My Story: The Beginning The Plan 02


The week following her second spanking was different than the previous 2 weeks, we now understood each other. After Susan had finished sucking my cock the previous Sunday evening, I had massaged her red ass. I had kissed the bruises that were visible on her hips from my hands grasping her during our fucking. She had wrapped her legs around me and cocked her pelvis upward as I climbed on top of her and slowly fucked her once again.

During the week she continued to help the library move. She went through her closet and removed all her pants as I had instructed her to. She could wear only skirts or dresses. She was not to wear any panties when in the house or out with me.

She asked me about the spankings, how often they would come. “As often as needed,” was the only reply I would give her.

We went to the mall together on Wednesday and visited one of the specialty lingerie shops. There I found a black lace dress that I had her try on. The dress was unlined, just black lace that left her almost completely exposed. I asked her to come out of the dressing room and twirl around so I could see it on her. She slowly came out to the main floor, searching with her eyes to make sure no one was close, then she twirled slowly three or four times. I could see everything through the lace. This was to be a fuck gown only. I bought it for her and told her she was to wear it on Saturday evening, to be in it at 7. She looked at me curiously but didn’t ask any questions.

Each night we had sex. She was subordinate to me, she would do as I told her, no matter what I told her to do. We had oral, vaginal, and anal sex that week.

On Friday I called her and told her I had to work late, she was to bathe and wait for me naked in the living room. When I finally got home, she was there on the couch, sitting naked. I told her immediately to suck me and she fell to her knees and sucked my cock dry.

Outside of our activities, I was also meeting with a friend, John. He was my best friend at the time, and he had heard what she had done to me and how I had reacted. John had helped me to form the plan I was now introducing into our lives. And John and his wife were to be participants that Saturday night as well.

Saturday finally arrived. We worked in the yard most of the day. I told Susan that I had to go out about 5 to get some things. I had showered and was ready for the evening before I left to meet John and his wife at a local restaurant/bar.

John and Cindy came in just a few minutes after I had arrived and joined me at the bar. John was dressed casually in slacks and a button up shirt, similar to myself. Cindy, on the other hand, was wearing a long dress, very silky and clingy. Her body was covered but also very much exposed. She wore nothing underneath. Anyone could see the curve of her tits, her nipples, even the lips of her pussy when the cloth came in contact with that part of her body.

“Very nice,” I commented as I greeted her.

I had not known until I had talked to John three weeks ago that John and Cindy had a Dom/sub relationship. I found out that John picked out every piece of clothing that Cindy wore, controlled where and when she went out, even controlled when she could orgasm. To prove this, he had invited me to his house and had told her to finger herself in front of me and not to cum until he gave permission. She had played with herself, begging to cum, for over an hour before John told her it was okay, then she had cum squirting her juice all over the floor.

John did not let anyone know about their secret lifestyle unless he was sure that they had similar relationships. He also told me that the two of them would attend swing parties at times, but that Cindy was not really into fucking other guys, although she did enjoy being with other girls. She was a true exhibitionist, and the idea for the pizza delivery had come directly from her. Cindy had also picked out the clothes that Susan had worn the previously Sunday and had recommended the store where we found the lace dress.

Now, we were going to go to my house and introduce Susan to some public sexual humiliation. Cindy wanted to see me spank her and then she could comfort Susan, or that was the plan. I was still not sure if Susan was that committed to me dominating her, but I was going to find out tonight.

After a couple of drinks, I sent a text to Susan asking if she was ready yet. She replied that she was. I sent another text telling her to have a mimosa and I would be home in just 20 minutes. I made no mention of Cindy and John, not wanting her to suddenly go cold and not be in the dress when we arrived.

During the ride to our house, John had Cindy raise her dress to her waist and play with herself as I drove. I got hard watching as this beautiful woman sat basically naked in the front seat next to me and plunged her fingers in and out of herself. John Bycasino sat in the back seat and talked as if nothing was amiss. Before I knew it, we were pulling into my driveway.

