Bathroom Fantasy


I had just gotten home from work and groaned at the sight of my disheveled bedroom. Clothes were strewn across the hard wood floor, my day bed was a mess of bed sheets, and my bathroom was an explosion of beauty products after my race to be presentable this morning. I reached down to finger the hem of my sundress. It was a soft cream color with large, pink flowers. A little tight around my 36D breasts, but I was running out of dress-casual clothing (I had always been really bad at doing laundry in a timely manner). The waistline accentuated my slight hour glass figure, and it flared around my hips so that my legs were kept a bit of a mystery. I’d always been a little self-conscious about my thicker thighs, but some people are into them.

My work day had been a hard one. It was my fourth week at a new job as a hostess. Summertime was the perfect time to get a job, and I took advantage of it as soon as I could. What I didn’t expect was to end up working with some rather attractive people. One guy in particular had piqued my interest and we had spent most of the day flirting with each other since business had been so slow.

In short, my 19 year old coworker took care of himself. He looked like the type who probably went to the gym everyday, but he wasn’t a gross type of ripped. His warm brown eyes were playful, and his smirk was just about to-die-for. The Dallas heat wasn’t the only stimulation that had me fanning myself, if you know what I mean.

And in the safety of my own home, I had a chance to think about how much muğla escort I really liked him. How hot and nervous he made me feel. How easily my young body reacted to his advances. How I’d wished he’d just “accidentally” stumble into the men’s room while I was cleaning it and push me against a wall with all the passion he could muster.

How I’d wished that he’d press his warm, soft lips to mine and silence our snarky back-and-forth teasing. I’d wished he would bring his tanned hands to my full hips and pull me close. And that he’d maybe bring one hand up to hold my face in place….

It didn’t take me long to realize that it was one of those afternoons—I needed to lock the door and fast or I might have gone and exploded right in the middle of my doorway. With my privacy secured I started to strip out of my constricting clothes. Off with the green knit cardigan, off with the pink and cream dress, off with the lacy light pink bra, off with the purple cheeksters. I took special care with the bra and underwear; it was my favorite part of taking off my clothes, so I made sure I had the best view in the house. My breasts were slowly revealed to my bathroom mirror, perky but plump like ripe fruit (oranges, to be exact). Next was my underwear, carefully slid down my smooth but chubby thighs, not so quick to reveal my damp slit. I glanced up again and noticed how my flush went from my high cheekbones to my stiff, rosy nipples.

I sashayed over to my bed and propped up some pillows so that I’d be comfortable during my naughty afternoon delight. I had made sure to put on some nice music, something alternative, but not too loud.

Then I started to play.

First I brought my hands up to the sides of my breasts and let my eyes close. I let my finger tips lightly brush down my sides, giving my goosebumps all along the way. They circled around my hip bones and my whole body shivered, then they were back at my breasts. My nipples were still stiff and sensitive, which I took advantage of wholeheartedly. My breath had gone haggard, and each time my nipple was pinched a shock of electricity caused me to inhale sharply and exhale with a shudder.

Involuntarily, my thighs started to rub together. That’s how I loved to do it—tease my nipples to the point of a climax, then stop. Nipples in thick points guided my eyes to the ceiling as my aching sex drove my mind wild. I started to picture my work fantasy again. I imagined that Rick was with me. I imagined that I was upright and we were in the bathroom stall. His shirt was off and my hands were caressing his firm chest muscles and abs. I stroked up and down as he sucked away at my sensitive areolas. I moaned when he took one between his teeth and tugged slightly. I almost cried out when he did it again and pinched the other nipple at the same time.

I heard him growl my name right before his hand dove for my drenched pussy. His thumb rolled my clit while his index finger circled my hole. I begged, pleaded, and cried. I just wanted him to touch me, to help me release. I didn’t want him anymore, I absolutely needed him. To fuck me like there was no tomorrow.

Seconds later, he eased two long fingers into my hole at a tantalizingly slow pace. I squirmed and squeezed, trying my best to get a little bit of friction. I opened my eyes to see that beautiful smirk and I growled at him to go hard, faster. But he would not oblige. Texas gentleman my perfect ass. He just went right back to teasing my nipples and slow-fucking my pussy.

It was a beautiful surprise when he shoved a third finger in and picked up the face. I brought one of my hands to the breast he wasn’t servicing and breathed a sigh of relief that sounded suspiciously like his name. I moaned, growned, and growled. I even squealed a bit. Then his mouth wasn’t at my chest anymore.

He started to give my clit the attention that had previously been afforded to my nipples and my mind went haywire. I saw stars from the pleasure that my fantasy-man was giving me. He sucked at my clit like he was a death row prisoner and it was his last meal. I pressed my back against the wall, hands clawing at the bright white tiles that were slicked with my sweat.

A hand flew forward to push his face further into my happy sex, and the other pulled and pinched my sore areolas.

Then it happened. My world rocked around me, and suddenly my eyelids were my own private 4th of July. My knees gave out but my lover caught me before slowly sliding me down the wall. We were face to face, and he was smirking (as usual). I gave my perfect fantasy a quick kiss then leaned back again the wall, which was really my propped-up pillow and drifted off into bliss.