Her Mother’s Black Stockings Ch. 02


Tina opened her long legs wide and waited with great anticipation of what she would witness from her hidden chair behind her mother’s bedroom mirror.

The room was well lit and a large bed was directly in front of her and about five feet away, a vanity was on her left side in the room close to the bed. Sadie was on the opposite side of the room with her back to her daughter getting something from her closet.

As Tina eyed her mom, crazy thoughts were buzzing through her head. She couldn’t believe this was happening, she had only been home a couple of hours and she and her mom were both dressed up in kinky outfits like whores and she was going to be able to shamelessly, openly stare at her without distraction.

Tina relished every moment and thrilled at the seams running up thru back of her mother’s legs, from the heels up to the back of her thighs, ending in an open triangular shape at the top where the garter clasp attached. Tina wanted to be kneeling behind her licking and sucking at her mom’s thighs through her silky stockings.

Sadie bent down and picked up a box from the closet, as she did so, Tina gasped at the sight of her first full view of her mom’s glistening pussy and asshole. Tina’s own pussy and clit was becoming engorged and swollen and droplets of lubricant began to ooze from her parted labia.

Sadie sat the box down on a small chair next to the bed and walked around towards her vanity, as she did, she walked within three feet of her daughter’s open legs. Tina gawked in disbelief, “Oh fuck,” she mouthed. Sadie’s huge jugs bounced and bobbed like wild as she strutted by her hidden daughter.

Long hard nipples pushed the translucent fabric into sharp points in the front, Tina had never seen nipples that long in any school shower yalova escort or any porno for that matter. “Oh fuck,” she again whispered to herself.

Sadie arrived at the vanity and stood before the mirror admiring her mature voluptuous body, turning back and forth to revel in the sight of her own slutty glory.

As she watched herself, she leaned forward and picked up a tube of red lipstick and applied a fresh coat to her open lips, at the same time loosening the front ties of her negligee and let it fall to the floor.

Tina’s pretty mouth opened involuntarily in shock at what she did next, her mom brought the lipstick down and began to lovingly cover her stretching nipples with the glossy red makeup. The tingling sensation caused her mom’s nipples to grow even longer until they were a good two inches.

Tina’s body quivered as she brought her hands up to pinch her own aching nipples while she watched. “Oh mom, oh mom, oh do it for me mommy, do your nipples for me,” Tina hissed quietly.

Sadie then reached between her big tits and undid the hooks of her bra and let it fall to the floor behind her, that’s when her daughter saw the crazy broad black rubber bands at the base of each of her momma’s breasts.

Tina’s eyes were wide open in shock and lust at the sight, juices began to flow freely now from her burning pussy lips and ran down her asshole and dripped onto the leather seat.

Tina knew that if she touched herself down there she would come immediately so she just drew back the hood from her throbbing clitoris and pressed in at the base with her fingers so it would stiffen out further from her body, her other hand scooped out a generous amount of fluid and this she brought up to smear edirne escort across her left tit, completely coating the white fishnet material and exposed nipple. “Please fuck yourself mom, please spread your legs on your bed in front of me so your little girl can watch you fuck your own nasty pussy.”

Almost as if on cue from her daughter, the wanton mother climbed into bed and reached into the box, drawing out a small egg like device with a clip on it, leaned back onto some propped up pillows into a half seated position, spread her legs wide and clamped the thing to the base of her outstretched clit. Sadie then flipped a switch on a box that seemed to be a remote control. As she did, the device on her cunt began to buzz loudly, her mouth shot open and she let out a sharp cry.

Tina watched in unbelievable lust at this as her mom’s clit began to swell and visibly grow before her, Tina and her mom both stared intently at the knob between her legs as it grew and grew until it stood out like a small penis.

Sadie began to pant like a dog, jutting her tongue in and out lewdly and grunting until her bloated clit reached a full THREE INCHES LONG. “UNGH, UNGH, UNGH,” Sadie grunted with her tongue sticking out, swollen flushed pussy lips wide open now, her hole also open and exposed to her horny daughter, a thick stream of oil began to drip out onto the sheets. Sadie’s eyes looked insane now, staring wildly at her clit.

“OH GOD I’M FUCKING, I’M FUCKING, OH GOD I’M FUCKING IT,” Sadie screamed, “I’M GONNA SUCK MY CUNT NOW, I’M GONNA SUCK MY CUNT FOR YOU.” Sadie drew her legs back contorted her body so that her silken sheathed ankles were now crossed behind her shoulders and neck and her cunt was completely open erzurum escort and closer to her face.

Tina’s mom then reached between her legs and filled her whole cupped, gloved palm with liquid and splattered her tongue with it and smeared it across her whorishly made up face, next she quickly reached for both nipples and pulled at them sharply straight out in front of her as if trying to tear them from her tits, which were turning a light purple from the tight bonds.

Sadie’s face was completely insane now, eyes bulging open, mouth wide, tongue out, drooling long strings of bubbling slobber onto the tops of her outstretched tits. Sadie kept tugging and twisting her tortured nipples until they were five or six inches from the base, streams of milk began flying from the tips and soon her whole face, breasts and stomach were glistening and wet with the warm liquid.

“CUM YOU WHORE, CUM WHILE YOU IMAGINE YOUR DAUGHTER, TINA PISSING IN YOUR MOUTH WHILE YOU FIST FUCK HER ASSHOLE, DRINK HER PISS, WHORE,” Sadie babbled at the top of her lungs. Then she froze solid with her ample hips raised from the bed, still pinching her stretched milk squirting nipples, her entire body began to convulse wildly, eyes fixed in a catatonic stare, tongue out slobbering.

Tina’s mother came, a long spray of clear cum shot from her pulsating pussy across the bed, and directly onto the two way mirror, first one, then another blast erupted from the frozen, trembling mother towards her daughter, coating the glass and dripping down the wall. Sadie just kept squirting and squirting, cum, milk and slobber was being flung all over her body and the bed.

At the exact same time Tina also ejaculated long jets of cum onto the glass in front of her, she hadn’t even touched her clit. Tina had been sucking and chewing at her own nipples through the fishnet, holding the tit in her mouth with just the pressure of her own nursing. She let her breast plop from her mouth, screamed and passed out momentarily.

Then stumbled into her room, kicked off her heels and went to sleep in her stockings and nightie.