Real Estate Bitch


“Yes sir,” I said, “Great, I’ll see you on Monday. Thank you”.

Hell yeah!! I had just gotten a job with one of the largest real estate firms in New York, however, working for Tyler, Lockett, & Barnes would be my best opportunity yet. They specialized in high end listings all over New York City & they did a little bit of everything, apartments, condos, townhomes, even some commercial listings. This would be a fantastic opportunity to learn & expand my own portfolio, also picking up some good contacts along the way.

I arrived to the office early on Monday morning, excited to start my new job. I went downstairs to the HR department first to fill out all of the paperwork required, then upstairs, to the 15th floor to meet with the management team that I would be working directly with. After a quick briefing of the listings our team was responsible for, it was time for the Monday 10AM in the main conference room with the partners. This meeting was held weekly with each sales team to individually address their listings, progress toward their monthly & yearly goals, & to discuss all upcoming open house or potential client meetings.

We walked into the conference room a few minutes before 10 & all took our seats. Our team leader, John, took a seat up front facing the partners desks & we all flanked in behind him. The partners came walking in a few minutes later. First, Mr. Barnes, an older gentleman of about 65, followed by Mr. Lockett, also an older gentleman in his early to mid 60’s.

Then Cassandra Tyler walked in. Oh my God!!

She was drop dead gorgeous. She reminded me of a younger, hotter version of Naomi Campbell. She was much younger than the other partners, probably mid 30’s if I had to guess, & she was tall, really tall, probably 6’3″ or better, with long, dark brown hair. She had a slim, athletic build, with firm, toned legs that appeared to go on for days. She wore a sheer white top which contrasted nicely with her dark skin but did little to hid her lacy black bra & ample cleavage beneath. She had on a skin-tight pencil skirt that did well showing off her toned physique, showing all of her curves in all of the right places.

“Good morning everyone,” she addressed the room. “Hopefully everyone had a nice weekend because it’s time to get back to work. John, the partners & I have great concerns about you & your team’s progress this past month. At this current rate, you will fall well below your goals for the ’18 year. Do you have any specific plans to rectify this?? If not, we will be forced to micro-manage your group much closer as you don’t seem to be doing a very good job.”

Shit, I thought, she’s a real ballbuster. I was impressed with how she commanded the respect of everyone in the room though. She had an air of superiority about her, not in a condescending way, but just a confidence with how she carried herself, somehow, that actually made her even hotter.

“Well??” she said. “Anything??”

As John stammered around talking about more showings & using better caterers at open houses, Ms. Tyler’s patience was noticeably wearing thin.

“You give us this same bullshit every time John, & frankly, we’re all sick of it because you aren’t producing any results. You have to end of the day to clean out your desk, please go.” She said, very matter of factly.

Damn!! I thought, Ms. Tyler don’t fuck around.

“Since your team leader was incapable of doing his job, I will be taking his place in the short term until we can find a replacement or until one of you proves yourselves capable of taking over,” she said, addressing us. “I will meet with you all later this afternoon so we can outline what I have in mind moving forward.”

Well, the good news is I’ll get to work directly with Ms. Tyler, I thought. The bad news though, is that if we don’t get our shit together, she might skin us all.

Later that afternoon, Ms. Tyler told our team about an opportunity the firm had to secure a new listing with a major developer. It was a new, 10 story luxury apartment building overlooking Central Park. It was going to be state of the art with every amenity possible. We were one of three firms pitching the developer to land the deal & Ms. Tyler would be taking the lead with us as her support. We would be given one of the completed apartments to stage, list, market, & ultimately, sell. The firm that did the best would get the listing for the remainder of the building. This was a massive opportunity for not only the firm & our team, but for me personally to show to Ms. Tyler that I would love the opportunity to lead this team in the future.

Over the next few weeks, I worked harder than I ever have before. Ms. Tyler was very demanding, insisting that every detail be perfect however, Ms. Tyler just continued to bulldoze her way through.

