Jill’s Christmas Vacation


My name is Jill. This past Christmas I had the most amazing experience. Actually, there were several. It was just after my first semester of college and a month before my twentieth birthday. My friend Ann had invited me to go to her beach house for a few days over the break. Being winter, there was no chance we were going to get a tan, but she assured me that the ocean sky was gorgeous this time of year and it was better than sitting in my country hometown. Although my parents didn’t like the idea of me spending vacation time away from home, I decided to go. Ann said it would just be her dad, herself, and I going on the trip, but she had some friends who we could hang out with during our time there. Ann’s parents separated six months ago after her mom was caught having an affair with the guy who cleans their pool. Her dad was still having a hard time with it.

The beach house had two bedrooms upstairs with one shower and a kitchen and den downstairs. It was right on the beach. We were so exhausted from the trip that first night that we all went to bed before we could even unpack. Ann and I slept in the smaller bedroom while her dad got the bedroom across the hall. Ann and I had to share a bed, but compared to dorm life it was no big deal.

The next morning, Ann went downstairs to call her friends about coming to see us. I pulled myself out of bed and sleep walked to the shower. It was so nice to feel the warm water hit my rested body. I felt so rejuvenated. I don’t know what it is, but something about a warm shower just makes me get so excited. I mean, I am a nineteen year old virgin so I have to get my kicks somehow. Now, don’t get the wrong idea. Just because I have never had sex does not mean that I am prudish. I know how to have fun. I just haven’t been with the guy who it feels right doing that with.

The water began to trickle through my pubic hair and run its way down to the tip of my vagina. The wet warmth felt so good. I let out a little morning moan as a need to caress my body came forth. I slowly ran my hand down my side, across my stomach and down to the warmth of my vagina. Gently I began stroking and then slightly pulling. I was beginning to slip into a daydream of desire just when a pounding on the door startled me and Jill jokingly shouted if I was going to spend all day in the shower. Little did she know how easy it would be.

After getting out of the shower, I wrapped a tiny towel around me. I hadn’t thought to bring my robe in with me and this towel barely wrapped around my body. It only covered just past my ass. I opened the bathroom door and began walking to the bedroom. Just then her father, Sid Adams, came up the stairs which blocked the way to my room. I could tell he was startled when he looked up and saw a slimly dressed teenager in front of him. His cheeks immediately blushed as we crossed each other and said good morning. It felt so weird and exciting at the same time to know that I could make an older, married man blush so easily. I mean, it is not as if I am unattractive. I am five foot two inches tall and weigh 110. Although I have such a small size and people say I look much younger than my actual age, I do have a nice pair of firm, C cup breasts which seem to compensate quite nicely. I could tell that Mr. Adams agreed by the way he was staring at them bursting through the tight towel.

Later that day, after everyone had showered, we went to eat breakfast together at the local IHOP. Mr. Adams still felt a little uncomfortable after our little run in earlier in the morning. Every time he looked at me, his cheeks would begin to color. I wonder if he had been thinking of me during his morning shower. Ann told me that her friends wanted us to come over for a get together later that night. What I originally thought was going to be a big get together turned out to be a small meat market. The only friends actually at this gathering besides Ann and I were three guys from her old high school, Bo, Mike, and Jay. Ann had dated Jay for two years before moving away. The guys said that more people were supposed to show, but everyone called and canceled for one reason or another. So, we all went for a bite to eat and to grab a movie to watch later. Jay and Ann were enveloped in their catch up conversation so I spent most of my time at dinner talking to Bo and Mike. I was expecting them to have a sword fight over who could hit on me, but was very surprised when that didn’t happen. They were very nice and I couldn’t believe how easy it was to talk to them. They didn’t attempt to hit on me at all. Which admittedly had me a little worried about my looks.

Once back at Jay’s beach house which was similar to Ann’s, we turned on the movie. It wasn’t long before Jay and Ann were smooching. Then, they began tickling and wrestling with each other. Laughing hysterically and attempting to escape Jay’s barrage of goosing, Ann rushed upstairs. Jay followed after her which told the rest of us that they wouldn’t be back down for a while. Since no one was really watching the movie, Bo, Mike, and I started talking. We began to tell secrets which is what usually happens in situations Escort Pendik like this. Eventually, I disclosed to them that I was a virgin which is really the biggest secret I have. They each made a comment that it was okay to still be a virgin since I was so young. I told them I was almost twenty and they both looked surprised and said they thought I was only around sixteen or seventeen at most. See, I get it all the time.

