The Chair Ch. 19


The phone call from Dawn couldn’t have come at a better time. They had been quite busy for the last four weeks. They had been checking out sites for the manufacturing facility that would soon be making The Chair. Finally they had found a suitable location and now the lawyers were finalizing the deal. During the past four weeks they hadn’t used The Chair at all. Of course they did have sex, it was just rather ordinary.

When Dawn called, the redhead was out shopping. As Dawn described the upcoming event at the Fetish Club, he knew that this would be a perfect chance to surprise the redhead as she had surprised him a month ago.

When she returned from shopping, she hurried into the bedroom to model her purchases for him. She came out wearing a black lace bra, black corset, black fishnet stockings held up by a black garter belt, and a pair of bright red high heels. The black garter belt and stockings framed her red-haired pussy beautifully. As she strutted back and forth for him, he pulled out his camera and began clicking off dozens of shots. He thought how great she would be as a runway model, except for her diminutive height. As he continued taking pictures, she got more and more into the posing. She quickly discarded the bra, leaving the corset alone to push up and emphasize her magnificent breasts. After posing in many different positions in the corset, she removed that garment as well. For the most part he let her pick her own poses, but at this point he knew exactly how he wanted her. He had her stand in the center of the room with her back to him and her feet about 2-1/2 feet apart. He then had her bend forward at the hips while keeping her legs straight. He took several shots with her head between her legs and her long red hair dangling to the floor. He then varied the pose slightly by having her move her head to the left of her left leg. Another variation was to have her raise her body up and twist slightly so her head was now right side up as she looked back at him around her left side. All of these poses had one thing in common. Her pussy and ass were completely and beautifully exposed.

As he had been taking the pictures, her intoxicating beauty had not escaped him. His penis had been erect since she had first emerged wearing the sexy lingerie. Now, seeing her exposed like this, he could wait no longer. He put down the camera and pulled her to the bed with him. As he rolled on top of her, he kissed her passionately and she returned his kiss. In a matter of seconds, she had pulled his shirt off over his head, without even bothering to unbutton it. Soon she had unzipped his pants and had slid them down his legs so that he could easily kick them off. Her pussy was already quite wet when he slid his hard cock inside her. She wrapped her nylon-encased legs around him, pulling him even deeper inside her. With each thrust, her legs tightened their grip on his body. The heels of her shoes poked his sides and ass like spurs on a horse. Before long they were both cuming together. When her legs finally released him, he collapsed on the bed beside her.

As they lay there in their afterglow, he sprung the surprise on her. He told her that they would be going out tonight. When he wouldn’t give her any details, she knew that he had something special planned, and she could hardly wait.

Later, when she started to get ready for their night out, she asked him what she should wear. He told her that it really didn’t matter, but he always enjoys it when she is dressed sexily. His remark that it didn’t matter what she wore puzzled her, but she let it pass. She knew she would learn what he meant before the night was through. Wanting to please him, she chose a sexy purple sleeveless tank top that hugged her body like a glove. She also picked out a pair of black hip hugger slacks that also fit like a glove, albeit a very tight glove. She slipped on a pair of black high heels just before they headed out the door.

As they got nearer to the club, she recognized the area and finally guessed that that was where they were headed. But she still didn’t know what special event, if any, was planned for tonight. After parking, they walked inside. There she saw a sign announcing tonight’s event. The sign read, “Liquid Latex Demonstration Tonight”.

As they walked around and mingled, they ran into Dawn and Alan. While the redhead stopped to chat with their friends, he excused himself to take care of something. She thought this was slightly odd, as he usually dotes on her to the exclusion of all others. She slyly watched as he made his way across the crowded görükle escort room and approached the club owner, who had been dressed as a Sheik last month at the costume party. Unfortunately she lost sight of them about this time. About 5 minutes later he returned carrying two drinks, one for each of them. After talking with Dawn and Alan for a few more minutes, he told the redhead that they had better get started. After excusing themselves, he led her toward one of the rooms in the back.

The decor of this room had been changed since last month. Previously it had been setup as a medical office. This night however, the exam table and instruments had been removed. In the center of the room was a large flat table currently covered with a sheet. The table was about 4 feet wide, 8 feet long, and only 2 feet high. There was also a large box-shaped machine connected to the table with several hoses. She also noted at this time that there was a black curtain pulled in front of the one way mirror, so she knew that no one was watching them.

After giving her a chance to take in her surroundings, he decided it was time to get started. He then told her it was time for her to get undressed. Ordinarily he would have helped, but tonight he had his reasons that he wouldn’t. She stepped out of her shoes at the same time as she pulled her tank top off. Soon she had also slipped her pants off and stood before him completely naked. He told her she had to remove her earrings also, still puzzled, she did as instructed. He then took her clothes and jewelry and put them in a closet against the wall. He then had her close her eyes while he got everything ready. She heard the sheet being removed from the table and then another mechanical sound that sounded almost like a door opening. When he had her open her eyes, she discovered that the top half of the table was hinged and the table opened up like a clamshell.

