I Am A Teacher: Brian

Mature Milf

This is the story of the second of my students. I told you how I began my teaching career in ‘I Am A Teacher’ after an older neighbor lady had taught my shy and introverted son the joys of sex and helped him become a man. I have followed her example with other young boys like my son. My husband Jim helps me select my students.


After putting Scott, my first student, out of my nest when he acquired his first girl friend, I was beset with sniffles and tears as I told Jim. It had been as hard to turn Scott loose as it had been to lose my son Jimmy when he went away to college. Although Jim and I have remained friends with all of them, after my teaching lessons were over, I have never fucked one of my ex-students.

It had been time to let Scott go, however, because the purpose of my teaching was to develop his confidence and help him overcome his shyness. I believe I succeeded. Yeah. Ok. I’ll admit it. I do like the fucking, too!

Jim had another student immediately in mind for me. He suggested ‘little’ Brian Smith.

Brian is little. He is not over five feet two inches in height and I doubt if he weighs a hundred twenty pounds. He is a strong little guy, however, and he does have a grip, as I was soon to discover. Brian had graduated from high school that summer but had no college plans. He worked in the family auto parts store and was a very good mechanic.

After meeting at the parts house, Brian had helped Jim do some repair work on our car. I had made him welcome to our home and he had visited on several occasions. Jim told me he had once embarrassed Brian by asking about a girlfriend. Seems Brian thought girls wanted someone a lot bigger than he was for a boy friend. Perfect for me!

A couple of mornings later Jim turned the car headlights on. Instructing me to call about five thirty, the store closed at six, and to tell Brian my car would not start. I was to ask him if he could stop by after work to try to figure out the problem. If Brian had a battery charger, it should take at least an hour to recharge the battery. I would have that much time to achieve my goal.

My goal? To begin to teach Brian how to pleasure a woman. Me. AND to convince him that if he could pleasure me, he would be able to pleasure any female he chose.

Brian asked me all sorts of questions when I called. Dumb me, I can barely spell car and could not answer most of them. He laughed at me and told me he would be right over.

I was dressed in my short terry robe when Brian arrived. The hem is about six inches below my pussy and there is six inches of overlap. Need I say I have to be very careful about how I move in it if I do not want someone to see what they normally do not get to see?

“I didn’t expect you so quick, Brian. I was fixing to take a shower. Let me show you the car.” I was a little moist in anticipation when I opened the door.

Taking his hand, I led Brian into the enclosed garage. Reaching toward the dash through the open car window he grinned at me. “You left the light switch on and ran the battery down. I’ll charge it and it will be ok.”

I stood and watched as he went to hook up the charger. He had problems getting it connected. I wonder if it was because the tie on my robe had loosened. As I shifted positions so I could see what he was doing I knew he could catch a glimpse of my shaved pussy. A tit was exposed at the top. I was not aware of this, yeah, right, as I watched his eyes dart from the bottom of my robe to the top. I could feel my moistness increasing.

When he finally got it all connected, aaying “Done!”, he looked at me as I was looking down.

I loosened my robe, flashed him, then retied it, acting as if I had not known what I had done. His face was a bright red and his breath was rapid. “How long will it take?” I asked. I knew my lips glistened with my juices.

“Maybe an hour. I’ll check in a few minutes.” His voice was hoarse.

“Good.” I took his hand again and led him back into the kitchen. Would you like some tea?”

“Yes, Mam.”

“Go sit on the couch. I’ll be right there.” Looking down at his jeans, I knew where there was a thirty seven year old body that had his interest.

When I sat down beside Brian I sat on one leg, the other extended and my foot on the floor. My pussy was covered but my thigh was exposed to within a couple of inches of it. I failed to notice this, of course, as he gulped at least half of his glass of tea with a rattle of the ice. God, it’s fun to tease. Did you hear that, Ann Wilkes? He glanced down, squirmed and finished the glass. “Want some more? You must have been thirsty!” I could smell me, but the odor was faint.

“No, Mam. I’m ok.”

“I envy you…” I told him, “being so smart and knowing so much about cars. I feel so dumb, sometimes!”

“Oh, no, Ms. Johnson. Your smart. You can cook, and good. I can’t.” He giggled. “I have trouble cooking eggs!” We both laughed and a tit flashed as I leaned forward. He visibly swallowed and looked away. “I guess we’re all smart in Gaziantep Elden Ücret Alan Escort some ways, and dumb in others. I know I am!” I knew I was fixing to have a wet spot on the back of my robe.

