An Unhappy Reunion Pt. 01


Everyone having sex is at least 18. This is fiction, I made it all up. Warning: this is a self-edited story. I do use Grammarly to help reduce my ability to murder the English language. Special thanks to goducks1 and Anomic for their help.


Chapter 1 – A Funeral

I flew into Portland, Oregon from New York late last night. I am a wildly successful financial consultant that reports to the owner. I look good, have an impressive body, and wear the finest hand-made suits money can buy. When away from home, I like a nice dinner, a few drinks, and then the company of a nice woman. I picked up a red Porsche 911 at the airport so I can show off a little. My tastes are more conservative at home, I drive a BMW GLS SUV.

I am driving to a tiny, two-bit town that’s a few hours’ drive out of Portland. You know the kind, there is one stop light in the center of the main drag. It’s the town where I grew up and now, I go to pay my last respects to my father. He is the only family member I love in my large family. I feel obligated to show up because I loved my dad. I do this despite the fact I will undoubtedly run into my four sisters, my mother, and my mother’s sister. Six people I despise and caused me to leave home.

Most people at the funeral will be family members and close family friends meaning today is going to suck. I haven’t been home in close to … fourteen years? How time flies when you escape to the Army, go to college, and then get a job from my best friend’s father. In just six years I have quickly scaled the corporate ladder. I am now one of the most sought-after financial advisors in the country and making more money than I will need in this life time. Life was good until two days ago.

A lawyer contacted me to let me know that my father has died. He tells me the details of when and where the funeral will be. There are no assets to divide. No note, no letter, no advise, no last words. That was it, a small footnote in history. I knew there would be no money or wealth involved. I didn’t care, they are dirt poor. My mom and sisters are all that is left of my immediate family, no grandparents. The same family that caused me to run away at the stroke of midnight on the day I turned eighteen.

My mother and oldest sister are sluts. Mom had a long history of sleeping with guys, especially high school and college age ones. That caused me lots of problems in school. My friends could not understand why I got mad at them. One told me, “Dude, relax. If it wasn’t me screwing your mom, it would be someone else.” I got suspended for that fight. Mom likes young cock. Dad had always been in bad health. Maybe he allowed it because he couldn’t … you know. I never forgave him for allowing her to be so open about it. It was like she hated my father and did it on purpose.

My oldest sister slept with half the state and does web cam porn. Boy was that a shock to see your oldest sister online doing webcams while bare ass naked handling a collection of toys. I know what she looks like now, but I turned that off quick. She had a reputation that made mom seem like a Disney Princess. My youngest sister Daisy must be about 20 now so that means Kara is 21 and Lisa is 22. No way I could pick them out in a crowd, it’s been too long. I hope they are married. I am the only family member with a college education.

My hate for my three youngest sisters isn’t because of them directly. They were too young and innocent. I despised them because I was their baby sitter. Instead of going to concerts, parties, dating girls, and having fun, I had to watch over my three youngest sisters. When I was with them, I was a good brother. I took care of them. However, a sixteen-year-old boy would much rather be with a girl making out in his car than playing with his 6, 7, and 8-year-old sisters. At night, the hate of my situation grew like a disease. If I were honest with myself, I hated the situation I was forced to live with more than I did my sisters. However, over time, the two looked the same.

My extended family, which is all over this area, knows my revulsion for my mother and older sister, so they have shunned me for years. I would bet money that I have done something evil and vile to hurt my mom and sisters if I ask a family member. She is a control freak. No, her and her sister Fran are control freaks. They run the small town that I used to live in. Fran is the mayor and has been for life. It’s a tiny town and the city is poor. What little money there is, it mostly goes to Fran. Mom is the secretary which doesn’t pay much.

The house was foreclosed on. I quietly purchased it so my sisters would not be homeless. There was plenty of land to be successful at ranching. Dad couldn’t work enough land by himself and was too proud to ask for help. It was Daisy that had tipped me off about the foreclosure and asked for help. I have more money than I will ever need, so I did. However, I didn’t want them to know. I set up a shell company Casibom to buy the property and it paid the bills. If they knew it was me, mom and dad would have moved. With it being anonymous, dad could live with that. I hated my sisters but at the same time, they are still family. I am amazed that I still care.

