Off the Bus


To set the scene, I’m a 23 year old guy, I’ve just finished University and do pretty well with the girls. I work out and play sports a fair bit as well.

Despite success with the girls, I had, of late, been thinking more and more about getting sucked off by a guy and maybe taking a cock in my mouth. I was so nervous about getting found out that I didn’t do anything about it. I was masturbating more and more about cocks though, and it was starting to take over my dreams.

The night in question I’d been away down to London for the weekend, and had taken a bus back up to Glasgow, where I got off and walked across the city to head back towards my part of the city. I needed to get another bus, and it being the last bus, was a busy double decker. I sat upstairs at the back, and walking to get a seat noticed a guy sitting looking out of the window. I don’t know what it was, but I instantly felt a twinge in my pants. I was wearing skinny jeans, to complete my indie boy look, and I was worried the swelling was noticeable. The guy looked over, obviously seeing my reflection in the window. He looked at me, we caught our eyes, and then after about 5 seconds I looked away, embarrassed.

The guy was about 19 looking, with a similar style as me, longer hair, but looking more like a cute guy in a cool band. I glanced back a few times for the next 20 or so minutes, feeling the tension, when he got up just before my stop. I got up and followed behind him.

As van escort I got off the bus he was waiting at the bus stop and pulled a packed of marlboro’s out and looked at me, before he asked “have you got a light man?”

I felt an instant twinge, I couldn’t believe how excited I felt. I reached in my pocket and brought out a lighter, putting it to his cigarette, but as I did so, he cupped his hands over mine, stroking them slightly as he pulled them away, while looking at me again.

“Thanks man.”

“Er…no bother…” I coughed.

He then looked into my eyes again and asked “Do you want to come up for a drink? I’ve had a long day and want a drink, if you fancy it?”

I blushed again and coughed a yes out to him.

“Cool man, it’s just up here….follow me.”

We went up into his tenement flat, top floor as it always is, up four flights of stairs and came to a black door, he occasionally looked back and smiled. I just tried to control my erection. I didn’t know what was going to happen, but I had an idea I might get to live out my fantasy. When we got into his flat he said to me to wait there, he’d be back in a minute.

It was then he went and checked the flat, seeing no one was home. “Flatmates are out” he smiled. “I’m Greg, what’s your name?”

“I’m James…nice to meet you man.”

“Yeah, totally…wait two secs, I’ll be back in a minute…”

With that Greg left and went to another room. About thirty yalova escort seconds later he shouted me to come on through. I pushed the door open and saw he sitting, still wearing his clothes, on the edge of the bed. “Come in james…” he smiled. I walked towards him and as soon as I was in reaching distance he leant towards me and grabbed my cock. I’d actually gone soft because I was so nervous.

“Don’t be nervous, no one will know. I’ve got a girlfriend, I just like to fool around sometimes, and you’re gorgeous…”

“It’s just I…”

“Shhh” he said, unbuttoning my jeans, and putting a finger to my mouth. Feeling it against my lips I licked out and sucked it slightly.

“See, that’s better. Now shhh…”

With that my dick became the most swollen it’s ever been. I’m about 7.5″ hard, but really thick. I swear it was swollen to about 9″ and even thicker. I couldn’t believe how hard I was. Greg took me in his hand, pulling down my tight American Apparel briefs.

“You have an amazing cock.” He began to wank me in his hand, before taking me in his mouth. It felt amazing. He pushed me to the bed, and got on taking my cock in his mouth like a true cocksucker. I couldn’t believe it, full deep throat, his tongue swirling around my head and me leaning back, feeling so turned on. Greg took his own cock out and began to stroke it too. I couldn’t resist and reached out, taking it in my hand. It felt strange, like mine, but different. yozgat escort I liked it. His cock was smaller, maybe about 6″ and a bit thinner but it felt great in my hands. I spat on my hand, then gave him a sloppy, wet handjob, leaning in and dripping my spit onto his dick while he continued worshipping my cock. Fuck, I was in heaven.

I could feel the climax begin to build in his cock. He was twitching and jerking and so I began wanking him a little harder, staring in his eyes, licking my lips and thrusting my hard penis into his mouth, facefucking him while he grabbed my tight ass cheeks. He moved a finger down circled my puckered hole, going round and round. I was pushing back against his finger, knowing what I wanted. He took his hand away and put it over my hand, taking the pre cum from his sweet dick

and then took it back up to my ass, moving it towards my tight hole again before he used the lubrication of the pre cum to slip it straight into my asshole. I let out a gasp and pushed back onto his finger, then thrust again at him. We kept on like this until he shot his load all over my hand and his chest. I took my hand up and began to lick his cum. This was driving him crazy, and he made even more effort on my rock hard dick. I could feel the most incredible orgasm building and he kept finger fucking my arsehole. My orgasm built and built and I made one final thrust into his mouth, shooting gallons of cum into his mouth, Greg managing to swallow it all. I lay back spent and felt a wave of shame and embarrassment flood over me.

“Shit man, shit.”

“Look James, don’t worry. You were hot as hell, and nobody will find out. Let me get you a towel, and I’ll give you my number…”