Older Women


All involved in portrayed sexual activity are 18 or over. The old country western song, “older women make beautiful lovers” comes to life in the following tale.


This week began like any other week, I would leave the warehouse at four thirty in the morning and begin deliveries to grocery stores and restaurants throughout the area. By the time I reached Grove City, around seven thirty, it was time for breakfast. From time to time I would have to cover someone else’s route and not stop at Cheryl’s Diner, but not very often. In the two plus years I’d been stopping I was generally waited on by Francine or Michelle, not today, an older lady was asking if I wanted coffee before ordering.

“Where are Francine and Michelle? They have the day off?”

“Well sir, neither work here any longer, Friday was their last day, Francine is moving to Daytona Beach to be closer to her kids and Michelle landed a job in Cuba City at a large distribution warehouse. I usually work from three until seven evenings, now I’m covering early mornings. So … coffee, or would you like to look at the menu?”

“Nope, won’t need a menu. I’ll have the haystack without onions and a glass of milk with the meal, honey wheat toast.”

“Sounds like you’ve eaten here before.”

“Nearly every Monday through Friday for over two years. I noticed there’s no strawberry jam, can you remedy that?”

She offered a soft smile along with, “Certainly, anything I can do to help.”

Having lived in the south the past several years I was used to the normal hon, shug, babe, baby or sweetie from southern waitresses, this lady was southern, but she was different. I smiled and tipped my hat as I watched her walk away. She was good looking for an older broad, quite conservative in her dress but attractive in her own right, most of the waitresses would be in jeans and a somewhat revealing top. Apparently cleavage increases the size of the tip.

Her nametag said Elma, and unlike the other gals she was dressed like waitresses used to, a light blue cotton dress with white piping around the sleeves and neckline, a neckline that was open but not enough to look inside. The one unusual thing I did notice was that the hem of her dress was probably three inches above her knees and that she wore stockings. I estimated she must be in her late fifties, maybe sixty. She had a slender figure, sort of average I guess, a cute hinder that twitched a little as she walked away, or did she do that for my benefit. Her chest wasn’t big but then it wasn’t small either, what I’m trying to say is she was put together nicely.

Unlike so many older ladies it was apparent she had let her hair color naturally, it was mostly a silverish grey with a smattering of brown every so often. It was long by most standards, well over her shoulders and while not as thick as a young woman’s hair it was still full. I was surprised she wasn’t wearing glasses, most older people do, maybe she used contacts.

Waiting for my food I momentarily drifted back to how I’d come to live in the south. I had ended up moving after my long-time life companion decided she was leaving me for a much younger model. Though we’d been together thirteen years Sherry and I had never married, I had proposed more than once, each time she said no but wanted to stay together. In my eyes we were married whether we had a certificate or not. Not so in hers I guess. For my thirty third birthday she took me out for a lavish steak dinner and introduced me to her new lover wondering if wanted to be part of a polyamorous relationship.

When I got out of jail forty-five days later I decided to move. Not across town, across country. Since I’d done no permanent harm to her new lover the DA showed mercy and charged me with a misdemeanor instead of a felony, which meant I could keep my CDL. I happily left the ice and snow of North Dakota, trading it for the heat and humidity of Northwest Georgia. Once I got past the culture shock and learned how to decipher Southern ese, (my God these people talk fast) I felt good about the move. Yes, it was hot and sticky four to five months a year, but compared to ice, snow, and temps at or below freezing five to six months a year, I figured I had the better deal.

I’d been driving big rigs all my adult life with a perfect driving record, finding work wasn’t an issue, I had lined up the position I presently occupied prior to ever moving. I was tired of the long hauls and decided running a steady daily route would be more in line with what I wanted life to be. I lived in an apartment complex complete with a pool, laundry facility, a fitness/workout room, a hot tub, and more lonely housewives than you can shake a stick at. Then there were the divorcee’s, the lonely heart singles, the downright homely, and last, but not least, the “I hate all men” club.