Nell, my oldest sister, embarrassed me by being so loose with her body. I had plenty of troubles because of mom. Nell just compounded those issues. The principal knew me by name. I spent a lot of time in his office because of fighting. Nell is good looking and the one sibling close to my age although we had little else in common. Her reputation was larger than life. All they boys talked about how awesome she was the night before. Up to eight men in a night. She was always nice to me the few times she talked to me. Being a few years older, she never had much use for me. I was just fine with that. It embarrassed me to be living with a whore.

I guess deep down, I was jealous that they could use her, and I couldn’t. It’s hard when the best-looking woman in school by far is your sister. Sure, I had fantasized about her, but I knew there was no chance. Why would she want her younger brother when she could have any guy she wanted? They had jobs and showered her with money and gifts. I baby sat my three younger sisters for free. Besides, brothers don’t fuck their sisters, it’s sick.

My younger sisters knew me much better. I was their day care. Mom had men to screw and dad was always working. Nell was out with men leaving me to take care of Daisy, Lisa, and Kara. That was a lot of fun for me, babysitting three younger sisters all the time. Playing sports, reading, going out to parties, having a girlfriend, yea, that’s no fun. I got to dress up Barbie dolls, change diapers, and have tea parties. Wow.

I did laundry and cooked nights when mom wasn’t home. Ok, she was home, but she wasn’t to be disturbed. Dad only cared that he got his dinner. There was hell to pay if it wasn’t ready when he came home.

No girlfriends for me. Mom was saving me for herself. I did a lot of chores around the house and farm. I moved lots of hay bales and fed the animals on the ranch. Even chicken feed is surprisingly heavy. I grew tall like my dad and put on muscle due to the heavy lifting. Dad was a strong man, both physically and emotionally. He worked hard for a living, so we could all eat and have a place to live.

Mom made sure I was not like dad. She made me do chores and all the heavy lifting. I put on a lot of muscle, dad couldn’t move the heavy grain sacks or bales of hay. As I was nearing my eighteenth birthday, she made it clear what my birthday would be like. She was going to stop entertaining the town and settle down with me. She was tired of the endless short relationships. She wanted a man to stay with her long term. I was going to be her fuck toy and do everything she wanted. That included fucking her as often as she wanted it.

She failed to realize that as much as I was her dream man, I didn’t want to be her fuck toy. By the time I turned 18. I had a toned body and knew I was good looking. The girls practically threw themselves at me while at school. Yet I had to watch my younger sisters and not date. That made me furious with my life and family. Why the fuck did I have to watch my sisters? Nell could have done it.

Nell moved out when she turned 18. However, she was never forced to watch her sisters. During the last few days before I turned 18, I was a powder keg, waiting to blow up. I couldn’t believe that she wanted me, her own son. She must be as fucked up as I suspected. Did she really think I would just bow down and let her do anything she wanted with me?

I got other ideas. Iraq was looming, and they were recruiting heavily at school. Mom had no idea about the Army. I had everything planned. I would sign up and leave for basic training on my birthday.

It was easy leaving mom and Nell. I just walked out. I found it surprisingly hard to leave Daisy, Lisa, and Kara. That surprised me a lot. I resented them but also loved them. No, I guess I resented being forced to watch them and never doing anything I wanted to do. They were young, cute, and innocent. I could not give in to my mother like she wanted. I hated her with a passion. I had to run away. That was 14 years ago.

I am sure mom and Fran will be here along with my sisters and my extended family. Almost half of the town is related to me. The other half probably doesn’t remember me. I didn’t do anything worth remembering. Watching your younger sisters doesn’t impress many people. I expect this to be a short chilly stay. That’s ok, I only want to stay for the service and see if I can help my younger sisters before going back home. It’s a two-hour drive to the airport and I can get the company jet to pick me up on a moment’s notice.

The service starts at 11:00 AM and my GPS says I will be late by two minutes. Perfect. Less Casibom Giriş time with family is always good. I pull up and the church parking lot is almost full. My dad was a good and fair man. People liked him, it’s not surprising that most of the town is showing up. I park at the far end of the lot, last spot. I walk into the back of the church. No place to sit other than up front with family. I remain standing in the back. It seems better to me, this is where they placed me in their lives, out of sight.

