My Friend’s Mum Ch. 02


The following is a continuation to ‘My friends mum’. Again keep you feedback coming through on what you think!

This story will goes back to when I was still 19 and was had been having an affair with my friends mother, Karen, for just over a month.

It was Friday night, and like most Friday’s I was at their house for dinner. All the kids were home, and Karen’s parents were over; all this not too uncommon, but Karen had told the family she had an announcement. I was sitting opposite her, and she had been rubbing her feet up my leg towards my dick all supper, as usual, everyone was oblivious to this, which added to the excitement. Anyhow, the soup came and went, the dinner was eaten by all, and everyone was finishing their desert when Karen asked for our attention. I had a feeling of what was to follow, but it was clear that the others didn’t.

“Despite going through a rough patch, I think Darren and I are getting on better, um… I went to the doctor yesterday and…well I’m pregnant!” she said.

“We’re having another child?!” Darren exclaimed in amazement.

“We sure are!” she said glancing at me, I did my best to act surprised and congratulate both of them, and after a little family embracing people continued with their desert. I could tell by the look on everyone’s faces that they were shocked, most of all Darren. Anyway, as the night got older, the grandparents left, and the people were going their own ways; Emma (Karen’s eldest) had gone back to her flat, Adam (Karen’s third child) had gone to a party, and Sarah was in bed. That left Karen, Darren, Michael (my best friend) and myself.

“Right well that the clearing up done, I’m going to hit the sack, got an early start for synagogue tomorrow”. Darren said, as he was half way down the hall.

“I’ll be up soon Daz” Karen said without getting a response. She then gave Mike and myself a hug (this wasn’t suspicious to him as she had done so for years). I was so horny I wanted to just take her right then and there but knew I had to control myself. When Karen went to bed, Mike and myself sat down with a few beers to watch some football highlights of the last week. I could tell he was still thinking about the pregnancy so I asked if he was all right by it all.

“Yea I suppose, I mean mum has looked so much happier lately, but that prick just better treat her a bit better” he said.

“I know what you mean, she seems ten years younger, I’m here for you all and we’ll kick Darren’s ass if he doesn’t shape up” I said jokingly, and we had a laugh. I know why she had been happier recently i thought to myself with a grin. Nothing more was said on the matter. At about 2a.m I could see Mike was shattered, and told him I’d let myself out at the next break and that e should go to bed. We arranged I would come over tomorrow and we’d talk then. Sure enough, the half time whistle went, so I turned the television off and looked for my keys. I was always loosing them and cursed myself for not leaving them on the hook by the front door. I walked into the kitchen and found them under the table near where I was sitting. Just as I was leaving I decided to make myself a warm drink before I went, so I put the milk in the microwave and hoped the noise wouldn’t wake anyone up. One minute later it bleeped and my drink was done, I took it out of the microwave, turned and found Karen stood with a horny grin on her face dressed in her pink fluffy slippers and a silk robe. I put down the drink and we quickly embraced, kissing whilst I opened her robe to find her naked. Neither of us spoke as I spun her over and lent her over the table, just hours ago Darren had ate his food where i was about to fuck his wife. Within seconds I had my dick out and was slowly thrusting into her pussy. She let out a low moan, as my cock snuggled into her love tunnel as far it would go. We were both so horny neither wanted to make love; this was a good hard humping. I grabbed her hips I started pounding my big penis into her without mercy. Each stroke sending ripples of pleasure through Karen’s body as she began to buck back tekirdağ escort at me meeting my strokes. I could feel her tensing up and shiver as a huge orgasm hit, however, in my horny state I was not about to slow down, I continued to pound my shaft into her and she started to respond again. This only lasted a few minutes, as I could hold back no longer and in no time she started to break into another thunderous orgasm. As she tensed my balls erupted deep inside her. Neither of us had spoken since she had come downstairs, and that had only added to the ecstasy of it all. Without a word I pulled out of her, zipped up my flies and drove home, leaving her to recover naked on the kitchen table.

The following day, I went over to Karen’s at around 3, again, the family was there and seemed to be discussing something as I entered. I could sense not everyone was happy, and asked what was going on.

“I have decided as it’s the festive time of year, and what with the pregnancy, that we are going to take a holiday for Christmas and new years”. Karen said. (Darren celebrated Hanukah, the Jewish alternative of Christmas, but wasn’t fussy on what they called their holiday)

“So what’s the problem then?” I asked in a confused tone.

“I’m going to dad’s for Christmas and that’s it!” Emma shouted as she walked out the house.

