taste it, now come over here and put your mouth on it.”

“Jon… I don’t want to,” I said

He stayed persistent, “Dont’ be scared because it’s big, you’ll get used to it. You have to take a leap of faith,” and then he put his hand on my head, and started to slowly pull my face towards his erection.

“Jon… please don’t make me do this,” I begged him, trying to pull my head back from his grasp. It was no use, he was stronger than me. Within seconds, my face was inches away from his partially erect member.

“Kiss it,” he demanded.

I’m sorry to say, it was at this time that I puckered my lips and kissed my cousin Jon’s penis, directly on the head. “Good Boy, now do it again,” he said, and I kissed him again, and again. Then I moved and kissed his shaft. I gave little kisses all along his shaft, then moved back up to the head, and kissed down the other side.

“Put it in your mouth,” he said, and I did. I enveloped his head beyond my lips, then I put more in. Once I had a few inches in, I let my tongue dance around on his shaft. “Move your head up and down,” he ordered. I bobbed my head down slowly, and then back up. Down, then back up. I tried swirling my tongue at the same time, and he seemed to like it. His cock was now fully erect in my mouth, though I could not fit it all in my mouth by far. I couldn’t even fit half of it in my mouth, his cock seemed even bigger this close to my face. I would guess his genitalia was at least 8 inches, with maybe 3 inches in my mouth. It was Thick too.

I was starting to get used to it when he said, “Alright now, we’re gonna see how much of this we can fit down that pretty little mouth, okay?”

I responded, “Mmmhmm,” because my mouth was still full.

“Good, now relax your throat and pretend you are swallowing medicine.” Then he moved his cock deeper into my face-hole, until I gagged. “You were supposed to swallow before I hit you gag reflex, let’s try it again.” He started edging his cock deeper again, and once I felt it getting too deep I tried to pretend I was swallowing pills, like he said to do. But his cock was not a pill. It was much, much larger, and I gagged again, but alot harder. I almost threw up.

“C’mon Timmy, you can do this. You just have to swallow like you life depends on it. Pretend you’re swallowing a hot dog, a big tasty hot dog, okay?” Then he began to move his cock once more, into my throat. This time, he said,” 1,2,3, swallow!” and I swallowed right when he said it. My throat opened up and allowed entrance to his rock hard erection. Now I had more like 6 inches of his beast in my face, and he didn’t pull it out. He put his hand on the back of my head and pushed me down deeper and told me to swallow again, which I did. It was an extremely uncomfortable feeling, but I had successfully swallowed my cousins entire cock. I was kissing his body and balls as if there was no dick.

Then Jon started thrusting his hips, his dick slid in and out of my throat, which burned. I was starting to understand; Jon was fucking my skull as deep as he could. He said, “Swallow that cock, yeah, give me that throat. I knew you were a nasty little cock-lover.” I couldn’t breathe so I “tapped out” so to speak, on his ass to let him know.

He pulled out of me, and I gasped and struggled for air. He said, “Damn you can really deep throat a big dick can’t you?”

“Why did you do that? My throat burns.” I informed him but it hurt to talk.

“Relax, it’s over now.” He said, “So we can go upstairs and get ready for the main event.”

“What main event?” I asked

“Anal, duh!” he said


“I’m gonna fuck you up the butt,” he said

“What if I don’t want to do that?” I asked

“Haha, yeah the same way you didn’t want to drop dome on me. Quit wasting time let’s go upstairs to your room.”

I didn’t talk back, I just marched up the steps and tried to get the butterflies out of my stomach. Once up there, Jon told me to take my clothes off. I had forgotten about my small penis! I didn’t want Jon to see but I didn’t know what to do, I cansoc.org didn’t want to not do what Jon told me to do. So, I slowly took off my clothes. I took everything besides my tidy whitey’s off, then I slowly dropped those to the ground. Then Jon saw it.

“Hahaha, nice dick, pussy. That thing is tiny, what the fuck? Is that it’s normal size?”

“Yes,” I said quietly

“Hahaha, wow! no wonder you want big dick.”

“What do you mean?” I asked

“Well, you have a little peeny weeny, so you are naturally attracted to bigger, stronger men, like me. You just have a strong desire to have a big cock, and since you can’t have your own, you want other peoples’.”

