Home Delivery


July 5th, 1975. I remember the exact date, because I was seriously pissed off that I had to work that weekend. That, and more importantly, was the fact that it was the first time I had ever had sex with a woman. The use of the word woman does not imply that I had sex with men. Never have, never will. I used the word woman because that is what I meant. I reckon most eighteen year old males have sex for the first time with a girl. For me, it was with a woman. A MILF, before anyone ever used that term. Or in my case, a MIDF.

I started working at the greenmarket at the beginning of my senior year in high school. I’d go in after school and on weekends, saving as much as I could for my upcoming freshman year at college. The owner of the market, Big John, worked our asses off. It was my first job, and I learned quite a bit about working hard there. I’d get to work by five in the morning on the weekends, and we would prepare the store for opening. Vegetables needed to come out of the walk in refrigerator and be put on display. Fruit needed to be rotated. The milk and dairy cases needed to be packed out. Signage was put in place. When we were all finished, the floors needed to be cleaned. I liked standing at the back of the store just before opening, looking at the colorful displays of fruits and vegetables and the calm of the place. Within minutes of opening, the place became a zoo and stayed that way until closing.

What we did on a given day depended upon on which day of the week it was. If it was a truck day, we would unload the truck using a series of rollers, set up from the side door of a trailer into the walk in refrigerator, also known as the icebox. We didn’t always empty the trucks entirely. The trailers were reefers, or refrigerated trailers. In addition to the ice box, we stored produce on them. The day before Big John would go to the terminal market, we unloaded the last of the produce.

The rest of the time, we would work the store. We’d keep an eye on what needed replenishing and pack out new produce. We’d sweep and make sure the floor stayed dry. Sometimes, we’d help bag and carry packages out to people’s cars. Once in a while we would deliver purchases to someone’s house. The thing we all hated the most, though, was the thing Big John most loved. He insisted in having us call out prices as if we were carnival barkers. Some refused to do it. Although I was shy at eighteen, I played along with my deep, booming voice, which delighted Big John.

“Hey Bobby, how ’bout them California navels, Bobby!”

“That’s right, Big John. Five for a dollar. And don’t forget those grapefruit. Three for a dollar on the grapefruit, folks.”

The fact that I played along got me a lot of hours and preferential treatment. Big John liked me and trusted me, and that was a good thing. He could be a real ball buster when he wanted to be.

We had a very loyal customer base, and if you were paying attention, you’d even get to know what days certain people came in. One of my favorites was a woman in her early thirties, who, I found out later, was named Beth. Beth came in every Tuesday and Friday afternoon. She was a beautiful brunette with an incredible figure. She didn’t dress to flaunt it, but she didn’t dress to hide it either. This wasn’t a girl. She was a woman, and she was fodder for quite a few masturbatory fantasies of mine. Sometimes, I’d work myself into such a frenzy that I’d hit the bathroom right there at work after she left the store. Fortunately, there wasn’t a lot to do during the time of day that Beth typically came into the store. I thought I was very slick as I moved about in order to keep my eye on Beth. Looking back, she was very kind to smile and nod when I caught her eye, because she must have realized I was stalking her about the store. She never let on in the least.

July 5th, Saturday. I was working a full day, which meant thirteen hours from five in the morning until six pm. Beth came in somewhere around ten in the morning. It wasn’t her usual day, and I was happy to see her. I engaged in my usual routine, spying on Beth the entire time she was there. On this day, she looked fucking incredible. She was wearing a flowered halter top, and her perfect C cup tits were exquisitely displayed. She had on white shorts and high heeled sandals. She had a deep tan and was all made up, and when she smiled at me I almost shot a load into my jeans right there.

When Beth was finished shopping, she went over to Big John and started talking to him. Of course, I managed to maneuver myself within earshot of their conversation.

“I have a bunch of errands to run this morning and I can’t stop at home now. Could you have someone deliver my groceries later on today?

“Sure, no problem. I’ll have one of the boys come over later. What time?”

“How about one o’clock? I’m at 31 Elderberry, in the neighborhood right across the Bayan Eskort street from here. Could you have…send a nice kid over, like…that one,” she said, pointing at me. “My husband is traveling right now. I don’t want some nut showing up.”

