Existence in the Shadows


Kya surveyed the crowd for possible candidates as her hunger for liquid sustenance grew unbearable. Feeding on the living distressed her and she always waited until it was absolutely necessary.

However, Kya rarely drained a victim causing their death. Only when attacked or threatened did she willing take a life. Many of her mortal emotions had remained intact after her conversion and it mystified her maker.

Kya enjoyed many of the human pursuits and desires that inhabited her being as a flesh and blood young woman. Her maker considered this an aberration among their kind. Although not rare, it occurred infrequently.

In the one hundred plus years since her conversion, Kya had explored numerous sexual encounters with the opposite sex. While any long term liaison was doomed from the start, many brief associations proved to be very satisfying.

But, modern times with its divorce rate and lack of commitment amazed and confused her Victorian sensibilities.

The world had changed at a dizzying pace and while she craved sexual contact with them, men had very little appeal to her in the twenty first century. Occasionally, one came along that intrigued her but not often enough.

In the later part of the twentieth century as sexual mores loosened considerably, Kya found the sensuous company of women to be just as if not more satisfying.

The wedding reception was held in one the swankiest hotels of New Orleans. Kya had discovered long ago that the larger the reception the easier it was to blend in. Many of the men were entranced by the svelte, dark haired beauty as she swept effortlessly thru the crowd.

After appraising most of the guests, Kya decided on one strapping young man to satisfy her need. With her hypnotic eyes, she lured the young man to an elevator and hit the stop button. While he was in a trance like state, her needle sharp fangs penetrated his jugular and she drank deeply.

In an hour or so, he would wake a little weak but none the worse for wear and remember nothing. The recuperative powers of the young and the rejuvenating effects of their blood were highly sought after by her kind.

As Kya skirted the hallway near the ballroom looking for the nearest exit, a very pretty young woman with golden hair and deep blue eyes walked hurriedly toward her.

“Excuse me, but I’m looking for my cousin Travis. I thought I saw him leave with someone that looked a lot like you.” She said in a concerned but guileless way.

Kya was rarely seen by a mortal with her victim. Instantaneously, she was captivated by the girls’ beauty and the fact that she had been seen.

“What does he look like?” Kya asked in a lilting accented voice despite knowing the truth.

“Oh, he’s about six three, big but not fat with brown hair and brown eyes.” She stated while wringing her hands with worry.

Kya was sympathetic to the young woman’s plight and without realizing put her hands on the girl’s wrist.

“Oh, your hands are so cold; you poor thing, it’s drafty in this hallway.” The girl stated with genuine anxiety and tenderly rubbed Kya’s hands in the pointless hope of warming them.

Kya experienced a flood of emotion from the concern on the girl’s face and the touch of her warm hands. She was overwhelmed by a desire, a sexual desire that hadn’t been satisfied in a long time.

There was only one problem, Kya’s basic need to feed was sated and any additional contact with the living carried the risk of recognition.

The young woman put her arm around Kya and led her back to the ballroom. She draped a sweater over her shoulders.

“That should warm you up some.” The young woman said with caring.

The gesture of kindness affected Kya deeply.

“Let me introduce myself, my name is Kya.” She stated with a slight British accent.

Her nearly hypnotic gaze was fixed on the young woman.

“I’m Brianna.” The vivacious young lady stated.

Kya was startled by Brianna’s sudden outburst.

“Travis! There you are! Your Dad’s been looking for you.” Brianna said with relief.

Travis entered the room rubbing his head.

“I think I had too much to drink.” He said in a woozy voice.

Brianna introduced Kya and Travis looked at her with no recollection at all.

Kya was extremely uncomfortable in the brightly lit ballroom but was riveted to the spot by her curious attraction to Brianna. There was something about the young woman that she couldn’t identify. A quality that attracted her to the girl but for the moment was unrecognizable.

Several noisy guests broke out in song and it disturbed Kya. She disliked crowds and preferred the shadows. But, Brianna spoke first.

“I know an intimate wine bar around the corner. Care to join me for a drink?”

During Brianna’s senior year at college, she was introduced to girl on girl sex by her longtime friend, Devon. It proved to be immensely satisfying and she actively engaged in torrid encounters with her roommate and others.

Although considered beautiful by her male and female doeda peers, Brianna’s experience with men was limited. In fact, men failed to light her sexual fires with any success.