I sat down and learnt that the problem was that Emma, Mike and Adam had agreed to jet out to be with their father on Christmas.

“Why don’t just you two go with Sarah”, I tried to suggest not really meaning what i was saying.

“Are you not even coming either!?” Karen asked, I could sense the disappointment in her tone.

“I just thought I would be in the way if it was just me” I responded.

“Don’t be silly Jon, you’re part of the family, plus we were thinking of going to the south of France!” Darren said in an unusually jolly tone. I eventually agreed that I would go, as I had nothing better to do, plus I was off college.

So that was that, the next few days were mostly uneventful with quite little chance to be with Karen alone, as everyone was home for the holidays. However, my luck would soon be changing as the next Friday night, again whilst I was over for dinner they confirmed that we would be jetting off to the sunny south of France on Christmas Eve for ten days. This was great as I hadn’t been away for several years, being on the student budget and having exams. Mike thought I was just being polite agreeing to go, but I assured him, I would enjoy it, in my mind thinking of how I would be able to fuck his mum.

A week passed and the 24th arrived, and we set off to the airport with plenty of time, as our flight wasn’t till 11 that night. (we would actually arrive at the hotel on Christmas day, but the tickets were cheaper this way so we weren’t complaining. We checked in and boarded the plane early to get good seats. Darren got seated with Sarah next to him, and were both fast asleep just before take off. About five minutes before take off, the stewardess offered us all blankets and we accepted. With Darren and Sarah asleep we put a blanket on each leaving two for us. So an hour into the flight, the lights low, and the plane half-empty Karen looked at me with a cheeky smile, one I knew meant she was horny. If her look wasn’t enough, then her hand under the blanket was, as it rose up my leg and down my tracksuit bottoms. Within three strokes my cock was rock hard, and she continued to toss me off until I almost came, firstly due to how god her touch lt, and secondly as her husband and daughter wee asleep next to me! I cummed into the air and onto my cover.

The rest of the journey was uneventful and Darren and Sarah awoke as we landed. We were all exhausted and when we arrived at the hotel we went straight to our rooms. Karen, Darren and Sarah were sharing a room, whilst I had a room across the hall to myself.

Christmas day continued for me at noon when I woke with a huge hard-on, and with no one to relieve me. I had some breakfast and went down to the pool where the others were already sunbathing. Karen was just applying lotion as I got there, and asked Darren to do her back.

“Do I have to, Sarah wants to go swimming and she can’t go alone” he said being typically lazy as he turned and started to get in the pool with Sarah.

“I’ll do it” I smiled, and started to apply some to her back. I did her shoulders, and then slightly lower, as I glanced to check Darren wasn’t watching, as usual he had no idea. I then applied it lower, but chickened out doing any furthe as I could see some stupid old woman next to us watching.

Later that evening, after lounging the entire day, we decided to shower and meet for dinner at 8. That left enough time, but not for the three of them to all use the shower in their bathroom, so Karen innocently suggested she use my shower after me, to save time. As usual, Darren didn’t even think twice, and within 10 minutes I was groping Karen in my en-suite.

“You looked so fucking gorgeous today, I’ve wanted to be in you for so long” I said between kisses.

“I know I know, I cant stand having to be around that prick and not with you, you got me now though, I’m yours till 8!” she said with a grin as she squeezed out of her bikini and under the hot shower with me. I couldn’t take any teasing and was fucking her standing up as the steam blurred the glass. She moaned loudly as I pumped her hard and deep.

“Hmm fuck me, fuck your woman… fuck your pregnant whore” she screamed as I increased the pace and could tell if she continued to talk like this I would be cumming soon.

“Screw me whilst Darren waits for us, pound me. C’mon – fuck what’s yours. I am yours Jonathan”. This was my threshold, as I roared and thrust deep into her womb as I sent rope after rope of hot cum into another man’s wife. Karen was building up to a final orgasm as I ejaculated streams of cum into her hot pussy, and within seconds she was in a scorching orgasm under the almost boiling water. I knew that she would be able to fuck me often thas holiday so I reluctantly pulled out of her hot pussy, and got out the shower.

We changed, and took the lift down the 4 floors to the lobby to meet Darren and Sarah who were there waiting. It was 8:15 and I chuckled to myself as I thought that at 8’o.clock when Darren was waiting for us to come down, I was in fact cummin in his wife’s pussy, his wife that I had impregnated. Dinner went by uneventfully and we decided to call it a night as we were all still tired. I went to my room and they went to theirs and by the time my head touched the pillow I was out like a light.

I awoke the next morning, earlier this time, and once again with a huge erection. Only this time my huge erection was down to Karen letting herself in, and sucking my cock.