Bo and Mike were actually the younger ones at just eighteen. I told them that I had shared and it was time for them to give up a secret. They smiled at me and then shocked me by confessing that they had a gay sexual relationship. At least now I knew why they weren’t trying very hard to hit on me. So, we talked about their relationship, how it started, what it felt like when they were physical, and all that. I asked them if either had ever had a physical relationship with a girl. Both admitted they had, but that it just wasn’t as pleasurable for them as when they were with each other. They started giving me vivid descriptions of their sex life together. Pretty soon I was feeling really turned on listening to how these two nice looking guys pleased each other. I decided it was time to take a break before I became obvious and excused myself to the restroom.

I had almost forgotten about Jay and Ann until I got to the top of the steps and heard noise coming from the larger bedroom. The door was cracked and my curiosity got the better of me. I tip toed over and peeked in just in time to see Jay slip on a condom and place himself between Ann’s open legs. Ann is about my height, but is a little heavier at 125. She is nice looking and her breasts are also a little smaller than mine. Ann let out a sharp moan as Jay entered her. He must have been worked up because he immediately started thrusting very hard. Of course, through the girl talk, Ann had confessed that she liked it that way. After a couple of minutes he slowed down telling Ann that he didn’t want to cum before they had more fun.

He pulled out and motioned Ann to let him be on bottom. Jay laid back on the bed as Ann straddled him and lowered herself on his shaft. She was beginning to moan a little louder. I was getting so turned on watching them. I had never spied on anyone before and it was making me very wet. Jay was cupping Ann’s bouncing breasts as she moved up and down on his rod. I could tell that she was going to cum soon. I was beginning to feel the same way. I had already allowed one hand to begin squeezing my breast. Just when I thought no one would notice if I played with myself while watching these two fuck, I felt a hand touch my shoulder. It startled me and I almost gave myself away to Jay and Ann.

I turned around to find Mike and Bo had snuck up behind me. They stood there smiling knowing what I had been doing, and motioned me to come into the other bedroom so we could talk without Ann and Jay hearing us. I followed them in and Bo closed the door. We laughed for a minute about my spying. Then, our talk of their sexuality came back up. I told them how turned on seeing Ann and Jay made me. Then, Bo grabbed Mike by his belt strap, pulled him close to him and asked if I would like to watch them. I didn’t know what to say. Mike turned around to Bo and kissed him full on the mouth. It gave me such an unusual feeling. Next thing I knew, they were shedding each others clothing until they were down to their boxers. Both began stroking each other through their last pieces of clothing while they continued to kiss. I could see that they were rock hard and that my watching them was making them even harder.

Mike began to kneel down as Bo pulled off his boxers. Mike immediately took Bo’s whole shaft into his mouth and greedily sucked on it. He stopped only to kiss his way down to his balls and gently nibble on them. I had began touching myself again before I even knew it. I could tell that my nipples had become as erect as their members. Bo was breathing heavy and I was sure he was going to cum soon. It surprised me when he pulled away from Mike’s wanting mouth and suggested that we move to the shower. Shower. How could Bo know the one place that would turn me on even more. The three of us quietly moved to the bathroom. I could hear Jay and Ann still going at it in the other room. I peaked in and saw Ann on her hands and knees while Jay fucked her hard from behind.

Once inside the bathroom, Mike closed the door and took off his boxers. Bo grabbed a bottle of petroleum jelly from underneath the counter while Mike turned on the shower. I was worried now because I knew that Jay and Ann would know we were up here. I was also worried they would wonder what I was doing in the bathroom with two gay men. But, my curiosity would not let me leave.

