Coed Lovers on a Picnic


Taylor and Belle are roommates at the local university, which has worked out just fine for both of them. The computer that matched them to share the dorm room couldn’t possibly have made a better choice, at least not one that involved either of then. Although they don’t look alike, they have a lot in common, both of them being nineteen year old frosh, with pretty faces. Taylor is slightly taller, with short, dark hair and dark eyes and a rather slender figure. Belle has long blonde hair, blue eyes, and has a lush figure, with big breasts and a curvaceous ass and hips. However, the most important things are what they have in common, and the most important of those are their mutual lesbianism and the strong physical and romantic attractions each of them feels toward the other.

The campus is located in the hills east of the city and, slightly more than two miles farther east, is the edge of a national forest. The area between the campus and the woods is a grassy meadow, great for hiking and picnicking, and those are two of the favorite pastimes of both young women and some of their schoolmates. In particular, they like to combine the two activities on warm afternoons when they decide to cut classes to be together in one of their many quiet and hidden places in the forest.

It’s only logical that one of their favorite times to do things like that would be on Earth Day. It seems somehow appropriate on that day to go outside and do things that show appreciation and respect for Mother Earth and to do them together. The first time Taylor and Belle spent that special day together, is a good example of those things.

On the eve of Earth Day, the two young women sat up late, talking about what the following day meant to them. One thing they definitely did not want it to mean was another day of tiresome lectures in boring halls. Neither of them had an important or interesting class scheduled the next day and they decided, almost spontaneously, to do something together. Their feelings toward one another had only been admitted recently, and they were still involved in exploring each other’s bodies and personalities. Earth Day seemed like a perfect time to do so out in a more rustic place, such as the meadow near the campus or, better yet, inside the National Forest.

April 22 was an unusually warm spring day and, when the two young lovers kissed each other good morning and looked out on the blue sky and bright sun, their tentative decision of the night before became settled in their minds. Classes could wait; Earth Day only came once a year, and not always with such glorious, clear blue skies and warm sunshine. They assembled a rather mundane lunch of ham and cheese sandwiches and fruit, along with a big thermos of lemonade and stuffed it into backpacks that they would otherwise have used to carry textbooks and school supplies. After adding a bed sheet that would serve as a table cloth, they left the dorm and set out in the opposite direction from where they usually headed.

It was a really beautiful, sunny day, and a recent spell of rain had softened the dirt and cleaned the air and made the grass thick and green. They were dressed much the same way, in tank tops, with no bras, and shorts and sneakers. It was practically a uniform of young female students, and both of them dressed like that most of the time. So did other women in the college, but neither Taylor nor Belle saw anybody else after they left the campus. Apparently, other students were more interested in dull classes than they were in warm sunshine and clean, fresh air.

The two loving roommates were not. They slowly walked hand-in-hand through the grass, reveling in the soft breeze and the rays of the sun on their youthful bodies and the chirping of the crickets and the birds circling gracefully overhead. When they reached the edge of the woods, there was no kind of fence or any other barricade, because the National Forest Service, who maintained the wooded area and the meadow, wanted people to enjoy themselves there and not have difficulty getting inside.

At the entrance to the woods, some trees had signs attached that urged visitors to be sure to enjoy themselves, but to refrain from littering and to be careful of fires. Since they had no intention of starting the kind of fires the sign meant, Taylor and Belle were more concerned with the first part of the message, and fully intended to follow the suggestion. At the same time, they respected the natural beauty and serenity of the place enough that they would refrain from littering, which would mean always returning home with any garbage or refuse they brought with them or found and picked up after their arrival.

Although they had been in the forest before, the young women did not have any one particular spot they were seeking, but would stop anywhere that struck their fancy. On that day, it was a thick cluster of bushes in the shape of a circle. After going through a narrow gap, they found themselves in a clear bursa escort bayan area, circular and about eight feet across, with a thick covering of grass. The brush around the clear area was heavy enough that nobody on the other side would be able to see them, and there was enough of a gap in the overhead trees that the spring sun had made the ground dry and comfortably warm.