“Whatever, Jon,”

“Aww, don’t get all butt-hurt. It’s my fault you have a chode, haha. Come on, just come over here so you can lose your virginity to this big cock,” and I stepped next to him near the bed. “Okay little-dick, stand right here, and bend yourself over the bed,” he commanded. I did as I was told, and then he said, “Okay now spread your legs a little wider for me,” which I did.

I could feel myself shaking. Jon groped my ass cheeks with his big hands. He said, “This is gonna hurt a little at first, but you are gonna love it once you get used to it.”

He must’ve been able to see me shaking and sense my fear as he hawked a big fat loogie on my anus opening, and rubbed it in with his index finger.

I could feel the swollen head of his cock rubbing the spit in getting ready to penetrate. He said, “Don’t be nervous,”

But I WAS nervous. Jon was about to stretch me out and tear up my sensitive little virgin anus like had never been done before. More importantly, I thought about how Jon had been bullying me my whole life. By letting Jon take my virginity, I was admitting that he was stronger, better, smarter, bigger; physically and sexually, and superior in every way. I was admitting defeat. Worst of all, I was admitting all this submissively bent over in front of him, ready to receive his abuse.

It was after these thoughts that my cousin, Jon, penetrated me for the first time.

All I can say is that it hurt. It was only his head in me, but his head was rather large, and I could already feel myself stretch. He slowly stuck in more, and it quickly became more than I could handle. I said, “Oww, fuck! you’re too deep, Jon. It hurts!”

“You have to get used to it, just hold on and spread your legs more.”

“Ok,” I replied. “How much is in?”

“Just the head.”

“Damn it feels like so much.”

“Yah, you got a lot more coming though… get ready, I’m gonna push deeper,” he said. True to his word, he pushed his cock deeper into me, forcing me to pass gas. “Did you fart?” he asked.

“Oww, yes. I didn’t mean to, but your big cock made me. Fuck it hurts, Jon!”

“Quit complaining, we barely even started.”

“Spit on my butt! Please, so it doesn’t hurt as much.”

“You would like that wouldn’t you, you little dicked slut.”

“Fuck you!! My dick isn’t little!”

“Your in denial, now. Say I have a little peeny weeny, or I’ll force more cock in you,” he threatened

“Fuck you!!” Then he forced more cock in me, which made me scream.

“Now say it!” he demanded

“Please Jon.. don’t make me.” And he forced more cock in to me without warning. This time I squealed, and it made me fart again.

“You nasty farting faggot. You love that big cock in your butthole, don’t you? Now say it!”

“I have a little peeny weeny!!”

“That’s right slut. Say it again.”

“I have a tiny little peeny weeny, and you have a big man-cock!!”

“You love this big man-cock, don’t you?”

“No, it hurts.”

“Shut the fuck up slut. You take this big cock like a sissy-boy. I’m gonna push deeper.”

“NO!! Your too deep!!” I screamed,but it was too late, he already shoved more in. Again I squealed, and I ripped a big fart.

“Good boy, fart on this cock. I know you like it when I make you fart. You nasty little fart-slut!”

“Fuck!! Your thick cock is stretching out my tight little ass!!” I screamed, with tears running down my face. “How deep are you?”

“A little more than halfway. It’s gonna be all the way in by the end of the night, I don’t care if I have to rip you open!!”

Now he began thrusting his hips, at a very slow, gentle pace. I could feel his hard cock rubbing on my insides. My butthole was gripping his penis tight. The sharp, stretching pain was only in the deeper places where his cock head had just begun to penetrate. The pain was worst when he pushed deeper into me.

“How do you like my cock, Timmy?”

“It’s really big, it’s tearing up my tight virgin booty.”

“I’m gonna push deeper.” He did, and this time I didn’t squeal, but I farted very loudly. “Fart on this juicy cock, you slut. Yeah, Timmy, you like it when your big cousin fucks you in the pooper?”

“Ooh, Jon. I’m starting to get a tingly feeling in my ass, keep fucking me,” I said.

“Damn, Timmy. You’re bleeding.”


“Because you’re a virgin, and I’m stretching your ass more than it’s used to. I got your blood on my cock.”

“Sorry, I didn’t mean to bleed on you.”

“No big deal. Just spread your legs, I’m gonna push deeper.” He pushed deeper, and for the first time, it felt kind of good.

“Oh, Jon that big cock feels great. Fuck me deeper.”

“That’s you cock-loving faggot!! I’m gonna fuck that tight virgin ass into a coma!!”

The feeling in my ass grew into ecstasy, and my soft moans turned into loud yells. “Oh my fucking god Jon!! Fuck my ass!!”