At thirty-four I must have been considered prime material because I had an abundance of women, married and otherwise, who let it be known they were ready uşak escort to be wooed and screwed by yours truly. I have to admit I did avail myself of said provisions more than once, okay, okay, sometimes more than once a week. I stayed away from the married one’s as much as possible, the key words there being “as much as possible”. In the two years and seven months I’d been living there I’d only bedded three housewives. Two of which had abusive husbands and a third whose husband never grew up, he spent most of his free time with his high school buddies, all in their late twenties.

I’d met all three at the laundry facility, the first two were obvious, I showed them some kindness, they in turn wanted to be wanted without being abused. The second one of those nearly landed my ass back in jail, thankfully her soon to be ex was too drunk to remember who’d kicked the shit out of him. Within a week of his ass whooping she had vanished, her girlfriend said she’d gone back to Iowa and was filing for divorce. Smart girl, no one should have to put up with that shit.

The third was lonely, plain and simple, feeling neglected, unwanted, undesirable, and had basically accepted she was destined for a shitty life with an idiot husband. It started out quite innocent, we talked, she shared dreams and aspirations, we learned of one another’s past, it got to be a regular thing every Thursday night. That was the slowest night of the week at the laundry for some reason, it was usually Emily and me along with one or two others.

To keep my horns trimmed I’d been banging two divorcees across the complex on occasion, I didn’t hide it, but it wasn’t common knowledge either. Emily and I were near being done with our laundry one Thursday, folding clothes and putting them in a basket. She was generally very careful when she folded her underwear and put away her bras, she usually had her back turned to me. This evening was different, as she folded several pair of small lacy panties facing me I was without the will power to look away.

“Do you like those Paul?”

Feeling like a kid caught with his hand in the cookie jar I quickly looked down in embarrassment.

“It’s okay Paul, it really is. I bought them thinking he might stay home and be with me instead of running with his high school friends. It didn’t work, I even bought a slinky see through nightie. You know what the idiot said when I walked down the hall wearing nothing under it as he watched TV? Get some clothes on, you’ll be cold in that get up.”

I couldn’t wrap my head around such stupidity, had she done that in my home I’d have jumped her bones and rode her hard all night. My mouth must have been hanging open, smiling she put her finger under my chin and lifted it.

“What would you do with a woman like me Paul? Be honest.”

I thought, what the hell, I might get my face slapped, but I was going to tell her exactly what I was thinking.

“I would have jumped off that couch, put you over my shoulder and slapped your ass a few times as I carried you to the bedroom, I would have tossed her your sexy ass onto the bed and stripped, my face would have been between your legs so fast it would take your breath away. After you came on my face a few times I would have slid up your body and driven my cock inside so deep you’d choke, while I pumped you I’d be sucking your tits until you screamed as I filled your little kitty with sperm. Is that clear enough?”

Her face was red as a fire hydrant, good thing there were no dogs around. Her breathing was shallow and staggered, almost as if she were hyperventilating. Putting her hand to her chest she looked in my face.

“Really? You would do all that? Oh my, I’ve been missing out. Listen, I’m not a slut, but would you do that to me? Please? He’ll be gone fishing all weekend.”

I agreed telling her to come in the patio door to the back so as not to give the gossips anymore ammunition than they already possessed. I asked if she’d like to go out somewhere, she blushed a little.

“No, I want you to do with me what you said. Should I bring my see-through nightie along? Paul … I don’t shave. Will that be an issue?”

“It won’t be for me, I like a woman who looks like a woman. And yes, absolutely bring that nightie and some of those sexy panties, we won’t be naked the entire weekend.”

She had a surprised look on her face, “Wait, you want me to stay the weekend? Are you sure?”

“I am if you are Em, I’d love to ravish your body all weekend. That way the smell of sex can be in my apartment and not something you have to explain when your worthless husband gets home. We’ll quit early enough so you can get home to shower, douche and change.”

Another surprised look, “Douche? I haven’t done that in ages. Why?”

“Because a man knows if his wife’s pussy is full of cum, and if he hasn’t been with her he knows it’s somebody else’s cum, if he happens to get home horny you’ll be safe.”

More blushing, “Pussy, muglalisahidi.com he never calls it my pussy, it’s always a vagina. I like pussy better, it’s not so clinical sounding. What time Friday?”

“I’m home by three at the latest, any time after that. I’ll cook supper, you bring the ice cream.”