“Morning sleepy!” she said as she rose and kissed me, she then lowered herself back down to continue sucking my dick but I stopped her as her full tits touched my hard member. She knew instinctively what I wanted squeezing her large breasts around my penis and begun giving me a tit-wank. This felt great first thing in the morning, and I exploded hot cum onto her face and tits. After licking herself clean of my sex wee she informed me that Darren and Sarah had gone to the amusement park that was an hours bus ride away, and that they wouldn’t be back till evening. This was music to my ears and I got up, put boxers on, and dragged her across the hallway into her room. We were going to fuck all day, and I wanted to cum in her on the bed Darren would be sleeping on that night. I was in mid thrust as I pounded her from behind and had just felt my dick flooded with her love juices.

“Ram your dick in me and fuck what’s yours!” she screamed just as I plunged my cock in, and out as I banged away at here. Shortly after this I was bursting my hot seamen in her cunt. We lay there in Darren and her bed for what seemed like hours. I finally got up and went into the bathroom to see what I could find. I looked in what appeared to be Karen’s wash bag, but there was nothing; I then looked in Darren’s and didn’t find anything in there either. I had already decided I was going to fuck her in the ass and settled for some conditioner I found next to the bath, that would do the job of lubricating her tight ass.

I came out the bathroom and spun her over onto her tummy. I then squirted some conditioner onto my now erect dick, and finally onto her asshole. She began to realise what was going on, and pleaded for me to be gentle.

“I’ve only taken it in my ass a few times, and none with a cock the size of yours, go slowly, please” she whined. I very slowly inserted my cock into her ridiculously tight asshole. She let out a huge long cry, but I kept going until I was fully in. I then paused for several moments, before just slightly wiggling my dick around, to try and help her get to grips with my size. She ever so slightly began to rock back against my prick, pressing slightly harder each time. I responded to this and slowly begun to withdraw my cock, before entering her anus again. Within a short while I was fucking her hard in the ass, and as usual, she was loving it.

“Umm, that feels so fucking good, I love your hard dick Jon. Fuck deep into my ass, cum in my ass” she moaned as I neared my climax. As she moaned I could feel her cumming, and her anal muscles contracting, sucking my cock deeper into her ass. Without further notice I grabbed her hips and flooding her ass with my hot sperm, rope after rope I could feel exploding into her anus. I collapsed onto her and just lay on her, my cock still inside her.

I must have drifted off and woke up an hour later and was still in her ass lying on top of her. I grinned as my cock started to rise, getting harder and harder until I was fully erect. I then slowly begun to fuck her ass again, and in no time she had woken and started another journey of orgasmic pleasures. I started to really pound into her before pulling out, spinning her around and before she could protest, I had shoved my cock past her lips and into her mouth, after a few hard strokes of fucking her face and having her deepthroat my cock, I exploded into her mouth. She choked and cum spilt onto her tits and belly. Despite gagging on my penis, she smiled and licked the cum off her tits.

The following few days went in the same manor, Karen sneaking away and us fucking like rabbits behind Darrens back. On New Years Eve we all went to the hotel restaurant where the environment would be suitable for us to spend it with Sarah. The atmosphere was great, there was live entertainment and everyone was enjoying themselves. The only problem was I couldn’t be alone with Karen. However nearer midnight a clown was hired to occupy the children so this would get rid of Sarah for the New Year count-down. At about 11:50 the restaurant area was being used as a disco and was really getting busy. The three of us were dancing together and Darren excused himself to go to the toilet before the count-down. As soon as he was out of sight Karen took my hand and we swiftly left through the fire exit doors and ound ourselves in the side street behind our hotel. I pressed her against a skip lifted her skirt, parted her panties and drove my dick into her with a force that nearly knocked us both over. All I could think of was fucking Karen as hard as I could. After some minutes of pounding her I could here the 10 second count-down of the New year. As the numbers decreased my pace increased and the events of the passed few months ran through my head. How I had fucked my mothers friend, the mum of my best friend; how I had caused her to beg for my seamen whilst impregnating her. How I had bent her over the kitchen sink whilst Darren was at synagogue; how I had screwed and cummed up her anus; how I made love to her in the bed she shared with Darren, and how I was pumping my hard dick deep into her womb as the count-down hit zero to the New year!

After what seemed like eternity, and having emptied my balls in her cunt I pulled out of Karen and helped her straighten up before re-entering the party to find Darren.

The holiday continued in this fashion but similar in the sexual acts.

Again all feedback is greatly accepted and will affect whether I write further of my affair.