“How are you dumb, Honey?” A tit crept out from behind its cover.

“Well, Momma and Pop want me to go to college. I don’t. I like the parts house. I like monkeying with cars. I like helping people when they have a problem…” as he grinned at me his eyes widened then his head almost snapped away, “like yours.” I think my nipple winked at him.

“What else do you like?”

“Oh, going to the Lake, water skiing, fishing, all sorts of things.”

“Hum. I don’t think I heard you mention girls. Do you like boys better than girls?”

“Gosh! Oh no, Ms. Johnson! No!” He had a stricken look. Almost, I wished I had not asked. “I guess that’s where I’m the dumbest! I just don’t know what to do. What to say. Most girls wouldn’t want me for a boyfriend ’cause they’re as big or bigger than me.”

“That’s ’cause they’re young, Hon. They’re still learning too. It won’t be long ’til they look at you, see what a sweet guy you are, and climb all over you.” I smiled as more red appeared in his face.

“I wish!”

“What do you normally talk about when your with a girl?”

“Oh, everything. Cars, what’s going on. When I was in school, you know, school things.” He was still looking away, not at me. Suddenly, “I need to go check the car!” He started to get up.

“Wait!” I grabbed his arm. Both tits were looking at him. “It’s only been a few minutes, It can’t be ready yet.” As I leaned back one tit hid, but the other kept looking at Brian. He looked away again. I could see his throat working.

“Do girls like to talk about those things?” I was still smiling gently at him.

“I don’t know. I guess not! They usually don’t talk to me very long.” A wistful note was in his voice.

“Honey, look at me.” He swallowed, but turned his head. His eyes locked with mine. He would not look below them. The tit was waving at him as I breathed.

“Have you ever told a girl you thought she was pretty, or sexy?” I got a small head shake. “Why not? I know you’ve thought so.”

“Uh. She’d probably think I was just stupid, or teasing her, or something.”

“A girl dresses up, or puts on a tight sweater and tight jeans or shorts to show off her titties and ass…” that got me a full blush. I continued without a pause, “fixes her makeup and her hair, polishes her nails…” I wiggled my fingers before him and extended my leg and foot horizontally and flexed my toes, “and you think… she would think… you were stupid… if you told her she was pretty?” My tone was shocked.

“Uh. I guess not.” Blushing again with a crestfallen look, he was so cute.

“Did you like looking at my tittie?”

“Oh! Ms. Johnson! No!” A beautiful brilliant red.

“You didn’t like looking at it?” I was dumbfounded.

“Yes! No! Oh, I don’t know! I don’t know what I mean!” He chocked on a sob. He was leaning forward with his face in his hands, almost crying.

I slid next to him but the bottom of my robe did not. I could feel the couch against my bare ass. I pulled him to me, hugging him. His face was between the lapels of my robe and pressed against the bare skin of the slopes of my breasts. I could see my shiny lips but my pussy was mostly covered.

“I’m sorry, Honey!” I didn’t mean to upset you! Please forgive me!”

“I didn’t want to look, but…” his voice trailed off.

“But what, Honey?”

“I didn’t think you knew! I didn’t want to upset you by looking! By letting you know!” Another sob.

“I knew, Honey. It wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t wanted it to! I hoped you would look at me!”

“You did?” I nodded as he pulled up and looked at me, and then, “Why?” Wow! Answer that one without completely spilling the beans.

“I’m proud of my body. I like to be looked at. I like for a man to let me know he thinks I’m attractive. Do you think I’m attractive?”

“Oh, gosh yes. Whenever you came in the parts house with Jim, you always looked so good. When you had me over for dinner, you were so pretty. I think Jim is the luckiest guy in the world. Oh, no.” He stiffened and turned away.

What’s the matter, Hon?”

“Jim’s my friend!”

“And I am not?”

“Yes. No. You are, but… I don’t know!” Another sob.

“Hon, turn around and look at me. No reaponse. “Please.”

Brian turned slowly, but would not look anywhere but at my mouth, not into my eyes, nor down to where I was almost completely exposed from my tits to my pussy. I cupped his face in my hands and leaning forward as his eye closed, kissed him softly, twice, then a third time. Little shudders ran through him.

I pressed my lips against his again, holding pressure, then touched his lips with my tongue. I felt him quiver. I put more pressure with my tongue until his lips opened and it entered, separating his teeth. I licked his tongue and it moved to meet mine.