“What do you think of this place?” Belle asked her lover.

“I think it looks just right. Spread the sheet, and I’ll get out the lunch.”

Both tasks were accomplished quickly, and the two women sat side by side on the sheet and ate their lunch. They shared the food to as great a degree as they possibly could, with both of them taking bites of the same sandwich, and kissing when their mouths weren’t otherwise occupied. They had brought plenty to eat, because they expected a strenuous day, with hiking and the other things they would be doing, and both women had healthy appetites, befitting their youth.

Belle and Taylor passed the thermos of lemonade back and forth the same way. They even shared the apples and the bananas they had brought, giggling at the naked white shafts of the latter while taking them into their mouths. With lunch eaten and the trash and empty thermos crammed into the backpack, they were ready to enjoy their primary reason for cutting class and going on a hike and finding a private place in the woods.

They turned to face one another and Taylor, being rather more aggressive, slid her arms around her friend’s waist and leaned forward. Belle wrapped her arms around the brunette’s neck, and the two lovers shared a long, slow kiss. While their mouths were still pressed together, Taylor slid her tongue into Belle’s hospitable mouth and slipped her arms under her tank top. After caressing the bare skin, she started to raise her hands, pushing up on the garment.

Belle broke off the kiss, smiled impishly, and raised her arms to facilitate the removal of her tank top. Taylor took hold of the bottom hem and lifted it, working it around her friend’s luscious breasts and her face, until it was clear of her blonde hair. She folded it and placed it so the light fabric would be under the other’s head later. Provocatively, Belle rolled her shoulders, making her big breasts dance and sway. Taylor responded just as could be expected, taking one of the succulent globes in either hand and leaning forward to start licking the cute, pink nipples.

Wanting to derive as much pleasure as possible, and to give as much to her lover, Belle lay down on her back. Taylor moved closer and knelt beside her and her hands and mouth returned to the luscious breasts that so were available. As she licked, moving her tongue from one of the lovely twins to the other, Taylor could feel their nipples growing harder. Belle slipped her hands under the other woman’s top and started fondling those breasts which, although smaller than her own, were a pair of very nice handfuls. Taylor straightened up, peeled off her own tank top and added it to the other to begin to form a pillow.

Instead of resuming licking her lover’s nipples as she had been doing, Taylor moved over until she was kneeling beside the top of Belle’s head. Knowing what was about to start happening, the bosomy blonde moved further down the sheet and waited for her lover to start one of their favorite kinds of foreplay. The brunette leaned forward, took the blonde’s succulent globes back in her hands and resumed licking. Belle did much the same thing, reaching up, holding the breasts that were swaying so enticingly above her face, and starting to caress their nipples with her tongue. Both women enjoyed doing this form of a 69, and they continued pleasuring and arousing each other and themselves until they were ready to move further.

Still on her knees, Taylor moved to near the end of the sheet to get between Belle’s legs and reached in to unbutton her shorts and, after her friend raised her ass, to pull them all the way down and off. The shorts joined the other clothing under the blonde’s head, and Taylor leaned forward again to hook her fingers into the skimpy panties that were the only thing Belle was still wearing. Seconds later, she wasn’t wearing anything at all but her shoes and socks, and the silky garment, wet and fragrant with fresh pussy juices, had been added to the growing pile of castoff clothing.

That day would not be the first time one of the women had eaten the other’s pussy, and they both knew what to do next. Belle raised her legs, and Taylor ducked under them so they would rest on her shoulders. After leaning forward and wrapping her arms around her roommate’s thighs, her face was inches from the blonde’s pussy. The grass and leaves and dirt under the bed sheet was probably softer than their mattresses in the dorm room, so Taylor made herself comfortable, because she wanted to take a long time eating the delectable pussy in front of her.

Both gorukle escort women had been aware of their lesbianism before beginning college, and had experimented with several lovers before meeting each other, but Taylor had never seen a pussy as beautiful as the one in front of her face. Belle was a natural blonde, with the creamy skin and downy pubic hair that went with that. Because of her sensitive skin, and because the hair was soft and sparse, she never shaved or waxed, except for an occasional trim. Her lover appreciated that, because Taylor favored naturalness, and because it enhanced the loveliness of the pussy she found otherwise so alluring.

