Love beyond Blue Balls Ch. 05



(I apologize to Literotica users, this chapter was to be uploaded with the last one months ago, but my mind recorded that this was done with how I cut and re-cut it all. Good news is nothing is dead, bad news is nothing has advanced and I hope this time is the good time when I plan to get back to my stories, but it’s been harder since my creativity in kink is put to use with partners^^)

Beside tease and denial, this story is a mix between lovely romance and female domination, it belongs to the “gentle femdom” category that emerged on reddit and tumblr a few years ago: extremely soft and caring femdom put into idealistic romance often marketed at teenage girls. But this one takes place in a universe ruled by women teasing guys relentlessly without consent.

I intended chapter 4 to end part one of two parts… but I decided to separate it in two and re-separate it in two or it would have been as long 1, 2 and 3 together, so part one will be 6 chapters long, in which 5 are over, and the last isn’t started. Chapter 6 will be made, part 2 in several more chapters…so not so sure, but the story can stop at chapter 6 anyway.

The odds are high you understand nothing if you start here from scratch. This universe is not mine and uses many many concepts you won’t understand without at least reading the glossary in chapter 1.

THIS STORY IS VERY LONG! If you prefer to download it instead of bookmarking, my profile redirects to my medias which propose it in pdfs (there will be a picture at the end of chapter 6 too). It depicts the life of people in this world with all its aspects (notably the dub-consensual), and the evolution of the romance follow these.

It focuses on absolutely terrific extreme tease and denial mixed with the adorable and cheesy stuff. It is my take of a very cute love story between two outcast people in this world, but a lot of the “unfair” and “unsafe” out of their rainbow world is described and not less part of the kink.

Chapter one and two are crueler (and weird for 2) than the following; people into strict gentle femdom may prefer starting at chapter 3, but will miss the evolution of the romance starting into this harsh universe of male abuse. This is bad for marketing haha, but the two first chapters (many are likely to like less) serve the purpose to introduce the evolution and actual start of the relationship with crazy tease and denial all along the way.

I reworked this intro from previous chapters and forgot to mention delicate aspects of mild consent and virgin “not-shaming-but-quite” and around (by around, I mean self-awareness about social-awkwardness, introversion, shyness and all. If you’re not at ease with this, it may be a bad experience). Also I add now that it’s no more a spoiler that though there is few actual pure ballbusting or cbt (there still is), balls kinda hurt a lot in this universe^^.

Also there is always some legitimation of an abusive relationship, in order that the guy finds meaning in his life and doesn’t suffer from what happens to him, because I hate sad feelings. This is part of the scenario, universe coherence, and made to contrast with the gentle romance while being arousing as a kink for me.

Last, a little bit of this chapter in particular isn’t inclusive; my femdom kinks include a whole load of symbolism including the power of vagina over penis essentialized as the essences of women and men. Biological essentialism/reductionism and cis-normatism can be fought against on serious matter while it’s hot as hell in femdom fantasy for many cis and straight people that grew in such a world… and I think not even only us^^

Words from the creator of this universe.

“This is Salamando_Flames. I am allowing CuteAndLovelyYetHorny to post this work based on my Sex Mage World concepts. “

Minimal additions are added to the existing lore, this is a fanfiction.

Glossary and basic info of the universe as created by its creator:

See chapter 1

Archmage: Sex Mage awakening often at 18 and not 19 or past, and with much stronger powers. A very little percentage of all sex mages.

Megami: The Queen of a Queendom, a sex mage that awakened unimaginable powers to counter a worldwide sex magic catastrophe occurring some years earlier, resulting in the creation of queendoms. The politics of a queendom reflect the will of its Megami.

In my own take of the universe:

See chapter 1

V.A.C. Events: Elina went looking for me as a virgin guy to awfully torment, violating Montana’s laws and culture. Not heartless, she chose one, me, that would take her whims without suffering mentally, and felt compassionate for the other lonelier and way less stable she met, the “Virgins are cute” teams were born. It became deneme bonusu veren siteler an official town structure taking those interested as consenting playthings to girls who’d love to tease them and be kind too, granting some care and release, organizing fun games.