On the day of our big open house & the presentation to the potential client, I went over the apartment Kurtköy Öğrenci Escort early to do a run through of everything to be sure we were ready to go. It was several hours before the “show” was scheduled to start, but I didn’t want any surprises. I began in the entry foyer & worked my way through the apartment checking every small detail, making sure flowers were right, pictures were straight, tables were clean, you name it, I checked it. I headed to the back where the master suite was located to check that out last, once I was satisfied everything up front was good. After a good pass through, I headed back out to the kitchen where I was going to start making phone calls to ensure all vendors were ready for tonight. As I rounded the corner, what I saw stopped me dead in my tracks.

As you exited the master suite, there was a long narrow hallway that led back out to the living room & kitchen area. Off to the right, on the back of the kitchen was a utility room that also had a half bath. When coming down the hallway, you could see directly through the kitchen & into the bathroom if the door was open. The rear wall of the bathroom was full length, floor to ceiling mirrored glass. Standing at the toilet, with her dick in her hand, was Ms. Tyler.

HOLY SHIT!! I thought, Ms. Tyler has a cock!! How can this be?? How can this gorgeous woman have a dick??

She obviously thought no one else was in the apartment, why else would she be peeing standing up with the door open. I quickly retreated back up the hallway, praying that she hadn’t seen or heard me. There was no other way out of the apartment, so I couldn’t just casually walk in & act like I had just arrived, so I decided to go back to the master suite & make enough noise that she would hear me. That way, I could act like I was tidying up in preparation for tonight, no harm, no foul.

I went into the master bath & turned the tub & sink faucets all the way on. I took out a rag & started wiping down the vanity. She should hear that, I thought. Sure enough, not two minutes later, Ms. Tyler poked her head into the bathroom.

“Oh shoot, you scared me Ms. Tyler,” I feigned surprise.

“What are you doing here??” she asked, in a semi-demanding tone.

“Sorry, I just wanted to get here early & make sure everything was in order, it’s a big day after all,” I replied.

“It’s Simon, right??” she asked.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied.

“Wonderful, that’s the kind of commitment I’m looking for, someone willing to go the extra mile. Good job,” she said as she turned & walked back out towards the kitchen.

I exhaled deeply, relieved that didn’t go much worse. It seemed she bought it & was none the wiser.

That night went off without a hitch. We got multiple offers on the apartment & wound up selling the listing for more than the asking price. The developer was ecstatic & agreed to list with us right there on the spot. We were on cloud nine & Ms. Tyler seemed pleased with our work.

“Congratulations everyone, thank you for all of your hard work,” Ms. Tyler said, a huge smile beaming on her face. “This is a big accomplishment for all of you & could lead to more opportunities in the future. Everyone enjoy your weekend & I’ll see you all on Monday morning.”

As I was grabbing my jacket to head home, Ms. Tyler took me by the arm & pulled me over into the entry foyer. “Simon, I’d like for you to come by my office tomorrow & discuss the possibility of you leading this team moving forward. I see a lot of potential in you & would like to discuss your future moving forward.”

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, “What time should I come by??”

“About 3,” she said, “And don’t be late.”

Once I got home, my head was spinning with all of the events that just took place. Was I going to get a promotion?? How would I do as team leader?? Did Ms. Tyler trust me to be team leader?? Why did Ms. Tyler have a cock???

Wait, what??

Why did she have a cock?? Did she see me?? Does she know that I saw?? Did she want me to see?? Oh shit, now I was psyching myself out. The truth was, I had no idea what she saw or didn’t see & I had no idea what she wanted to talk about, all I could do was show up & see.

I arrived at Ms. Tyler’s office the next day promptly at 3. She was already at her desk, working, and buzzed me into her office since no one else was there. Her office was huge, it was on the corner of the 15th floor & had large, floor to ceiling windows on two walls giving a spectacular view of the city. It was immaculately decorated & there were numerous framed awards & magazine covers detailing her accomplishments hanging throughout.

“Glad you are on time, I don’t like to be kept waiting,” she said, stirring me from admiring her office.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied. “Your office is beautiful,” I offered, hoping some casual conversation would soften the mood a little.

“Do Kurtköy Çıtır Escort you know why I asked you here today??,” she fired back, obviously not interested in casual conversation.

“No ma’am,” I answered, now practically shaking in my boots.

“I want to gauge your interest & your level of commitment to me & to this firm, & to see if you would be up to the task of being a team leader,” she said. As she spoke, she got up from her chair & walked around to the front of her desk.