I opened the door and allowed Cindy and John to enter first. When I came in Susan was standing in the middle of the room, all but naked in the lace dress, her eyes questioning what was going on and her embarrassment visible in her body.

“Baby, you remember John and Cindy?”

She was gasping in horror for the condition she was in, fighting with herself to not turn and run for another part of the house. “Um, yes, I do, but….”

She was facing us, her lace dress doing nothing to hide her body. We could see her already hard nipples sticking out through the lace, the curve of her tits as they sagged under their own weight. Her flat stomach was held tightly by the stretched black material. Her freshly shaved Mons was clearly visible as were the smooth lips of her hole standing out forward of her pelvis.

“Don’t worry Susan, this is all part of the evening.” I did my best to relax her before she did bolt from the room. “Hey, you have a mimosa, maybe John and Cindy want something to drink?”

Both our guests stated they would like drinks, and I asked for a Jack Daniels, and she walked to the bar, her ass virtually on full display through the lace, to fill the orders.

John took a seat and Cindy kneeled beside him as Susan mixed the drinks. John and I casually conversed about the football game that afternoon. I noticed that Cindy’s hand went into Johns lap and appeared to wrap around his cock.

“Hope this is okay,” Susan stated as she brought

John and Cindy their drinks. She then brought me mine and stood in front of me lost as far as what she was to do next.

“Here, kneel down and rest against my legs baby,” I offered.

She turned and got down on the floor, then leaned against me. Her body now faced John and Cindy, her nipples obviously hard with excitement.

“By the way Susan, Cindy was very interested in what happened to the pizza delivery man last Sunday,” I said to bring her into the conversation and to shock her as well.

Her head snapped around and she looked into my eyes fully embarrassed, her expression asking me to not do this.

“No, it’s okay, tell her.”

John saw the extreme discomfort and offered, “If you want Susan, Cindy can tell you a few stories of what she has done to tease guys first.”

Susan’s head was now going from John to me, she was confused and disoriented, not sure what was going on. She finally said “Well, I’m really not comfortable talking about it yet.”

So John had Cindy tell a story of her and the cable guy. During the story, Susan kept looking back at me with questioning eyes, not sure what was happening and very uncomfortable. She tried to cover her nipples and pussy with her hands and her drink, but the dress didn’t allow her to cover everything at once so her hands were in continual motion.

Cindy finished her story and looked at Susan, “Don’t worry about covering yourself, I’m really enjoying the view. Think I can have another drink?”

Susan got up and moved to take Cindy’s glass, then Cindy offered, “Here, let me help get another round, the guys look as if they need refills.” The two girls then went to the other end of the room and whispered conversation could be heard. I looked over at John, who was just staring at the two women smiling, and told him that I thought it was going well, she had not run away.

“She won’t, not now, Cindy is telling her to relax and enjoy the evening.”

When they returned, Susan told us she was ready to tell the story.

She was animated while telling her version, telling Cindy that she really was embarrassed, but when she realized the guy had a big hard cock all she wanted to do was make it even bigger. She told how she bent over further than was necessary and then bent again to return the purse to the chair instead of dropping it or carrying it with her. She then told us something that I didn’t know, that when she went to close the door, she had rubbed the back of her hand on the guys jeans and felt his hard cock through the material.

We all laughed at this little tidbit of information and the atmosphere was much relaxed from when we had first entered.

The evening progressed and after a few more drinks, Susan didn’t seem to realize how exposed she really was. She was moving around the room freely, fetching drinks and snacks. Her relaxed mood was encouraging to our plans for later in the evening.

After a few hours, I finally chimed into our planned conversation by telling John and Cindy that it had not been long since Susan had broken my trust in her. I could feel her against me suddenly stiffen as I revealed this tidbit of information.

Cindy broke in, “Well, if I broke Johns’ Bycasino giriş trust, I know what would happen to me.”

John then joined in, “Yup, you know your ass would be red, huh?”

“Probably redder than it has ever been. And more than likely, you’d have an audience, huh?” Cindy offered.

“Oh, no, please, no,” came from Susans’ lips almost immediately as she realized the setup.