“No problem,” said Big John. “Bobby,” he screamed out. “Come over here.”

I walked over, my heart pounding in my chest. Suddenly, I was a bit too embarrassed to even look at Beth.

“Put her cart into the ice box. I want you to take her stuff over to her house later on at one, okay?”

“I live at 31 Elderberry. Leave the parking lot, cross over Main Street, make your first left and then first right. It’s a white house with red shutters, on the right.”

“Okay, “I said, looking at her and blushing a bit.

“Thank you,” she called out over her shoulder as she walked out of the store, her beautiful ass wiggling up a storm.

“Put it back in your pants, Bobby, Big John chuckled. “But what an ass, huh,” he said to me.

I literally spent the rest of the morning on autopilot, conjuring up any number of fantasies in my mind. Time seemed to come to a halt, the way it does when you are young and anxious to get somewhere. Finally, the clock ticked over to one, and I went into the icebox and retrieved the cart. I wheeled it out back behind the store, which is where we all parked. I loaded everything into my trunk, and returned the cart into the store.

As I was walking towards the door again, Big John stopped me.

“Bobby, take your lunch after you drop those bags off.”

“Ok John. I’ll be back in a bit.”

My heart was pounding as I pulled into Beth’s driveway. I knew I was being ridiculous, but I had pretty much worked myself into a frenzy at this point. I opened the trunk, grabbed a bag in each hand and walked to the door. I hit the doorbell with my elbow, and in a few seconds Beth appeared at the door, smiling. She opened the door for me and I stepped inside, and she walked around me and led the way into the kitchen. She really did have the cutest fucking wiggle I ever saw. I put the bags on the table, and then made two more trips with the rest of her stuff.

“Thanks so much,” she said as she put the groceries away. “Did you have lunch yet?”

“Ummm, no. I was going to stop at the deli and get a sandwich on the way back.”

“You’ll have a sandwich with me, then. I have leftover chicken cutlets that will go to waste if someone doesn’t eat them. Have a seat and I’ll pull it together.”

“Ah, okay,” I said, as I watched her bend over and put vegetables in the bottom bin of the refrigerator. It was all beginning to seem a bit surreal to me. She turned around and caught me staring, and she gave me a little smile. After she put away the last of the groceries, she came over and stuck out her hand.

“I’m Beth, by the way.”

I stood up and took her hand. “Bobby,” I said with a sheepish grin.

She returned my smile, and held both my glance and my hand for a second or two longer than she needed to. She pulled some cooked cutlets from the fridge along with some bread, cheese, and Thousand Island dressing. She quickly made the sandwiches and put them on plates, placing them on the table. She poured each of us a tall glass of iced tea, and then sat down across from me.

“So, Bobby. What do you do when you’re not working at the market,” she asked.

“I just finished high school. I’m going to SUNY Cortland for engineering starting in the fall. I’m trying to earn as much money as I can over the summer before I go.”

“Engineering? You’re a smart kid?”

“I do alright, I guess.”

“What does your girlfriend think about you going away?”

“I don’t have a girlfriend,” I replied, blushing a bit.

“No? A handsome boy like you? I’d think you’d be a catch.”

“I don’t know,” I said, shifting in my chair, quite aware that my cock had grown fully erect as I sat across from this woman. She was biting her lip and smiling at me.

“My husband is an engineer. He travels an awful lot though. He’s away right now actually. “

“I guess that’s hard,” I said.

“Is it,” she asked with a grin. “Yes, I guess it is.”

“Do you have any kids,” I ask.

“Two boys. They are away at camp for a few weeks. I’m all alone here,” she said, dramatically pouting.

I looked at her and looked away. My mind was racing. Was I imagining it, or was this woman trying to come onto me. I took a big gulp of my iced tea, and we sat for a few minutes eating and not saying much of anything. I’d catch her eye for a second, and she’d smile and I’d look away. When we were finished, she took the plates to the sink and washed them. She sat back down across from me.

“Maybe you don’t have a girlfriend because you spend all of your time following grown women around the greenmarket, Bobby. Do you think that’s possible?”

I turned bright red sitting there. “What?”

“I see you trying to look all sneaky as you watch my every move. Actually, it’s very flattering and adorable.”