The church is small for this funeral and very old. There’s no money to expand or rebuild something bigger or even updated. The pews are worn and need refinishing. The walls are freshly painted which makes everything else look old and worn.

A tall young blond is also standing in the back of the church. Long legs, small ass, big breasts, cute smile, yeah, nice looking. However, possible relative so I try to ignore her. I catch her looking at me often. I know, I am looking at her often. She might be someone to warm my bed tonight. About half the women in the back of the church are checking me out. I am a stranger, they want to know why I am here, seems reasonable. Why would a random stranger come to this tiny community for a funeral? Maybe a few people remember I exist. Seems doubtful.

I understand why she is looking at me. I am tall and work out often. I have broad shoulders, and a chiseled face with a square jaw. My hair is short and jet black. I have had women falling over me for years, why would it be any different here? Like the women in New York, most are not worth my time. In this suit, I am a walking open checkbook to them.

After the service, everyone lines up for their last respects. I am last in line. Dad looks much older than his 58 years, life was hard on him. I linger longer than most. I hear an annoyed voice behind me, a voice I know all too well.

Mom says, “Surprised you could find the time to come back for your poor old father. Too bad he can’t hear you now. Oh, how you broke his heart when you left. It broke him you know. He was never the same after you left without saying goodbye.”

Oh my God! I want to take my hands and strangle that woman. In the Army I learned twelve ways to kill someone. Right now, I see myself performing each of those acts. That is why I am smiling as I turn around to look at my mother. It certainly wasn’t because I was happy to see the vile old bitch. The cunt that took away my childhood and treated dad like crap.

In my mind, I say to my mother, “Why look, if it isn’t a walking piece of shit with hair to look like my mother. I am surprised to see that you don’t have a man and a mattress strapped to your back, so he can continue fucking you. My it is nice to see that you are still able to walk after all those venereal diseases you have had. Those tits are drooping so far they look like they should be tucked into your socks.”

Out loud I say with a smile, remembering my thoughts, “Oh, hi mom. You didn’t have to waste your breath talking to me, I am not listening to you. My time is better spent doing … anything else.”

Next to mom are two girls that are wearing plain black dresses. They don’t look me in the eye, they introduce themselves as Kara and Lisa. They are very quiet and shy. The look at the ground like they have been trained to do that in public. I wonder if it’s like that at home too. Each sister has long jet-black hair, a nice size rack that makes them worth looking at. I hated these two because I had to watch over them. Yet standing here, seeing them, I realize that mom has made them submissive and probably her sex slaves like she wanted to do with me. I feel bad for them.

I was strong enough to get away. Lisa and Kara obviously were not and took my place. That means that mom is probably sharing them with the men she beds. If she was willing to take me, why not two sisters? I am starting to feel sick. I am responsible for their situation.

They could be cute, but they look sad. Dark bags under their eyes. Nothing even close to a smile. No excitement or hate from seeing me. Zero emotion at all from them. They seem more like walking zombies, moving emotionless creatures. Their dresses look terrible, like they made their own. They each took scissors to the opposite for home hair-cuts. They look thinner than they should be. I am sure mom dominates their lives. It is sad to see them like this. I remember them as cute and affectionate little girls. They ran around the house and outside like airplanes. They smiled and giggled often. It’s depressing to see them so different. So listless. This is a significant issue to me. I have a new purpose in life now.

I hear another unpleasant voice, my mother’s sister, Fran.

Damn, do I hate this woman. She never had a nice word to say to anyone. I was especially hated by her and she made a point to show off everything I did wrong. She publicized my first-time masturbating after Casibom Güncel Giriş my mom had walked in on me. She is one fucked up bitch. I never understood how she got married. She isn’t good looking, no boobs, just a hateful personality. People didn’t dare cross her or as mayor, she will get even eventually.

Fran’s voice is like nails on a chalkboard, “What sewer did you crawl out of? I didn’t figure you would have the guts to show up. How dare you defile this sacred place. You devastated that man and your family. You, ungrateful selfish prick.”

