Campfire at the Park


“Strike one!” called the umpire!

The fans cheered as the catcher tossed the bright yellow ball back to the pitcher.

“Strike two!” rang out from behind the plate.

Again, the small crowd cheered as the pitcher caught the return toss from the catcher.

It was the end of the camp ground softball tournament and we were playing in the final game. Twelve teams had been battling it out for three days, all hoping to win the grand prize, the Beer Cup trophy and a keg of beer. The campground was packed with players and spectators, most of who were lining the field to see which team would walk away the champions.

Then the pitch, a swing, and with the crack of the bat, a line drive past second base. Lisa dropped the bat and started running. Everyone watched as she rounded first and headed to second. The throw from the outfield was on target as Lisa approached the base. Down she went, kicking up dust as she slid in avoiding the tag by inches. It was the bottom of the 9th inning, the score tied up three to three, with two outs, and it was now up to Mark to drive Lisa home for the win.

The crowd screamed and hollered as the pitcher wound up. As quickly as the pitch came towards the plate, Mark swung and connected with the ball, hitting it out to left field. Lisa ran full speed towards third, then turning, heading for home. With Mark safe on first, the throw to home came in late as she crossed the plate for the win.

Cheering rang out throughout the field as their teammates rushed her to celebrate! High fives, slaps on the asses, a few kisses were followed by a cooler of water dumped over Lisa as they celebrated their third straight win of the Beer Cup!

“Nice hit sexy!” Lisa said to Mark as they walked back to the bench to gather their gear. “Will you get me to home again tonight?” she said with a slap on the ass and a smile.

He looked at her and with a devilish grin said, “You know I will baby!”

Mark couldn’t help but stare. Her hair was drenched and the water that had been dumped over her had matted her shirt against her body. Her beautiful breasts were highlighted by nipples trying to poke through her now see through cotton shirt, and tight athletic pants showed off her muscular legs, thighs, and sexy ass.

Approaching the bench, they were greeted by cups of beer, ice cold and foamy, straight from the freshly tapped prize. With a single motion, Mark gulped down his beer and walked to the keg for a refill.

“Hell of a hit!” came a voice from behind him.

Feeling a hard slap on his ass, he turned to see their friend Jenny, empty cup in hand, waiting her turn for a refill.

“Thanks!” He replied. “It felt good,” Referring to her hand on his ass.

Giggling, she filled her cup and sat on the bench.

They had known Jenny and Brad for a few years and had a playful friendship of an innocent flirtatious nature. They had met playing softball but quickly realized they had similar interests in camping, barbequing, and spending time the beach or a resort.

Pouring a second cup, Mark approached Brad with a beer.

“Nice game dude, close one but we did it again!” Mark said, handing the beer to his friend, “Time to celebrate.”

The arrived back at the campsite to find the party had already started. The bonfire had been lit and most the team, made up mainly of couples, had already started their night of fun. The prize keg sat on a picnic table next to multiple coolers filled to the brim with ice cold beer, and country music blasted from a pickup truck parked nearby.

As the two couples walked up to the party they were greeted with cheers and high fives.

“Way to go guys,” one voice said from the crowd.

“Nice hits,” another voice said!

“Nice dirt covered ass!” Brad remarked to Lisa.

“It is, isn’t it,” said Mark as he brushed the dirt off her ass. A nice firm squeeze sent shivers through her.

The party continued mersin escort for hours, beer being consumed at a rate unmatched throughout the campground. About midnight, as the fire dwindled from a raging bonfire to a manageable campfire, the people started to pair off and head back to their own camp sites. The country music had been turned down and the only people remaining were Mark, Lisa, Jenny, and Brad. They had pulled up chairs and were now sitting around the fire talking about their successes that week.

Jenny excused herself to the bathroom, inviting Lisa to tag along for the dark walk to the dimly lit restrooms across the campground. They watched as their girls walked away, asses lit up by the light of the fire. Mark got up to top off their beers and Brad tossed another log on the fire, then they sat back down in a chair to enjoy the site of the fire grasping towards the trees, the smell of the smoke that filled the air, and the crackle of the wood burning.

“They sure are sexy,” Mark said, “Lisa and I might have to slip away for a bit. We’ll try to keep it down though!”

With a chuckle, Brad replied, “Don’t worry, it’s not like we haven’t heard it before.”

“Heard it before? When?” Mark asked.

“Well, the first time we heard you guys going at it was last year; the barbeque at your house. We knew you didn’t go on that beer run. You did however leave the garage window open!” said Brad.

“Oh…did you hear much? And what do you mean the first time?” Mark asked.