Besides being truly beautiful, Belle’s pussy had an enticing aroma, and Taylor breathed deeply of it. Some drops of fresh juices were clinging to the swollen lips, and she licked them off. They were delicious, as she knew they would be. Taking her time, because they had all afternoon, Taylor started licking one of her lover’s outer lips, while she caressed the blonde’s soft belly and sides and hips. She made love to Belle, with hands petting her body and tongue stroking the soft skin of the lip, reveling in the texture and in the feel of the fluffy pubic hair. Her tongue slowly meandered up to Belle’s soft mons, and Taylor kissed her there, before raising her face to see what effect her attentions were having.

They were having a delightful effect. The object of the gentle love-making had her eyes closed in bliss, and her body was writhing on the sheet. Taylor smiled to herself and brought her mouth back down to her roommate’s crotch, devoured the fresh juices and started licking on the other outer lip. This one felt even better because of the way Belle was happily sighing and cooing and the way her pussy was squirming. Taylor’s mouth worked its way up to the mons again, where she planted another loving kiss.

“Oh, that feels so good, Tay. I love the way you do that.”

They both loved the way she was doing that, and it started getting much better. Taylor moved her face in even closer and started licking the small, extremely sensitive area at the origins of an outer and inner lip. The skin felt like warm satin, and she moved her tongue upward until she reached the point where the two lips were close together. Taylor cocked her head slightly and thrust her tongue into the seam between them so she could caress both labia at the same time. Although she was concentrating on the fragrant pussy in front of her face, both hands were busy also, caressing erogenous places where she knew Belle loved to be touched. From all the loving attentions, the erratic movements of the young blonde’s body became more pronounced, and her cooing turned to moans of joy.

The sounds became louder, although there was nobody else around to hear them, and the bucking and pitching and tossing grew wilder as the pleasuring tongue slowly worked its way up between the soft labia until it reached the end of the inner lip, where it merged with the other inner lip to form Belle’s clit hood. Taylor raised her face enough to see how that little cutie was crowding its way out from its protection. Later, when Belle had reached the apex of her arousal, she would climax for the first time that day from her lover sucking and licking that adorable morsel, but that would not be for quite a few more minutes.

First, Taylor had to devour all the ambrosia that was gushing from Belle’s beautiful pink hole, followed by pleasuring her between the other pair of inner and outer lips. When she was through caressing them the same way as she had the first pair, and looked over her lover’s form, Taylor grinned inwardly. Belle’s plump, creamy white body was thrashing about on the sheet, and her head, eyes blissfully closed and mouth in a grimace of exquisite pleasure, was tossing back and forth on the improvised pillow. Her pussy was even more active than it had been, fucking up against the mouth that had brought the sexy blonde to such an advanced state of arousal.

Once again, Taylor feasted on the pool of nectar that was available, and her hands had to cease their caressing of Belle’s body, delightful though that was. They had more important things to do. She took a tighter grip on the thighs she was holding and curved her wrists down and around so her fingers could spread the swollen lips of her lover’s pussy, allowing her to press her face into the wet pink slit. Using more pressure than she had been doing, Taylor thrust her tongue against the edges of the hole that had been producing the delicious juices. Droplets flicked out to please her taste buds, as she moved her tongue around to probe against the slick rim of that hole and explore under the inner lips.

Still moving slowly, although Belle was begging to be brought to an orgasm, Taylor’s tongue cleverly worked its way all the way around its pink target, dipping in to taste the juices at their freshest, until the giver of pleasure bursa merkez escort bayan had reached the upper edge. She probed the tip into the small space between there and the swollen clit, which had pushed its way completely clear of its protective hood, eliciting even more frenetic movements and more urgent pleas from Belle.

“Suck my clit, Tay! Make me cum!”

