My Craziest Threesome


I finally met the twins one weekend at a party early in the spring, but I’d known about them for months. Noelle and Emily Morelli were well known from them moment they set foot on campus their freshman year. In fact, they were “local” famous even before that: the Conjoined Twins of Wells County…or, as the less evolved students sometimes called them, the White Siamese Twins or the Two-Headed Girl. I’d seen them on campus a few times, and I have to admit, it was a little startling. Their heads and necks sat on a pair of broad shoulders, but everything else—arms, waist, legs—were very close to the appropriate proportions for an average 19-year-old girl.

So, when I found myself sitting on a couch next to them, I was intrigued. Pretty quickly their differences became apparent. Both girls were cute, if not beautiful, with brown hair and green eyes. Noelle, the one on the left (when facing them), was the more outgoing one, with a beer in her hand and her hair pulled back in a simple pony-tail. Emily was more made up, and her shorter hair was carefully curled. Their heads were side-by-side, so that their cheeks were almost always touching.

“So how long have you been here?” Noelle asked.

“I’m a senior. Should graduate this semester. Assuming I finish my senior project.”

“Is that likely?”

“Let’s hope. And you guys just started last fall, right?”


“How are you liking it so far?”

Noelle smiled. She was doing all the talking, and it was clear that she was enjoying the attention from an older guy. “It’s pretty good. The classes aren’t too bad, and we’ve met some cool people.”

Emily finally chimed in. “And a lot of assholes. You know, people who point or take pictures or say dumb shit.”

“Yeah, but we’ve been dealing with that our whole lives,” Noelle said.

“Yeah, we’re not hurting for assholes around here,” I said. “But you have to admit, you girls are pretty noticeable.”

“Sure. Like I said, we’re pretty used to attention. And we don’t mind if people actually have real questions.”

“Well, good. Because I was going to ask what happens when only one of you wants to drink.”

Noelle laughed and raised her beer. “That actually happens quite a bit. Em doesn’t like drinking, so I have to pace myself.”

“You drink, but you both get drunk?”

“Exactly. We only have one digestive system.” She took a long pull on her beer, while her sister rolled her eyes.

“And your other systems?” I asked, looking the twins over. They were wearing a red blouse with cut-out sleeves, which helped disguise their broad upper body while showing off their slender arms, and it was low enough to show a little cleavage.

Noelle laughed. “We each have control over the arm and leg on our side.”

“That sounds complicated.”

“Not really. We can do just about anything. We played softball in high school.”

“Cool. Can you play pool?”


“Good. I’ll take you out next week.”

Noelle smiled, but Emily frowned and said, “I think I have plans.”

“I wasn’t asking you.”

Noelle laughed—she did that a lot—and said, “We’ll figure something out. I’ll go do something she wants to sometime.” I gave her my phone, and she put in her number. “See you next week.”

The next Friday night we went and shot pool at the student commons for a while, then went back to my place. Noelle, at least, seemed happy to get off campus and away from their dorm. She was funny and flirty and a little nervous, and if Emily wasn’t showing much enthusiasm for the date, she hadn’t said much, either—mostly just eye-rolls and loud sighs to let us know that she didn’t want to be there. I opened a bottle of wine, and we started watching a dumb movie on some obscure channel. I sat next to Noelle, of course, and within an hour or so we were making out. She was a little shy at first but had no trouble getting into it pretty quickly. It was kind of strange to be kissing her with her twin’s head only a few inches away.

Emily largely ignored us, but after a while she caught me looking at her and said drily, “It’s fine. I’m just watching the movie. Don’t mind me.”

I kissed Noelle again, then moved back a little. “You guys have a system worked out for dating?”

“Not really,” Noelle said. “We don’t really date that much. But I had a boyfriend in high school, so she’s used to me making out.”

“Really? What else is she used to?”

Noelle blushed but grinned. “Well…I gave him a hand-job a few times.”

“She did,” Emily confirmed, not sounding too happy about it.

“Shut up and watch the movie, Em,” I joked, then started kissing Noelle again. After a few minutes, I let my hand move up from their waist to run over Noelle’s breast. “Can she feel that?” I whispered in her ear.

Not quietly enough, apparently, because Emily said, “No.”

I moved my hand across to Emily’s tit and gave it a little squeeze. “How about that?”

Noelle giggled, but Emily just said, “Knock it off. Feel up the girl you’re actually on a date with.”