Bo and Mike entered the shower. It was Mike’s turn to get blown and Bo knelt down and took Mike into his mouth. While Bo was working Mike’s cock, he opened up the bottle of petroleum and rubbed some onto his own rod. I was getting so hot. Finally, I knew that I would have to do something so I began to undress and touch myself. The boys just looked over and smiled. Once undressed, I quickly placed my hand over my wet mound and inserted two fingers into my burning pussy. I leaned up against the wall masturbating and watching Bo deep throat Mike’s dick. Then, Bo stood up and positioned himself behind Mike. He slowly pushed his way between Mike’s ass cheeks with his greased member. A shock of ecstasy coursed through my body as I watched Bo enter Mike’s ass. Mike let out a gasp that made my aching legs shake. I was breathing so heavy now as my two fingers worked inside me and I watched these two hard bodies fuck each other with that warm water I love so much hitting their sexed skin. I couldn’t take it anymore and had to get in on the action.

I walked over to the shower and stepped in. The boys looked up in amazement wondering what I was up to. I knelt down in front of Mike who was still getting pounded by Bo. Slowly, I leaned toward his hard cock and began licking it lightly. I could tell that Mike approved by his moans. I moved my mouth to the tip of his dick and let it glide into my mouth. It felt so good to finally release some of this pent up sexual tension that had been building since my shower that morning. I was still fingering myself and could feel my muscles tightening for an orgasm. Bo leaned over Mike still deep inside him and gently reached his hand around to the back of my head. He caressed it gently and guided my motion up and down Mike’s cock. In an excited voice Bo whispered, “yeah baby, oh, suck his cock really deep.” Then, he began to whisper in Mike’s ear asking if he liked me sucking on his stiff dick while Bo fucked him from behind.

Mike’s hard moan of agreement quickly brought me to orgasm. My shaking and moaning caught Mike’s attention and brought him to the edge. He signaled to me that he was about to cum. I was so caught up in the moment of pure pleasure that I resisted his warning and continued sucking his dick. At once I felt the hot rush of his salty semen enter my mouth. I pulled away as he continued to shoot. Swallowing his first load, the rest hit my face and ran down my chin. I had never allowed a guy to cum in my mouth before, but it was so exciting that I couldn’t stop. Seeing what had just happened, Bo became extremely aroused and began pounding Mike’s ass fiercely. He asked if he could cum on my face and I quickly gave him his answer by positioning myself right by Mike’s ass. Bo pulled out and with a loud gasp unloaded his cum onto my face and breasts. All this action made me so hot that I jilted with another orgasm. I stood back up and washed the remaining cum off of my body. Then, the three of us got cleaned up and put our clothes back on.

By the time we got back downstairs, the movie had ended and Jay and Ann were sitting out on the deck talking. We went outside and everyone talked about how nice a night it was. Nothing was said about all the sexual activity which had just occurred in the house. Ann and I decided it was getting late and headed for home. I told her how nice Bo and Mike were. Ann just laughed and said I would have to tell her all about it when we got back to the beach house. When we got home, Ann went to the bathroom and started getting ready for bed. I went downstairs to get a cola. Mr. Adams was sitting on the couch watching television. I asked him if he had a nice day and he said that he spent most of it just walking up and down the beach. He confessed that he was having a hard time with it being the first Christmas holiday without his wife. I told him that I was sorry that happened to him.

I told him that he is a very nice looking man and any woman should realize how lucky she is to have him. He smiled and said thank you. Then, jokingly, he said that if I didn’t look so thirteen he would marry me for being so nice. I pretended that the young looks comment made me more upset than it actually did. I told him that I wasn’t that young and I had the body to prove it. He laughed and said, “Okay, you could pass for sixteen including the body.” I huffed and said “My body does not look sixteen! See!” And with that I pulled up my t-shirt and bra and flashed Ann’s father with my big C cup breasts. Then, I laughed and ran upstairs before anything could be said. I know it had to have turned him on. He had surely been imagining what they looked like since the towel incident. After my little adventure earlier, flashing him didn’t seem like a big deal and I was sure it made his night.

Later, Ann and I got into bed and began gossiping about our evening at Jay’s. She told me how hard Jay had thrust inside her, which I already knew, and that she was a little sore. Then, she made me confess about being with Mike and Bo. It was exciting just telling someone about it. I know so much about Ann’s sex life that I feel comfortable telling her these things because I know she won’t spread it. As I told her the story, I could tell Ann was getting as excited as I had watching the two guys please each other. Ann confessed that she knew they were gay, but said she had never even seen them kiss before. Then, I told her how I got involved myself and became so enthralled that I allowed both of them to cum in my mouth. She couldn’t believe it. We had both gotten aroused again as we started talking about whether either of us had ever been with a girl. Neither had.