He explained to her that this was a latex vacu-bed and that she was to be sealed between two thin pliable sheets of latex. The subject lies on the table and the upper frame and latex is brought down on top. A vacuum then removes any air between the sheets and the latex conforms to their body. The concept is similar to the “Seal-a-meal” products offered on late night infomercials. There is also a breathing device to allow the subject to breathe while being sealed inside.

He held her hands and helped her lay back centered on the table. After fitting the breathing device, he brought the top frame down over her. She was instantly immersed in total darkness as no light could penetrate the thin latex membrane. The vacuum pump then started and the two sheets of latex began to tightly conform to her body.

From beside the table he watched in awe as the latex molded itself around her. At first it was like a scene from “Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back” when Han Solo was sealed in carbonite. Then a sexy female form began to emerge as the latex fitted itself to her. Through the thin membrane, it was even possible to detect the shape of her nipples. When the two sheets of latex had enveloped her as much as possible, he decided to proceed with part two of the surprise.

As she lay there encased by the cool latex she was quite excited. She was also getting warm from being sealed between the sheets that didn’t allow for any airflow. Suddenly she felt his hand cup her right breast through the latex. As he squeezed and kneaded her breast, she became even more excited. Then she felt his other hand grab her left breast and begin squeezing it. Being sealed in the table, she could only wiggle slightly, basically only as much as the latex would stretch. As she reveled in the sensations, she felt his other hand begin stroking her right leg. … Her mind began reeling, she still felt a hand on each breast as well as her one leg. It quickly dawned on her that there must be someone else touching her. This turned her on immensely to know that some unknown person was also caressing her. Then she felt another hand touch her left leg.

As she lay there enjoying being touched in this way, she then began to feel even more hands begin to touch her. There were now hands touching her feet, rubbing her stomach, several hands were stroking each leg, and even more hands were rubbing and squeezing her breasts. She felt a pair of hands stroking her face through the latex and then she felt a hand begin to stroke her pussy through the latex. The first touch of this stranger triggered her first orgasm. As her body quivered in her latex cocoon, she could hear the muffled eskort bayan sounds of many people laughing. As her spasms subsided, the touches from outside grew even more intense. It was as if they were now on a mission to make the unknown latex mummy climax again.

In her frenzied state, she couldn’t even begin to count how many hands were now touching her. She guessed that there must be at least a dozen hands. That meant 5 strangers in addition to her man. (She would learn later that there had actually been 15 different people touching and caressing her that night.) The hand that had been stroking the lips of her pussy through the rubber had moved on to rubbing her clit while another hand took its place. From the feel, she was almost certain that the hand rubbing her clit was a woman. Soon she began climaxing again. This orgasm was the most intense that she had experienced in the past month.

The hands continued their assault on the female form before them as she writhed in ecstasy between the latex membranes. As he stood there watching these strangers fondle the redhead, he was quite pleased with how this little adventure was turning out. Earlier when he had spoken to the club owner, he had inquired if it might be possible to use the redhead for the liquid latex demo. He was dishearten when the owner told him that they already had a volunteer, that was until the owner told him that there might be something else that could amuse them. The owner had then led him back to the room and explained the operation of the vacu-bed to him. It was at this point that he asked for the owner’s help. He asked that, after he and the redhead left the main room, the owner round up the other attendees and find a number of volunteers to participate in anonymous groping of an anonymous subject. The others would be free to observe from the observation hallway. He also took this opportunity to close the privacy curtain and set up his video camera to record the festivities so that the redhead would later be able to see exactly what had transpired.

As the last spasms of her second orgasm rippled through her body, she was exhausted. One by one she felt fewer and fewer hands touching her. Finally there was only a single pair of hands touching her through the latex. The one hand was caressing the left side of her face while the other was stroking her right side between her breast and waist. Shortly after these hands withdrew, there was a sudden whoosh as the vacuum seal was broken and air rushed in to envelop her body. The sudden flow of air gave her a chill, as she had been quite hot in her latex cocoon. As he raised the top frame, he saw that her body was dripping with perspiration. She shut her eyes at the sudden exposure to the room lighting. As her eyes adjusted to the brightness, he took her by the hand and helped her off of the table. He took a towel and began wiping the perspiration from her body. When he asked her how she had liked it, she wrapped her arms around his neck and French kissed him for 30 seconds before thanking him and telling him that it had been fantastic. She then noticed that they were alone in the room and the curtain was closed, as it had been when she had last seen it. As she got dressed again, she saw him retrieve the video camera from on top of the cabinet. She was ecstatic to learn that he had taped the whole thing. She told him that she could hardly wait to go home and watch the tape. He told her that that would have to wait, as the liquid latex demo was about to begin. Before they left the room, he told her that she would not know which people in the main room had just been groping her and that they also would not know it had been her they had been fondling.