“I…Look. You’re beautiful. How could I not notice you?”

“I don’t always feel that way, Bobby. When a woman gets into her thirties and gets a few wrinkles…well, it’s hard to feel that way any longer. It doesn’t help to have a husband that doesn’t seem too interested in me either.”

“Really? I think you are one of those women that will always be beautiful. Like…like Grace Kelly. God, Beth. You just look great, all the time.”

“You’re really very sweet. Let me ask you a question. Have you ever had sex with a girl, Bobby?”

I damned near fainted at this point. I wanted to lie and say I did, but I told the truth. “No. I’ve done some kissing and touching. Gotten a few hand jobs, but I’ve never…fucked anyone.”

“Would you like to,” she asked as she got up and walked over to me. She turned my chair to face her, and straddled my lap, resting her hands on my shoulders as we came face to face. “I can feel the answer to that question in the front of your jeans,” she said.

I sat there kind of dumbfounded until she reached her face forward and kissed me. She was grinding into my cock as we kissed, and I was afraid that I would cum and it would be all over. She got up and grabbed me by the hand.

“Come on, let’s go upstairs,” she said.

She led me up the stairs and into the bedroom, and she sat down on the bed with me standing in front of her. She was pulling my t-shirt up and over my head. She then undid my jeans and pulled them down along with my underpants. My cock was fully stiff and throbbing. I’ll never forget the look on her face as she looked at it for the first time. It was a combination of joy and lust and happiness all rolled into one. I kicked off my shoes and got myself free of the pants from around my ankles.

Beth reached behind her neck and untied the halter, and I watched as she pulled it down and revealed her tits to me. They were round and full, with large tan colored nipples. She removed the halter the rest of the way, and then slid off her shorts and panties. She stood up before me completely naked and moved in to kiss me. I’ll always remember that first moment, her lips on mine, our tongues dancing with each other, the feel of her tits against my chest and my stiff cock pressed against her tummy.

After we kissed for a few moments, we moved over to the bed.

“You know, Bobby,” she began. So many boys think sex is about just ramming their cock inside a girl again and again until they cum, and then they’re finished. I’m going to teach you have to properly make love to a woman, Bobby. Then, when you are with a girl your own age, you’ll be able to treat her right,” Beth said.

“First, we are going to give you some release,” she said as she reached for my cock. You’re going to need some staying power, and that won’t happen with the state you’re in right now.” She was stroking my cock and then lowered her mouth onto it, licking and kissing it for a half minute before she took it into her mouth and started to suck it. It was all too much for me, and it took me almost no time to thrust forward as I came, filling her mouth with a huge load of cum.

Beth swallowed all of it and continued to lick and suck me. My cock never went soft, and she sat up and smiled.

“Feel better, Bobby?” she grinned.

“Fuck, Beth.”

“Now…are you ready for your first fuck?” She flopped onto her back and spread her legs, holding herself open with her hands behind her knees. “Kneel down between my legs”.

I did as instructed, and I was looking down at this beautiful, sexy woman naked before me, spread wide and waiting to receive me. That is another thing I will never forget.

“Grab your cock and rub it on my pussy, Bobby. Don’t try to put it in right away. Rub it up and down.” She reached her hands down and exposed herself, pulling her lips apart, exposing her clit. She pointed it out to me. “That’s my clit, Bobby. Rub it up my slit, and rub it around on that a little bit. Then go back down and then do it again.”

Again, I did as instructed, and she started making little noises as I did so. I could see she was getting slick, and I could feel it.

“I want you inside me now, Bobby. Put some pressure on with your cock as you rub up and down on my slit. When you hit the right spot, you’ll pop inside me.”

“But you can get pregnant,” I said.

“I’m on the pill baby. It’s okay. Do what I told you.”

She didn’t have to ask again. I watched as my cock penetrated a woman for the first time. My legs were literally shaking as I slid deep inside her.

“Go slow, Bobby. All the way in, then almost all the way out. Grind hard into me when you’re in deep. That’s it baby. Fuck, that feels good. You’re cock feels so good inside me, Bobby.”

She reached up and kissed me, and I kissed her back hard.