God, she was a vision. She had on a short miniskirt with black stockings & a white button-down shirt with the top three buttons undone. Her black bra was visible underneath as her shirt cascaded down between her breasts, giving me a wonderful view of her cleavage.

“Yes, ma’am,” I replied, “I would love the opportunity & would work very hard for you.”

“I know you would,” she replied. Then, without warning, she started unbuttoning the other buttons on her shirt, tossing it aside when she was done. I shifted in my seat uncomfortably as my boss now stood before me in only her bra.

“Do you like what you see??” she asked, obviously noticing my discomfort.

I nodded affirmatively.

“Good, because there’s more to show you,” she said mischievously. “But I think you already know what else is there, don’t you?? I think you saw me at the open house the other day, didn’t you??”

Again, I nodded affirmatively.

“I thought so,” she said, standing again & moving over to the side of her desk. “Well, since you ran off so quick, I thought maybe you’d like to get a better look.”

With that, she reached behind her & unzipped her skirt, letting it fall down to her ankles. I gasped at the site before me now. Ms. Tyler was standing in front of me wearing only her black, lacy bra, a black garter belt, & black thigh-high stockings. She had no panties on, so her cock stood proudly out, exposed for me to see. Oh my God, it was magnificent!! Though not overly thick, maybe 2″ or so, what she lacked in girth she more than made up for in length, her cock was at least 11″ long, by far the biggest I had ever seen. Other than a small triangle patch of pubic hair above her cock, she was completely shaven, all the way down to her balls. She stood there in front of me, stroking her glorious cock like an ebony Amazon warrior princess holding her spear, ready for battle.

“Well,” she said, “Like what you see??”

Yes, I did, very much; however, at that exact moment, I couldn’t mouth any intelligible words.

“Take off your clothes,” she commanded me.

Without thinking, I stood up & took off my shirt, I unbuttoned my pants & dropped them to the ground. I was now standing completely naked in front of my boss & her rock-hard erection.

“Hmmmm,” she said, “with a cock that small, you may not be qualified for a management position.”

She reached out & grabbed my cock. I wouldn’t say I was small, well, compared to her maybe, but I was probably about average.

“This is the cock of a boss,” she said, stroking her own cock in front of me. “Look how much bigger mine is than yours.”

She held both of our dicks in her hand, stroking them slowly. Her cock was much larger than mine; however, right now, I didn’t care about that, I just wanted her to keep rubbing my cock against hers. I let out a soft moan as pre-cum started to form on the head of my dick.

“Look at that,” she said, “is my big dick making your little fellow feel good??”.

“Yes, Ms. Tyler,” I replied.

“Well,” she said, “I think we still need to check some of your qualifications to see if you are the right person for this job, especially since your cock is so small.”

She was emasculating me with her giant cock…& I was loving it!! I was so turned on by her humiliating me, I almost couldn’t contain myself.

“I’ll work extra hard Ms. Tyler,” I said, “I’ll stay after hours & do whatever I have to do to prove myself.” I was feeling a little loopy from the wonderful sensation of Ms. Tyler grinding her own hard dick against mine, so I was a tad bit surprised by what came out of my mouth next.

“I’ll suck your cock if you want me to.”

Ms. Tyler stopped stroking & looked at me, she knew she had me at this point. “What was that dear, I didn’t hear you,” she said.

“I said I would love to suck your cock Ms. Tyler. Can I put your cock in my mouth??”

With that, Ms. Tyler pushed me back into the chair behind me & straddled me, her massive cock only inches from my face. “Is this what you want??” she asked, “to pleasure your boss, to suck her cock for your job??”

As I opened my mouth to respond, Ms. Tyler shoved her huge cock into my mouth. “That’s what I thought,” she said, “nothing but a little cock whore.”

Her long cock invaded my mouth & slid easily down my throat. It was so big, I still had room to reach up & stroke the Kurtköy Elit Escort remaining length while I sucked. I reached my other hand down & grabbed her smooth, hairless balls & began to knead them. “Ohhhhhh,” she purred, “I like that. A multi-tasker, I’ll have to mark that on your evaluation.”

I continued to suck Ms. Tyler’s cock for all I was worth. I flicked my tongue around her head & licked up & down her shaft, all while pumping her cock & massaging her balls. “That’s it baby,” she said, “Get me nice & hard because it’s going in your ass next.”