I pulled back. “Did you like that”?

“Oh, yes! That was a french kiss! I did it one time!” Is this a sweetheart? I pulled him against me, mashing my breasts, as I kissed him again. Our tongues were working. We swapped saliva.

“Now you’ve done it twice!” I had a happy tone.

“That’s the third time.” he corrected me. Poor kid. This is fun!

When I felt his hand against my knee, I slipped a hand behind his head to hold him against my mouth. I dropped the other to grasp his hand and draw it slowly, slowly up my thigh to my pussy. I rubbed his knuckles against it, then turned his hand over. I forced his fingers between my thighs so his palm cupped my pussy. A shudder ran through his body. I curled his middle finger so it slipped into my hole.

Breaking his fourth french kiss, I whispered in his ear, “Do you like what you feel?”

In a similar whisper, “Oh, yes!” Nothing more!

“Tell me what you feel.”

“It’s so slick. So warm. So soft! It’s wonderful!” His finger was moving, slowly, gently, feeling.

“I like you telling me that! It makes me feel good.” I shifted to lay back on the couch. I swung one leg up, over his head, then between him and the couch until it lay flat. The other leg went across his lap. My robe had come completely open so I was fully exposed to his view, and view he did. His eyes had an almost physical feel as they roved across my body. I loved it.

I saw his hands clench. They were big hands to be on such a small boy, and at this time he was still a boy. A small sweet lovely boy. I intended to change that. I wanted him to become a small sweet lovely man. Juices were seeping out of me, trickling down my ass. There was going to be a stain on the couch.

Smiling, softly, “Do you want to touch me?”

A nod and a whisper, “Oh, yes. Yes. Your so pretty, so… so… I’ve never seen anyone… just pictures… it’s… it’s wonderful… I…”

Still smiling, “Go ahead. Touch me. Please. I want you to.”

Still whispering, “I want to touch everything. I don’t know where to start.”

“I know.” I swung my leg off his lap. “Stand up.” He had a disappointed look on his face although my pussy was gaped open and smiling at him. I repeated, “Stand up!” As he did I got up leaving my robe on the couch. Taking him by the hand I led him to the bedroom and stood him so his back was to the bed.

I unbuttoned and removed his shirt and t-shirt. Except for a quiver when my fingers touched his skin, he did not move. I dropped to my knees to remove his shoes and socks and loosen his jeans. Pulling them and his briefs down, I nudged his legs until he lifted them and stepped out of his clothes.

Although Brian was short in stature and slight in build, he was man sized between his legs. He was probably about average. I am no expert, I had only played with two dicks in my life, Jim’s and Scott’s. But with Brian’s small frame, it looked large as it stood tall before me.

I kissed the head then pushed Brian backwards onto the bed. I crawled up beside him and lay on my back. We had not spoken a word. The only sound in the room had been our ragged breathing and the rustle of clothes being removed.

“When do you have to leave, Hon? When do you have to go home?”

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t have anything to do.”

“What? You don’t have anything to do?” As Brian realized just how what he said sounded, he blushed a brilliant crimson. “You most certainly have something to do! You have to touch me! All over!” Then, more softly, “Please. Take all of the time you want. I know you’ve never been with a girl.” I got a slight nod and a flash of red in his face.

“Explore me. Touch me. Feel me. Learn me. Start with my titties!” My pussy was throbbing in anticipation of what was to happen.

His big hands, well, like his dick, big in relation to his body, were so soft and gentle as he touched me. I began whispering encouragement and instructions, teaching him what I like for a man to do to me. When I told him to squeeze my breasts harder, harder, I found how strong he really was. He can squeeze too hard! I had faint bruises the next day.

I had him play with my body, my neck, shoulders, arms, breasts, sides, stomach, hips, pussy, thighs, knees, calves, feet and toes for over an hour. He was still as eager as at the beginning. He never hesitated at anything I asked or when I told him what to do. I encouraged him to ask questions as he played with me. He quickly learned how to really turn me on and why I liked it.

His first hesitation came as I was laying flat on my back with my eyes closed. My arms and legs were spread. He was laying between my legs with his head above my pussy. I could feel his breath blowing gently on it. I was almost flowing like a water faucet.

I told him to lick and taste my juices, to see if he liked it, to clean me up. Nothing happened. I raised my head to look down at him. He was looking up at me with a smile. “What’s wrong?” I asked softly.