We were the only ones present during our rather revealing conversation, she stood, grabbed her basket, leaned down to kiss me and whispered. “Tomorrow at four, leave the patio doors unlocked. I’m all tingly inside, I can hardly wait.”

I drove Friday’s route from habit, my mind was anywhere but on the job, I couldn’t get her out of my head. How the hell could any guy ignore a beautiful young thing like that? She never dressed provocatively but it was quite apparent she was well endowed in all aspects of her sexuality. I intended to let that sexuality loose over the weekend, she’d find out what it was like to have her body worshipped and adored. I knew from earlier conversations that she was on the pill, I’d recently had myself tested not always knowing where I was dipping my wick, I was clean as a whistle. It would be a weekend of bareback, making love and knock down dragged out fucking if she could handle it.

She strode through my patio door at exactly four, carting an overnight bag and a smaller bag with what looked like clothes. In a few hours I would find out it was lingerie she’d purchased that he never liked and she was going to wear it for me. I’d made cobb salads with grilled chicken breast and a cheesecake for dessert. As I was cleaning the kitchen she asked if I wanted her to shower.

“No, I want to smell the sex oozing from your body when we lay down, don’t wash that away.”

Smiling she excused herself heading toward the bedroom. As I was starting the dishwasher I looked to see her standing in the doorway wearing nothing but the sheer nightie, no panties, no bra, nothing but her birthday suit beneath it. I could do nothing but stare, her breasts were great, allow me to recant that statement, her breasts were wonderful. They stood straight and proud the way a young woman’s tend to do, perfectly cone shaped with tight nipples pushing against the fabric. Looking down I saw a thick V shaped patch of dark brown curls matching the hair color on her head.

By now the only head I was thinking with was the one on the end of my cock, I did what I told her I would do. I walked to her, reached around grabbing her ass while pulling her into me as we kissed, I picked her up by her butt cheeks and threw her over my shoulder. Walking down the hall I smacked her ass not hard enough to hurt but hard enough to make her squeal.

“You’re a naughty girl Emily, you don’t have panties on, I might have to punish you with my rod of correction.”

Her response completely caught me off guard, “Please don’t hurt me daddy. I’ll do anything you want daddy, you can have my pussy.”

Ah, she wanted to role play, I can do that. I smacked her a second time as we walked through the door, lifting her off my shoulder I tossed her onto the bed. I was stripping as she was giggling and scooting to the middle. I grabbed an ankle and pulled her back to me, with her legs hanging over the edge at her knees I opened her legs, pushed them alongside her body and dove in face first. Her smell was erotic and seductive, not offensive, but strong, her pussy was coated with juices before my lips ever touched her pouting thick labia.

Her hands were behind her knees holding herself open, as I felt her body begin to tense she let go of her legs and wove her fingers into my hair. Over and over she whispered “yes” until I felt her body tremble, she wasn’t loud or throwing herself around, pushing her pussy up into my face and breathing heavy was the whole of it. I licked until the second one hit, that must have stirred a primal feeling inside, she uttered out loud, “Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck” this time her body convulsed as she pushed upward off the bed. I didn’t slow down until her butt dropped back to the bed and she pushed me away.

She lay there silent for what seemed an eternity, it was well over three minutes before she stirred, and then only to straighten her body. Reaching her arms to me I moved up the bed and lay with her. We didn’t speak, she wanted to kiss, as we broke she licked my lips.

“I’ve never tasted a pussy before, am I how all pussies taste? Paul how do you know to do all those things, Jeff has eaten me and I’ve cum, but never like this. I came so hard I couldn’t tell if I was in a dream or having an out of body experience. You have a nice big cock, I can only imagine how it’s going to make me feel. I want you to teach me everything you can this weekend.”

“Not all pussies are as sweet as yours Em, you have a perfect blend of honey like nectar and arousal, it made my dick so hard I hurt.”

“I’m not very good at it but I can give you a blow job.”

I laughed, “Honey, the only place my cum is destined this weekend is in your delicious little pussy. You’re on the pill and we’re both clean, I intend to fill you so full of cum you slosh when you walk.”