“You nasty little fart-slut, take this cock, take it!!”

“Make me your dirty little cock-lover!!!”

“Who’s Your Daddy?!?!” he screamed

“You are!!”

“Who’s you Daddy!?!?”

“You are Jon!! You’re my Daddy!! Fuck me Daddy!!! Fuck me with that big stiff cock, I want it my ass!!! Make me your fart-slut!! Hump my nasty butt forever!!!”

“I’m gonna ream on that booty, you fart-slut!!”

“Hump my booty, Hump it!! Hump it!! I want to eat your cum!!”

“Yeah? Alright, suck this cock for Daddy!!” Then he pulled himself out of me and I got on my knees and he shoved his nasty penis in my mouth. It tasted like my butthole, but I didn’t care, I was horny enough to do anything Jon told me to do. He made me swallow his cock again. He fucked my throat for a while. I thought he was gonna jizz, but he told me to lay on my back and try to bring my heels behind my head. Then, he plunged his large erection back into my rectum. I couldn’t stop farting, his cock was just forcing the air to seep out in loud farts every time he thrust inside me. He called me his nasty fart slut, and I told him he was my Daddy. He rode my ass until I had an orgasm:

“Oh My God!! You’re gonna make me cum!!! Your big cock is too deep daddy!! Please NO Daddy it’s too much!!”

“That’s right squeal like a pig!!”


“Squeal piggy!!! Squeal for me!!”

“I’m cumming!!! Ahhhhh!!!”

Then Jon bust inside me. I could feel the hot goo explode deep inside me, and it wouldn’t stop, he pulled his cock out of me leaving a trail of jizz in my anus. When his large member finally flopped out, it wasn’t done. He began to shoot globs of thick warm semen onto my stomach, penis, buttcheeks, face and hair. He was shivering as the last few drops dripped on my thighs.

I said, “Wow, that was the biggest load I’ve ever seen!!”

He said, “Wait, stay just like that. Don’t move, I’ll be right back.” Then he ran out of the room, and he came back a minute later with a glass bowl.

“What’s that for?” I asked

“It’s to gather all of the cum, so you can swallow it,” he replied

“Oh okay,” I said, knowing I would have done anything he would’ve asked me at that time. First I squatted over the bowl, as ordered, and farted out a huge amount of Jon’s sticky cum. Then I scooped the rest of the jizzum off my body with my finger and wiped it in the bowl.

“Now be a good little fart-slut, and drink all of Daddy’s nut.”

“Will you be happy?” I said like a true brown-noser

“Shut up and drink it,” he demanded

I put the bowl up to my lips and let the cum roll slowly down into my awaiting mouth. It was thick and salty, and really really nasty.

“Eww, you nasty cum slurping whore!” he said while I was still slurping loudly on the big load. As gross as it was, I kept thinking to myself, “this is what Daddy wants. Daddy wants me to be his slave, if I have to do this everyday to win his love and affection, I’ll do it.”

I finally gulped down the last of the thick mixture, and licked the bowl. I turned to my Daddy and said, “Did I do a good job, Daddy?”

He replied, “God you are fucking disgusting. Go take a shower, you smell like a sweaty ballsack, your ass is gross, and your hair has jizz in it. And go wipe the cum off your lips, you nasty whore.”

It hurt, because I wanted him to tell me I did a good job, but I had to do what he told me, so I went to the bathroom.

Once I looked in the mirror I realized I had a big cum mustache from drinking all his cock juice. I wiped it off my lips, and put it in my mouth and swallowed it, though I wasn’t sure why, since no one was around. My ass was a mess too; there were bloodstains, poopstains, and semen dripping out of my butthole and down my inner thighs too. There was dried semen all over my body, and there was cum in my hair. I took a long shower and relived what had just happened. Jon fucked me so good. I submitted to Jon, and there was no turning back. He could abuse me however he liked because I would take it bending over. I would let him stretch my sensitive tushi with his huge stiff penis, until I cried and begged for him to stop. I would let him skullfuck me until my throat was raw and I couldn’t breathe. I would lick his massive balls and suck peanut butter off of them. I would even lick his anus clean after he pooped, and let him fart on me. I was his nasty fart-slut, and I called him my Daddy. I don’t know how he manipulated me into doing it, but I was his.

After the shower, I went to my room and tried to sleep with all these thoughts rushing around in my head. Then, out of nowhere, my cell phone buzzed. I looked to see who it was.