I reply nicely, “Ah, Aunt Fran, I see your evil spirit still haunts these sacred grounds.” For me, that is trying to be nice. I would rather twist her spine, killing her on the spot. I have too much to live for, I resist temptation. I smile knowing I could do it so easily. It’s not lost on me how in just a few minutes I have twice had the thoughts of killing someone with my bare hands. This is something that has not tempted me since I left the Army. My thoughts please me, yet I am ashamed of myself for stooping this low. I am better than this. My father would not be happy. However, they are both bitches so I will let it go this time.

Aunt Betty is at least cordial, “Dave, is that really you? You grew up, you look good. You are quite the man now. That’s one nice suit you have.” She looks at me closer. “Wow, you really are handsome now. A real stud with the ladies, I bet.”

I give Aunt Betty a smothering hug and give her a kiss on the cheek. She blushes.

My older sister Nell says in a breathy and sexy voice, “Oh nice, can I get me one of those, big boy. You’re huge, you have grown into a man and a half. Hey, nice suit, I bet that cost an arm and a leg. I’ve never seen one as nice looking. Or is it the man in the suit that makes it so awesome?”

She is dressed like a slut in mourning. A tiny skirt with a plunging neckline on her black blouse. She has nude stockings on with five-inch heels. I must hand it to her, she is hot. She has curled long black hair, a pale face with a cute smile. She is very thin, but her chest looks huge and pointy on her. Looks like the old boobies are fake. She looks much better in person. The webcam doesn’t do her justice. It’s too bad I know her. This one won’t be warming my bed later tonight. I feel like I need a shot for an STD just standing near her.

I shake Nell’s hand and decide against wiping my hands afterwards. I have no idea how many men have used her today. I almost want to hurl. She is at least cordial, I won’t provoke her. It’s not like I have an abundance of friends here anyways. I really don’t remember who else is family. It doesn’t matter, because none of them come near me or want to speak to me.

I dryly reply, “Nice eye, I had it made for me. Store bought just aren’t good enough. My suits cost more than average, but fine quality has good staying power. They’re good investments.”

No doubt mom and Fran spread rumors about me to cover why I left. I bet I burned down the house, tried to rape a sister, and then ran off. If a man drops mom before she drops him, mom turns nasty. She would tell all kinds of rumors that were embarrassing and destructive. Several divorces were caused by the rumors. The lawyer two towns over must love mom.

My little cousin Wendy (Betty’s daughter) asks, “Who’s the hunk?”

She then jumps into my arms and kisses me on the lips. Wendy is 18 and cute as a firecracker. Aunt Betty tries to pull her off me, but she slaps her hands away. She is enjoying herself way too much.

Wendy is animated, “Dave has finally come back and all you all can do is ridicule him? Do you know anything about him? I bet none of you do. It’s easy to find stories about him. He is in the papers a lot in New York. I must say Dave, you look so much better, live in person. You also smell fantastic. Mmmmmm. That chest is huge and you’re so tall. The New York papers capture that heavenly smile perfectly.”

Wendy looks at me, “I bet your own mother has no idea what you have done with your life, right?”

I stay silent. I shrug my shoulders. She is doing just fine without my help.

Aunt Betty says, “Wendy, shut your mouth young lady or you’ll get a whipping when we get home.”

My mom says, “Who cares. He is a worthless good for nothing slug. He will never amount to anything. With the stuff he has done, I am surprised he isn’t in jail. Are you running from the law? He won’t ever be half the man his father was, and he is dead. Leave the pathetic loser to himself, he isn’t good enough for our attention. He turned his back on our family, he chose to be an outcast.”

Wendy screams much louder than she should have, “Fuck you two! He earned two purple hearts in the Army and he is one of the nation’s best financial consultants with a huge company on Wall Street.” Condescendingly she adds, “That’s the place in New York where all the money is. He is in the top ten most eligible bachelors in New York. He is worth millions.”

She looks at my mother and Fran, “What have you done with your life? Is your net worth in the millions?” She pauses for effect. “Just so you know, neither of you are in the top ten of even this tiny piss ant town.”