I sensed she was near tears, “I wish I was with you and not Jeff, I want a baby so bad, but not if he’s going to be like he is. If I wasn’t married to him you could put a baby in me. I would love that.”

I had a finger inside the tiny opening to her vagina, moving it in and out slowly, the juices building rapidly, it was time to put a load inside her sweet cunny.

“It’s time we get down to business, are you ready? We’ll start missionary but I doubt we’ll finish that way.”

As I moved on the bed her answer was to spread her legs and bend them at the knee, a perfect saddle for me to lie in, the thin trail of hair along the labia were like guiding lights drawing my dick to her opening. As the tip of my cock touched her sopping wet pussy she put her hands on my ass and pulled me in, I’m not a huge man by any means, but the six and a half I do possess has never let me down. As I entered she commented.

“Oooo, you’re cut. Jerry isn’t, I think I like this better, it certainly opens me wider.”

About halfway to bottoming out she stopped pulling me in. In not much more than a whisper she talked to me.

“You’re bigger than Jerry, I need a minute to relax and get used to how thick you are. I feel like you’re gonna split me in two, but I like it and I know it’ll feel good once I can take all of it.”

When she raised her hips slightly and wiggled to accept more of me I finished the process of burying my meat deep inside her cunt, three strokes later when my balls hit her as she moaned and whispered “more”.

It was slow and gentle, all my plans for not cumming in her missionary went out the window when she started to go off begging me to cum inside her. My balls erupted and my cock launched volley after volley of thick white seed deep within her. I could feel it hit the cervix, she could as well, I heard her say again and again, “I can feel it”.

When I had softened to the point that I was dropping out she whined, “No, not yet I want more.”

An hour and twenty minutes later I had her on her tummy with a thick rolled cushion type pillow under her abdomen, her ass was pointed up and her pussy was protruding beyond her thighs as though it was begging to be fucked. Hovering over her I swiped my dick up and down over her labia then positioned the head at her opening and pushed forward, her back arched as she pushed back and let out a long soft moan when my pelvis touched her ass.

“This is so good Paul, it’s deep, my pussy is tingling all over. I’ve never had it like this before, put your cum deep inside me.”

I never could hold out very long in that position, there was just too much stimulation, I surprised myself by holding out over fifteen minutes before I arched my back and slammed into her hungry little cunt one last time. It felt like the end of my dick was going to explode, I was cumming so hard it made my nuts hurt, she in turn was pushing back and squealing as her ass shook and her hips humped. She kept yelling.

“Ohh, ohh, ohh. My god it’s so deep, I can feel you Paul, I can feel you.”

At four something the next morning she was on hands and knees as I plowed into her from behind, my hands grasping her hips, our skin making slapping noises as we collided, her knees were spread, her back was arched, she wanted every fraction of an inch I could provide. I thought I would last longer than the twenty minutes I did having cum only hours before, but that tight cunt was sucking the life out of me, there would be no holding back, I let loose with a loud bellow.

Saturday we woke mid-morning, I made us breakfast, afterward we lounged about until early afternoon when she excused herself headed to the bedroom. Ten minutes later she stood at the end of the hall in a white lacy shelf bra, nipples exposed above the half cups, and a pair of white bikini panties with the words “fuck me” in bold red letters across the front. My cock was instantly hard, we’d been in just underwear so there was no hiding it. I uttered half under my breath.

“Holy shit girl, you look fantastic.”

“Jerry didn’t like it, he said I looked slutty.”

I chuckled, “He’s a fool. Get your slutty little ass over here girl, I’m gonna dine at the wye again.”

Standing in front of me she put her hands on mine to keep me from pulling the panties down.

“Paul, I want to try something I’ve never done. My closest friend at work says she sits on her husband’s face and he eats her. Have you ever done that?”

“Let me slide those panties down and I’ll show you. No, don’t take the bra off, leave them just as they are.”

I pulled her panties off and lay back on the couch, she squatted over my face and lowered until her pussy met my mouth. About seven minutes later she was screaming and begging to be fucked, I had taken off the bra and had ahold of her tits as she exploded, the nipples were hard and distended, I had to have them in my mouth. Laying with a nipple in my mouth she said softly.

“I need you again, I need you inside me.”