In the main room they made their way to the bar to get themselves a couple of drinks before the demonstration began. As they squeezed through the crowd, he saw her looking at each person for some sign that they had been one of her tormentors. With drinks in hand, they made their way forward to get a good view of the demonstration.

The front area of the room had been prepared with a large blue tarp spread on the floor. There was a table against the wall featuring several jars and brushes. The owner stepped to the front of the room with a wireless microphone and introduced the guest for this evening’s demonstration. The audience applauded as he made his way from the back of the room. While he strapped on his own wireless microphone pack and lapel microphone, the owner asked everyone to give a round of applause for tonight’s volunteer. As everyone altıparmak escort began clapping their hands, Dawn stepped out from the back hallway wearing a long terrycloth robe. She had been chosen as the volunteer for the demo.

The guest then began his class explaining that liquid latex is a liquid rubber compound, made from tree sap and water, that dries in a matter of 10 minutes. As it dries, it shrinks about 3 percent, creating a sensual second skin. He explained that there are many different colors available, including fluorescent colors and clear. He then went on to describe the application process as he laid out his materials. The liquid latex can be dripped, poured, dipped, brushed, or sprayed. Finally the demonstration was ready to begin. He had Dawn step to the center of the tarp and then remove her robe. She now stood before everyone completely naked. She had even shaved her pussy completely bald. The instructor explained to the audience that the latex sticks extremely well to any hair and it is best to remove any before applying the latex. As he handed Dawn a bottle, he explained that applying a moisturizing lotion just before the liquid latex will ease the removal of the latex. Dawn then poured some moisturizing lotion in her hand and began generously applying it to her body from her neck to her feet. When she finished, he was ready to begin applying the latex. For this demo he was using a 2-inch wide foam brush. He started by painting a ring of latex around Dawn’s neck. From there he began working his way down each arm as she held them stretched out and down at an angle. He was taking particular attention to make sure there were no holes where her bare skin was visible. After her arms were coated down to the wrists, he returned to her torso and continued working his way down her body. When he got past her hips, he had her stand with her legs spread further apart so he could maneuver the brush between them. He brushed the liquid over her pussy, between her legs, and up her ass. Then it was down and around both legs until he got to her ankles.

So far the process had taken about 15 minutes and the latex around her neck had already dried to the touch. He explained that although the latex itself is quite strong, adding one or two more layers will make the article more durable. Additional coats will also cover any holes that may be present in the first coat. He then proceeded to apply a second and then a third coat to Dawn’s body. He then applied a one-inch wide ring of bright blue latex around the neck, wrists, and ankles to give it a finished appearance. Finally, he applied a liquid protectant to the surface, which gave the latex a glossy, wet shine.

He then stepped back so everyone could admire his handiwork as Dawn stood there. The results were breathtaking. Dawn was now attired in a shiny black formfitting one-piece catsuit from her neck to her feet. Due to the shrinkage, the latex accentuated her breast dramatically. It was as if a perfect female body had been molded out of latex. While allowing Dawn to stand there longer for the latex to cure, the instructor showed photographs of other models that demonstrated some of the other various colors and techniques. After it had been 15 minutes since his last application, he allowed the audience to step forward to closely examine his work of art. After most of the people had gotten a chance to view Dawn’s new skin up close, they moved over to a table the instructor had set up. On the table were small sample containers of the various products, as well as price lists for the larger sizes.

As the crowd around her cleared, he and the redhead stepped up to Dawn and told her how hot she looked in her catsuit. The latex was dry to the touch, but it would still be 3 to 4 hours before it was completely dry and ready to be removed. The redhead then asked if she could touch it. Dawn told her that turnabout was fair play. With that, they cast each other knowing glances. The redhead now knew that Dawn had been one of the people touching her before and that Dawn had known it was her that she had been touching. The redhead reached out and touched the latex covering Dawn’s breasts. While she felt Dawn’s breasts through the latex, he was busy feeling Dawn’s ass. The latex was very supple, as were her breasts and ass. Before removing her hands from Dawn’s breasts, the redhead leaned forward and kissed her on the mouth. Then she told her thanks for a wonderful night.

He then told the redhead that he had tried to arrange for her to be the model for the demo, but that Dawn (unknown to him at the time) had already been selected for the demo. She told him that they would have to reenact the demo themselves sometime. Before leaving, they went over to the display table, where they purchased an assortment of the various samples. They could hardly wait to get home and try them out.