I did, but two or three times I let my hand move over to Emily’s breast, and she didn’t say samsun escort anything. Noelle was clearly getting into it, her breath coming faster. I moved back so that I was sitting next to her again rather than facing her and brought her hand, which had been caressing my hair and face, down my chest and onto the bulge in my jeans. She immediately began to rub it. Success. Soon I was getting uncomfortably hard, so I undid my jeans and pulled out my cock.

“Wow,” Noelle said softly. “That’s a lot bigger than Eric’s.” Her fingertips played with the head, then she began to stroke me with her little hand. After a while, I turned and stood up, facing her, partly to let her change her grip—she was doing all this with just one hand, after all—but partly to let her get a better view of what she was playing with. She was really getting into it now, running her fist all the way up and down, occasionally pausing to play with my balls and giggle.

When I noticed Emily stealing a few glances at my cock, I said, “Not bad, huh, Em?”

She resolutely looked away. “I don’t care.”

“You should,” Noelle said. “His cock is amazing, Em. Way thicker than Eric’s, and his balls are so big!”

“Well, they are pretty full at the moment,” I said.

“Oh, are you going to cum?” Noelle leaned forward grabbed some tissues from the coffee table. “That’s hot. I want to see you cum, Paul.”

I was a bit disappointed that it would end like this, but I didn’t want to push a girl who was young and pretty inexperienced, so I let her finish me off into the tissues. As I tucked my cock back into my pants, I watched both pairs of brown eyes looking hungrily at it.

We went out a few more times. Once we went to a restaurant, and, yeah, lots of people stared, but the girls just ignored it, so I did, too. I also got another hand-job. I probably could have gotten more, but it was late and I had an exam the next day, so I had Noelle give me a quick handy and had them out the door by 10:00.

About a week later they came over again. It was a weekend, so I put on some music and poured some drinks. Emily’s interest in the latter surprised me; she matched her sister in downing a couple shots of tequila. Before long Noelle and I were making out in the kitchen. I got them up against the wall, then started to unbutton their shirt. I expected some pushback from Emily, but she just looked kind of resigned as I helped them shrug out of their blouse. Their bra was clearly specially made for their unusual anatomy, but it worked pretty much like any other, and I was able to get it off without too much trouble. I leaned down and started to suck on Noelle’s nipple. She moaned a little, then said, “Paul, wait.”


“It’s just…I’m a little embarrassed about my body.”

“Why? Your boobs are great.”

She flushed. “Well, and also we have these broad shoulders and our waist is kind of big.”

“Your shoulders are fine.” I put my hands on their hips. “And your waist is smaller than most girls’.” It was true, though mostly because the twins were naturally petite.

“And our boobs? You said…they’re okay?”

I assumed an evaluative expression and cupped her breast in my hand. “Let’s see. Good size, good shape, great hand-feel.” I took Emily’s breast in my other hand. She made a sound of surprise but didn’t say anything as I squeezed it a few times, then gently circled the nipple with my thumb. Hers was a bit smaller than Noelle’s, maybe a full B, and because of their broad chest their tits didn’t sit quite normally, but it wasn’t a big deal. After a few seconds of feeling up both tits, their breathing was starting to come a bit faster, and Noelle’s hand strayed to my crotch.

Before she could do more than give it a few rubs, however, I led them into the living room. They looked good: topless, wearing just a skirt, and those two cute faces flushed, their cheeks touching as always. Noelle’s longer hair was in a braid; Emily had dark purple lipstick and thick cat-eye eyeliner. Even without Noelle’s touch, I was getting hard.

They watched, mesmerized, as I slowly unzipped and pulled out my cock, then started jerking it. After a few long, slow strokes, I put my hand on Noelle’s head and gently started to push it down. She understood exactly what I wanted and began to kneel, then suddenly stopped.

“Oh, hell, no,” Emily said.

“Shut up, Em. I want to.”

“I don’t care.”

“Why are you always such a bitch? All you have to do is kneel down.”

“No way.”

“I’m always doing shit for you! Remember last week when you had to go to that stupid career fair?” Again, Noelle’s leg began to fold as she tried to kneel, but Emily’s didn’t move.

“Oh my God, Noelle. Not the same thing.”

“Come on!” She darted a quick look at me. “I want to do this, and you’re embarrassing the fuck out of me.”

“I’m embarrassing you?” Emily retorted, but without much vehemence.

I reached out and held their upper arms, helping them balance. Noelle immediately began to kneel down again, and this time her twin joined her. With my cock only a few inches from their faces, Emily resolutely closed her eyes, while Noelle’s were wide with uncertainty and, I think, lust. It made her look even younger.