The time had arrived, and Taylor moved her mouth a fraction of an inch higher and engulfed the adorable swollen morsel as her lover was imploring her. She sucked on it as she had on her lover’s breasts, and her tongue caressed the engorged sides and top of the delectable little cutie while Belle’s pussy rammed up against her mouth.

“Yes!” Belle cried out joyously as she started cumming.

Her thighs squeezed the temples of the woman who had brought about that glorious state, and her hands buried themselves in Taylor’s hair. As her body curled up, almost into a fetal position, Belle’s pussy seemed to be trying to wrap itself around the face of her lover. Taylor clung tightly to the thighs that were imprisoning her head, reveling in the wild ride, as Belle’s legs swung from side to side, yanking her back and forth.

After several delightful minutes of incredible gyrations, Belle uttered a loud, incoherent cry of ecstasy as she climaxed. Following that great orgasm, she totally relaxed on the sheet, with her arms flopping out at her sides. Her legs released the head of the brunette who had been such a willing prisoner, and remained draped over Taylor’s shoulders.

The woman who had brought about that great orgasm backed away slightly, before leaning back in closer, to devour all the nectar from Belle’s legs, belly and all around her pussy. Although sorely tempted, Taylor passed up the fresh juices that remained in the adorable pink hole that had produced them, because they would be needed to perform the natural function of lubrication. When she had feasted as much as she would allow herself, Taylor moved away and went to her back pack to remove the Feeldoe they had bought by mail order from The Adult Toy and Video Store of Literotica. This would be the second time they had used it, and the first time outside their dorm room.

Taylor quickly shed her shorts and panties, which were soaked in evidence of her arousal, and left the clothing lying on the back pack. Bending her knees and crouching to spread the lips of her dripping pussy, she inserted the egg shaped bulb of the new toy and pushed it inside herself until the ribbed area between it and the long silicone cock touched her swollen clit. A current of pleasure rippled through her body at the touch of the raised lines, but she wasn’t going to start cumming for a while yet. After she had completely imbedded the seven inch shaft all the way inside Belle’s pussy and the fucking began, she would turn on the vibrator in the bulb inside herself, and they would both enjoy orgasms until they grew tired and it was time to return to the dorm. For the effect she knew it would have on her lover, Taylor stood up and turned to let Belle see the toy that would momentarily be driving in and out of her pussy.

The target of the exhibition grinned at the sight. The Feeldoe had arrived on the previous Friday, and they had both cum twice when they shared it on Saturday afternoon. They expected to at least match that on Earth Day. Taylor grinned back, knelt and walked on her knees until she was between Belle’s widely spread legs.

“C’mon, Tay. Give me your big, ole cock,” Belle urged her roomie, reaching down to spread her pussy lips and facilitate having it given to her.

Taylor held onto the shaft with her fingers to guide it into the wet, pink hole that lusted for it. Before becoming aware of her true sexual nature, she had given hand jobs to two boy friends over a period of several months, and the silicone shaft felt warm and vibrant, just as their cocks had, except for being thicker and longer. She steered it between Belle’s fingers and moved it up and down and back and forth to coat the head with the wetness she had left in her lover’s pussy, before thrusting it forward.

“Oooooo, yeah,” the sexy blonde crooned happily when the tip wedged into the place that was so avid to receive it.

Taylor echoed the delighted vocalization as the cleverly designed stripes brushed against her clit again, sending thrills of delight swirling through her body, even more strongly than it had a few seconds earlier. Another thrust drove two more inches of the toy into Belle’s pussy and elicited the same happy duet. The two women continued reveling in what the Feeldoe was doing for them, and joyfully expressing their exquisite pleasure, until the entire shaft had been buried inside Belle’s eager pussy.

Supporting herself on her knees and forearms, Taylor looked down at Belle and grinned at the pleasure that was obvious on her lover’s face. Slowly, she drew the artificial cock out until she looked down between their bodies and saw just the head was still inside the pussy under her. Equally slowly, she started to move forward, driving the dildo back inside, until Belle fucked back to meet her. Both women sighed happily at what their new toy was doing for them and what they were doing for each other.