Cold Feet, Hot Embrace


As Sean sat in his Aunt and Uncle’s Living Room, listening to the family gossip about wedding guests and coo about how dashing the bride would be on her first and last walk down the aisle, he felt himself laughing in a bittersweet whisper. He had always loathed the institution of marriage, not because of the commitment two people were making – but because he knew the statistics of a marriage surviving in this day and age. The fact was, as much as people professed to loving each other unconditionally, til death do them part, death often came after a lengthy and painful divorce. The best one could pray for was a quick annulment, and the chance to move on.

After the heights of honeymoon sex, everything seemed mundane – Sean should know, being a divorcee, it wasn’t easy living sexless. Now, about to leave to attend his cousin Jacinta’s wedding, he thought he’d finally see a marriage actually work. Jacinta and Bronx had appeared to be a match made in coastal heaven. With Bronx working as a builder during the day and surfing of an evening, Jacinta partook in both ventures, working as his secretary and surfing with him in the twilight hours. The pair were inseparable, and it appeared a marriage was the ultimate climax to their courtship.

Now sitting in the church, surrounded my family and extended family, Sean spoke in hushed tones with his Aunt, the mother of the bride. ‘I just can’t wait Sean, Jacinta will be the happiest girl alive and she’ll look so beautiful, Bronx won’t know what to say!’.

‘I’m sure she’s going to look absolutely mesmerising!’ Sean exclaimed, in a genuine way. He’d always held a deep affection for his cousin, ever since she stayed with his family as teen having run away from home. She’d been like a sister to him in those few months when her parents tried desperately to make amends with her. Eventually Jacinta did mature, and decided living back with her parents was where she truly belonged. She and Sean had become extremely fond of one another, but the thought of crossing the line never occurred to either of them, or at least never manifested itself.

Finally, with Bronx and his groomsmen standing in expectation, ‘Here Comes The Bride’ began to ring from the joyous keys of the church organ, its player an excited old lady distantly related to the family, yet nobody seemed to know how. Frantic women searched for their cameras, and the married men stared at the groom, hoping to transmit some last messages Gaziantep Grup Escort of ‘Escape!’ and ‘Save Yourself!’ to the groom, but to no avail. Bronx smiled uncontrollably as his best man laid encouraging elbows into his rib cage, pumping him up for the big occasion, the moment where he’d have to repeat ‘I do’.

The organ player broke into a refrain after playing through ‘Here Comes The Bride’ once through, and people giggled amongst themselves, with everyone knowing Jacinta to be late to almost every event, even one as important as her own nuptials. Troubled and worried expressions soon crept onto the faces of guests, and trembling lips emerged onto the faces of previously jubilant guests. Where was the bride? Sean made a joke about Jacinta possibly tripping on the massive train she’d had attached to her gown, but realised no one else laughed. Jacinta would have, had she heard it, yet she did not emerge. Soon his Aunt rose, and made her way quietly and quickly out the church over to the rectory where Jacinta had been preparing. Minutes past, and minutes became ten, ten became half an hour, guests stood and filed out of the church in anticipation. What had gone wrong?

As usual, Sean had forgotten to put his phone on silent mode, and the chorus of Nine Inch Nails’ ‘Closer’ rang out through the empty holy place. Making a quick shuffle out the door and into the garden, Sean took the call. His Aunt’s panicked and upset voice hit his ear drum. ‘Sean, I..I can’t find Jacinta anywhere. The dress is gone, but her bridesmaids say she never came out of her room. I..I can’t believe this..I don’t know what to do!’ she said, her words descending into incoherent pleas. Sean responded in his usual business like fashion, ‘Calm down for Christ’s sake! Prattling on won’t find Jacinta! I’ll come over and help you search! I’ll be five minutes!’.

Four and a half minutes later Sean found his Aunt sitting in the room where Jacinta had been preparing. Her things were strewn about the room, but there was no note and no lead on where to find her. She had just taken off. ‘I can’t understand it!’ his Aunt was sobbing, ‘they were perfect, she couldn’t wait for this day. I don’t know what’s happened..’ she simply kept repeating. Angered by his Aunt’s inaction, Sean left the room and searched the surrounding rooms of the rectory. Then, in a quiet corner, behind a locked door, Sean heard sobs. Sobs that the voice was trying to suppress, but to no avail. He knocked insistently. The voice stopped crying. She’d been found. ‘’s me, Sean. Are you ok? Let me in’. With little resistance, the lock clicked and the door swung slightly ajar. Sean slid in and locked the door behind him. Jacinta was in quite a state.