“Nothing. I was hoping you would want me to do that. You smell so good. I know you will taste good. I know I’m going to like it. I just don’t want it to be over too soon.”

“You just said something that all girls like to hear. Never be in a hurry. Don’t rush. Always take your time. We want the feelings to build, to last. The longer you play with us, the better we like it.”

“Me too. I don’t think I ever want to stop!”

“Well. When we’re finished tonight, do you want to do it again tomorrow night?”

“Oh, gosh yes!”

“Then lick me!” He started. Following my instructions, licking, nibbling and sucking, he set me off. Boom!

I had him crawl up and hold me as I quivered and shook. I like to be held, to feel a body against me, as I recover from an orgasm, and this was a very good one.

I could feel his hard dick against my thigh as he held me. I could feel the wetness of his precum. He had been hard for almost two hours, as I teased him and taught him. It was time for his reward.

I helped him get between my legs and guided him slowly into me. It felt so good having my pussy stretching to accommodate his dick. I held him still, not moving, to savor our joining, the feel of our bodies together. Brian claimed he loved the feeling also.

I finally started a slow slight hunching against him, getting him to move in a similar fashion, gradually becoming faster. I was telling him what to do and how to move, knowing this was going to be quick, way too quick, for either of us. Brian, however, did not know, and did not last long at all before he blew.

He realized he was way to quick and was almost comical in his apologies. I hushed him and kept him on and in me. He only softened slightly before my slight hunching had him rock solid again.

He lasted longer the second time. He softened but I did not let him withdraw. I held him and whispered in his ear what I, as a woman, like. I told him things for him to do and how to do them, how to vary speeds and angles, as I felt him rising again.

Then, the third time, he fucked the hell out of me. I was limp after my climax as we lay side by side and in each others arms. Rolling onto my side, I kissed him. “Thank you for what you did for me, Hon.”

“Don’t thank ME!” he demanded. “You are wonderful!” Why is wonderful a man’s favorite word? “You did it. This has been the greatest night of my life! Nothing will ever match it!”

“Oh? Does that mean you don’t want to do it tomorrow?”

“Oh, gosh NO! I DO!” I laughed at and with him.

Kissing him again, “Think we ought to check the car?”

“Yeah, It should be ok now.”

“Let’s take a shower, and then we’ll see.” I let him wash and clean me all over. It was delightful, and the car was ready.

When Jim crawled in bed after his shower when he came in from work, he laughed until his sides hurt as I described my teasing of poor little Brian. It took us a long time to finish our fucking that night as we kept stopping to laugh. We were not making fun of Brian, just enjoying his naivete. The movement of Jim’s buried dick, as his body was shaking with laughter, was exquisite. I want more of that!

Brian called about eleven in the morning. I had just returned from my jogging and was still breathing hard. After I explained, Brian asked if it was alright if he came over at seven. “Great! You got a date!” I responded, to a silence. “What’s wrong, Hon?”

A sigh came through the phone. “I haven’t had a date… since… it’s been over six months, since before school was out.”

“You have one tonight, if you want it!”

“Oh, I do! Do you want to go somewhere? I’ll take you anywhere you want to go.”

“No, Hon. You don’t have to take me anywhere. I just want to spend some time with you, just to be with you.”

I heard a deep breath through the phone. “I think that’s the nicest thing anyone ever said to me.” I could hear him breathing. “You are absolutely the nicest person I have ever known.”

I laughed. “You’re so sweet. At seven, ok?”

“See you then!”

When Brian arrived I was dressed in snug short shorts with an unbuttoned blouse tied below my breasts as a halter top and flat sandels. My hair was in a ponytail. Young looking, you bet.

His hands were on my shoulders as he looked me up and down. Stepping back, “Turn around for me please. Let me look at you.”

I slowly pivoted, twice, ending up facing him.

His expression was sober as he looked at me. “You are the prettiest, and the sexiest, woman I have ever seen.”

He was rewarded with MY beaming smile! “You’re just saying that because of what I said last night.”

“Well, yes. I wouldn’t have said it yesterday, I’d have felt stupid. But I don’t feel stupid for saying it now, because it’s true. I would BE stupid if I didn’t tell you.” I hugged that sweet little thing as hard as I could. My panties were damp.

He pulled my face to his and kissed me, pushing his tongue into my mouth. He was definitely taking the lead! Just as I was getting wound up in returning his kiss, he gently pushed me away. Smiling at me, “If we have a date, and I hope we do, we must go somewhere, even if we just ride around for a while.”