When Brianna first glimpsed Kya, she was instantly aware of a sexual attraction to the mysterious stranger.

Kya marveled at the effect Brianna had on her and readily accepted the invitation.

They were seated in a far corner and the server brought two glasses of house red. Brianna chattered away and drank to her hearts content.

Kya listened rapturously as Brianna regaled her with stories about college and growing up in Washington DC.

“Don’t you like the wine.” Brianna asked as she noticed that Kya’s glass was untouched.

Brianna had been talking for over an hour but time meant something entirely different to Kya. She could have listened to Brianna talk for the rest of the night.

With trepidation, Brianna studied Kya’s face as something about her didn’t seem right. She hadn’t noticed at the wedding but the glittering dark eyes, pale complexion and pointy teeth were reminiscent of something… Suddenly, she recoiled when a dark realization took shape in her mind. Then, a look of fear washed over her face.

Kya saw Brianna’s reaction.

“Please don’t be frightened” Kya stated with the same lilting and reassuring voice.

“Who are you?” Brianna asked in a shaky voice and avoided looking into Kya’s sparkling eyes.

Kya could have easily put Brianna in a trance but chose not to. She could sense that the girl was starting to grasp the danger in the situation and was near panic.

“Please don’t hurt me.” Brianna uttered quietly in a voice bordering on terror.

“I would never harm you. Forgive me but you fascinated me.” Kya said in an ultra soothing voice.

It took a few minutes but Brianna gradually controlled the panic that seized her mind and studied Kya carefully.

“You’re very pretty.” Brianna said with renewed interest.

“Thank You.” Kya answered with gratitude.

“I was attracted to you the first time I saw you.” Brianna admitted shyly.

Kya heard the comment and although it puzzled her, she suddenly grasped the intent.

“I’m sorry, I thought you knew.” Brianna said dejectedly.

Kya was flattered beyond words. She had been approached by many women but never one as pretty and charming as Brianna. If it had been possible, she would have blushed.

“I’m very flattered. You know, you’re beautiful. How old are you?” Kya asked with curiosity.

“I just turned twenty one.” Brianna said bashfully.

Kya was completely enthralled by the innocent and demure young beauty.

“Would it be improper to ask how old you are?” Brianna asked in a whisper.

“Not at all, let’s just say I’m over a hundred.” Kya stated in a soothing voice.

Kya saw Brianna’s nipples poke against the fabric of her sheer dress and it excited her. Sex was the only emotion that could warm her body.

Brianna saw Kya’s interest.

“Have you ever been with a…” Brianna tried to ask.

“Yes, but never one as lovely as you.’ Kya stated truthfully with growing need.

Brianna blushed deep red and her coyness was inflaming Kya’s lust. But, suddenly the fear returned and Brianna was visibly shaking.

The excitement had warmed Kya’s hands and as she clutched Brianna’s, she looked deep into her eyes.

“You are afraid for the wrong reasons, only my desire for you could warm me like this.” Kya spoke with passion.

Kya saw tears envelope Brianna’s eyes and she felt emotional pangs of protectiveness.

“Come, let’s go somewhere private.” Kya implored with a touch of hypnotic suggestion.

“Trust me” Kya relayed telepathically.

But, Brianna’s hands were trembling with anxiety and she could hear the girl’s heart thudding in her chest. She was about to release the terrified girl and let her go when…

“Ok, I will trust you.” Brianna said tremulously.

Kya’s heightened senses intuited that the girl was scared but curious and desired her sexually. Brianna paid the bill and allowed herself to be led outside by Kya.

As with most humans, the fear and flight response to danger gripped Brianna. But, a part of her trusted Kya and desired her.

“How is it possible to engage in sex when the other person is a…” Brianna thought to herself but her mind refused to acknowledge the word that formed in her brain.

They walked to the other side of the French Quarter and with Kya’s arm around her, Brianna felt more safe and secure.

Kya stopped in front of a small but elegant hotel. The manager recognized Kya and showed them to a room decorated in the early French style of New Orleans.

Brianna stood in the room with her head down as anxiety and fear still played a role in her demeanor. Kya started to undress her with a sensual élan and gazed in awe at the innocent young beauty in her silky undies.

“What beautiful undergarments.” Kya said with admiration.

“Victoria’s Secret.” eş değiştirmeli porno Brianna said proudly.