Poking at the fire with a branch, Brad replied, “There have been a few other times. Like the beach last summer when you two went to explore. We knew what YOU were exploring! And last time we went camping, Jenny walked right by your tent and told me she heard you too fucking. Don’t worry, she liked listening to you more than you know!”

“What’s that mean?” Mark asked.

“Let’s just say when she got back to the fire, she couldn’t control herself.” Brad answered.

“Control herself?” Mark asked, now VERY curious to know the extent of her lack of self-control.

“Don’t tell her I told you, but she stopped next to your tent when she heard you. She told me Lisa’s a moaner and sounded like she enjoyed having your cock in her. Something like “fuck me hard, harder, just like that, fuck me!!!”

With a very curious look, Mark asked, “Then what happened?”

“Well,” Brad answered, “She told me how she started to touch herself listening to you guys. She said pulled her skirt up and started to rub her pussy.”

“How long did she stay there?” Mark curiously asked.

“Let’s just say she was soaked with her own cum by the time she got back to the fire! She did tell me she fingered herself to an orgasm about the same time she heard you cumming in Lisa. I assume it was in her. Jen said something about Lisa telling you to “Shoot your load in my pussy!”

“So let me guess,” Mark stated, “You fucked Jenny when she came back to the fire!”

“You bet I did!” Brad said. “Good and hard, I had NEVER seen her that turned on before!”

Just then the girls returned from the bathroom.

“Turned on?” Lisa asked as she sat on Marks lap. “What have you boys been talking about while we were gone?” She proceeded to run her fingers through his hair and down the back of his neck. “I’ll turn you on!” She said as she dug her finger nails into his shoulder.

“We were just talking about our last camping trip. I guess we were caught when we went off to the tent to fuck!” Mark said.

“By whom… what do you mean caught?” asked Lisa.

“You want to answer that?” Mark asked Jenny as she stood quietly gazing deep into the fire. A shocked expression overtook her face.

Glaring over at Brad she said, “What did you tell him!”

His smile was his only answer as he looked back at her. He couldn’t tell if he was in trouble or not, but he really wasn’t that concerned kocaeli escort about it.

Mark broke in to answer the question for him.

“He told me that you happened to be walking by the tent while Lisa and I were….well, when we were fucking! But no worries, we already knew.”

“What do you mean you already knew?” She asked quietly.

Mark and Lisa both started laughing as Brad and Jenny look at each surprised by what they just heard.

“Well, let me start from the beginning.” said Lisa. “You better top off your beer and sit down for this because there’s a lot to tell!”

Jen reached out and grabbed Brad’s beer. She quickly walked over to the keg and filled them to the top. When she came back, she sat down on Brads lap, leaned back and settled in for the camp fire story.

“All right guys, spill it. Tell us everything!” She said nervously.

Lisa started talking, “Earlier that night, as we were sitting around the fire, I caught Mark looking at you. You guys were sitting across the fire from us and we were all talking about past sexual experiences, dares, and risky things we have done. You guys remember that conversation?”

“Yep,” they both replied.

“Well, Jenny, you had on that short sexy skirt, the one that comes about halfway down your thighs. Mark couldn’t keep his eyes off your legs and a few times throughout the night, you gave us a straight view of your g-string. Very cute by the way! I must have caught Mark at least three or four times, staring right up your skirt, the fire giving light to your….well, your barley covered pussy. You guys were over there whispering and gently rubbing each other between confessions and I’m going to guess you were as turned on as we were.”

“Oh we were,” Brad interrupted. Jenny gave a quick playful elbow to Brad and said, “Go on.”

Lisa continued, “I slid my hand down Marks pants to see how turned on he was and found his raging hard cock standing at attention. I was turned on instantly by the feel of his bulging flesh wanting to get out. I wanted his cock in me right then and there, but we didn’t know how you’d react if I pulled it out so we just kept talking.”

“Did it bother you that Mark was looking up my skirt?” Jenny asked.

“At first it did,” Lisa answered, “but then the thought of what the night would bring turned me on and I quickly got over it and started to enjoy how turned on he was.”

Jenny looked at Mark and smiled. “I’m glad you enjoyed it!” she said.

Lisa continued her story. “A little while later, we saw you rubbing Brads cock through his pants. At one point, we saw you sneak your hand down his pants and slowly stroke him. We assumed you were trying to be sneaky about it, but you’re not very good at being sneaky! Then you whispered something to Brad, got up and went in your tent. When you came back, you sat down again and reviled to us what you had done. Your g-string was gone and the glow of the fire was reflecting off you wet pussy. At that point, we knew you were teasing US and knew it was going to be a fun night!”