– 1 –

“Well, listen cuties… … … … rahhhh, it’s okay, you can hold hands, I won’t eat you!”

We blushed together.

“So, first, tomorrow, we got everyone and they’ll all be there, so it’s VAC day. Not that he’s needed, but I’ll steal him from you to put his nuts open season all day! Cause you know what’s on Sunday, right?”

She chuckled and answered with a finger tickling my neck:

“Yeah, it will be exactly 8 months you last did what I did Wednesday at college… or that you finished at least!” Astra teased me.

“That’s my shy girl! Then, let’s go to the point of why you two are here.”

She flashed in our mind what she thought of, blurring my cock and balls as we asked. She put her hand in a side of her mouth and whispered to Astra as I couldn’t hear:

“Don’t you think he’ll be so twitchy and throbby when he’ll do it?”

We both blushed at this display, and I burst “what?” as I saw the second thing she had in mind.

“I-I-I don’t think she wants to do that…”

“Nice, you already admitted for you it was okay!”

“No it’s… No I…” My voice flickered and I bit my lips at the end of my trial.

She then worded it for Astra, and eventually added some precision.

“And yeah, if you don’t want to stay and see his balls get teased with us, you can leave after the cakes, hum… It’s also a moment for you to remember I mean, I will tell everyone you’re as shy as him and we won’t make fun of you.”

“Okay but… it’s not I don’t want, it’s… I never did it alone first…”

“Isn’t he yours? You’ve all Sunday morning then!”

We blushed together, and I nodded I could do if she was okay. She nodded too and looked at Elina again.

“But, huh… still won’t look at his balls then.”

“What? Don’t tell me you still don’t have…”


“They are the same as in your mind!” she rolled her eyes and smiled, imagining she didn’t want to share the view or something silly like that, but not as ridiculous! Not “not even have seen my balls menacing everyday to tear my tight pants down as they swell”! Astra was even too flushed out to explain she didn’t picture them but a random pair, because her weak magic didn’t send them at her mind. “Tsssss, about finding each other, we can really say you found each other well!”


“So you haven’t told her yet why you don’t even kiss my butt or toes or get your wee-wee teased?”


She put her arms together, smirking, and waited in silence, while Astra grabbed my arms and smiled reassuringly.

– Hi, someone left in your brain, you’re gonna stay frozen like that?

– I love her! It’s not anymore about not telling her… if I do, I want to tell it when she does something like she did, not you around and not like that!

– Blue balls really make guys dumb, but loving a shy girl is a thousand time worse! I’m speaking about saving up for growing her powers in the possibility to become her test boy, that’s enough of a three-fourths of the truth, right?

– Oh… haha…

“Y-yeah Astra… it’s for… for you, for your powers. You didn’t really have other friends months ago, you suffered from being a glitch and I thought that maybe you were too shy to ask or later you would want that… so I asked not to be touched nor touch anyone, she just argued a daily grope of my balls and two kisses…”

“For me… all those months… thrashing in your hopeless blue balls, dreaming you lost your virginity every night… and you did manage it for me…”

“And no mistake in the counter!” Elina smiled and slapped her ass: “I put this in panties so close to his mouth he must have been seeing 4 asscheeks! But your back pats, your hand and your cheek kisses, that were his orgasms for all these times.”

“You always wanted to be mine…” she started to cry of joy and fall against my chest. I wasn’t used to not be the one gently holding her, but for once, I put my arms around and pat her back tenderly.

– 2 –

“All’s good cute guy?”

I moaned plaintively and nodded as the Samaritan bent ahead with her massive cleavage. It was totally crowded by people going for their Pop day papers now.

I was “the guy on the back couch” today… My tight pants were vibrating right over the balls, showing the size of my swollen orbs, and a little twitching tent in my position. It encouraged even more to do as was told on the note Elina wrote over me, in the style of the one at work:

“My balls will turn eight months ripe tomorrow and they now also belong to the cutest glitch of the world that struggles with her power. Pleeeeease, help fransız ruleti them swell more and more so she can reach more easily! My shield protects my cock but will let warm ball-massage spells pass and especially those to make me produce more cum!”

