Before He Goes Ch. 02


It might help to read part one of this story to know how things progressed to where they are.

Sarah is the 20 year old sister of Katie, who is 23 and Brian, her brother, is almost 19. Sarah had came home and walked in on Brian and Katie.

Sarah stood and quietly watched Brian fucking Katie. They were so caught up in the heat of the moment that Sarah’s presence went unnoticed until after they reached a mind blowing orgasm together.

Katie saw her from the corner of her eye and shrieked.

“Is this a private party?” asked Sarah.

“Uhhhhhh, it was supposed to be,” stuttered Katie.

“God Katie, you are such a whore but I never thought you’d do the nasty with our own brother,” Sarah glared at her sister.

Brian and Katie sat upright on the couch. “There’s a perfectly good reason, my dear sister.”

Sarah couldn’t believe what she was seeing. They just sat there, shamelessly nude side by side. “What reason might that be?”

“You know Brian is leaving for Iraq in 2 weeks. I couldn’t stand to see him go still being a virgin.”

Sarah looked surprised. “Brian? You dated Jennie for 4 years and she never put out?”

Brian looked sheepishly at his sister, “Nope, never once. Nothin’.”

“Well, that’s still no reason for this. How long has this been going on?” Sarah asked.

“This was the first time but it sure won’t be the last,” Katie replied as she caressed her brother’s cock. “As a matter of fact as soon as he can get it up I’m going to fuck him again and every chance I get for the next two weeks. You can stay and watch, join in or what ever you want”

“You better not let mom and dad catch you. They’ll be home soon. I’m going to take a shower and go out with some friends.”

Sarah went to her room and prepared for her evening out. She couldn’t get her siblings out of her mind. Brian did have a nice dick. Ewwwwwww, she thought, how could she even think such a thing.

Later as she passed through the living room on her way out, Katie was porno izle bouncing on top of Brian and it was obvious they were both enjoying themselves. Sarah stopped and stared a moment. “She’s such a whore,” she thought to herself.


It was after midnight when Sarah returned. She heard moaning and she opened Brian’s door and peeked in. Brian was propped up against the head board of his bed and Katie was bobbing her mouth up and down on his cock.

Sarah stepped inside and closed the door. “Don’t you two ever stop?”

Katie looked up at her sister and said, “Look at this dick. Why would I want to stop? Why don’t you come over and sample it yourself? I’ll bet you’ve never had anything this nice shoved in you. Brian is a quick learner. A couple of days and he’ll be the best fucker in town. You better get some while you still can.” Katie took hold of his cock and waved it at her sister then went back to sucking it.

Sarah glared at her sister. “You are even a bigger slut than I imagined.” She stomped out and went to her own room.

Later as she laid in bed fingering her wet pussy, she couldn’t deny that watching Katie and Brian had really turned her on.


Sarah slept in the next morning because it was Saturday. She got out of bed and looked at the cock. 10:00 AM. She walked down the hall and opened Katie’s door. She wasn’t even surprised to see that this time it was Katie propped up against the head board and Brian’s face buried between her legs slurping away at her bald pussy.

“Good morning, sis,” smiled Katie. “Dad went golfing and mom’s shopping and I’m teaching Brian how to eat pussy. Hop up on the bed and let him show you his skills.”

Sarah felt short of breath as she looked at her brothers big cock swinging between his legs. She’d experienced a few cocks but none like that. She wasn’t sure if she wanted to run or rip off her nightie and join them so she just stood there and watched.

“Come on, Sarah,” her sister giggled. amatör porno “You know you want to. You’re on the pill so you have nothing to worry about. I’m not sure if it’s his big cock or that he’s our brother but I can assure you it’ll be the best fucking you’ve ever had.”

Katie stopped talking and reached down to pull Brian’s face harder into her. She humped her cunt onto his tongue and gritted her teeth and she began to orgasm again.

Katie’s words ran in Sarah’s head. “Big cock, best fuck, on the pill, nothing to worry about, he’s our brother, going to Iraq.” She was weakening and she knew it so she ran back to her room.

Sarah sat on her bed trying to think of something else but she couldn’t. Her pussy was wet, her nipples were hard, she was having trouble catching her breath. She’s never had a cock like that, she’d never had a guy fuck her like she had seen her brother fuck her sister, She’s never really had a great orgasm, maybe this was her chance, maybe she should help make sure her brother goes away satisfied. Who am I kidding, she thought, I want to be satisfied.

She got slowly up off her bed and walked back to Katie’s room. They were lying side by side. Katie was lazily stroking his semi hard dick. They both looked at her without speaking.

“Is he really that good?” Sarah asked. “Is it really ok to do this?”

Katie laughed, “there is only one way to find out. Lay down here and let your brother show you how good it can be.”

Sarah sighed and ripped off her nightgown and stood beside the bed.

Katie got up and allowed Sarah to take her place.

Sarah lay down beside her brother and looked into his eyes. “Give me what you’ve been giving her. I want it all. Treat me just like our whore sister. Make me your whore too.”

Katie sat in a chair and told Brian, “Do all the things I’ve taught you. Fuck her so that she’ll never forget it. Give it to her like I know you can.”

Brian looked at his sister. “Are you anal porno sure you want to do this? I don’t want you to do anything you’ll regret. Katie has already made sure I won’t leave the states a virgin.”

Sarah giggled, “Yeah, you’re no virgin. I’ve seen that much myself. Actually Brian, this is more for me than you. I’ve seen you and Katie enjoying each other and I want that too. I’ll admit I was shocked at first but I’m over that now so I promise, no regrets. Come on bro, I’m ready.”

Brian pulled his sister to him. He kissed her neck and he felt her hard nipples against his chest. Sarah reached down and stroked his cock the way she had seen Katie stroke it earlier. It grew quickly in her hand and she felt a flood inside her pussy.

She laid back, spread her legs and said “Get on top and do me the old fashioned way. I want to look into your eyes when you fuck me.”

“My pleasure, sis,” Brian said as he rolled between her legs and slid balls deep into her tight wet pussy. He began to pump slowly and she wrapped her legs around him to pull him in.

“Fuck me, you son of a bitch. Fuck me deep and hard. Fill my cunt and make me cum over and over. Show me how Katie taught you to fuck. Fuck me just like you’ve been fucking Katie. Watch him fuck me, Katie. Watch your brother fuck your sister.”

Katie was fascinated. It was like watching two wild animals mate. Something primal had been unleashed as Brian and Sarah melted together, moving together in that age old dance that had been done millions of times but also like this was the first time ever. Brian had fucked her good but nothing like this. She envied them both. She knew that after today Brian would always have two pussies available for him to use any way he wished. She knew she and Sarah would never find another lover like Brian and they would have to share him for life.

Sarah was nearing her third orgasm when Brian finally told her he was ready to cum.

“Cum in me, Brian. I’m protected so fill me up. Don’t pull out. Keep fucking me. I’m cummminnngggggggggggggggg. Fuck.”

Brian rolled off of her exhausted. “What’s the plan for the next 13 days?” and everyone laughed.

Sarah was still panting. “I have school and Katie works. I wonder what mom does all day?”