“I haven’t done this before…” she began.

“I know.” I began to stroke my cock to hardness right in front of her face. “Just do what comes naturally. And if I want you to do anything different, I’ll tell you.”

She nodded and licked her lips, then moved forward a little and kissed the head of my cock. After a few kisses, she grew a little bolder, letting her lips and tongue linger each time. I made a few noises to let her know it felt good. Encouraged, she opened her lips and moved her head forward onto my cock, moved back, moved forward again. A few tentative sucks.

“That feels great,” I said. “Be careful with your teeth. Yeah, good. Now take it a little deeper.” I noticed that Emily had opened one eye to watch what was going on. “A little deeper. Nice. Nice…” Noelle was getting into a rhythm now and was taking more than half of my cock. Then she got a little too ambitious, gagged, and pulled back in surprise.

“You okay?”

“Yeah.” She gave me a shy grin. “This is kind of hot.”

“Yes, it is,” I said. I put my hand on her head and guided her back onto my cock. She resumed sucking, and Emily was now watching my cock moving in and out of her sister’s mouth just inches from her own face. I decided to give her a little more of a show. I pulled my cock from Noelle’s mouth and gave her a few gentle slaps, leaving her cheek wet with her own saliva. Then I held my cock up and said, “Lick my balls.” Noelle immediately complied, kissing them, then running her tongue over them.

“That is so gross,” Emily said. When her twin ignored her and took one of my balls into her mouth, she added, “I can’t believe you’re doing that.”

After another 30 seconds or so of ball-tonguing, Noelle looked up at me. “Am I doing it right?”

“You’re doing great. Best first blowjob I’ve ever had.”

She beamed. “Thanks. I like it.”

“Of course you do,” Emily said. “You’ve been dick-hungry since junior high.”

“Well, then I’m glad to be the first to feed her one.”

With that, Noelle wrapped her lips around my cock again and returned to her sucking, moving quickly and deeply down my shaft each time. The twins had separate necks, but they were so close that Emily’s head couldn’t help but move a little when Noelle’s did.

“You’re such a slut, Noelle. You’ve barely known this guy for a few weeks and now you’re sucking his dick.”

“Mmhmm,” Noelle agreed around my cock.

“It’s so gross. You’ve always wanted to be a whore, though, so you’re probably proud of getting that big nasty thing in your mouth. I can’t believe you. You’re so cheap and disgusting. You—”

Without even thinking, I laid my right thumb on Emily’s lips. Surprised, she fell silent. I let it move a little, lightly smearing her dark lipstick, and her lips parted slightly in a reflexive kiss. As they did, I pushed it into her mouth. Her eyes widened, but before she could react, I slowly drew it back out. Her mouth was opened in surprise now, so I pushed my thumb back in again. Her lips closed around it and for a second I worried about getting my thumb bitten off, but after a long moment she began to suck gently on it.

Here were these two cute girls in one body, kneeling in front of me, one sucking vigorously if inexpertly on my cock and the other tentatively on my thumb. I knew I couldn’t last much longer. I put my left hand on Noelle’s head and pushed myself in deeper and faster. She gagged a few times but gamely continued on. “I’m about to cum,” I told her, “and you’re going to swallow it.”

Her “yes” was barely understandable with her mouth full of cock. I grunted when I started to cum and was ready to hold her head in place, but she didn’t back away as I filled her little mouth with cum. My right thumb was still in Emily’s mouth; she was swirling her tongue around it.

Noelle’s eyes were watering when I finally removed my cock from her mouth and she swallowed the last of my load. I reluctantly removed my thumb from Emily’s mouth; it came out with a wet pop. Noelle looked triumphant, Emily a bit dazed. I helped them to their feet, then grabbed their ass and pulled them close while I kissed Noelle.

“That was amazing,” I said. I was overselling it a bit, but I wanted to give her confidence.

“Thanks. I’ll get better, I’m sure.”

“Well, my cock is available whenever you want to practice.” I turned to Emily. “You should be proud. Your sister is a great little cocksucker.”

“I’m not surprised,” she said, and in addition to her usual sarcasm there was a note of jealousy.

About a week later Noelle invited me to their dorm. Their roommate was gone for the weekend, so they’d made me dinner, and we were enjoying some Netflix-and-chill on the couch. Before long the girls had climbed down onto the floor. I leaned back and spread my legs as they knelt in front of me. To my surprise, they worked together to pull my pants and underwear down and then pull out my cock.

“You have to admit, it is nice,” Noelle said. She cupped my balls and gently started to stroke them.