“Good, Bobby. Some boys won’t kiss a girl after she blows him. It’s silly and makes her feel bad. Remember that. Don’t be silly about it.”

I certainly wasn’t going to argue with anything this incredibly hot woman was saying to me.

“Okay baby. Now, use shorter strokes. Faster and harder. Like you are trying to pound me into the bed. Ohhh. Yes. Just. Like. That. Bobby Unnhhhh.”

Beth wrapped her arms around me and dug her nails into my back as she started cumming. I could feel her cunt clench tight against my cock, and I kept on pounding into her as she groaned in my ear and licked my neck. It was all too much, and I came with a huge grunt, thrusting until I was spent.

I got up and sat next to her, and Beth smiled at me.

“Are you sure you’ve never done this before, Bobby? That was incredible.”

“I’m sure. Promise.”

“Are you ready for your next lesson?”

“There’s more?”

“Oh yes. You need to learn to use your tongue. Just like with kissing, Bobby. You lick a girl after you fuck her, and she will love it. It’s just sex, Bobby. And it will turn a woman on an awful lot.”

“I’ve heard it grosses some girls out. Any of it.”

“The best advice I can give you is to avoid any girl that is grossed out by cum. A girl that will tolerate it is acceptable. A girl that loves it is a keeper, Bobby. You remember that,” she giggled.

I crawled down between her legs and was right there in front of her pussy. It was swollen and oozing our sex.

“Look at it, Bobby. Use your fingers to spread the lips, expose my clit. Rub the juices all over it. Get to know it up close. Put your lips on it and kiss it. Suck the lips into your mouth a bit.” Use your tongue. She went on, telling me to do this and do that, at some point becoming unintelligible as I took over and let her sounds guide me. She came several times before pushing me away and rolling over onto her tummy.

She got on her hands and knees. “Last lesson for today, Bobby. Doggy style. Just fuck me deep and hard.”

I knelt behind her and slid my stiff cock into her, then grabbed her by the hips and fucked her, not slowing down at all until I came one last time. I collapsed on top of her and lay there panting, my cock still within her.

A half hour later, I was back at the market. It was three-thirty, and I had been gone for two and a half hours. An angry Big John saw me, and yelled for me to get my ass over there.

“Where the hell were you, Bobby. I have shit I need you to do. I don’t pay you to fuck off all day.”

Then he saw the look on my face.

“You dirty fucking dog, Bobby.”


“What my ass, Bobby,” said Big John. “You fucked that lady today, didn’t you?”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about, John”.

“Shut up and get into the icebox, you dirty dog. We need to move shit around to make room for the truck on Monday. I hope you have some strength left to do your job,” he chuckled.

As it turned out, I spent some time over at Beth’s house every day for the next two weeks, taking my lessons. The last three days, Beth joked, were my final exams. She gave no instructions, allowing me to use what I had learned up until that point. According the Beth, if I did half as well at engineering school as I had with her, I would be quite a success.

The last day I saw her, Beth was lying next to me with her head on my chest.

“Bobby, I have to tell you something. School’s out after today, honey.”

“What? What are you talking about? Why, Beth?”

“This trip my husband is on. He has gotten a transfer and we’re moving to San Diego. I pick the kids up at camp tomorrow, and we fly out tomorrow night.”

“I…I don’t know what to say. I thought…I thought maybe I meant something to you.”

“Bobby, you mean more to me than you will ever realize. But you’re an eighteen year old who has yet to even begin life, and I’m a married mother of two. I will never forget you Bobby, but you must realize that this wasn’t something that could last.”

“I guess I knew that. I just wasn’t expecting it to end so fast like this. You know what? Thank you, Beth. I…I really appreciate what you did for me. Beyond the sex, I mean. You really taught me a lot.”

“You’re a sweet kid, Bobby, and you’re one hell of a lover. You are going to make some girl very happy one day,” she laughed.

“All thanks to you,” I said. “I’ll make sure she sends you a thank you note.”

Beth laughed, a beautiful, womanly laugh. I got dressed and kissed her once more before leaving her bedroom for the last time. I would never see her again, and I would never forget her.

The next week, I drove by and saw a moving van in front of the house, and a for sale sign planted in the lawn. I smiled and sighed at the same time, and headed off to the green market for another day.