She sat at my feet pleading with her eyes, looking into my face and shaking her head no. I smiled down at her, stroked her shoulder softly, and then turned to John.

“An audience, huh? Well, rubbing a guys hard cock with the back of your hand seems like that would qualify for a good spanking with an audience, doesn’t it?” I remarked in an intrigued manner.

I looked down into her eyes, her mouth saying “no, no, no, no” over and over as her eyes pleaded with me. I could see a tear well up in one eye as she realized the futility of her pleading.

Cindy remarked, “It is empowering to have an audience after the initial embarrassment, the knowledge that your discipline is making every man in the room hard.”

Susan looked toward her but stayed silent, her hand now in my lap, her fingers grasping my thigh. She turned back toward me and lowered her head into my thighs dejectedly.

“Stand up,” I sternly told her.

She began to move slowly, rising from her forlorn position, pushing herself up on the heels that adorned her feet and facing me.

“Pull the dress up above your hips.”

Her fingers began to gather the material at her hips, slowly pulling the mostly not there covering up her thin legs. Her eyes remained downcast as our audience got to see her lower body completely revealed. Her legs began to shake as the lace began to slide over her sumptuous ass, exposing the full mounds.

I moved to the ever-present armless chair that was close to Cindy and John, “Now come here and lay over my legs.”

She moved slowly toward me, holding the gathered material in her fingers, her freshly shaved lower abdomen on display as she approached us. She kneeled at my side, laid her upper body over my thighs before releasing the material and putting her hands on the floor. Her ass was again displayed before me, laid out like an offering.

“Spread your legs.”

She complied unwillingly, slowly spreading her legs until she was totally exposed.

Cindy now moved from beside John, standing and walking over to kneel at Susan’s feet, her hands going to her lower legs while she looked at the exposed womanhood. “It will be alright Susan, you will see.”

John then made a remark about her clean shaven lips and how her ass was just spankable, so big and white. We discussed her body and her position for 5 or 6 minutes as she lay exposed over my thighs. I let our guests in on the fact that I could see her getting wet just thinking about what was to come.

Cindy stroked Susan continuously as we spoke, her hands running over every inch of Susan’s body. I watched as she played with my wife’s sex, her boobs, her hips, her butt hole, her legs and feet. She continuously moved her hands knowing that Susan was about to be punished but trying to convey that she was not alone.

I finally asked her why she had to be spanked and she told me “To remind me that I can’t break your trust.”

I put my right hand on her cheeks and Cindy reached out to hold her tits. I sat there for a while, letting her think about what was coming for an extended period of time. When I was finally satisfied that she had waited enough, I quickly raised my hand and brought it down on her right cheek.

“I will never again do anything to break your trust.” She was sobbing as the words spilled from her lips.

I waited 20 seconds, then again, smacked her with my hand, this time on her left cheek, and heard her speak the words that she would not break my trust.

Cindy reached up and stroked her ass with one hand, running her fingers over the now red handprint on her right cheek. She was massaging her breasts and ass in between the smacks that I was delivering.

After just 12 spanks, 6 to each cheek, I told her that would be all she received tonight. Cindy continued to stroke her reddened ass, now allowing a finger to dip between Susan’s crack and run over her dripping pussy and tight sphincter. I watched mesmerized as those delicate fingers slipped between the reddened cheeks, then slipped between the flowering labia and into my wifes slit. She pressed three fingers in and curled them downward, reaching for the hidden g spot. Her hand began to move back and forth rapidly and Susan’s hips began to bounce on my legs as she reacted to the stimulation.

Cindy bent down, her tongue snaked from between her lips and she touched Susan’s butthole softly. A screech escaped Susan as her pussy exploded, juices squirting from her lips and Bycasino deneme bonusu coating Cindy’s hand and arm. She ejaculated three times in her orgasmic throes, each less than the previous, but each a visible amount.

Her body was undulating and squirming on my lap. Che was going and gahing throughout the ordeal.

Cindy sat up after the contractions subsided some and removed her hand. She cleaned the visible juice from her fingers and hand, telling John and me how good it tasted.