With an unearthly light touch Kya’s fingers traced over the velvety skin of youth as Brianna shivered with excitement.

“So pretty.” Kya said admiringly.

However, when she lowered her head to kiss the supple flesh, Brianna jumped back in fear at the sight of Kya’s sharp teeth and fangs.

Kya, using her formidable strength, drew the frightened girl against her body and calmed her. She commanded Brianna to look at her and slowly the girl raised her head. Grasping Brianna’s hands, she ran them over the pointy porcelain surfaces.

“See my darling, just sharp teeth. They won’t hurt you.” Kya implored in a serene voice.

Brianna sagged against Kya and gently laid her head on Kya’s shoulder. Kya was bursting with emotion from the display of trust and tenderly embraced the young woman.

Brianna watched with fascination as Kya removed her clothing and stood gloriously naked before her. A tingly dampness crept into her nether regions as she gazed longingly at Kya’s unnaturally beautiful body.

Kya with panther like movements lay prone on top of Brianna and sweetly kissed the warm blood filled flesh of Brianna’s neck and face. The effect was immediate and Brianna’s pussy creamed uncontrollably.

Kya trailed kisses over the silky flesh until her mouth enveloped a lush pink nipple. With ultimate care, she nipped the straining bud with her sharp teeth sending waves of sensual pleasure thru Brianna’s body.

Brianna cried out in ecstasy. The torrent of sensation was indescribably powerful and she craved more.

Kya suckled the hardened nubs with otherworldly skill. She delighted in giving pleasure to the beautiful maiden beneath her. Then her vampire senses alerted her to the fact that the girl was a virgin.

How was it possible? Kya knew that girls in Brianna’s time lost their virginity at a much younger age.

Kya squeezed with tender care the baseball sized mounds on Brianna’s chest relishing the firmness and texture of the skin. The warm flesh was flush with desire and inflamed her feral instincts.

With demonic determination, Kya nipped, licked and sucked until sensory overload swept thru Brianna’s body and wracked her with a volcanic orgasm.

Brianna shook and held on to Kya for dear life as spasms tore thru her body and pulsated deep in her quaking pussy.

“OH KYA!” She bellowed in huge panting breaths.

Kya perceived the need to slow the proceedings and gently caressed the trembling girl to her bosom. A sudden musical ditty interrupted the mood.

“Oh shit! I forgot to call my uncle!” Brianna cried and reached for her purse.

Kya stared with amusement as the young woman chatted amiably with someone on the other end of a cell phone. Her heightened senses discerned the love and caring from the male voice. On some level it pleased her to know that Brianna was loved and cherished. But, why did she live with her uncle?

When Brianna ended the call, she tenderly snuggled against Kya. The room was a bit chilly.

“I’m cold.” Brianna stated at the same instant it registered in her brain.

Kya drew a blanket around the slender figure and ran her strong hands over the fragile body.

“Why do you live with your Uncle? Kya inquired.

“My folks died in an auto accident a few years ago.” The snuggling figure said wearily.

Before Kya had a chance to ask more questions, Brianna’s body slowly went limp in her grasp. Her chest rose and fell in unison with her breathing at a steady rate; a sure sign that she had fallen asleep.

Gradually, a succession of memories paraded thru Kya’s mind; triggered by Brianna’s admission that she lived with her uncle.

Kya failed to remember the dates anymore but Victoria was Queen of England and at the height of her reign. Britain was a world power and her ships sovereign of the seas.

Kya was born Victoria Elizabeth Grantley to a loving mother and father whom she adored. Her upbringing was typical for the strict ethics of the times but was tempered by her parent’s lenient ways.

Kya’s father was a colonel in the British Army newly assigned to a post in Africa. As a high ranking officer, he was accorded the opportunity to take his family. Kya was barely sixteen and full of life but her mother was a delicate person; almost frail.

The rigorous journey to the exotic locale proved fatal for her mother when she developed a high fever and died before they reached Khartoum.

Kya and her father were heartbroken. He had dearly loved his wife and her unbearable loss weighed heavily on his mind.

“I should have left you both safe and secure at home.” He would say to Kya in a terribly sad voice.

Kya found solace in books and while she disliked life on the post, the nearness to her father comforted her. Her amah or nanny, was from India and showed her tender loving care.