We talked about it more and finally decided we would try a kiss. We got under the covers, moved close to each other, and slowly moved our lips together with our eyes wide open. Once our lips touched, we smiled and began light pecks. Then, the kissing became more natural, and our mouths began to open. Our tongues started gliding over each other as our eyes closed. I moved my arm across her soft body and moved my hand under her night shirt. Working my way up to her breasts, I grabbed her left breast, squeezing it eagerly and pushing it up. Ann went the other direction and lowered her hand down to my panties. She quickly moved underneath them gliding her fingers past my pubic hair. We both let out a gasp when her finger brushed over my wet clit. She began massaging it while I moved my hand away from her breasts and down to her wetness.

For two girls who had never had a lesbian experience we were moving so quickly. It was almost like we wanted to do it before we lost the nerve. We were now masturbating each other while our kissing became more and more intense. Ann began to shake and suddenly she pulsated against me in orgasmic pleasure. She smiled at me and we both laughed. She had pulled her hand away from my warmth, but she wasn’t finished. Ann pulled the covers away and began to tug at my panties whispering for me to take them off. I slid them down and tossed them to the floor. She explained how she had always wondered what it would be like to eat a girl out and that she had imagined several times about us doing this. She gave me a kiss and then moved down.

First, she licked and kissed around my belly button. Then she licked her way down to by bush. Finally, she positioned herself between by legs and buried her face in my pussy. Immediately I let out a yelp that we were worried her father might have heard downstairs. Ann licked my clit like an expert. She lightly pulled my pussy lips and shoved her tongue deep into my pussy. I took off my shirt and began caressing my breasts and pinching my nipples. I moved one hand down to my snatch and began to massage my clit while Ann continued to lick me. I was so wet. Ann’s face was soaked with my juices. She moved a hand up to my pussy and inserted a finger and started thrusting it in and out while I masturbated my clit and she continued to lick me.

After her finger was covered with wetness, she slowly moved it down to my ass which had juices dripping all around it from my cunt. She rolled her finger all around the outside of my ass and then gently began to push her finger inside me. My eyes began to roll to the back of my head I was feeling so much pleasure. Ann began a rhythmic motion of finger fucking my ass and eating my pussy. I began to shake uncontrollably and came to the most intense orgasm I have ever had. Even after it was over, I continued to shake as Ann came to cuddle up next to me and we kissed again.

Afterwards, Ann went to the bathroom to wash off. As I waited for my turn I laid back down on the bed and thought about all the new experiences I had in one day. Ann came back in and I left for the bathroom. I washed off my face still tasting the sweetness of my own juices from kissing Ann. Just looking over at the shower, I laughed to myself and thought that I would never think of showering the same way again. I finished up and headed for the bedroom. As per usual, I met Mr. Adams in the hall. He was headed for bed. He explained, “I thought I heard a commotion up here earlier…..what were you girls up to?”

“Oh, nothing, you know, just fooling around” I replied giving him a little grin which caused him to blush again. My nipples were still hard and I wasn’t wearing a bra. I caught him staring and feeling confident of myself I said, “Now, you got to see those earlier.” He acted startled and gave me an unsure smile. Feeling so sexually charged from the day, I said “Okay, this is your last look.” And with that, I lifted my shirt once again to Mr. Adams and let him have a good stare at my big firm breasts. With that I lowered my shirt and said, “See you in the morning Mr. Adams.” He tried to hide his hardness as I walked past.

When I woke up the next morning, Ann was still in a deep sleep. Most likely from sexual exhaustion. For a moment, I thought about waking her by running my soft tongue over her lips. Then, I changed my mind knowing how grouchy Ann can be in any event when woken too early. I decided to sneak out of bed and quietly go downstairs for some breakfast. Just after closing the bedroom door behind me, I noticed that the bathroom door was shut. Just then, the shower started. I politely tapped on the door and Mr. Adams answered wrapped in a tiny towel. It did even less for his larger frame and I could see that he still wore his boxer shorts underneath. How cute. He looked very surprised when he opened the door and saw me there. I acted like nothing had happened between us and asked if I could please use the restroom before he got into the shower. He said of course and scurried back to his room leaving the shower still running.