“Stand up.”

Susan stood slowly, her legs shaking visibly still, her hands grasping the lace and holding it in place on her hips. We could see her cunt, the labia still fully exposed, the juice of her orgasm coating her pelvis and thighs. She body was now covered in sweat, her hair a mess, the visible trail of tears on her face and cheeks.

“Baby, you’re beautiful,” Cindy told her.

John then spoke up, “Cindy, unless you want a good spanking here tonight, get up and take off that dress.”

Cindy stood directly in front of Susan and pulled her dress upward, her fine ass came into view rather quickly and the dress disappeared in a heap on the floor in just seconds. I had a perfect view of her naked backside just a foot in front of my face. She had her legs on either side of my thighs, her hot slit in view. She moved forward and the two women kissed passionately, their bodies rubbed against each other, their heights perfectly matched.

I watched as my wife, for the first time to my knowledge, kissed and touched another woman. She brought her hands around Cindy and grasped that fine ass tightly, pulling her cheeks apart and slipping a finger to the little rosebud. Both women were groaning into each other’s mouth, their bodies grinding together, searching out each other’s weak erogenous areas.

“Now this is a show,” offered John. “I told you

Cindy would take care of her after the spanking.”

I watched with my mouth open in astonishment as the two of them slipped to the floor. Cindy slid upward on my wife, a knee on either side of her body. She stopped when she was positioned over her chest and began to grind her pussy against Susan’s full chest. I saw Susan pull her legs toward herself, her feet spreading wide, her pussy gaping open. Susan’s hands went to Cindy’s crotch. She slipped her finger between the full labia and began to saw them back and forth as Cindy continued to grind herself on Susan’s tits.

Cindy sat up suddenly, reached up with her hands and pulled her hair high above her head, then she let go, her orgasm erupting from her body, her fluids cascading down onto Susan’s chest, her body shaking uncontrollably. Susan continued to stroke the hard clit between Cindy’s lips, the fingers coaxing four or five spasms from Cindy’s body, each one expelling juice from her cunt. Cindy’s hips gyrated back and forth on the fingers sawing away between her shaky legs, the muscles in her abdomen contracting involuntarily.

Cindy finally fell back against Susan’s legs, exhausted and out of breath. She grabbed Susan’s hands and held them from any further play between her legs. “Oh, God, that was great!” she exclaimed after a few seconds of gathering her breath. “Was that good hunny?”

John shook his head affirmatively before he motioned her to his lap.

Susan got to her knees and pulled the lace dress from her torso, throwing it to the corner of the room, she climbed onto my lap. She reached down between us and unzipped my pants, pulled my hard cock from the confines of my clothes and stuffed it in her slick hole. She immediately began to bounce up and down, fucking me mercilessly.

I looked over and saw John’s cock pistoning in and out of Cindy’s mouth. Susan continued to bounce on and off my hard cock. I was so excited that I lasted just a couple of minutes and blasted my cum into my wife in six fierce shots, setting her off on her second orgasm of the night.

She fell against my shoulder gasping for air, her hips grinding me still as she came down from her release. “Look,” she said pointing toward Cindy and John, still in the throes of a hot blowjob.

We watched for a few more minutes until John finally shot his load, pulling Cindy from him so that he could shoot his jism over her face. She closed her eyes and let him coat her lips and cheeks with the thick white semen. Cindy crawled on her knees to Susan, she lifted her face upward offering the thick jets of cum to my wife who willingly and greedily sucked up each and every last drop, then shared them in a deep kiss with Cindy.

We all 4 now laid there, exhausted, for a number of minutes. Susan finally rose from my lap, my cum ran like a river down her thighs as she stumbled toward the bar and asked if anyone else would like anything to drink.

Cindy joined her. They made us all drinks and returned to the floor, completely naked and exposed, and sat cross-legged next to each other. Reaching out and running her fingers around the slick excretions in Susan’s crotch,

Cindy asked, “So Susan, didn’t I tell you it would be empowering?”

Susan raised her mimosa and smiled in reply.