Her dress was stained with mascara that had run down her face and dripped onto the white fabric. Her hair was tousled and unkempt. Her lips were wet from tears, and her nose had flushed red. Sean dropped to her side and threw an arm around her. ‘Oh Sean I don’t know what I was thinking. I can’t marry Bronx. I love him, but I can’t spend my life with someone doing the same thing day in and day out. I can’t be a housewife. Do you think he’d just let us live together, unmarried?’ she asked, her expectant green eyes meeting mine in hope.

‘Of course I think he will Jac. He’s been there for you, and he’ll understand. Sure it’s a bit embarrassing now, but in time you guys will laugh over this, I assure you. I’ll even crack jokes about it for you!’ he said, abating her tears as she giggled and punched him playfully.

‘I knew you of all people would understand. We’ve understood each other for ever, I know I can always trust you.’ she said, stroking his hand and planting a kiss on his cheek. He returned the favour, only this time lingering on her cheek, and she caressed his face as he did so. Their lips parted, but the gaze that continued was turning into a bonfire of emotion.

Their lips met in quickly, gauging the other’s willingness to press on. A quick glimpse was all it took to confirm the moment, and Sean lunged in and kissed Jacinta passionately now, the emotion of the day finding its way into their kiss. ‘There’s only one zip holding this whole thing up’ Jacinta whispered, in a sentence that would change their relationship forever. Sean’s fumbling fingers found their way to it, and slowly drew the zip down until the puffy shoulders of the flowing gown began to slid down her arms, her lace bra-covered breasts emerging from under the silk. ‘There’s only one clip holding this bra on’ she uttered, sticking to her manner of giving her permission. Soon it too fell awkwardly in her lap, and she cast it aside to allow Sean a view of her spectacular breasts. Taking one in each warm palm, his lips met each one individually, flicking her nipples with his tongue and massaging them in a manner no one had ever done.

In a flash Jacinta was urging him to stand so she could take his pants off, and Sean was able to get his suit jacket and shirt off in a hurry also. Standing to pull down his trousers, Jacinta allowed the bridal gown to slip from her body on this sacred day, in front of her cousin, the last man she thought would be seeing her naked, but the only one she’d loved her whole life. Their naked bodies met in a moment of fireworks, and his eyes quickly surveyed the tender flesh of his cousin before his hands felt her curves, settling on her freshly shaved pussy and being coated in wetness. Jacinta shook under his touch, as if her juices meeting his hand was the trigger for all out pandemonium. Sitting herself on a desk, Jacinta beckoned Sean onto her, one leg on each chair, split wide apart.

Taking her tightly, Sean’s tongue slid into her mouth, their tongues battling for dominance as the head of his cock made its way up and down her pussy lips, coating itself in her sweet, gooey goodness. Sean was a fiend for messy sex, and the amount of juices coating their genitals was driving him insane. He pushed gently at the entrance to her, and allowed his cock to make it’s way all the way up her, and both grit their teeth as his length hit the end of her. Sean took a firm hold of her coiffured hair and pulled her head gently backward, and sank his lips and teeth into her neck in a vampiresque moment, forcing Jacinta to tremble again in ecstasy.

Their thrusts became rhythmic now, and Jacinta began to whisper filth into his ear, urging him on. The thought of inter-familial dirty sex unlocked a craze in her, and she was spitting out ‘Thrash me with your cock cousin, mix our family juices!’. Sean was not without rage either, and chastised her for ‘succumbing to a cousin, like the filthy whore she was’, and this brought a wide smile to her face as the sweat gathered on their lips, brows and cheeks. The wantonness of the situation got the better of both of them, and both started to climax in a whirling of passion. Jacinta gushed juices all over Sean’s cock as he whispered angrily at her to take his cock like a filthy wanton whore, surprising himself with his language. ‘Fill me up with your cum, give it all to me..come on give it all to me!’ Jacinta said, pulling him into her as he sprayed what felt like litres of cum into her pussy, and both collapsed on nearby furniture in a daze.

‘What the hell did we do?’ she asked sadly.

‘We did what we both had wanted to for years now, and I don’t regret a thing’. Sean replied.

‘That makes two of us’ Jacinta said, smiling in anticipation.