“They knew?” Brad asked in shock!

“Yes honey, just listen, there’s more.” Jenny responded as she reached down and rubbed her hand across his cock. “You’ll like the rest of the story!”

Then Mark chimed in. “I knew if I didn’t do something quick, I was going to shoot my load in my pants. I was being teased by Jen, flashing her sexy little pussy from across the fire, and being teased by Lisa, with her hand down my pants, squeezing and stroking my cock. I wanted to fuck so bad! I whispered to Lisa telling her I had to fuck her right then. So we excused ourselves and went off to the tent! What I didn’t know was that Jenny had told Lisa earlier about her fantasies, showing off in public and watching or listening to two people have sex!”

Lisa continued. “When we got up, I winked at Lisa so she knew what we were samsun escort headed off to do.”

Brad’s hands were now rubbing Jenny’s tits under her shirt. It was obvious he was turned on by the account of their last camping trip. Jenny loved it too. Her hand was not rubbing his cock through his pants as she sat on his lap in front of the fire.

Mark and Lisa had their own thing going across the fire. Lisa was sitting directly on Marks cock. She was sliding back and forth on him as she continued the story.

“We went straight to the tent and stripped naked. Then I reached up and unzipped the side window on the tent and lit a candle, just so anyone who happened to walk by, see what we were doing.” She said with a smile. “Then I leaned down and started sucking his Marks cock. I could taste the precum on the tip and knew it wouldn’t take much to make him cum so I laid down and told him to fuck me.”

“That’s when I got there,” Jenny said. “That was the first thing I heard when I left you to go to the bathroom.” I looked in the tent and watched as Mark slid his cock deep into her pussy. He was sucking on her nipples and she was moaning loudly. I’m actually surprised you didn’t hear them Brad,” she said looking him in the eyes. Then leaning in, she kissed him. Their tongues met and they kissed deeply for a few seconds. Then Jenny got off his lap and knelt down beside him. She slowly unzipped his pants and reached in to grab his cock Brad’s cock.

“Go on”, Jenny said as she pulled Brad’s cock out and started to stroke it.

“I knew as I laid there getting fucked hard, that Jen was watching. It was such a turn on knowing as a cock’s sliding in and out of you that there’s someone ‘s eyes watching every move,” Lisa said as she slowly unbuttoned her shorts. Standing up, she let them drop to the ground and turned towards Mark. “Although I couldn’t see Jen, I knew she was watching, with her skirt lifted and fingers working her pussy. I could tell Mark was getting close to cumming and I wanted to help him more. That’s when I told him that Jen was watching us fuck! Right as I said that, he slammed his cock into me and exploded in my pussy.”

Reaching down, Lisa undid Marks pants and pulled out his raging hard cock. Then she turned back towards the fire and sat down, his cock sliding deep into her dripping wet slit.

“Did you like the show Jen?” Lisa asked with a labored breath as her pussy wrapped and tightened around Marks cock.

Jenny, who was now bobbing her head up and down on Brads cock, sat up and said, “You know I did, that’s why I hurried back to Brad. I wanted him to fuck me!”

Mark chimed in, “And what a fuck it was! After I came, we hurried out of the tent and watched as Jenny went back to the fire for her turn. You weren’t kidding Brad, when you said you fucked her “good and hard!” We watched you pull your cock out, bend her over the chair and pound her pussy from behind. It was really hot when she pulled her shirt off and her tits were swinging back and forth every time to slammed into her.”

Brad pushed Jenny off his cock and stood her up. He quickly ripped off her pants and stood up behind her. Pulling her shirt over her head he said, “Like this?”

Then, bending her over the chair in front of the fire, he slammed his cock into her ready and waiting wet pussy and started to fuck her.

Lisa was riding Mark at the same time. They watched each fuck in the glimmer of the fire until Jenny started to moan. Her body began to shake as she pressed her ass towards Brad. Pussy tightening around him, she screamed as an orgasm overtook her. At that very moment, Brad moaned as his cock filled her pussy with his wet jizz.

The sight of that sent Mark over the edge as he too let loose a load of cum deep into Lisa’s pussy. She rode him hard the entire time he was cumming and with the pressure of his fingers on her clit, also started to shake. She let out a scream that could be heard throughout the campground. Falling back onto Mark, she rubbed her tits and let out a sigh of satisfaction.

Not much was said the rest of the night as they laid there, watching the flames turn to coals.

Then getting up, Lisa said with a smile, “Nice team work today guys! I hope we can do it again sometime soon!”