“Yeah, it’s okay, I guess.” Despite her words, her hand started rubbing little circles around the head of my cock.

With both of them working on me, I started to respond quickly. Soon I was hard enough that both their hands were able to move to my shaft and begin to stroke me. It was a strange sensation; I was used to having two hands jerk me off, but these two weren’t moving in complete unison. Strange, but nice. They were both staring at my cock in concentration. Noelle had copied her sister’s cat’s eye look, though as usual, Emily was a little more made up, with dark eye shadow and dark red lipstick. Her eyebrows were a little thicker than her twin’s, I noticed, though they had the same long, thick eyelashes.

When Noelle’s head moved forward to start sucking me, it was a somewhat awkward position, since Emily’s head basically had to bob up and down, cockless, right next to hers. I could only see the tops of their heads now, but I heard Em’s voice. “You’re such a fucking slut, Noelle. If it were up to you, we’d probably be dropping to our knees ten times a day. I can’t believe what a little whore you are.” The sentiment was familiar, but the tone was breathless, almost excited.

I took ahold of Noelle’s ponytail with my left hand, and she moaned as I began moving her head up and down my cock. “Don’t you like your sister sucking my dick, Em?” Abruptly I pulled Noelle’s head up and off my cock, now shiny with her saliva. I pulled it to the side, so that both their heads moved a bit to the left. “Maybe that’s because you’re jealous,” I said, and, with my other hand, pushed Emily’s head down.

The head of my cock pushed through her dark lips, and without hesitation she began to suck it. It was her first blowjob, but she had obviously learned a little from watching her sister’s so close up. As Emily worked on it, Noelle was now treated to the sight of my cock moving in and out of a mouth inches from hers. And she was happy to tell her sister what she thought of it. “Ha ha, yeah, suck that cock, Em! You’re always such an asshole. Such a prude little bitch, looking down your nose at everyone. Now you’ve finally got a cock in your mouth like you’ve always needed.” She looked up at me. “You don’t need to be so gentle, Paul. You can fuck that bitchy little face of hers.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I held Emily’s head still and slowly back to push my cock in and out of her mouth. Her eyes were closed in concentration, but she gamely took each thrust and even swirled her tongue around it each time it came out. When she gagged a few times, Noelle laughed. “Oh my god, you can’t even take it half-way.”

“Show her how,” I told Noelle and slipped my cock back into her mouth.

This went on for about five glorious minutes. Because their faces were already cheek to cheek, it was the easiest thing in the world to move my cock back and forth between their mouths. When Noelle was sucking me, Emily went on about what a whore she was; when it was Emily’s turn, her sister talked about how she was such a bitch. Noelle’s hand was mostly on my leg and ass for support, while Em’s slipped down beneath their legs.

Unfortunately, there was no way they could turn their heads enough to both work on my cock at the same time, but I had a thought. “I’m gonna try something,” I announced, removing my cock from Emily’s mouth with a pop. Their two little faces looked up at me, lipstick smudged, eyes wide. I carefully spat where their faces touched, then pushed my cock forward. Noelle moaned and Emily said, “Oh my god.” Their wet cheeks were soft and warm on my cock, but there wasn’t quite enough friction, so I put a hand to either side of their heads and pushed them together. Their cheeks now provided a little more resistance as I pushed my cock between them. It was like tit-fuck, except I was using two heads instead of tits.

Pretty soon I was close to cumming, and I had other plans, so I stopped and helped the girls to their feet. I kissed each of them, then led them into their bedroom, where I pulled the little blue baby-doll dress they were wearing up over their heads. “Take off your bra,” I said as I kneeled and carefully pulled down their panties. When I looked up, the bra was gone, so I took their hands to help steady them as they stepped out of their underwear. “Lie down.”

I don’t know whether they had discussed this beforehand or if they just were both going with the moment, but they immediately climbed onto their bed. I stripped, then helped them scoot up until they were reclining, propped up on pillows. Then I moved down and gently parted their legs. From the waist down, they looked like almost any other girl: small, slightly rounded stomach; slender, smooth legs (shaving them must not be easy, I thought), a cute little pussy surrounded by a bit of well-groomed hair. I started with alternating kisses on their thighs. Noelle was already moaning softly, and by the time I got between their legs, Em was joining her. It didn’t take much kissing and licking before they were wet. I explored with a single finger for a while—so tight!—then went back down to tease their clit with my mouth. Their hips began to buck, and before long their legs shuddered convulsively and they cried out as they came.