I have to admit, that worried me a little; however, I was so turned on that I didn’t care. If Ms. Tyler wanted to fuck me, I was definitely up for that. “Lie on my desk,” she commanded, “I want you to watch me while I fuck you.”

I practically leapt onto her desk.

Ms. Tyler stood between my legs & again started rubbing her dick against mine. “I think you like that, don’t you??” she asked. “You like seeing what a real cock looks like & what it can do, don’t you?? Tell me you want my cock, tell me you want me to fuck you with a real cock.”

“Yes Ms. Tyler,” I responded, “Give me your beautiful cock. Make me your fuck toy. Please fuck my ass Ms. Tyler.”

I could feel her head pressing against my asshole. I tried to relax as best I could to allow her inside. “God, you are so tight,” she said, “I’m going to enjoy breaking you in & making you my personal cum slut. Is that what you want?? Do you want to be my assistant so I can take you whenever I want?? Use your body to make my cock feel good?? Tell me, tell me that you are my slut.”

“I’m your slut Ms. Tyler,” I cried out, “Please fuck me. Use my body to make your massive cock feel good!!”

With that, she pushed her hips forward & shoved her dick all the way in, balls deep with one push. Her cock was so big that I felt like she had poked all the way through my stomach & she was going to pop out of my throat. She held her cock in place, rammed inside of me, stretching me out, for a minute, then she started to rock her hips back & forth, slowly working in & out of me, fucking me, making me hers.

The pain started to subside & I could hear myself moaning, matching her thrusts, & starting to enjoy it. “That’s it bitch,” she sneered, “take my fucking cock, take it all.”

She started to pick up the pace, really fucking me now, her giant girl cock almost sawing me in half. I looked down & met her gaze, watching her power her dick into my ass. She was starting to sweat & her chest was glistening in the afternoon sun. I watched her toned stomach as she thrust her dick into me over & over again, using my ass for her pleasure.

“You’re going to make me cum,” she said, “But I’m not filling your ass just yet. I’m going to cum all over your tiny little cock, covering it with my seed, showing you what a real cock can do.”

She pulled her cock from my ass & started jerking it furiously. Her breathing quickened, I saw her abs tense up, & then she exploded, blasting cum all over my cock & balls.

“Ahhhhhhhh,” she cried out.

Blast after blast of her warm seed jetted out of the end of her dick & onto mine. When she was spent, she took her cock & smeared her cum over my dick, making the point to show me her dominance.

“Now, on your knees bitch,” she commanded. “Get down there & clean my cock off.”

I jumped up from her desk & fell to my knees in front of her. Even though she had just cum, her cock was still semi hard & was magnificent. I took her into my mouth, tasting the mix of her cum & my ass juice in the process. I bobbed my head up & down her length, licking her like a lollipop, making sure to clean every inch of her beautiful tool.

“Jerk your pathetic little dick,” she said, “Cum for me while you clean a real cock!!”

My dick was so hard from the fucking, from the humiliation, from all of it that I knew it wouldn’t take long before I blew my load. I started stroking my cock, feeling my balls well up while I sucked Ms. Tyler’s dick. I looked up at her & saw her smile devilishly. Just as my cock started to spew, I felt her cock twitch & flood my mouth with piss.

“That’s it bitch,” she said, “Cum for me while I piss on you & treat you like the bitch you are.”

She was pissing all over my face, humiliating me further, but I didn’t care, I was cumming like I hadn’t had release in years. The more she pissed on me, the more I came until finally, she stopped.

“Did you enjoy that?? Do you like the taste of my piss??” she asked.

“Yes ma’am,” I replied sheepishly.

“Good, now go stand against the window,” she ordered.

I got up, covered with Ms. Tyler’s cum & piss & walked over to the window. It overlooked the street below & provided an unobstructed view into every building surrounding it. I knew what was coming next, Ms. Tyler was going to bend me over & fuck me, right here in front of this window, for the entire world to see. There must have been a thousand people on the street below & no telling how many more in the buildings around us.

“I want the world to see me take my bitch!!” she said. “Does that turn you on??? Me fucking your ass for the entire world to see??”