Happy Anniversary Ch. 03


Note: To avoid confusion, You should be aware that this addition to the story (part 3) is written from the female’s perspective, while the previous parts were written from the male perspective. I hope you have enjoyed the story up to now, and continue to do so, as it continues.

I feel you getting off the bed, and I wonder what you are doing. This has been an amazing day, and it isn’t even half over yet. At least, I don’t think it is. The blindfold tied tightly around my eyes prevents me from knowing what the clock might say. And I have cum, so many times, It could be two days later, and I’d never know it.

I stretch out my legs, wondering what might be next. I can still hear you breathing, so I know you are still in the room. But what are you doing? Finally I feel our touch again. Your hands wrap around my ankle, and pull it to the side, where I feel you tie it down with the same soft material that still binds my hands, as well as covers my eyes. Next my other ankle is tied, leaving my legs spread across the length of our bed. With all that has happened, I am only slightly concerned at this turn of events. I trust you. With my whole heart I trust you, but still, something inside me wishes you weren’t being so secretive.

Finally you join me on the bed. I can already feel my juices flowing again, as I realize you have returned to between my legs. I hear you softly whisper to me, telling me that you love me. “I love you too baby!” I reply to you with passion and excitement. Your fingernails are tracing my legs, one hand on each, slowly runs up my calves. I shudder as your hands pass my knees, and crawl their way up my inner thighs. The anticipation is driving me crazy. Just when they are reaching the outermost parts of my pussy, they skirt the outsides, and move up past it, to the sides of my stomach. I am disappointed and am about to tell you so, when I begin to giggle. Your fingers have found one of my most sensitive spots. for a moment, I thought you were going to really Cami Halısı torture me, and begin to tickle me like you are so fond of doing. But the thought passes, when your fingers continue up my body. Soon they are tracing the curve of the outside of my breasts, and I shudder again. Rather than continuing up, your hands instead continue tracing an outlining circle around my breasts.

Your hands cup my tits, squeezing gently, and I gasp when I suddenly recognize the feel of your hot breath getting close to my pussy. I lift my ass up off the bed as far as I can, hoping you are close enough that I will find your mouth against me. But to no avail. I feel no tongue, or lips against me like I had hoped. I hold myself up longer, hoping you will grant me what I want. Finally you oblige my silent request, as your tongue softly licks from the bottom of my pussy to the top. When It reaches my clit, your entire mouth encompasses it, and pushes me back down to the bed. I am immediately transported to another world. A world of pleasure, as your mouth begins to form a suction around my clit. A moan involuntarily escapes my mouth, as you do this. Your tongue flicks across me as the suction gets stronger.

Your fingers begin to pinch and pull at my nipples, adding to my excitement. A moan begins to form in my mouth, but comes out as a scream. Your tongue presses flat against my clit, and presses firmly into it. My pussy clenches down, wishing it would have something inside of it. As if to answer my unspoken wish, your hands leave my nipples suddenly, and move down my body. I brace myself, waiting for you to press them into me, but they do not come. Instead, they leave my body all together. It only takes a moment for me to understand why, as I feel the tip of a dildo press against me, and enter me slowly. Your tongue begins to lap at me, while the dildo is pushed further and further into me. I imagine it is your cock, sliding into me again, and I moan. God you are amazing. The Cami Halıları dildo begins to fuck me at a medium pace, sliding in and out while your tongue laps at my clit like a dog laps at his water.

Without any warning at all, I am thrown over the edge, by the sudden pulsing vibrations of the dildo inside of me. I never felt your hand move to the end, to turn it on. I scream out and being to thrash about on the bed, as much as my bonds will allow. You eagerly lick at my clit, tasting me as my cum spurts out around the vibrator, covering your hand as well as your face. You haven’t stopped fucking me, and it is driving me nuts. My pussy is squeezing the vibrator, and spasming out of control. Just when I think this is too much, the vibrations become twice as strong. Again I scream out. You push it back in, all the way, but you are unable to pull it back. I am cumming so hard, that my pussy is like a vice, holding the vibrator inside of me.

I am so far gone, I almost didn’t hear the grunt off to my side. Before I even have time to wonder what it was, I feel an unmistakable warm splash against my breast, then another, and another. There is someone else in the room. Another man is in the room, and he is cumming all over my tits. I begin to get a little worried. Why would there be another guy in here? You would never want that. What is going on?

A finger wipes itself through the warm cum on my chest, scooping it up, and then brings it to my mouth. Reluctantly, I open my mouth and let the finger feed the cum to me. I can taste the bitterness of it, but there is something about it. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but there is something about this taste.

The vibrator finally is pulled free of its trap between my legs, and I feel myself shudder, and close up behind it. “Baby” I hear you say gently. “Would you like to meet our visitor?”

Unsure of what is going on, I can’t find my voice, so I just nod my head. The hand that was just seconds ago feeding my mouth, reaches up, and grabs the blindfold. I squeeze my eyes shut, to avoid the pain of the bright lights. As my eyes seem to adjust to the light, I open them slowly, and look to the side, where the cum came from. You are standing there, beside the bed. My mind is whirling, wondering what is going on. And I again feel a tongue licking at my pussy. Licking my juices clean. I look down between my legs. My worries are gone in an instant when I see that it is not another man that just brought me to an amazing orgasm, but a female. A smile slowly grows upon my face, as I begin to realize that you have given me one of my fantasies. I look back at you, and you are smiling back at me. You know that I just figured it out. Unable to find words, I simply mouth a silent ‘I love You’.

“Baby, this is Shianne.” You explain. Our guest continues her cleaning, and is beginning to get me excited once again. “Shianne here has agreed to help me out with a few things today.” You continue. “The first of course, she has just finished. But I have more for her to do soon.” You smile down at me, nothing but love in your eyes. “I do hope that you approve” You say with just a hint of worry in your voice. You are so cute. Even after all this; after everything you have done for me today; everything you have given me; you are still worried that I might not like it. All I can do is smile, and nod towards you. “Good.” You turn to her. “Shianne, You remember what’s next don’t you?” I sigh in disappointment as her tongue ceases its action.

Shianne sits up, and I see that between her legs hangs a strap-on. Again my pussy begins to moisten. You really are the best. You are going to give me every fantasy I have aren’t you? I think to myself. I turn to give you a smile as she prepares to enter me, only to watch you walking out of the room. You are leaving me alone with her. I can only imagine what reasons you have for this. I watch your naked body walk away, and turn to see the clock. I am amazed to find the clock claiming it to be half past noon already. Have we really been at this all morning? I am pulled back to my present situation when a rather large strap-on forces its way into me.