I was only there for 45 minutes, the whole day was gonna be long… or not so much.

Elina took me at 2pm to “animate” the preparations of next weeks’ pop day, as she told yesterday. I just laid there squirming and wiggling frozen in front of some 50 giggling women and 60 all virgin guys behind the Samaritan-center courtyard with a musical scene.

Elina gave a little speech where she explained who we were, how she almost randomly founded the Virgins Are Cute teams, here and in the towns nearby. She asked all willing girls to throw a cum production spell at me so that my balls remain vibrating and sweating the whole time, as if a mind of their own begged to be allowed to sleep.

Every boy there was already aware and willing to take part in what awaited them, if not counting the days every three seconds. They all had dark days of desperate loneliness or traumatizing teasing experiences behind them, and were now flaring the girls how grateful of their throbbing cock and blue balls they were, when handled by the kindest meanest cock teasers out there!

Nishu, the head of the town’s VAC teams and the events they organized continued and explained four Samaritan centers would hold a day long orgy in a building, powered by the virgin’s pent up unimaginable arousal. All of them would spend the day teased and played with, as a pre-party and till the midnight “great pop” for most of them. Organizers would have them note what fantasy they had and how they would love best to be used that day, hence why they were so eager! That and all hopes for release before midnight, in 6 days from now, was definitely gone (and for a bunch of weeks already in most cases!).

Past this little break, back inside the center, what wasn’t my surprise to find Astra right on “my” couch when I headed back to get teased all day long, or what remained of it.

She smiled while tapping at the place next to her to tell me to sit up and let a little giggle reach my ear when she leaned up against me, little hips against little hips, innocently happy.

“You know what? Now you’re mine, it feels less scary to talk to people and all. I’m a little anxious but… this morning I’ve thought a lot and I wanted to come here and show the world I’m that “cutest glitch of the world”, hihi!”

She had been even too shy at first to kiss me in front of the girls looking, but the end of her sentence made her so happy and full of adrenaline that she had that cute laugh ending in not less than 6 playful kisses to my cheeks.

“Ah! Ah! Oh Sex Goddess… hm…” I was shaking with the new awakened sensation any of her kisses sent me through, almost sending the sweet feeling of her hips touching mine into oblivion.

“I’m here to discuss with girls about your predicament, tell them how Elina makes your usual days centered about the ache in your balls, and how they need to swell more so that I train… and… hm, I hope that makes you happy.”

I think I opened my eyes wider at the end when her hand took mine.

“O-of course it does, I’ll love every second, couldn’t be happier, hum, yeah… dunno what to say more but obviously it does.”

We were both beet red and half everyone looked at us with little chuckles.

“Hm… I started without turning shy again but… can’t help, I hope it’s not killing the flow…”

“Owning equally, you remember? It makes me feel safe.” I kissed her cheek in turn.

She nodded noisily, free of her fears to have failed her surprise, and turned around still red towards a bunch of waiting people smiling at us, women seeming to have their cum production spell at the fingertips of their brain.

“Well haha! Huh, as you can see, I’m a little shy, so feel free to make it swell to your heart’s content!”

And finally, even one of these shitty days you couldn’t escape every now and then in your new life, those waiting hours locked in place being teased relentlessly by who knows how many kind and wicked girls; even such a day turned into another heavenly day when her cute laugh made me melt almost as many times that I had simultaneous growing sperm spells when I went back from the VAC.

On the floor of her bedroom, by the evening, the sign that was over my head all day had some additional handwritten text with little arrows pointing where it belonged. I’ll never forget the feeling to have her straddling on me, giggling in public. Her warm crotch against my thighs was leading her inhibition as she was writing, giving me headpats and forehead kisses afterwards. And she was back seeing some people who wondered if she was the glitch in question, or some girl of college that never mobil rulet talked to her before.

I received the photo of the sign by bed time; my cell phone on my balls just for the short vibrations… symbolism you know. I sent back a video of the pants vibrating over the shape of my balls, 35 remaining spells still active if Elina sensed it right. I couldn’t help to reassure her even the probably 90 or some I felt by 2:30pm were really far from the corridor of death itself, and actually not insanely arousing. Apart the buzzing, I could just feel my balls really hot and working, keeping the hard-on really stiff with still a severe need for friction and orgasm, but not what to writhe and howl for.