By the time of her eighteenth birthday, genç porno Kya had serious romantic feelings for a young cavalry officer. Her beauty had reached its apex and many young officers vied for her affections.

But, as fate would dictate, he was killed along with her father while on a routine patrol; ambushed by insurgents.

Kya was an orphan, although not uncommon, it relegated her to life with a less than caring relative. She was officially “persona non grata” with a much lower social status and marriage prospects.

Soon after her father’s death, Kya was informed that her Uncle would be arriving from England to take charge of her affairs. She recalled her uncle, Archibald Grevel, and his severe demeanor when he visited at holidays. He was a widower having lost a wife and young son in one of the mini epidemics that occasionally swept thru London in those times.

A letter arrived addressed to Kya and Uncle Grevel, as he preferred to be called, expected her to be packed and ready for the return trip to Britain. Further, he saw no need at her age to continue her education. With her future in doubt, a career in teaching was an acceptable possibility.

Kya, still grief stricken over the loss of her parents, contemplated running away. In Victorian England, teachers were a vastly underpaid and poorly respected lot. But, life on the run was an even bleaker choice with little hope of survival, especially in Africa.

Kya’s amah comforted her with the love of a parent. She watched the child grow into a beautiful young woman and it pained her greatly to see her sorrow and dejection.

With her uncle’s arrival in a few short days, Kya was sitting on the patio watching the clouds race in front of the moon when a sudden noise caught her attention. It was her amah calling her name.

“Victoria!” she called in her Indian accent.

“I’m here!” Kya exclaimed.

“You should be in bed. It’s very late” Her amah scolded.

Kya’s amah had a strange expression on her face and was looking at her neck.

“What’s wrong?” Kya asked.

“It’s dangerous to be outside when it is late and you are alone.” Amah said warily in her thick accent.

“Why? I’m not afraid of wild animals.” Kya said with the confidence of youth.

“It’s not wild animals that concern me. There are more dangerous things that lurk in the darkness.” Her amah said in a frightened voice with an eye cast to the shadows.

Kya reluctantly went to bed but her amah’s words ignited her inquisitive nature. The next night she lay in bed until her amah was asleep. Stealthily, she crept to the patio and sat in the darkness with only the moonlight for company.

Kya was lightly dozing when she perceived a shimmering shadow of white approaching. The figure at the center was a beautiful African woman with glittering eyes.

The shadow perceived great sorrow in Kya and was moved by the tragedy that had enveloped her life. She regarded the beautiful and slender mortal with something akin to sympathy in human terms.

“Why are you sad?” The figure asked Kya in a light musical voice.

Kya, with great effort, recalled the events that reshaped her life. At the end she grieved anew and heaving sobs wracked her body.

The African woman in white embraced her and looked at her compassionately. So young and yet…

In her entrancing and musical voice the apparition explained to Kya how her life could be altered forever. She had a choice, life with her uncle or an entirely different but powerful existence; one that would last many lifetimes.

Kya remembered the hypnotic beauty of her maker as she rested in the comforting embrace; especially the luminescent eyes.

“Think carefully about the choice I offer you.” The apparition advised and gradually dissolved leaving Kya alone in the darkness.

The next day, Kya replayed the events of the previous night over and over in her mind.

“Was it a dream?” she kept asking herself.

Kya dared not mention a word to her amah and as night approached, she was more certain of her decision. Better an existence in the shadows than life with her uncle in London.

As Kya waited patiently for her amah to fall asleep, the room grew lighter until the beautiful African woman appeared at the foot of her bed.

The figure moved silently towards Kya and perceived her desire. It wasn’t until the glowing face was inches from her own when Kya saw the sharp teeth. For a brief moment, fear played across her mind but she remembered nothing else.

When Kya woke, she was instantly aware of the change inside her. The night enveloped her and she found peace in the shadows. Her hearing, sight and all her senses were greatly heightened. Her maker gave her an African name, Kya, and she willing discarded Victoria.

Kya was consumed with a need for human blood and under her maker’s watchful gaze, she found a youth tending his flock of sheep. Her maker was near and studied her reactions with care

Once the youth was entranced, she sank her needle sharp fangs into his vein and sucked his life’s essence. Her first few efforts at restraint failed and the lifeless bodies caused her great pain.

One evening as the shadows lengthened, she saw a very handsome man by the riverbank. He was washing his body and singing a song she remembered as a mortal.