Hard to believe how the woman that would have sealed my orgasms for 3, 4 or “who knows how many” years, had I not met the girl of my dreams a special day; was the benevolent being I owed all what makes my blue-balled life a blessing today. It’s the first night in months I’d not fuck a bunch of hot virtual girls after all.

I fell asleep nervous and eager about tomorrow morning… unable to resist reading the sign again a last time as sleepiness came by.

“My – so damn heavy full blue hopeless <3 – balls will turn – only – eight months ripe tomorrow and they now also belong – they always did, he just didn't know <3 – to the cutest glitch of the world – :3 – that struggles with her power – plwweeeze! Help me! -. Pleeeeease, help them swell -so so so much – more and -so so so much even – more so she can reach more easily – I need real real big and full :3 -! My shield – thanks to his other owner for the hard work in these sore babies <3 – protects my cock — it leaks and twitches enough like that! Or well… almost! – but will let warm ball-massage spells pass – he needs lots and lots cause he's a good boy! *chu* – and especially — I really insist! – those to make me produce – much much much – more cum!"

– 3 –

There we were, there… our “first time”… if we can say so!

From the red of her cheeks and the way she kissed my forehead trying to be the kindest possible, I knew she was even more embarrassed and full of apprehension than me.

“I’m really sorry… I’ve not much clue how to… own, each time it was for my magic…”

“I get it, we never played.”

“Played, that’s the word indeed.”

I looked in my backpack and told her to wait, then took a flask of water and a glass. She looked oddly at me filling it and blushed when I handed it.

“That’s a little glass of water for you, it should refresh you.”

It still looked very awkward, but she smiled at me before she drank and I could tell afterward she looked tenderly touched, still not getting it fully, but somehow.

“See, it is just a glass of water. Today, when girls play with their boys, they don’t need it with the treats they make them undergo, but now you must feel a little bit refreshed, and it’s really simple, there are no more basic things as drinking water. It can be very simple. And there’s no need to compare or think of others. You don’t have to feel any burden, not wonder if it’s accurate enough. I know Elina precipitated this and it must end somewhere in particular… but this morning, I’m only here to make your princess day a bit nicer and more relaxing!”

“I get it.” she smiled.

“It’s a game but… it’s your real pleasure.”

“Yeah! Would you like to take me a glass of Kreel then? It’s not much either, I have it in my fridge, but I’d feel like having one right now, it’s really fresh and full of energizing sugar, I bet it will give as much energy than the few I can take out of these!” she pointed at my balls, chuckling.

I was still rather red when she was seated on her couch, and I almost gasped to see her thin legs crossed out of her little skirt that arrived just over the knees.

She enjoyed my avoidant look and changed her up leg to become the bottom one as she took her glass and sipped it.

“You-you’re sexy… I- love your clothes.”

She tilted her head cutely and blushed.

“Thank you… hmmm… I shouldn’t say that.”

“No you should, I mean if you said it… it’s our fun but it’s not a game, it’s your real pleasure, that’s mine. I love when you show me you like when I… praise you. Be yourself, I’m not doing codified foreplay before you make me fuck 3 phantom pussies in the same time and tell me I can’t cum, I’m just happy you enjoy your drink and the way you put your legs have a certain effect on me. I… feel really flattered.”

She chuckled cutely.

“Hihi, we have a long way to go! But if it’s possible to own a cute boy and kiss his cheek while he serves you innocently, then I worried to much this morning I think, and I’ll really love it all.” She said the last bit of her sentence half whispered, snuggled against my hair she kissed at the occasion, followed by my cheek. “So I can own you like this because there’s no bad way to own, and it won’t ever be boring, and what matters is having fun, that’s it?”

“That’s it, don’t ask me and it will be perfect! I’ll never say no. If one of your ideas isn’t at all my cup of tea, I’ll tell you gently.”

“Alright, you can stop briefing your shy princess! I see you hate that, hihi!”